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St John the Baptist Primary School Deputy Headteacher Application Pack

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St John the Baptist CofE Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff to share this commitment. We welcome applications from all sections of the community, regardless of gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age.




About Us


Working in Partnership


Working in the Community


School Development Plan


Deputy Headteacher Job Description


Deputy Headteacher Personal Specification


How to apply


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Dear Applicant, Thank you very much for your interest in St John the Baptist CE School. St John the Baptist is a lively one and a half form entry primary school in the London borough of Hackney. The school is situated next to St John’s Church in Hoxton and serves a vibrant community. It is a popular school with full classes in every year group. Governors have agreed to expand the school to two forms of entry from September 14. We are looking to appoint a Deputy Headteacher to join our senior leadership team to support the school in providing the best possible standards of teaching and learning in our community. This is an exciting opportunity for an inspirational, highly motivated, ambitious and dynamic leader, who in partnership with the Headteacher, the Executive Principal and the Federated Governing Body will lead the school on the journey to outstanding. Our Deputy Head will be non-class based yet maintain some teaching responsibility and will preferably have expertise in maths and experience of leading maths and Key Stage 1. We offer: Great, well resourced, learning environments Collaborative approaches to teaching and learning Fantastic professional development and tailored support programmes. Unique and rewarding career progression opportunities If you are an energetic leader committed to helping children to make progress in every lesson, every day we would like to hear from you. Please email to arrange an appointment to discuss this opportunity and to arrange a date to visit our school.

Yours sincerely Sian Davies Executive Principal

About Us St John the Baptist is a popular school in Hoxton with full classes in every year group. It has one and a half forms of entry and Governors will be consulting on a possible expansion to two forms of entry this year. Our recent Ofsted inspection (April 2013) graded us ‘Good with outstanding features’ in all categories inspected: Achievement of pupils – Good Quality of teaching – Good Behaviour and safety – Outstanding Leadership and management – Good Overall effectiveness – Good OUR MISSION STATEMENT ‘WE BELIEVE. WE ACHIEVE.’ A world of opportunity lies at our feet. We must in-still in learners the confidence to enable success and relish challenge. We are learning to love and forgive each other and aspire to be the best we can be, rejoicing in our own success & in the success of others. At St John the Baptist School our aims are to: Build a culture and ethos of support and respect, inclusive of language, ethnicity, ability and gender. Create a healthy, safe environment through relationships, resources and opportunities which are accessible to all. Provide an outstanding curriculum and learning environment that inspires, achieves the highest standards, creates a spirit of adventure, reflects culture and community and builds confident and independent learners. Build systems of communication that ensure all members of the school family have opportunities to contribute ideas and knowledge that will be valued.

ABOUT HOXTON: The parish of Hoxton was formed when St John’s Church was opened in 1826. Not long after, a site was purchased for the establishment of a National Society school. St John the Baptist primary school was opened in May 1843. Hoxton has a fascinating history. It is recorded in the Domesday book, and its street market is the oldest surviving street market in London, dating back to 1687. During the 19th century, the population grew and changed rapidly due to urbanisation and industrialisation. It ranks the 7th most deprived parish out of 503 parishes in the Diocese of London It has a very young age profile: Over 80% of the parish population is under 45. Around 55% are aged 0-29 41% of the adult population of the parish have at least an undergraduate degree qualification The population of c8,000 lives in c3,400 households, of which 1,850 are social rented; 950 are private rented; and 600 owner -occupied It ranks in the top 5% Urban Deprivation nationally Deprivation Indices specifically concerned with Housing, Living Environment and Child Poverty place the parish in the top 1% of deprivation nationally (Source: London Diocesan Fund, Parish Data extracted from 2011 Census) 56% of pupils are eligible for free school meals 61% of pupils speak English as an additional language 16% of pupils are at school action plus or have a statement The school has 82% stability

Working in Partnership Primary Advantage Federation


St John’s the Baptist CofE Primary School is a part of the Primary Advantage Federation.

 Every teacher is a good teacher; every school is a good school

We are a group of schools working together because we believe our schools can gain many benefits from working collaboratively and can achieve more by working together. We have made a commitment to a shared responsibility to the wider education community, the provision of good quality education and the improvement of life chances for pupils in the community beyond that of our own schools. Teachers, support staff, school leaders and Governors have added expertise in working alongside colleagues to improve provision and outcomes for pupils.

