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HABTOOR GRAND BEACH RESORT & SPA Book your stay in Dubai at the 5 star luxurious resort that offers .perfect vistas, where lush landscapes meet the warm Arabian Gulf Situated on the world renowned Jumeirah Beach, the Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa features 446 Rooms and Suites and offers a wealth of facilities and activities. Indulge your senses at any of the 17 themed restaurants and bars, relax by the pool, enjoy the beach and water .sports, then pamper yourself at Elixir Spa For reservations call +971 4 399 5000 or email


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A Landslide Victory


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ear Readers, this fun-filled year has almost come to an end with the incredible Air Show, Dubai Expo 2020, some fantastic concerts and exhibitions. But we still have Christmas and New Years on the list! I love New Years, rejoicing a wonderful journey and looking forward to new beginnings with new hopes and dreams. That’s why I’m so excited to present you with our December issue, the most festive and celebrated month of the year. Our team has put together a pool of great places you must see, unique restaurants you will absolutely love. I am personally looking forward to celebrate my new year at Atlantis, the Palm with their magnificent royal gala dinner under the stars with midnight fireworks as an added bonus, guaranteeing an unforgettable New Years Eve. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! We wish you have a fabulous and memorable adventure. Hope you enjoy reading our magazine as much as we loved putting it together for you. See you again next month with a start to a whole new year!

Lavinia Ambrosie


P | General Information

iscovering ubai

I By Darya Tajallipour

n the year 1833, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Butti moved the tribal Baniyas family to Dubai. This led to Sheikh Maktoum becoming the founder of the ruling Maktoum family, which currently are the royal and ruling family of the emirate.

06|Prima Dubai

Currently, the ruler of Dubai is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the Vice President and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. H.H Sheikh Mohammed wishes to fulfill his father’s vision of Dubai, which is to make Dubai one of the leading cities in the world, which so far has been successful, as Dubai is internationally recognized for its tourism, trade and logistics between the East and the West.

P | General Information


Religion In the UAE, the official religion is Islam. You will definitely notice some of the breathtaking mosques around the city, and will hear the call to prayer 5 times a day (known as the Azaan). Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosques except at Jumeirah Mosque. However, Dubai is pretty tolerant with other religions and is home to large expat communities of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and others. Dubai also houses places of worship of other religions.

Population Dubai’s population is estimated to be approximately 2.1 million people out of which approximately 85% comprise of expat population. Expat population chiefly comprise of Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Nepalese and Filipinos. British expats is the largest group of Western expats in Dubai. It also has sizeable community of Iranians.

Language Arabic is the official language spoken in the UAE, although everywhere around the city just about everybody speaks English, especially in places of tourism and commerce. Other commonly used languages include Hindi, Farsi and Urdu. Tourists and non-Arabic speakers should have no problem communicating in Dubai.

By Fatima Anwar

Climate & Currency One would describe Dubai’s climate as a tropical desert climate, as summer temperatures do reach up to the mid and high 40’s during the day and remain in the 30’s overnight. The winter months are much milder and cooler, with the average temperature being around 20C at daytime, and going down to even 12C-14C at night, a more comfortable climate. From December to March the cool weather in the winter occasionally witnesses some rainfall, so travel prepared! The Arab Emirati Dirham is the local currency used in Dubai. The UAE dirham ranks from 5 to 1,000 Dirham bills. The coins come in 25,50 fils and 1 Dirham. It’s a good idea to always keep with you smaller bills to pay for cheaper items like metro since it may be hard to get change for 500 or 1,000 bills.

08|Prima Dubai

Dubai’s Do’s And Dont’s

Beginning with the simplest question: is it necessary to wear an Emirati dress during your stay in Dubai? No, Dubai doesn’t have a particular dress code but it is always advisable to wear clothes covering your knees and shoulders. You might be asked to leave a mall or public park if you wear revealing clothes or shirts with offensive slogans. Men must cover their chest, knees and any inappropriate tattoos; it is considered as disrespect to Islam.Hence it may offend the Emiratis. Beachwear can be worn at the beach, swimming pool or the water park, but not in public places. Make sure to dress modestly and decently in public.

Is drinking alcohol a crime in Dubai? There are many hotels with licensed restaurants bars and clubs. You are most welcome to visit those hotels and enjoy your time if you are above 21 years of age. If you’re caught carrying alcohol outside the hotel without the required liquor permit, you might be arrested. To avoid accidents and unpleasant incidents, alcohol is strictly forbidden in malls, while you are driving and all other public places.

Can we carry sleep depressants or drugs?

Are there restrictions on photography in Dubai?

No, any medication carried without medical prescription is not allowed. There is zero-tolerance policy for drugs in Dubai and possession of illegal substances can result in minimum of three years imprisonment.

Dubai is a place with wonderful landmarks and marvellous entertainment facilities, you are always welcome to take pictures, but just make sure that you don’t photograph women without their permission and other places which are prohibited.

Is holding hands in public allowed? Holding hands is allowed, but kissing and touching unsuitably are not. Any public display of affection is not tolerated and it might result in imprisonment or even deportation.

Prima Dubai | 09

P | General Information



Introductions My name is... - ismii.. What is your name? maa ismuka? (male) maa ismuki? (female) Where are you from? - min ayna anta? How old are you? - kam umruka?

Hello `


Hello - marhaba Peace be upon you - as-salaamu alaikum (Response) Upon you be peace wa-alaikum as - salaam Welcome - ahlan wa sahlan Pleased to meet you - tasharrafna Goodbye - maas-salaama Until we meet again - ilallika´


How much? - bikam? Do you sell...? - hal tabii...? I want to buy... - uriidu an ashtarii... I want to pay... - uriidu an adfa... Price - si´r Receipt - iisaal

Dining out

The menu please al-kaa´ima, min fadlak The bill please al hisaab, min fadlak

10|Prima Dubai


Yes - naam No - laa Maybe - mumken I hope so (God willing) - In shaa´ Allah Please - min fadlak Thank you - shukran You´re welcome - afwan Excuse me - udhran Lets go - yalla Congratulations! - mabrook! Do you speak English? hal tatakallam al-ingliiziya?


Right - yamiin Left - yasaar Straight on - alaa tuul Airport - mataar Bank - bank Beach - shaate´ Hotel - funduk´ Toilet - hammam Where is...? - ayna...? I am lost - anaa daa´i How can I find a taxi? kayfa yumke nunee aluthoor ala sayyaarat ujra? I would like to go to... awad an adhhab ila...


0 - sifr 1 - waahid 2 - ithnaan 3 - thalaatha 4 - arbaa 5 - khamsa 6 - sitta 7 - sabaa 8 - thamaaniya 9 - tisa 10 - ashara 100 - mi´a 1000 - alf


P | Lifestyle


14|Prima Dubai

Your Dream Destination By Fatima Anwar


n iconic symbol of Dubai’s rich culture, unparalleled opulence, distinctive creativity, remarkable entertainment and warm hospitality, Atlantis is the best holiday destination in Dubai, A picturesque depiction of the popular myth, “Lost City of Atlantis,” Atlantis is a 5 star ocean themed resort. Due to their diligence, excellence and innovation, Atlantis won the prestigious Middle East’s Leading Resort at the World Travel Awards in 2011. Located on the stunning manmade island, The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis offers the unbeatable view of the azure waters of Arabian Gulf and unimaginable attractions and activities.

Prima Dubai | 15

P | Lifestyle



he creation of Atlantis created furor around the globe. Celebrity chefs from different corners of the world opened their popular ventures under one roof- The Atlantis. Excellent food, admirable ambiance and brilliant hospitality, Nobu is a world famous Japanese restaurant with a touch of South America. Owned by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu serves exquisite signature dishes such as Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa soy sauce dressing, Yellow Tail Sashimi with Jalapenos, Squid Pasta with light garlic sauce and Black cod in Miso. The sushi bar and sake lounge complements the whole edge style restaurant perfectly.

16|Prima Dubai



warded ‘The Best Seafood Restaurant 2013 and the ‘Best Restaurant’ at the Middle East Hotel Awards 2013, Ossiano is an ocean of peace and elegance. The hypnotic view of the Ambassador Lagoon and 65000 marine animals, the soothing ambiance and the amazing seafood makes Ossiano the perfect choice for your dining delight

Prima Dubai |17

P | Lifestyle


tlantis the Palm organizes over 200 wedding ceremonies, annually. A devoted wedding planner and the exquisite venues promises to make your dream wedding a reality. Set in outdoor private beach, indoor ballroom or an underwater chamber, the themed dĂŠcor and arrangements will take your breath away.

18|Prima Dubai

Capture your dream wedding for eternity and avail the opportunity to take pictures throughout the resort prior to the wedding. After a beautiful and sensational celebration you can stay in Atlantis overnight where all the honeymoon amenities and the opulent morning breakfast would be taken care of. For the finest end to your flawless trip a complimentary entry to Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers Aquarium is offered where you can observe and have fun with the joyous marine life.marine life.

