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On World Book Day we played ‘Pass-the-Story‛. We used a HUGE roll of paper, a black marker and a lot of imagination! Each class took it in turn to read through the story and then add the next part. The Book Squad made sure the story was passed to the next class and looked after our precious story all day. Mrs Ely, the fastest typist in the west, typed up all the different parts of our story after we all finished writing. We think our Pass-the-Story is amazing and we love that every class in the school helped to create this fantastic tale.


Once upon a time in a cold dark forest, there was a boy and a girl. The boy was called John and the girl was called Jessie.

Jessie was six years old with ginger short

straight hair. John was five years old with blonde spikey hair. They were wrapped up warm, with a coat, hat and gloves. They were scared because the forest was so quiet.

Suddenly, a dark figure sitting on a long branch of a crooked old oak tree caught their eye. They froze. They took three steps back. Their hearts skipped a beat. Then, as quick as a flash, the being took one quick glance through his large red eyes and disappeared. Jessie and John knew they were not alone any more.

“Jessie, I‛m scared. I wish we hadn‛t run away from mum and dad,” whimpered John.

“We‛ll be fine John.

Don‛t worry.

We just need to find somewhere safe for the

night,” soothed Jessie, as she hugged her brother close.

As they wandered around they found a really big, dark cave. It was like a black hole. They didn‛t know there was danger there! As they entered the cave, they saw a tree branch poking through a hole in the roof.

“Look!” said Jessie. “What?” asked John. Jessie showed John a footprint on the sandy floor. “What‛s that?” cried John. “Calm down John. I know you are scared,” whispered Jessie. John did not calm down. He screamed!

“Don‛t scream, you might wake up the monster!” John and Jessie tip-toed around the cave. They heard a roar coming from something in the cave.

“It‛s a monster quick, run away!” John and Jessie ran very fast out of the cave. John was running so fast he tripped over the roots of a tree. As he fell he tripped Jessie

too! They both screamed “Aarrghh help!” They tried to get up onto their feet but instead they slipped into some mud.

They began to sink through the quick sinking mud. As they reached the bottom they found themselves in a dark, gloomy underground tunnel. Suddenly, a loud screeching roar bellowed through the tunnel.

“Oh No! I‛m petrified” yelled John. “I‛m petrified too,” screeched Jessie.

They both sped through the revolting tunnel. As they sprinted they stumbled across a vast pile of crunchy leaves. Under the leaves they found something cold and hard… it felt just like a human bone! “Aaargh!!” shrieked Jessie, as she ran and threw her arms around her brother. She stood shaking; her heart was pounding in her chest. She was absolutely petrified! John nervously moved towards the object, and gently brushed away the leaves and mud that were partially covering it.

He gasped and jumped

backwards, trembling! He could not believe his eyes… it was a human skull laid before him. Just at that moment, there was another loud roar and John could see two bright red eyes staring through the darkness. “Quick, run!” screamed John. “It‛s a dragon…help!! Run, before we become the next pile of bones!”

They began to race from the tunnel, hearts pounding and tears rolling down Jessie‛s face. Suddenly, Jessie felt her feet leave the ground. She was no longer in the tunnel. The dragon had used his strong, leathery wings to scoop up the children. They were now moving swiftly through the clouds. Jessie was scared, yet amazed. She could see the cave far below. Could it be that the dragon could in fact be their saviour; had he come to help?

The children both clung onto the dragon‛s leathery, scaly wings. In the distance, on the horizon they could just make out the silhouette of a giant tree. It was bigger than the highest mountain, bigger than the tallest skyscraper, bigger than anything in the world! And it was squealing! It was a really high pitched, squeaky sound – like a

door without oil. The children felt their blood run cold as they approached the tree. Atop the branches they could make out, flames, black smoke and flapping wings. All of a sudden they realised why they had been taken – they were dragon food! Jessie looked at John and whispered, so the dragon couldn‛t hear, “What are we going to do?”

John replied, “Let‛s try to get free. We‛ll jump onto the tree and grab a giant leaf and use it as a parachute!” “I‛m not sure, but we‛ll give it a go!” she exclaimed.

Just as they got close to the tree the children jumped onto a gigantic branch and snapped off two enormous leaves and holding on tightly, leapt into the air. While the children were jumping the dragon snapped at its prey, but unsuccessfully.

The children landed with a thud and instantly saw the entrance to a small burrow. It was large enough for them, but too small for the dragon. Inside the burrow it was dark, damp and dusty, but safe from dragons! Jessie was trembling with fear and sobbed to her brother, “I wish we have never left home.” Her brother agreed saying, “Don‛t worry, we‛ll get back somehow”. They continued down the burrow slowly and steadily.

Eventually they saw a light in the distance.

This cheered them up and they ran

towards the brightness. When they got closer they could see that the bright light was in fact an opening. As they carefully approached they peered out and recognised the forest near their home. They looked at each other and said, “We‛ve made it!”

They left the cave and started back towards their home relieved to be out of danger. They saw the old familiar sights that they knew. They made their way up the hill to their rickety old cottage. It looked brighter than usual. The garden looked more beautiful and the flowers looked prettier. Just as they saw Mum and Dad, the sun shone down on them and they knew they were safe. They cried out, “Home Sweet Home”. Their parents looked up from their gardening and noticing the children said, “Where have you been this afternoon?”

World Book Day Pass the Story  

Pass the Story from the pupils of Fatfield Primary School

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