 Teachers who use the most effective teaching methods to motivate learners and raise aspirations. As a result all pupils will make good or better progress


 Quality learning environments where pupils feel safe and secure, known and valued and motivated to learn. Robust teaching and application of ICT skills ensure our pupils are properly equipped for the next stage of learning  Curriculum provision which inspires and motivates pupils and broadens their horizons. Our curriculum supports community cohesion through an international curriculum strand

 We work in partnership, pooling our expertise and resources in order to achieve collectively what we may not be able to achieve individually

 We work with precision and move incrementally towards achieving outstanding grades in the majority of aspects of each school’s work

 We believe passionately in improving the life chances for our pupils

 Through pupil partnership work we continue to break down locally perceived boundaries and help pupils to work harmoniously with pupils from other areas of Hackney

 We do not tolerate low expectations  We match tried and tested strategies that we know work to the needs of the schools and use our experience of supporting schools in successfully implementing them  We promote a collaborative approach whilst developing the capacity of each school to serve its own community and retain its distinct identity  We recognise the importance of individuality, spontaneity and creativity in developing innovation

 We seek to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of each school by capitalising on centralised services and sharing systems Find out more about Primary Advantage Federation by visiting

Working in the community WITH ST JOHN’S CHURCH, HOXTON

awareness of global issues. From time to time, children make links with schools and communities in different parts of the As a Church of England school, we have Christian teaching and world. values built into our curriculum. Our aim is to help children to achieve a knowledge and understanding of religious insights, beliefs and practices, so that they are able to continue in, or WITH PARENTS AND FAMILIES come to, their own beliefs and respect the beliefs of others. Many of our children attend church for Sunday worship with We know that the most successful education takes place their families and the school also enjoys an active partnership when parents/carers, staff and governors all work together. with the parish church St John’s, Hoxton. We hold regular Parents and carers can be involved with the whole school worship assemblies and visit the church every month for a community in a variety of ways: worship service. The school celebrates important Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter in Church together.  Parent Teacher Association


Helping with visits & in class

Supporting with fund raising events

The move to secondary school is an important step for pupils  and parents. We work in partnership with our local secondary schools and the Hackney Learning Trust to ensure our children and their families are well-informed about the transfer process. The children participate in visits to local schools and we invite secondary teachers to visit our school for specialist lessons.

WITH INTERNATIONAL LINKS As part of our curriculum, we aim to develop children’s

Attending curriculum evenings

School Development Plan LEARNING AND ACHIEVING TOGETHER. To develop this improvement plan we have considered the feedback from our recent OFSTED Inspection (April 2013), feedback from our school improvement partner, information gathered through all aspects of monitoring and a wider consultation with stakeholders including parents and children. It includes the following priorities: KEY PRIORITY ONE – ACHIEVEMENT OF PUPILS To raise standards in English and mathematics:  Ensure all classes make good progress across the year (4.5aps progress); 

Sustain outcomes at KS2 and improve outcomes at KS1

To enable every child to make at least 2 levels progress

through KS2, with a significant proportion making 3 levels progress;

to increase the percentage of pupils achieving Level 3 in


KS1 and Levels 5 and 6 in KS2, particularly in writing and maths.

To continue to build upon this outstanding aspect:  continue to improve effective behaviour for learning of all children, including those who are most vulnerable 

secure increased levels of parental involvement and engagement for children with specific needs

continue to develop independence, resilience and motivation amongst all children

improve links with outside agencies to secure support for vulnerable pupils and their families

KEY PRIORITY TWO – QUALITY OF TEACHING To further improve the quality of teaching and learning across all phases: 

to achieve 100% good and 50% outstanding Quality First Teaching

to further develop teacher’s security in a range of AfL elements, particularly questioning

To further develop the use of technology in all aspects of the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning

To embed the key concepts of teaching maths through concrete-pictorial-abstract methods by embedding our Primary Advantage Maths programme across the school

KEY PRIORITY FOUR – LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Ensuring the leadership and management team continue to develop and respond to school self-evaluation: 

to develop further parental engagement and understanding of how parents can support their child with learning

to further develop the roles and responsibilities and associated levels of accountability of the leadership team

to develop further the role of governors and their impact on school self-evaluation, monitoring and school development planning

improve links within the community; local and wider to enhance opportunities for children

further develop RE curriculum alongside LDBS

respond to changes in the National Curriculum and associated assessment

Deputy Headteacher Job Description General

Job Title: Deputy Headteacher/Teaching & Learning

The duties and responsibilities of Reports to: Governing Body, Executive Principal& Head teacher teachers, whether on main or the Responsible for: Teaching and Learning professional grade, or during any period of induction, are spelled out in the Salary: L7 - L11 Schoolteachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2012 (and as amended). The  To take full responsibility for leading  To play a significant role in setting following is a list of specific activities and managing significant aspects of aims and objectives for the school and responsibilities that the leader will the school, under the overall and in formulation the School be required to carry out in addition to direction of the Headteacher. Development Plan along with the the general responsibilities of a class Headteacher, governors and other teacher. This job description is not  To carry out teaching duties, as senior staff. necessarily a comprehensive definition. required, in accordance with school’s It will be reviewed at least once each schemes of work and the National  To take responsibility for developing year and may be subject to modification Curriculum. and monitoring policy and practice or amendment at any time in as lain down in the School consultation with the post holder and Development Plan, and in Specific Responsibilities the governing body. agreement with the Headteacher. Main Activities

Leadership and Management

 To assist the Headteacher in the leadership and management of the school and in all aspects of school improvement, including taking full responsibility for the school in the absence of the Headteacher.