Prima Dubai | 19

P | Lifestyle


old hands and walk on the pristine white beach, admire the Dubai skyline, indulge in the selection of Mediterranean favourites and calm yourself as the DJ spins music. Relish your time at the pearly Nasimi Beach.

Complete your perfect trip with a bottle of champagne and a five course meal on the Royal Beach. Exchange stares and whisper the secret words as you dine under the absolutely gorgeous blanket of stars.

20|Prima Dubai

Prima Dubai |21

P | Lifestyle


mystical and mythical exploration of the deep sea will evoke your senses and anticipation as you walk between the ginormous tanks where over 65000 aquatic species breath. The amiable Marine Educators will guide and give you further insight into the legend of Atlantis, traditions of the seven sages and amazing facts about the marine life that inhabits the Dubai aquarium.

22|Prima Dubai

Learn the skills to dive and communicate underwater by an interactive and entertaining demonstration of the Seven Sage Chamber. The feeding frenzy in the splendid Ambassador Lagoon will take you back to the Atlantean civilization and culture. Admire the indigenous marine animals as the divers feed them.


quaventure will take you on a journey through the marine world. Experience the exhilarating rides that will take you through shark filled lagoons, rapid river adventures, uphill in water roller coasters or witness the animals up-close. You can even relax on the private beach fenced by lush tropical landscapes while your kids enjoy their time at the children’s play area- Splashers. As a guest at Atlantis your visit to the Aquaventure is absolutely free. The Dolphin Bay in Atlantis allows the guests to swim and interact with the dolphins in the most spectacular habitat in the world. Swimmer or not you can paddle in waist-high waters and enjoy your connection with the amiable dolphins. Stride with the fast paced dolphins or laugh and smile as they hug and kiss you. For an incredible end to all the excitement you can dive into the depths of Dolphin Bay lagoon and admire the unique view of these intriguing creatures. Grab your friends or accompany your family to Dolphin Bay and capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience forever.

Prima Dubai |23

P | Lifestyle


ids Club Atlantis is designed especially for your kids with tremendous activities. Set in a safe zone and managed by a dynamic and friendly team, Dubai Kids Club offers an exciting and learning environment to arouse creativity, adventure and curiosity among your kids.

24|Prima Dubai


oin hands with the marine world experts and unravel the secrets of the legendary Lost Chambers Aquarium. Observe how the expert team cares for over 65000 marine animals from fish hospital to water filtration system and help the divers feed the wonderful sea creatures. Cherish your free entry to the Lost Chamber and return home with great memories!

Prima Dubai | 25

P | Lifestyle


A Shopaholic Paradise


ubai is internationally known as Shopaholics’ paradise because of its attractive shopping malls, vast collection of designer brands and year round sales. Do not miss to visit these malls to get exclusive brands at really attractive prices


ubai Mall is not just about shopping, it’s about lifestyle, living and leisure. Get on the extreme rides in Sega Republic, treat yourself with Tory Burch’s new collection, enjoy the luxurious chocolates from Bateel, pick coffee from Shakespeare and Co or dine at the Cheese Cake Factory; Dubai Mall has it all for you. With 1200 shops, 150 escalators and 95 elevators,The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world.

By Fatima Anwar


hemed around the exploration of the 14th century explorer, Ibn Battuta, this mall reflects the culture and architecture of the places visited by Ibn Battuta.The China Court houses numerous casual dining restaurants, cinemas and UAE’s famous electronic and gadget shops – Sharaf DG. If you’re looking for designer cuts and biggest brands then you must visit the India Court. The Persian Court has a distinctive hand painted dome and it exhibits many highstreet favourites like H&M and Forever21. Let your kids enjoy at Fun City while you do the weekly grocery from the hypermarket in the Tunisia Court. The Andalusian Court features the wonderful Lion Fountain and houses some amazing salons and flower shops. The Egyptian Court boasts of exclusive jewelryand designer wear from around the globe.

26|Prima Dubai


nown as a city within a city, Dubai Festival City houses over 400 popular brands. Some of the well known ones are Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lacoste, Diesel, Karen Millen, Dunhill, Calvin Klein, Mont Blanc, S.T. DuPont, Rolex and Anne Klein.IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Toys R Us, the Ferrari Store, Plug Ins and Paris Gallery are some of the anchor stores. From fast food joints to international chains like Hardrock Cafe and Jaime’sItalian, Dubai Festival City does not tire you. During February, Dubai Festival City hosts the incredible light water and fire show. Do visit Dubai Festival City to experience the global standard entertainment and luxury.


ith over 466 shops, the Mall of the Emirates proudly boasts to be one of the best shopping destinations in Dubai. From designer shops to anchor stores, from jewelry to watches, from books to electronics, it has something to offer all its visitors. Tired of shopping? Choose your meal for the day through a wide variety of over 90 international cafes and restaurants. Home to the only indoor ski resort in the Middle East, the Mall of the Emirates is a shopping resort with two hotels – Kempinski Mall of the Emirates & Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates.

For more information and to arrange viewing contact:

Gil Van Gelder

Senior Client Manager


ORN: 936

050 553 4345 | BRN. 25322

The Lakes

Ghadeer – Type 3E • 3 Bedrooms + Study • BUA: 2,436 sqft • Plot: 3,994 sqft • Dubai skyline views • Large plot

AED 3,999,950/Jumeirah Islands Dubai Style E. Foyer

• 4 Bedrooms + Maid’s • BUA: 5,200 sqft • Plot: 8,801 sqft • Immaculate Condition • Stunning Full Lake View

AED 8,200,000/Meadows 7 Hattan L1

• 5 Bedrooms + Maid’s • BUA: 6,151 sqft • Plot: 9,468 sqft • Stunning lake and skyline views • Landscaped garden

AED 11,000,000/The Lakes Hattan L2

• 7 Bedrooms + Maid’s • BUA: 7,544 sqft • Plot: 10,704 sqft • Full golf course view • Three Storey Villa

AED 18,900,000/Emirates Hills E Sector

• 6 Bedrooms + Study + Maid’s • BUA: 24,500 sqft • Plot: 24,092 sqft • Full golf course view • Private swimming pool

AED 51,999,950/-

P | Lifestyle

Meydan By Amal Butt

28|Prima Dubai


he word “Meydan” can be loosely translated from Arabic to mean “meeting place” – an appropriate name for the iconic structure which not only serves as the focal point of the UAE’s horseracing industry but is also home to highly regarded golf and tennis facilities. The Meydan Hotel is ideally situated at the epicentre of one of the World’s most exhilarating destinations. It boasts 284 rooms and suites offering magnificent views of the race track, which is home to the US$10m Dubai World Cup, as well as access to thrilling entertainment options and stately meeting venues. Sports and leisure activities include The Track, Meydan Golf’s 9-hole floodlit golf course, Meydan Beach, Meydan Tennis Academy and Meydan IMAX Theatre. Dining options include the signature steak house, Prime, Farriers, Shiba, Shiba Bar, Equus Bar, the Millennium Lobby Lounge and QUBE Sports Bar.

Prima Dubai |29

P | Lifestyle

The Track



here are few golf courses in the country that offer as much as The Track. Meydan Golf’s nine-hole course is the perfect setting for a quick round. Managed by the reputed Troon Golf, The Track is the only true pay and play facility in the UAE. With specials offered for evenings and weekends, it’s within everyone’s reach. It’s also high on convenience - when the sun goes down the lights come on - enabling golfers to pick their hours.




ennis 360 is owned and operated by tennis professionals with a keen focus on delivering the best tennis opportunities in Dubai. With its main base at the Medan Tennis Academy, it offers a broad range of programs that cater to adults and children of all abilities, from beginners to competitive players. ts on-site facilities include five courts, two mini-courts, a padel court, a multi-purpose court, conditioning room, games room, locker/ shower rooms and stringing service.

30|Prima Dubai

Dubai World Cupd


he state-of-the-art racecourse was created in 2010 as a venue equal in splendor to the annual US$10 Dubai World Cup, the showpiece race held on the last Saturday of March. Staged as part of a high-class nine-race card, Dubai World Cup day offers an incredible $27.25m in total prize money and attracts the absolute best of the world’s racing elite. More than 60,000 spectators watch the race from the Meydan Grandstand and Hotel while a TV audience of millions tune in all over the world. The Dubai World Cup Carnival, worth a staggering $37.36m in prize money across 11 days of top international racing, leads into the season-ending Dubai World Cup. Running alongside is the domestic Racing at Meydan season consisting of another nine racedays. Spectators can gain free access to Meydan on a regular Dubai Racing Club, Emirates Racing Authority and Dubai Equestrian Club are all housed at Meydan and between them these bodies nurture equestrian sport in Dubai. Endurance riding, showjumping, dressage, cross country and eventing are administered from these offices. One of the most famous races in the world, is the grand finale of the three-month long Dubai World Cup Carnival, an international season of racing that begins in January and runs until the end of March.


