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Community Participation Funding

Summer 2010 PRIMAL TALK Issue


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In August 2009 PRIMAL Ultimate Club applied for and received funding from the Department of Sport and Recreation through their Community Participation Funding scheme. The objective of this funding was to increase participation in physical activity and enhance the development of sport and recreation personnel. This funding was used to promote the new Yokine League and provide coaching development for our coaching staff Anna Haynes and Natalie Kippin. The funds enabled the club to cover the costs of advertising and field hire to provide a inexpensive way for all our new comers to try Ultimate.

Healthy Club Sponsorship PRIMAL Ultimate Club received Healthy Club Sponsorship from Sports Medicine Australian for initiatives to make our Club safer and healthier and to train and educate volunteers. With this sponsorship the Club has been able to purchase a shade tent for use at tournaments and has been able to subside five Club members to take the Level 1 Ultimate Course. This course is an Australian Sports Commission qualification under the National Coach Accreditation Scheme. PRIMAL Ultimate Club is proud to be a Healthy Club and the support of Sports Medicine Australia allows us to provide valuable training to our volunteers and purchase safety items for the Club.

PRIMAL Ultimate Club Inc PO Box 149 OSBORNE PARK WA 6917 E. W.

All of PRIMAL’s policies including our Healthy Club Policy can be found in the Nitty Gritty section on our website:

Chevron Thanks to Chevron’s Community grants for Sport and Recreation groups, PRIMAL received funding to purchase our very own Club branded discs. Club Volunteer Claire Rogers is employed by Chevron and recommended PRIMAL apply for this years round of funding. Selling discs will provide revenue to the Club and help to keep participation costs down. With Chevron’s assistance we can continue to provide inexpensive Ultimate sessions to the wider community including our junior development plans.

PRIMAL TALK Beatball Demonstration PRIMAL Ultimate Club was invited to conduct a demonstration at the January Beatball event. Held at Herb Graham Recreation Centre in Mirrabooka each month, this is a community basketball event catering to 15-18 year olds from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds. Thank you to Fletcher Joyce, Steve Baker, Andrew Hore, Sam Cleary, Sam Françoise, Jaxon Botje, Quin Oh, Jonothan Hingley and Rebecca Hall for assisting in this demonstration.

Recognising Volunteers Without volunteers Ultimate and Flying Disc sports would not be possible. Countless hours are invested daily to ensure there are plenty of disc opportunities for everyone. From league management to tournament coordination, governance development to coaching, volunteer contributions are valuable and no effort should go unrecognised. To raise the awareness of all hard working volunteers the Australian Flying Disc Association (AFDA) has developed a Volunteer Management Program. The name of the program is: REAP: Recruit, Educate, Acknowledge and Preserve. Each month there is a call for members of the Flying Disc community to 2008Nominations Breakaways All Stars Master nominate people for AFDA Volunteer of the Month. close the 15th of each month and winners are announced on the AFDA website Walsh, on the 20th. Each winner receives a $50 Rebel SportMegan voucher. Gill Cooper, Ginny You, Josslyn Tanner & Monika Linton

So if you notice someone doing a good job take time to thanks!

Yokine Ultimate League Design Competition The WA Flying Disc Association have open a competition for a new logo design. This logo will be used for their Youth Development Program. The winner will receive a disc, shirt, design credit and a $50 Rebel Sport voucher for the new design. Details at Rebel Sport All players are entitled to a Rebel Sport MVP discount card. This card entitles you to a 5% discount. Just quote #3475 or download a temporary card here:

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The inaugural Yokine Ultimate League has been run and won! Congratulations to Whipper Snappers. Team Awesome gave them a solid grand final game, however having not lost a game all league, the Whipper Snappers weren't about to let their reputation down. Well done to both teams City of Canning on an exciting final game! Final Placings Equipment Grants 1st Place: Whipper Snappers 2nd Place: Team Awesome Could your Club use 3rd Place: Banana Splits 4th Place: Hammertime some assistance with 5th Place: Shapeshifters purchasing of durable6th Place: Pirates equipment? Player's Choice Awards The City offers to (Shape match aShifters) “Dollar Female - Hayley Arnet for dollar” contribution to Runner Up - Sarah Mason (Team Awesome) Incorporated Clubs in Male - Kyal Oh (Whipper Snappers) the Canning area up of Runner Up - Matt Dobson (Pirates) to the $500.00. Spirit Winners be Joint winners -Applications Hammertimeform andcan Pirates obtained for your Club Officer and Over 50 peopleDevelopment participated in this new all submissions for this league and to ensure all new players had round must be received assistance the following people by 28 February 2010. volunteered their time to help lead the new teams; Rod Arnold, David Shackles, Claire Rogers, Louis Masarei and Dion Lewis.