To assist the Headteacher in shaping the vision and direction of the school. And setting out very high expectations with a clear focus on pupil achievement.

To further develop an effective assessment system to inform the school in it aims of raising standards for all children, using assessment data effectively to ensure all children make the maximum progress.

 To inspire, motivate and influence staff and pupils, taking a leading role in maintaining the highest standards of teaching, learning and pupil discipline.

teacher’s professional development throughout the school. 

 To provide an excellent role model for all members of staff and for pupils in all aspects of school life. To be an exemplar of all school policies and practices. To actively promote the aims of the school. To offer guidance and support to colleagues.  To take responsibility for dealing with and reporting Health and Safety  issues as they arise in the school. To raise awareness of Health and Safety issues among all members of the school community.  To take a leading role in promoting good relationships with parents, carers and the community in the life of the school. To encourage parental and community involvement and seek to become familiar with the neighbourhood and community.

  To provide effective leadership and management to team/teams of staff, as agreed with the Headteacher.  To take full responsibility for leading and managing one or more major aspects of the school’s curriculum provision, as agreed with the Headteacher and governing body.

To actively promote equality of  Provide support in developing Key opportunity by assisting the Stage 1 and Maths across the school. Headteacher in ensuring the  To provide leadership and support school’s curriculum provides the for colleagues (teachers and best possible education for all its assistants) with regard to teaching pupils, taking into account ethnicity, and learning and the curriculum, gender, Special Education Needs, including: pupils learning English as an  Managing the planning and delivery Additional Language, disability and of the curriculum across the school, others with emotional needs that including developing schemes of may affect learning. work and medium term plans. To assist the Headteacher in all  Supporting phase leaders and subject aspects of the day-to day leaders in developing their role, in administration and organisation of particular in relation to raising the school, including taking standards. responsibility for agreed areas, e.g. timetables, duty rotas etc.

 To provide guidance and support to middle leaders and other staff in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning. 

To take a lead role in managing

 Supporting teams and individuals with short term planning.

To take a significant role in the implementation of the school’s  Supporting staff in the use of performance management policy, to assessment information to inform secure school improvement and teaching and learning; individual professional  Inducting and supporting newly development. qualified and less experienced staff To participate in recruitment and and/or supply teachers; selection, as agreed with the  Providing in-class support to staff, Headteacher. through demonstration lessons, To undertake full responsibility for team teaching, observation and all matters relating to the school in feedback. the absence of the Headteacher in  Ensuring classrooms and communal accordance with school policy and areas are well maintained and the agreed approach of the organised. Headteacher.

 To assist the Headteacher in school self-review and evaluation and in the Teaching and Learning effective planning and management  To carry out teaching duties, as of school resources to secure agreed with the Headteacher, improvements. providing a model of excellence for colleagues. This may include, as  To maintain an informed view of required: standards and of the quality of teaching across the school by monitoring pupils’ learning and teachers’ planning and teaching.

 Teaching booster or ‘catch up’ groups.

Taking full responsibility for teaching a class.

Providing cover for absent colleagues or those released for professional development.

Providing in-class support for colleagues through demonstration lessons.

 Organising and delivering training, as needed, to school staff.  Supporting staff in the use of assessment information to inform teaching and learning.  Inducting and supporting newly qualified and less experienced staff and/or supply teachers.  Providing in-class support to staff, through demonstration lessons, team teaching, observation and feedback.  Ensuring classrooms and communal areas are well maintained and organised.  To undertake a significant role in maintaining a high standard of pupils’ behaviour and discipline, within the framework of the school policy and supporting other staff as necessary.  To liaise effectively with parents and carers to ensure good relationships between school and home in order to improve teaching, learning and behaviour.  To take a leading role in the management of the school database of individual pupils’ tracking attainment and progress.

Other Duties and Responsibilities 

To attend daily and weekly meetings, in accordance with school policy and to lead such meetings as required.

To take whole school assemblies and to support other staff with assemblies.

To prepare and present reports, as required to, e.g. governors, LEA officers, parents, outside agencies.

To attend occasional meetings during evening hours, at weekends or in school holidays, as required.

To take responsibility for Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

Deputy Headteacher - Personal Specification Qualifications and Training 

To hold a teaching certificate in Education which is recognised by the DfE.

A graduate/educated to degree level.

To have evidence of continuing and recent professional development relevant to the post.