With $27.25m in prize money to be won across nine races on Dubai World Cup night and $37.36m up for grabs over the season as a whole, it is no wonder that the world’s best trainers and jockey flock to Dubai from all over the world. “Sheikh Mohammed [Bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai] is so welcoming to us,” said Motion after his historic win. “It’s incredible what he puts on here, it’s like nothing I have ever seen. It’s an amazing event and we are very fortunate to be here.” The Dubai World Cup takes place annually on the last Saturday in March. The Meydan Grandstand, home to no less than 72 luxurious Grandstandsuites, is the ideal location for entertaining guests – spectacular views, racing excitement and fine food. Measuring between 50 square meters to 415 square meters, the suites can cater for 10 to 500 people and are located on Levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. During Meydan Races and Dubai World Cup Carnival suites will be available for group bookings. Combining luxury and elegance, suites on Levels 3, 4 and 5 boast their own private terrace seating areas and suites on Levels 6 and 7 have their own private balcony area, allowing guests to marvel at the breath-taking views of the Meydan Racecourse and horseracing action.

Prima Dubai |31

P | Lifestyle

32|Prima Dubai

Spectators can gain free access to Meydan on a regular racenight or indulge in a range of viewing options to suit any budget and level of luxury from simple seating to fivestar dining

ELDERLY PARADISE ( Christophe Soumillon ) Trained by Man Chau Allen Tam , Winning Bab Al Shams Trophy on Third Carnival Racing , RAce 3 ( AW) (7)

Dedicated service staff will cater to you and your guests throughout the evening with an array of food served from your private International Buffet station. Soft drinks and standard house beverages can be inclusive in the package and are served from the purpose designed bar area within the suite. All suites are interconnected and can be joined to facilitate larger groups or to give additional space for exclusive gatherings. At the suites, you can watch the races whilst being in the company of family, friends or work colleagues.

Prima Dubai | 33

P | Lifestyle


ubai offers numerous properties that completely fulfills your needs and desires. People from all walks of life can find a perfect house according to their standard of living.

By Fatima Anwar

Whether you’re planning to build your dream property or looking for an apartment close to your workplace - Dubai offers professional and customer focused teams that will willingly help you find the perfect home to your needs. There are affordable and conveniently located accommodations available in Al Qusais, Deira, Karama and Bur Dubai area, where as areas such as Downtown, Emirates Hills, Marina and Jumeirah boasts of some absolutely stunning high rental apartments and villas. The Dubai property market is setting a high reputation for property development throughout the world. Being a hub for foreign investments, Dubai leads in unparalleled projects and properties that will remain the future of overseas real estate investment for years to come. .

34|Prima Dubai

Your Home Away From Home

P | Lifestyle

By Fatima Anwar

The Essence Of Traditional Celebration

36|Prima Dubai


ooted deep in the history and culture of UAE, henna (Arabic Al- Hinna) is the favourite ornament of Arab female. The extracts from henna tree are used in the preparation of Henna dye. Henna is not just a symbol of happiness, love and festivity but in the past it was believed to be a charm that attracted goodness and protected females from bad luck and evil spirits. The beautiful Arabic floral and geometrical designs fades away in a few weeks and are not painful like the tattoos embedded in skin. The Arabic Henna is growing more popular in the western culture since the alluring designs are rich in colour and highly ornate. The west has started incorporating gems in the Arabic designs which has grown quite popular among the youth. Numerous salons offers the henna design service. You can even get the pattern on your feet or palms for free during your trip to the Desert Safari.

Prima Dubai |37

P | Lifestyle

Discover the true Arabia


hen the traffic on the road increases, the Dubai traffic shifts to Marine water taxi. A time effective and cheaper way to commute. Either for leisure or for work purpose, water taxi is a very soothing way to travel within Dubai. Travelling by abra was an integral part of Arab lifestyle. Charging 1 AED each person for every stop, water taxi, between allows you to sit and relish the ancient Arab style houses and beautiful souqs between Bur Dubai and Deira area. As you saunter by the gentle sea you can feel the life of a true Arab in olden days. Dismantle the glitz and glamor shield and discover the true Arabia. Keeping the Arab culture alive, RTA has also started their very own abra service. Now you can travel to different station all the way to Palm Jebal Ali in just an hour and a half. The tall buildings and the tremendous development in Dubai makes a surreal backdrop as you travel through the olden-way, abra. The RTA water taxi can accommodate 11 passengers at a time and has 18 popular stops including; Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Atlantis and Jebal Ali Hotel. The fares for the RTA water taxi ranges between 50 to 570 AED to book the whole vessel. The fare is charged according to the location irrespective of travelling time and distance.

40 Prima Dubai

Being the only marine transport that can navigate the waters of Arabian Gulf, The RTA water taxis are quite popular amongst the tourists and residents. Relax in an air conditioned cabin with soft reclining chairs as you admire the beautiful view during your travel to the exotic destinations in Dubai.

Sit back and enjoy your ride Abra, style your travel! By Fatima Anwar

Prima Dubai |41

P | Lifestyle

By Fatima Anwar


42 Prima Dubai


early 11 million people use the metro monthly. The launch of Dubai metro didn’t just add another world record to the city of wonders but also helped reduce the long traffic jam on roads. Dubai Metro spans over a large distance of 75 kilometers (combining both the green and red line) and connects almost all major business and entertainment districts of Dubai. The stations and trains are fully air conditioned and monitored by a passionate team of Road and Transport Authority, throughout the day. Each train has five spacious cabins; of which four cabins are standard, used by both males and females, and the fifth cabin is equally divided into a woman’s only and Gold Class compartment. Gold Class offers leather seats, an exclusively designed compartment and a beautiful front view from the train. These fully automated trains have made travelling in Dubai faster and cheaper. Where else in the world can you travel from one end of the city to another for just AED 6 ! Blue card bill doesn’t exceed AED 14 no matter how many times you use the metro in a day. Red tickets are often used by tourists and infrequent metro users and can be charged for 9 different destinations at one time. A Gold card charges more than a regular card and is preferred by professionals who find travelling to their offices by metro more convenient. The number of people using the metro is gradually increasing due to the influx of tourists and visitors who plan to reside in Dubai and find Dubai Metro the easiest and most comfortable transport network for their journey.

Prima Dubai |43

P | Lifestyle

Hello Tomorrow!


ne of the worlds’ top ten airlines and now the largest in the Middle East, Emirates Airline has been steadily emergent, linking people all over the world and catering to all classes. The recent innovation in Dubai International Airport is the Terminal 3 built exclusively for Emirates and is the largest building in the world by floor space, with over 423 acres.

By Sharmeen Khan

Emirates’ first class features private suites, two shower-equipped lavatories and spa, and access to the first/business class bar area and lounge. Business class features seats that recline to long, angled lie-flat beds. Amenities include massage function, privacy partition, winged headrest with six-way movement, two individual reading lights and an overhead light per seat, in-seat power supply, USB Ports and an RCA socket for laptop connection, and a TV screen that includes over 600 channels of entertainment. The Economy class offers a standard single seat, with extreme comfort. The seat features adjustable headrests, a 600–1000 channel In-Flight-Entertainment (IFE) and in-seat laptop power-outlets on newer aircraft and laptop recharging facilities in galleys in older aircrafts.

46|Prima Dubai

Extremely accommodating and cooperative, Emirates allows passengers to check-in between 2 to 48 hours prior to their flight departure. This can be done over the counter or at the lounge within the airport. Self-service kiosks are also available for convenience at Dubai International Airport, as well as at certain stations of the Dubai Metro. First and Business class passengers, as well as Skywards Gold and Silver members, have access to Emirates’ Lounges. The airline has 32 lounges in 28 cities. At airports in which Emirates does not operate a departure lounge, a third party departure lounge is usually provided for First and Business class passengers as well as Skywards Gold members. First and Business class passengers can also make use of complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfers in selected cities. Emirates Airline helps you sketch your dream vacation with utmost ease, convenience and pleasure.

Fly Emirates, discover Dubai.

P | Lifestyle

By Prerana Sonawane


48|Prima Dubai


Obesity rates on the rise in the UAE capital - change lifestyle habits and improve your fitness levels this December


new health and wellbeing show is being launched at the Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi from 27 to 30 November, where visitors can take part in fun-filled health and fitness features such as interactive games, a rock climbing, fitness & cooking classes as well as sports. Free advice and medical checks are available by expert health and fitness professionals as a recent study indicates that 41 per cent of the UAE population over the age of 30 suffers from high blood pressure, significantly higher than the global average of 25 to 30 per cent. The show commences from 12 pm to 9pm every day. Free entry, while a charge of only AED5 is applicable to use facilities such as the bowling center, tennis courts, beach tennis and rugby field. A two, three and four day pass, inclusive of facility access, is only AED10, while those who register in advance on www. will gain free entry including access to all facilities.