WA Flying Disc Association Affiliation PRIMAL has achieved Club Affiliation status with our State Sporting Association; The WA Flying Disc Association (WAFDA). The WAFDA provides us with web hosting, development and promotional support, annual funding and further playing opportunities. The Western Australian Flying Disc Association (WAFDA) is a non-profit organisation aimed at developing the game of Ultimate and other Flying Disc sports in Perth and throughout Western Australia. The WAFDA runs a number of Ultimate leagues and tournaments in Perth throughout the year. WAFDA also provides demonstrations of Ultimate for school and community groups. The WAFDA is recognised by and affiliated with the Australian Flying Disc Association, which in turn is a member of the World Flying Disc Federation. Website:

Events Craving more Ultimate? The following events are coming up, if you wish to participate please send an email to

Western Regionals 2010 This tournament is an official qualifying event for the Australian Ultimate Championships to be held in Adelaide in April. The event is a separate gender format and PRIMAL would like to enter a team in each division. It’s a great fun tournament and a chance to play against some new people and enhance your skills.

Bits n Pieces PRIMAL wins awards! At the WAFDA Annual awards PRIMAL was named 2009 Club of the Year and Anna Haynes was named Coach of the Year. Details can be found at

Youth Development PRIMAL is currently developing U19 players for a chance to represent WA at the Australian Youth Championships. Please speak to Anna Haynes if you are interested. FREE Club Training Night Join us at Wordsworth Reserve in Inglewood on Monday nights from 6:30pm. Men, women & juniors welcome.


Date: Saturday March 13 Venue: UWA Sports Park, Mt Claremont Cost and times to be advised.


South West Games


Ultimate has been invited to take part in this year's South West Games. The City of Bunbury will play host to this year's event and with a new Ultimate club set up in Bunbury, this is an exciting opportunity to nominate a team and support the regional growth of Ultimate.


The South West Games is a multi sport event held in the South West region of WA. This is the first time Ultimate has been invited and also the first time competitors from outside the region have been allowed to participate. When: Saturday 27 March 2010 Where: Bunbury Runners Club, Bunbury Format: Mixed Cost and times to be advised.

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Clubs Forever Clubs Forever is an innovative and award winning programme that is designed to help clubs and community organisations within the City of Stirling. This programme offers ongoing support aimed at increasing self-management and sustainability of clubs. PRIMAL is proud to be a “Clubs Forever” Club. The Club Development team at the City of Stirling assist us with our field allocations, free workshops and junior funding opportunities.

PRIMAL Discs PRIMAL Club discs are now in stock! Get your own disc today for only $20.00. Discs are available for purchase at games and training.

Coaches’ Profiles Anna Haynes

Natalie Kippin

I have been involved with coaching and playing for PRIMAL Ultimate Club Inc. for the last four years. I also regularly run primary and high schools Ultimate lessons and teacher Professional Development sessions for the WA Flying Disc Association.

I have been playing Ultimate since 2006 and played in my first Australian Ultimate Championships in 2007. After an enjoyable first year I decided to become involved in coaching and completed my Level 1 accreditation.

My coaching philosophy is to provide a fun learning environment to all I teach. I like to encourage a healthy competitiveness in athletes while promoting positive aspects of the sport and to continually assist athletes in improving their skills.

My Coaching experiences include; Beginner Coaching Clinics, Club Training through to Assistant Coach for the 2008 WA Women’s representative team.

As well as being involved in PRIMAL Ultimate Club as a Coach, Administrator and Website Manager (, I am also involved with the I have been playing Ultimate since 2003 but in a previous State Association Committee, holding the position of life I was the Australian goalkeeper for the Australasian Women’s Development Officer. Women’s Gaelic Football team. After collecting 3 world cup medals and racking up an International Rules My weaknesses are Violet Crumbles, Cheezels and campaign I have hung up my boots and now only wear Dome Espresski drinks... Mmmm Yum! cleats. Seven Australian Championships and a World Ultimate Club Championship later - I still love it!

PRIMAL Ultimate Club Inc. PO Box 149 Osborne Park WA 6917 | | E:

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