An understanding of the importance of the culture and ethos of a school in securing high standards and of strategies for improving these.

Good understanding of effective strategies for gaining and maintaining high standards of discipline at whole school level, in accordance with the school’s policy.

Good understanding of how opportunities can be made to enrich  and enhance the curriculum to address the needs of all pupils.

Knowledge and Understanding relevant to the job 

Knowledge of equality of opportunity issues and how they can  be addressed in schools. An excellent understanding of current theory and practice of best practice in teaching and learning, particularly as it relates to achieving high rates of progress of children of primary age.

Good up to date understanding of child protection issues and procedures.

Good understanding of statutory requirements upon primary schools.

An understanding of the role of parents and the community in school improvement and how this can be promoted and develop.

A good understanding of effective leadership and management in  relation to raising pupils’ attainment and school improvement.

Evidence of a clear understanding of a range of teaching styles and approaches and the issues involved

in their practical implementation. Thorough knowledge of how children learn at Foundation stage, KS1 & KS2. 

A sound understanding of a range of teaching styles and approaches appropriate for children with special educational needs, a wide range of ability and a range of cultural backgrounds. Evidence of the ability to raise standards of achievement and of sustain progress.

Experience relevant to the job 

Minimum of 5 years recent experience of teaching in a multiethnic environment across the age range.

Recent, significant and successful experience as a teacher in the primary phase.

 A proven track record of raising attainment or a proven record of exemplary teaching which has ensured good progress and achievement.  Significant and successful experience of leading aspects of the curriculum at whole school level, e.g. as a subject or phase leader.  Experience of contributing to school improvement, as a member of a leadership team.

 To be approachable, accessible and flexible.  To be able to work effectively under pressure, to prioritise appropriately and to meet deadlines.  To have good analytical skills, being able to synthesise complex information, summarise, draw appropriate conclusions and make decisions.  To be able to understand, interpret and present school performance and financial data.

 Experience of supporting/mentoring colleagues in order to Additional Requirements secure school improvement.  A commitment to the ethos of a Church of England School.  Successful experience of improving the quality of teaching  Positive attitude to, and enthusiasm for Teaching and and learning, through processes of monitoring and Learning. support.  Experience of managing and using pupil attainment and tracking data bases.

 Commitment to working in partnership with the LEA and other schools.

 Experience of developing and leading staff development programmes for teachers and other staff.

 Commitment to involvement in the wide range of extracurricular activities in school.

 Experience of initiating and implementing strategies to improve parental involvement in their children’s learning.

 Willingness to become involved in school financial management.

 Experience of leading, managing and developing a curriculum area.

 Commitment to further development of strong links with parents and the local community.

 Experience of monitoring and evaluating curriculum delivery and Teaching and Learning.

 Commitment to supporting and developing the role of the school’s Support Staff.

 Experience of School Improvement Planning for pupil progress and monitoring the impact of action plans. Aptitude and Skills  To be an excellent teacher.  Ability to provide a model of best practices, through teaching in own or others classrooms.  To demonstrate leadership qualities, including energy, resilience and the ability to enthuse and motivate others.  To be able to articulate a clear vision for high quality education in an inner city context.  To have a good personal presence, good communication skills and a sense of humour.  To be able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing with a diverse range of audiences, including children, parents and carers, governors, staff and outside agencies.  To relate well to children and be responsive to their needs.  To be able to develop and maintain effective relationships with all members of the school community and outside agencies.

How To Apply Applicants are asked to complete all the standard information required on the Primary Advantage application form, and to submit a supporting statement, addressing all the criteria identified in the person specification. Please specify the role you are applying for Deputy Headteacher quoting reference DH/SJB 14

Candidates are advised that when completing the references section on the application form to please ensure that: • Your first referee is your current, or most recent, employer • You provide a referee who can confirm your ability for the role

Completed application forms must be received by 9:30 on the 13th May 2014.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to teach an activity or lesson and will be advised of the details of the lesson observation prior to interview.

Interviews will take place on 19th May 2014. If you have any queries or would like to arrange to visit our school, please contact Venessa Williams on 0207 254 1010 or email

We look forward to receiving your application.

Successful Candidates

Candidates must ensure that if they are successful at interview, that they are able to provide evidence of their Right to Work and Remain in the UK. The school is not able to employ any person who cannot validate their Right to Work and Remain in the UK in the line with the Asylum, Immigration and Nationality Act 2000. Successful candidates will be required to apply for an enhanced Criminal Record Check via the DBS. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children and expect all members of staff to share this commitment.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Where to find us St John’s the Baptist CofE Primary School Crondall Street Hackney London N1 6JG

Tel: 0207 732 4902 Email: Website:

St John the Baptist Primary School - Deputy Headteacher  
St John the Baptist Primary School - Deputy Headteacher