Prima Dubai |49

P | Lifestyle

Balsamic Short Ribs INGREDIENTS


1 tablespoon canola oil 1 teaspoon salt 2 cloves garlic, chopped 6 bone-in short ribs (about 3 pounds) 2 leeks, white parts only, sliced 2 medium yellow onions, sliced 2 carrots, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces 2 stalks celery, cut into 1-inch pieces 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 tablespoons tomato paste 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 3 sprigs fresh rosemary 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar ,1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1 quarter unsalted beef stock, Green onions, sliced, for serving (optional)

In a large, heavy-bottom pot such as a Dutch oven, heat the oil on medium. Working in batches so as not to crowd the pan, sear the short ribs for 3 to 4 minutes on each side, or until well browned. Transfer the short ribs to a plate. Add the leeks, onions, carrots, celery and garlic to the pot and cook until well browned, stir for 12 to 15 minutes. Add the red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and tomato paste, and cook for 6 to 7 minutes until the tomato paste turns a brick-reddish-brown color. Add the Dijon mustard, rosemary sprigs, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. Scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the pot. Return the short ribs to the pot, then add the beef stock. Bring the mixture up to a low simmer and cover. The pot can be left on the stovetop on low heat or placed in a 325-degree oven for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or until the short ribs are very tender when pierced with a fork. Transfer meat and vegetables to a platter. Cover with foil and a couple of kitchen towels to keep warm. Using a slotted spoon, remove and discard the solids from the liquid. Bring the liquid to a boil on the stovetop and cook until reduced to 1 cup. Drizzle the glaze over the short ribs, sprinkle on green onions if using, and serve.

Pre serving: 550 calories; 240 calories from fat (44 percent of total calories); 26 g fat (10 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 135 mg cholesterol; 29 g carbohydrate; 48 g protein; 3 g fiber; 650 mg sodium.

50 Prima Dubai

Baked New York Cheesecake INGREDIENTS


3 eggs 125g butter, melted 3/4 cup sour cream 3/4 cup caster sugar 2 x 250g packets cream cheese, softened 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon rind 250g packet plain sweet biscuits Frozen raspberries

Preheat oven to 160째C/140째C fan-forced. Grease a 6cm-deep, 22cm round (base) spring-form cake pan. Process biscuits until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add butter. Process until combined. Press mixture over base and sides of pan leaving a 2cm gap from top (see Cooking class). Refrigerate for 30 minutes Process cream cheese, sugar, sour cream, vanilla and lemon rind until smooth. Add eggs, 1 at a time, processing until just combined. Pour into prepared pan. Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour or until just set and centre wobbles slightly. Allow to cool in oven for 2 hours, with door ajar. Refrigerate overnight. Serve with raspberries.

Serve with raspberries.

Prima Dubai |51


By Amal Butt

P | Attraction

54|Prima Dubai

YAS ISLAND A Place To Build Future Memories


ithout a doubt, the most exciting season is around the corner; temperatures will be even more pleasant making the UAE the best place to visit in the upcoming months thanks to the abundance of outdoor activities and events planned across the different Emirates. Even better, the upcoming holidays and celebrations lying ahead will provide the perfect opportunity to jump on a plane, fill up the tank or raise the anchor for a long weekend away, as Yas Island has plenty to offer and wants to see you there! Yas Island is packed full of exhilarating activities that makes it a destination worth visiting on any occasion. Why not book your own driving experience on the Yas Marina Circuit which is open all year round? Discover the true racing experience through a series of track day packages. Feel the raw exhilaration in one of the venue’s high performance cars, dare to take the wheel in your own hands, bring your own car to the track or take a seat next to a professional instructor.

Prima Dubai |55

P |Attraction Whirl And Swirl, Join The Ferrari Story Take Part In All The Passion, Fun And Glory!

Yas Waterworld is the largest waterpark in the region and is the first Emirati themed waterpark as it showcases the legend of the lost pearl. The park spans an area of around 15 football pitches, with 43 rides, slides and attractions, five of which are one-of-a-kind.

56|Prima Dubai


he largest and the only Ferrari branded indoor theme park, situated in Yas Island, North East side of Abu Dhabi’s mainland always tops the to-do list for any age group. Ferrari world is an immersive experience that will spark your spirits high. With the brand name Ferrari attached to this theme park it ought to deliver the finest. It stores entertainment for all, ranging from Junior Grand Prix and training camps to the thrillers that include the world’s fastest roller coaster Formula Rossa and Fiorano GT complex. The entrance price for this incredible and full of enthusiasm theme park might seem a bit high but once you enter this galore of entertainment at its best, it’s totally worth it. Apart from the real rides one can also experience virtual rides with family. Ferrari fanatics also must visit the vintage Ferrari car exhibit and click some pictures with it for a quick ride back to the sporty Ferrari history. Do not miss to stop by the Ferarri Past and Present shop that celebrates the timeless spirit of race and their Ferrari Store that has souvenirs ranging from fashion to Luxury items. The shoppers with distinguished tastes have a lot to explore in this shop such as leather items and designer jewelry. The enchanting theme park will leave you stunned to what all it has to offer, on entering this enormous world you will surely have a ride of your life. This jaw dropping trip to one of the finest theme parks in the world will surely keep you thrilled for days.

Prima Dubai |57

P |Attraction


he selection of hotels on Yas Island also make it an attractive destination for short breaks away from home, overnight business travel and even longer holidays as the easy access routes to major highways make it convenient to explore the other Emirates of the UAE. Guests can choose between seven different hotels ranging from affordable to luxury that each offer a variety of additional attractions and activities. At the Yas Marina Circuit’s centre piece is Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, a five star, iconic hotel – the only one in the world to straddle an F1 race track being breathtakingly built half on land and half over water. Other hotels in the vicinity include Radisson Blu Hotel, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Yas Island Rotana Abu Dhabi, Park Inn by Radisson Blu, Centro Yas Island - Abu Dhabi and Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi - Yas Island. All hotels are equipped with the highest quality of service offerings, assuring a comfortable stay and a sound night’s rest.

58|Prima Dubai


ne of the most exciting new additions to look out for in the coming months is the Yas Mall which is set to open in 2014. The mall will offer 450 retail units making shopping on Yas Island another reason to visit. For those who are exploring Yas Island over the next few months, remember to visit the UAE’s second largest ACE Hardware store and the MENA region’s largest IKEA store for hours of home improvement ideas and inspirations. Whether you are seeking relaxation in a luxurious spa resort overseeing navy blue waters, want to take a long ride on slides in the first Emirati themed waterpark, watch international artists perform your favorite songs, or indulge in cuisines from all over the world served by top class chefs, Yas Island is the place for you, your whole family and friends.

Prima Dubai |59

P |Attraction

Around the world!

Global village


By Amal Butt

he largest seasonal leisure arena is back in action; The Global village commenced this year in October the 5th promising to entertain people no less than six months catering to more than 4 million visitors annually. The massive parking lot allows more than 17000 cars to be parked at the same time to be found just a few steps away from the main entrance. A minimum fee of Dhs 15 is charged for Adults where children and adults above 60 enter free. The walking paths are very Wheelchair and stroller friendly.

60|Prima Dubai

Prima Dubai |61

P | Attraction


ncompassing 60 countries from all around the globe, with 50 fun filled rides and 26 restaurants; global village assures a trip around the world through a wide variety of shopping, eating and rides. Getting better and bigger this year the Fun Fair Events have been organized by Mellors Group of Events from UK ensuring utmost safety and optimized joy. The neon lights add to the blingy ambience bringing festivity to its best. The galore of entertainment range from Chinese Circus to Trapeze Artists, Emirati performers, lion dance, drumming circle with fire show, Bollywood dance troupe, Polynesian dancers and performers with Aboriginal Australians and African shows with artists from Ghana and West Africa; each performing to their best with utmost enthusiasm and zeal to attract as many on goers as possible representing and enhancing their countries name and pride.

62|Prima Dubai

Every Pavilion has a number of Countries each offering diverse range specialty products to offer. The most famous countries visited by tourist every year are China, Malaysia, UK and India. Enjoy bargaining with the shopkeepers and experience buying and shopping trends and skills from all around the world. Adding to the adventure, every night at 9:00 pm witness the fireworks at the Global Village and enjoy the open air, wintery shopping arena. Visit the global village not just once or twice but visit it every month for six months to surprise yourself to discover new and improved value for money entertainment and shopping.

Every Pavilion has a number of Countries each offering diverse range specialty products to offer. The most famous countries visited by tourist every year are China, Malaysia, UK and India. Enjoy bargaining with the shopkeepers and experience buying and shopping trends and skills from all around the world Adding to the adventure, every night at 9:00 pm witness the fireworks at the Global Village and enjoy the open air, wintery shopping arena. Visit the global village not just once or twice but visit it every month for six months to surprise yourself to discover new and improved value for money entertainment and shopping.

Shop till you drop, slide the ride along with munching andd crunching – head to The Global Village.

Prima Dubai |63

P | Attraction

Gold Souq

A Golden Experience


lso known as the City of Gold, Dubai houses the best gold souks in the world. Staying true to the Arab culture Dubai Gold souq is located in the olden hub of Dubai Government, Deira. You can either take a cab, travel by bus to the Deira Main Bus Station, get off at Banyas Square Metro Station or travel in the customary water taxi; there are many means to travel to the most popular and busy souk in Dubai. A one in a million market place with gold bars and long necklaces displayed on the walls, glass doors and windows. Housing over 500 jewellery shops including renowned jewellery brands such as Joyalukkas, Taiba, Damas, Pure Gold Jewellers, Al Zain, Kaloti and Dhamani have their centers in this gold souk.

64|Prima Dubai

Prima Dubai |65

P | Attraction


By Fatima Anwar

old Souq offers numerous designs of jewellery from western to traditional Iranian at the most competitive prices. The highest quality gold, coloured gold alloy and silver in various designs and quality can be found in Dubai Gold Souq. It is famous that at one time over 25 tons of Gold is displayed in the whole souk. You will not find this much gold anywhere else in the world!

66|Prima Dubai

The souk opens at 10 am and that is the best time to shop since the souk is less crowded and the salesman are keen to make their first sale of the day. The souk closes in the early afternoon and reopens at 4 pm. On public holidays the souk remains closed in the morning. Gold prices in Dubai are normally determined by weight and depends whether its machine made or made by a craftsman. Hop from shop to shop, soak the ambiance, touch and try the glinting beautiful jewellery. Don’t forget to bargain before your final purchase, you might get a discount of upto 20%. Whether for touring or for shopping, Gold Souq promises a golden experience that you will remember forever.

Prima Dubai |67

P |Attraction

Where Magic Blooms


eing a hot dry region, Dubai is proud to host the Dubai Miracle Garden, where more than 45 million unique flowers bloom. A project designed especially to promote tourism and to reduce air pollution. Walk between the record-breaking huge aromatic garden and marvel at the flamboyant blossoms. The innovatively manicured floral miniatures and the longest flower wall makes Dubai Miracle Garden an eye candy for all visitors.

68|Prima Dubai

Famous as the “Piece of Eden� Miracle Garden has launched some creatively designed and incredible structures this year. The mesmeric 3D round Butterfly Garden will make you beam with cheerfulness as the lovely colourful butterflies encircle you and take you to a whole new world. Between the domes in the Butterfly Garden, butterfly and floral themed park and museum will welcome you with fresh fragrance and splendor all around. The Aromatic Garden zone features the best medicinal shrubs from over 200 countries. You can touch, smell and prepare your own cup of tea with fresh tea leaves. Relax yourself on a comfortable seat and enjoy your healthy drink.

Treat yourself with a garden-fresh vegetable salad and fruit juice from the fruits and vegetables that you pluck from the Edible Plant Garden. The huge Floral Clock with a bird that tweets every 15 minutes will definitely charm you with its exquisite design and exemplary technology. Enter the Petal Pedal and relish the rich streaks of colours and the perfect jaw-dropping sight of the flower tunnel and wall emblazoned with names of different countries. The seven floral boats anchored in a floriated lake is a perfect backdrop for your picture of the day. This extravagant outdoor recreational destination offers topnotch amenities including; VIP parking, sitting areas with hanging flower baskets, rest area, restaurants, coffee shops, prayer rooms, security room, first aid room and cars for handicapped visitors. Grab a beautiful Miracle Garden related product for you friend, family or yourself and remember the wonderful visit forever.

By Fatima Anwar

Prima Dubai |69

P |Attraction

Bastakiya Live Dubai’s Heritage


By Fatima Anwar

ven in this competitive world Dubai holds its past close to its heart. Al Bastakiya is another piece of art that presents Dubai from yesteryears to the tourists and residents alike. Designed by the 19th century affluent Pearl and textile trader, Bastik, Al Batakiya hosts some beautiful galleries, souks, cafe and restaurants.

70|Prima Dubai

Replicating the traditional houses from the past, Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding, is a center devoted to removing the cultural and regional differences. Start your day with a breakfast with locals and learn more about the history and traditions of Dubai.

Grab yourself one of the refreshing mint drinks and authentic Arabic mezze and enjoy your walk through the narrow lanes, elegant mosque, coral and limestone building, the traditionally decorated rooms or the amazing view of the creek from the rooftop. A perfect blend of past and present, Souk Al Bastakiya is a spectacular place to shop for traditional and modern clothes, jewellery and home decor craft and art.

The Al Bastakiya district houses various art galleries showcasing numerous Emirati, Middle Eastern and Iranian art. The Al Majlis Gallery is the oldest gallery and exhibit Asian paintings, Arabic calligraphy and intricate sculptures.

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vivic general trading

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Informationen Attraction P | General Don’t we all like to view a sight we may not otherwise have the opportunity to witness? By Prerana Sonawane

The Wild Lifestyle Dubai 0974|Prima Prima Dubai


nlike any other wildlife exhibit in the UAE; this unique zoo is one you cannot leave out of your places-to-visit list, especially if travelling with those curious little ones. This massive 400 hectare zoo located in the city of heritage, Al Ain with the stunning backdrop of the Jabal Hafeet Mountain is the home to over 4,000 animals. Created by the sole vision of the late Sheikh Zayed; Al Ain Zoo has transformed itself into a reputed international conservation community by creating natural habitats for animals to live freely as well as conversing and preserving endangered species. Similar to entering a jungle right here in the UAE! The zoo currently resides 186 species of wildlife including 2,500 mammals, 1,200 birds and 600 reptiles. And the numbers keep increasing as Al Ain zoo has new born animals all year round. With various exhibits to watch out for such as the African mixed exhibit, White lions, Bird house, Cat house, Arabian mixed exhibit, Nocturnal house and Reptile house; maps are available in the form of brochures at the entrance. Besides the exhibits there are a variety of activities one can be a part off. The “Petting Zoo” created in the form of a local farm consisting of chickens, goats, sheep, llamas, camels, goose, peacocks and more farm animals which kids can pet and feed. Also get up-close experiences with Giraffe feeding. Be amazed by the intellectual skills of parrots in their Parrot Show. Witness the acceleration and bewildering hunting skills of falcons, eagles, vultures and owls at the Bird Show! And if you are a true animal lover, join in for the “Keeper talks” where you can learn and listen to various stories of the most prominent animals.

Prima Dubai 75 Prima Dubai 12

P | Attraction

Besides the exhibits there are a variety of activities one can be a part off. The “Petting Zoo” created in the form of a local farm consisting of chickens, goats, sheep, llamas, camels, goose, peacocks and more farm animals which kids can pet and feed. Also get up-close experiences with Giraffe feeding. Be amazed by the intellectual skills of parrots in their Parrot Show. Witness the acceleration and bewildering hunting skills of falcons, eagles, vultures and owls at the Bird Show! And if you are a true animal lover, join in for the “Keeper talks” where you can learn and listen to various stories of the most prominent animals.

76|Prima Dubai

The most exciting feature is “The Night Safari”, giving you an exclusive peek of the nocturnal adventures. Mark Craig, Director of Al Ain Zoo says “This is the first time in the Middle East that a zoo will be open at night. It will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. It is a great opportunity to escape the summer heat and experience something unique in the UAE,’’ Fun filled interactive activities for children in the form of Zoo camps are available and Al Ain Zoo is a great venue for group visits such as work outings, birthda parties, or team building exercises.

For a appetizing meal or snacks, visit the flamingo café, Zarafa restaurant, Oryx snacks, Karibu snacks or the Barad snacks. Zoo shuttle services and various Ahlan packages for family and friends are provided along with a special entrance for special needs visitors have been shaped. Al Ain zoo is in the process of expanding their horizons and creating the ‘Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort’. An impeccable learning and tourist destination, this resort will give an opportunity for visitors to learn and explore the world of desert and its conservation processes for the desert wildlife and habitat. They have commenced the establishment of the Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Association. This together will seam the region’s zoos for the benefit of native species and habitats.

Enter this animal kingdom and be a part of this unique captivating experience during the day or night. Open from 9:00 am to 8:00pm October to December

Prima Dubai |77


P |Entertainment

Dubai Air Show


his year F & E Aerospace organized Dubai Airshow was from 17th to 21st November. For the first time they arranged a Skyview where visitors had access to 4000 grandstands to watch aerial displays along with aircrafts on the ground. .

By Fatima Anwar

Dubai Airshow collaborates myriad national and international aviation industries including Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Boeing and Airbus. The size of the exhibition space was larger than 7 American football fields for a larger flight area and removing flight hindrances.

80|Prima Dubai

There were more than 150 static aircrafts on display and the US military exhibited fly-bys from F-22 and B1 aircraft. Boeing and Airbus military aircraft made their debuts with several aircrafts in Dubai Airshow. Emirates displayed Airbus A380s and Qatar Airways presented 787 Dreamliner, Bombardier Global 5000 and Airbus A330F. Emirates Airbus Flydubai, Hybrid and flynas airlines launched their business classes and the changes made to the interior of the fleet. EADS also made its integrated presence in Dubai Airshow.

Emirates offered a full size A350 XWB cockpit mock-up at the exhibition.Boeing, an American competitor, showcased their partnership at the grand event. In service with UAE armed forces, boeing will have a UAE land forces AH-64D Apache helicopter and UAE Air Force C-17 Gobermaster II airlifteron show along with other military displays. According to the F&E Aerospace, 2013 Airshow was the largest event organized in the history where around 1000 exhibitors’ participated and more than 60,000 traders visited.

Prima Dubai | 81

P | Entertainment

By Fatima Anwar

iFly Dubai

82|Prima Dubai

A Dream Come True A

n experience of a lifetime, a dream come true, a must try, iFly Dubai offers a memorable and thrilling free fall experience for everyone out there. Set in a safe and well equipped zone, iFly Dubai offers an adrenaline-charged indoor skydiving experience. An unimaginable experience at the most affordable rates that is exciting for kids and exhilarating for adults. You will be given an actual skydiving gear, a jumpsuit, a helmet and goggles. After a brief one to one session on the basics of flying, an experienced instructor will fly with you for 2 minutes. Within a crystal clear acrylic tube, you will learn to defy the powerful wind pressure that flows with a velocity of 200kph at a height of about 10 metres. The air movement within the tunnel is completely safe and controllable. To capture your superb experience for eternity, your flying experience will be filmed and photographed on a DVD that you can buy at the end of your adventure. A perfect souvenir to show your family and friends. A flight without a plane, iFly promises unlimited fun and thrill for all ages!

Prima Dubai |83

P | Entertainment


Stimulate your thrill and jump on your will.

By Amal Butt

, Y D A E E R E G N U B . ‌ Y STEAD

84|Prima Dubai


ubai never lets one down with its surprises Situated at the Meydan Road and working in Partnership with UK Bungee Club; The Gravity Zone brings to Dubai a safe, exciting, adrenaline filled world of extreme sports. At Gravity Zone, the team promises full satisfaction of their clients as they vouch for professionalism, quality and loyalty in all their dealing. The site is only opened on Fridays and Saturdays and due to extreme trill lovers In Dubai it requires a pre booking well in advance. With a minimum fee of Dhs 399 for singles and Dhs 499 for tandems you can enjoy an unforgettable experience that you could flaunt amongst your peers. Do not worry about being safe as the friendly and very co operative management is confident and certain about the security measures, as that builds the pedestal of any such sport. The management reassures that there are three back up security systems, so if one fails the other two are holding on to you. One needs to be casually dressed with minimum or no accessories that may hinder your performance while jumping. All you need to carry with you is your zeal, enthusiasm, courage and some thrill to test your limits. If you are done being a chicken, visit the Gravity Zone where having no fun is impossible.

Prima Dubai | 85

P |Entertainment

Back packing across the UAE Bringing out your adventurous persona


amping, hiking, rock climbing; if these words grab your attention, you’re definitely in the ranks of an adventure seeker who’d rather be out in the company of blue skies, green waters and red earth, than encompassed by four walls.

By Prerana Sonawane

Back packing is gaining popularity, especially among youngsters as well as tourists adding this recreational activity to their list of things-to-do. Whether it’s a group activity among close buddies or a professional crew; come weekend, bags are packed and plans are set into motion. Not only does it put a lid on your craving for an adrenaline rush, but also makes sure your body stays in great shape to accompany your soaring mind.

86|Prima Dubai

Foray a bit out of U.A.E’s urban landscape and you’ll step into unexplored expanses of deserts, hills, wadis and natural waterways. Needless to say, this vastness is to back-packers as Dubai Mall is to shopaholics.

Take a small diversion on the way to Fujeirah and you’ll find yourself in the mesmerizing Wadi Bih, known for its mountain biking and wildlife encounters. Deviating from the rocky and sandy excursions, a trip to the Musandam Islands will quench your thirst for a more aquatic camping scenario.

One landmark is the Jabal Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain. It’s found sprawling with mountain hikers. But for those who aim for the stars, can settle for Jabal Yibir; highest peak in the U.A.E. And if that proves ordinary, scaling more than 100 meters are the Al Moreeb Hills near Liwa Oasis; the tallest sand dune in the U.A.E promising you one hell of an experience.

Whether you’re setting out for a day’s trip or an overnight camp, consider it highly prudent to pack all the essential items. As technologically advanced as we may be, not everyone can afford a GPS kit or depend on electronic devices. Do let a close acquaintance know your plans before setting out for a trip on your own.

As for the mellow enthusiasts, Hatta is great for camping with bonfires for those cold nights and marshmallows. While a trip to Shwaib, can be the perfect for amateur campers looking for a night out amidst the serene sands and clear skies.

Always stay hydrated and pack sufficient quantity of water along with energy packed snacks. With smartphones around packing more punch than most digital cameras these days is great but unless you’d rather be stuck with a lot of pictures and near-dead battery, cameras are always a better option. Remember not all areas are openly available for a visit and require government authorization or visa. Possible weather forecasts are equally important. Setting up a camp on rocky peaks, protruding over a blanket of clouds, waiting for the sunrise to unveil the curtains to a stunning view, can be seen in almost everyone’s bucket list these days. So get out there, have a stupendous time with your friends and family, and strike that off of your list.

Prima Dubai | 87

P |Entertainment

A City Within A City A city of dreams, knowledge and socialism, KidZania is a place where your kids envisions to be.

K By Fatima Anwar

idzania is a beautiful themed indoor park where kids are given the opportunity to act and work like mature adults. An innovatively organized educational environment where children can learn different aspects of society functioning through their personal experience in a safe and secure setup. KidZania is a complete city with a hospital, fire station, beauty salon, bank, radio station, supermarket, television, pizzeria, theatre and much more. KidZania is designed perfectly for the convenience of children with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy and recognizable establishments sponsored by leading multi-national and local brands.

88|Prima Dubai

Parents can either stay with their children or leave their children with an RFID bracelet system while they relax in the parents lounge or go out and shop in the mall. The KidZania Zupervisors are extremely vigilant and friendly and ensure your kids had the time of their lives. To encourage communalism and evoke unity among the citizens KidZania has planned their own National Flag, Currency, Independence Fountain, National Anthem and Eternal Spirit. The world represents the international growth of KidZania and the flame signifies the everlasting spirit of KidZania. The tour begins by checking in at the KidZania International Airport where kids are given a boarding pass, a city map and a cheque of 50 KidZos, the official KidZania Currency that is recognized in every KidZania city, worldwide. After opening their savings account in the KidZania bank, they are given the encashment of the cheque along with a debit card that they can use at any KidZania ATM. Kids can explore the city and choose their desired profession out of the 80 role playing activities in over 60 establishments. From dentist to pilot to chef to beautician to firefighters to anchors to detective, kids have plenty of options that they can choose from according to their interest and abilities. The kids don in the uniforms, complete their task and are then paid their salaries under the supervision of the diligent Zupervisors. Kids can use their salaries to do grocery from the supermarket or use the services. The more children work, the more they learn and the more they earn.

Prima Dubai | 89

Lebanese Cuisine, with Belly Dancer and Arabic Band

The very best of authentic Italian Cuisine. All you can eat Pizza & Pasta nights every Wednesday

from 6pm - 9pm

Fresh seafood display, cooked to your liking in modern Thai style. Also choose from our sushi and teppanyaki selection. liking

Relax and enjoy! Garden Lounge - Bar- Shisha

Enjoy the best of British pub grub. 15 Big screens to watch all your sporting events live.

Indulge yourselves at any of our 17 themed restaurants and bars! For reservations and enquiries, please call 04 3995000 or email

Time Out

P |Time Out


inters have arrived! Time for D-Land to dress in their trench coats and walk out of their houses. It a celebration season! As a part of the winter celebration, movie nights are organized at the Garden Rooftop, Wafi Mall every Sunday. The most popular venue for ‘hangout;’ The Rooftop Garden- offers free movie nights in association with Coast Radio.

By Fatima Anwar

Settle yourself on a huge colourful M&M bean bags as you enjoy the movie played on a giant screen suspended above the stage. Sit under the glimmering stars, relax in the fake rock surrounding, munch on aromatic caramel popcorn and hotdogs with your favourite alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink and feel the winter rush. Enjoy the different genres of movies; comedy, action, romance, documentaries and much more. The movie starts at 8:30 pm but you must reach atleast 15 minutes earlier to grab the front seat for the best view. It usually ends by 12:00 am and leaves you with the most fun filled experienced ever.

92|Prima Dubai

The sparkling Friday brunch by celebrity Chef Richard Sandoval serving family style food to share with a selection of pan Latin favourites and Toro Toro’s signature mouth watering churrasco grill. Inclusive of selected beverages. Call 04 317 6000 or visit

P |Time Out

Café To Go

Customarily People Are Reluctant To Try New Cuisines, But This Café Is A Must Try!

A By Prerana Sonawane

very intriguing and well thought concept comes to Dubai in a form of a Café with a twist. Located at various spots, we chose to visit the one at Murooj Rotana. This two-floor café is surrounded by cozy spaces with an indoor and outdoor seating. They also have an educational corner with books covering various UAE and camel topics. Just across was a pin board with comments from customers giving the café a slight personal touch.

94|Prima Dubai

Initially we were under the impression that they only served camel milk and camel meat sandwiches but we were taken by surprise as everything served in the café including the juices and desserts were made either with camel meat or milk.

Once we sat ourselves on those comfy chairs, my first impression was a letdown as the staff was not aware that we would be arriving for a review but they quickly made up as the chef bought us an assorted platter of camel cheese, camel hot dog, camel meat and camel salami accompanied with big glasses of chilled camel milk. I was amazed as I took a bite of the camel meat which was so soft and delicious as normally camel meat is quite chewy and hard but I soon learnt from Mr. Dean Zaheer; the operations manager, that they went through a lengthy experimental process to find the right amount of tenderness, did we devourer that meat! The camel cheese proved to be so soft and creamy while the hot dog had a beautiful smoky flavor to it, though the camel salami was a little on the chewy side with a touch of tangy flavor. The camel milk is so distinctive from cow milk, extremely nutritious and healthy. It’s unusually light and looks similar to skimmed milk. Your curiosity would make you try this milk over and over to figure out what exactly it tastes like. “The camel milk has proven to help autistic children improve or exhilarate their treatment as well as being highly beneficial health related to everyone else” says Dean Zaheer, Operations manager. Mr. Zaheer recommended we try their fresh juices infused with camel milk and their popular camel burger for the main course. Firstly, I have to say the juices were incredibly tasty and fresh, with lemon and mint and strawberry juices being our choices. Don’t mistake these for milkshakes, they were light and refreshing. Secondly, the camel burger, you simply cannot visit the café and not give this a try. A fat soft camel meat patty with sauces, topped with crunchy onions, pickles, melted cheese and a toasted sesame bun making this one hell of a messy burger and we all know those are the best kind of burgers. Instead of the bun being crispy, the hardness of the bun spoilt made it a task to bite down on the burger. The delightful journey came to an end with the best foamy heavenly iced cappuccino I have savored.

Prima Dubai |95

P |Time Out


Mexico comes to Dubai!


chic restaurant and bar located in the heart of Downtown Dubai in Souk Al Bahar. Staying true to the authentic flavors of Mexico; Fuego brings Mexico to Dubai. A relaxed and fun atmosphere with purple and dark brown decor along with traditional Mexican patterns; one would expect a lively vibrant setting keeping Mexico in mind; this is what makes this place so alluring and surprising. We sat ourselves onto the comfy chairs and the waiter suggested a few starters or shall I say Botanas, and the next thing we know is the waiter comes with a side stand upon which lay a tray of fresh avocados, tomatoes, lime, green chili, salt and pepper which were mixed together in a stone pot. I have to say it was the best guacamole I have eaten, so fresh with a bowl of tortilla chips. A serious yum and healthy factor!

By Prerana Sonawane

Soon after, we were visited by Jose Manuel, the Mexican chef, he suggested we order the Fuego sampler; it had the mushroom quesadillas, chicken flautas, fire cracker jalapenos with guacamole pico de gallo, & sour cream in chalupa cup. It was well presented and tasted so good that we attacked it all the way with some hot salsa habanera and chile habanero on the side. If you want to truly enjoy one of its kind crafty drinks, this is the place to go with their margaritas, melonitas and more.

96|Prima Dubai

The Melonita was fantastic, similar to a fruity refreshing drink with watermelon pieces inside arriving in a glass jars with a rope tied around it. Next was the Cinco di Mayo; it is created in a manner that makes you ask for another round, includes a mix of cut up fruits for added flavor. Delicious! We did go a little crazy over the enticing drinks as are ordered a Strawberry mojito and Senior fuego; this spicy drink is one you must have with orange peels, cheery and jalapenos… Let me repeat JALAPENOS! The chef came to our table once more to ask about the food and drinks, we could only nod with our mouths full. It was time for the main course; the chef had prepared 3 special sauces for us to go with our meals and the waiter bought us 2 traditional Mexican shooters; the Orcheta made of rice milk, cinnamon, almond and the Hibiscus with a hint of sugar. I went for the Fuego Burger; just three letters OMG! A big meaty heavenly tender burger in a toasted burrito with fries in a wired basket and Camarones en Cazuela; these soft juicy grilled prawns served in a cazuela dish with Mexican rice on the side are divine. We thought it couldn’t get better than this, but were we in for a surprise when the deserts arrived. We choose the Fuego Churro and the Mango chipotle and lemon chipotle. The churro arrived with a chocolate dip on the side which definitely caught my attention; they were filled with berries compote glazed with sugar on top, it has become one of my top 3 desserts of all time. The mango and lemon chipotle was like eating a flavored, spicy ice-cream - absolutely tantalizing. All in all, a great ambience, killer ‘comida’ or food, good hospitality, a chic and cozy setting, bartenders performing special acts, while creating drinks you like in a fun atmosphere. Although the music was commercial, it would be nice to include some traditional Mexican tunes and expand their bar area. This place is an addiction, once you go, you can’t stop.

Prima Dubai | 97

P |Time Out

BARARI FARM By Prerana Sonawane


classic, environment friendly restaurant located on Emirates road with a beautiful entrance, gives you a feel as though you are driving through a jungle; with trees and big bushes on both sides and a long way paved through it. Once my colleague and I reached the main entrance to the farm restaurant, we were greeted by the welcoming staff and escorted to our table. A relaxed and elegant decor with bamboo sticks lining the walls, wooden floors, French windows and candle light tables completed the look. Once seated, the waitron bought us our I-pad menus which presented not just the dishes but also facts about the farm. Being an environment friendly place, we were impressed by the lengths they have taken to go green; they use the I-pad menus to conserve paper, disposable glass bottles instead of plastic, grow herbs and organic veggies in their own garden, leftovers are used as compost and endangered marine species and veggies which are not in season are not served.

98|Prima Dubai

Yves de Lafontaine, the French head chef, prepares everything from scratch and the bread is baked twice daily in-house, gluten-free bread is available if asked for. A good service and great food is what you get. The waitrons were quite conversant about the farm from the production to the dishes. We started the delicious meal with Tom Kha Gai, a thai coconut chicken soup giving off the aromatic flavors of coconut, ginger and cilantro. This smooth creamy soup with coconutty spices and juicy tender chicken is a must have. Next in line was the Yam Nuea Naamtok; a spicy thai beef salad was a fresh fusion of flavors of lime, lemon grass and garlic which is contrasted by the fresh cilantro. Tender beef slices were accompanied by the crunch of onions and cherry tomatoes.

Prima Dubai | 99

P |Time Out Before further indulging in the starters; we decided to sit outdoors next to the bluegreen pond sprawling with ducks and fish and a canopy of luscious trees surrounding us. We sat ourselves on a beautifully carved wooden table but I have to admit as serene as it was sitting amidst the trees, the space was quite limited. I ordered the Grilled Tiger Prawns with mango tomato salsa and Miso Wasabi; you could taste the grittiness of the mango in the salsa, which went well with the prawns giving it a sweet and tangy touch. The sprinkle of lemon on the prawn added that extra zing. But the prawns were not as soft as I expected them to be. My colleague chose the Thod Man Goong Man Po; blue crab and prawn cakes which were crispy fried made a well held together patty along with a delicious sweet and chili mango chutney is what completed the dish.

100|Prima Dubai

For the main course, we picked the Sea Bass fillet, a farm signature; crispy prawn crusted sea bass on crushed parsnip with meli melo of vegetables and lemon beurre blanc. One of the tastiest well-cooked fish I have ever eaten, crispy on top and soft inside with mashed potato and rosemary sauce as an add-on. While my colleague went with the Honey glazed duck breast and Confit leg, a farm select dinner exclusive and highly recommended by the waitron as their best dish served; this exquisitely cooked duck glazed with honey, served with mushrooms, spinach, orange infused duck juice with orange peel and zest was definitely their best dish and its one not to miss out on. The soft and succulent pieces of duck with the flavors exploding in your mouth; I personally don’t eat duck, but I couldn’t stop eating this one. It was finally time for Deserts, if you are a cheesecake lover and want to go to cheesecake heaven, then you must have the Vanilla Baked Cheese Cake, baked cream cheese infused with premium vanilla pods; this rich creamy cheesecake with a tangy mango sauce on the side is to die for. Another desert to have is the Lemon Grass Crème Brulee served with blueberry and black current compote; this amazingly creamy tart with a near perfect carmelization forms a thin glassy film which rests over the tart bringing a smoky flavor to this lovely desert. They also offer various teas such as vintage, blends or herbals but we were unable to sip on teas as the big portions of food did us justice. Besides the amazing food, good service and good food presentation, it’s a great place to unwind with friends and family as you can take a walk in their gardens or also enjoy the activities they offer such as Yoga, Arts and crafts. If you are a photography buff, you should visit the farm during day light to capture the beauty of this place. It is a farm that offers you great food and serenity, emphasizing happiness in the simplest of things.

Prima Dubai |101

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Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre


city so rich in multi-culture, modernity and heritage cannot possibly ignore Arts and theatre. Dubai has not and never will disappoint Art lovers be it dance , painting , film making , theatre , fitness , sculpture , music , drama or photography DUCTAC has it all. The first and only modern, nonprofit and creative centre, The Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre aims to contribute to the artistic and cultural development of Dubai. Officially opened in November 2006 DUCTAC has been steadily growing and catering to art lovers at different levels. The vastness of this community centre ranges from A Centre point theatre; tiered on two levels featuring a 120m, 2 proscenium stage to Khilachand Studio; an intimate and versatile space ideal for small performances, experimental theatre and community productions, along with The Gallery of Light which is said to be the most elegant gallery spaces in Dubai known for hosting international and domestic exhibitions and product launches. It also incorporates the three Dance studios of varying sizes that

are specifically equipped with dance and sound essentials. On the other hand The Balcony lounge is situated on the upper level of the building catering to conferences, corporate gatherings and workshops. In addition The Art centre building comprises of Visual Art gallery, Exhibition Hall and pottery studio with firing kilns. This space can be used for art exhibitions, product launches, seminars etc. The enormity of what this place has to offer can be gauged with the courses and daily events it entails. Situated in the most visited mall of Dubai; The Mall of the emirates, DUCTAC is a fabulous place to be at for Art or Entertainment admirers. DUCTAC not only manages Events and Shows but also hosts various classes and courses for creative kids and adults. The summer camps are very affordable with top class trainers.

By Amal Butt

The courses being offered recently include Comic Making, Crafts, Creative Development, Drawing, Painting, Drama and dance. Their very responsive website will lead you to each course and details on fee and requirements with utmost ease and comfort. The website updates regularly with other happenings at DUCTAC, keeping the art lovers updated, motivated and excited. Also the very friendly on ground staff at DUCTAC will help you with queries and information with help of very thorough brochures and individual attention. Kudos to DUCTAC for offering such a wide variety of things for the community, expats and tourists to watch, learn and experience.

104|Prima Dubai

Engage, enroll and evolve with Arts and theatre at DUCTAC!

Prima Dubai |105

P |Time Out

A divine cultural and dining experience supperclub


his extravagant and renowned club originally from Amsterdam has placed its mark on a luxurious spot on the Palm Jumeirah, at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. What makes this club stand out is that it offers a unique twist in almost every aspect; the dテゥcor is absolutely breath taking with the intricate white detailing, the architectonic two floor 窶電esign accumulates six beautiful dining and entertainment areas.

106|PrimaDubai Dubai 106|Prima

Besides the chic and exquisite dÊcor in its bag, an international team with the best in the music industry, cuisine and art are at their disposal, performing live music and theatrical shows; making this a platform for a thrilling and engaging experience.They offer an ever-changing menu, keeping in mind the seasonal produce as well as providing the finest delicacies and beverages including some of the world’s most leading brands. For a night of bliss and splendor join Supper Club – the new happening hub.

By Prerana Sonawane

Prima Dubai | 107

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An Authentic Italian experience.


urrounded by cascading waterfalls and a gentle hustle and bustle of the Meridian village, Casa Mia is endowed in a placid atmo Surrounded by cascading waterfalls and a gentle hustle and bustle of the Meridian village, Casa Mia is endowed in a placid atmosphere. As I entered, I was welcomed by the aromas of fresh breads that instantly sent a hunger pang through me. The dĂŠcor was simple, but tastefully done.

By Sachi Kumar

The most fascinating thing about Casa Mia is that its style is close to something of a traditional Surrounded by cascading waterfalls and a gentle hustle and bustle of the Meridian village, Casa Mia is endowed in a placid atmosphere. As I entered, I was welcomed by the aromas of fresh breads that instantly sent a hunger pang through me. The dĂŠcor was simple, but tastefully done. The most fascinating thing about Casa Mia is that its style is close to something of a traditional trattoria, yet having a very cozy feeling to it.

108|Prima Dubai

My companion and I couldn’t wait to indulge in something tastefully divine, as Chef Maurizio had specially prepared few traditional Italian dishes for us to try. The first item on our menu was Home made potato gnocchi with bean soup and smoked ricotta cheese. This was a great start to the meal which was light and truly appetizing. Buratta, made purely out of cow milk, is a fresh Italian cheese that is served with black truffle dressing, basil and fresh tomatoes. Claimed to be one the best selling cold starters in Casa Mia, this one is a must try. For our mains, my companion was served lamb chops, which she claimed to be wholesome and flavorful. While, I was offered pizza vegetariana. The staff being greatly knowledgeable specified that Casa Mia is well known for its traditional wood fired pizzas. The pizza vegetariana was crispy, well done and had just about the right amount cheese and veggies on it. To wrap up the race, our dessert consisted of delicious home made icecream, which was a great ending to our Italian dining experience.

If you’re into traditional Italian cuisine, make sure you strut your way to Casa Mia in Le Meriden, where you can indulge in home-style Italian dishes, which will definitely make your experience worthwhile.

Prima Dubai | 109


P | Time Out

Celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus

112|Prima Dubai


he man in the red suit comes to Media City Amphitheater from the 5 to 7 December 2013. Celebrate this festive snowy occasion with endless activities including workshops, cookery theatre, French bakery, Christmas market, Snow Park, pic ice rink and so much more in a marvelous, realistic falling snow setting that won’t melt away! The festival has quickly gained popularity and has marked its spot on every Christmas lovers list. Children can personally meet the father of Christmas and hand over their wish lists in the Santa’s Grotto as well as sing the carol of the bells while enjoying festive food and drinks around one of Dubai’s largest Christmas trees. Dress up in red, white or green and share your Christmas spirit It’s the most wonderful time of the Year!

Prima Dubai | 113

Business Opportunities

P | Business Opportunities

The Most Celebrated Day Of The Year 2nd Of December


he 2nd of December marks UAE’s 42nd National Day which is celebrated grandly every year. The United Arab Emirates was formed on 2nd December 1971 when it was a federation of six emirates – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, Sharjah and Ajman with Ras Al Khaimah being added a year later.

By Prerana Sonawane

The Government of Dubai has planned a whole myriad of activities, performances, shows, attractions and a lot more at parks, shopping malls and some other eminent places around Dubai to rejoice 42 years of being an independent nation. Don’t miss out the Official UAE National Day celebrations that will take place

116|Prima Dubai

Get ready for a lot of honking, ribbon sprays, dancing on streets, decorated cars with the UAE colors, UAE flags being hoisted up or rolling down from all angles on this auspicious day with a beautifully lit up country; UAE. Schools show their passion and enthusiasm for the National Day by conducting national events, exhibitions and cultural contests where they dress up in the traditional “thoub” and “kandoora” and perform the “youlah” and folk dances.

Prima Dubai |117

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Greet A Better Tomorrow

naugurated by the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rahid Al Maktoum, The Cityscape Global boasted of tremendous projects such as The Opera District near Burj Khalifa, The Bluewaters ferris wheel at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Al Maktoum Airport City and Dubai Water Canal.

By Fatima Anwar

Cityscape reflects the incredible growth of Dubai property market and the acceleration in investment opportunities and business development in Dubai. Some of the prominent exhibitors included developers such as DAMAC, Meydan Group, Nakheel, Emaar, Diamond Developers and Flash Properties.

118|Prima Dubai

Popular as Middle East’s largest real estate development and investment event, the twelfth edition of Cityscape was organized at the World Trade Center. The exhibition was concluded by three conferences and an extravagant gala dinner. Over 220 regional and international exhibition displayed their ambitious and high quality investment and real estate development projects in various areas of tourism, hospitality, leisure and housing that were highly appreciated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Prima Dubai | 119

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A Landslide Victory!

27th November 2013, proclaimed the much anticipated news; Dubai WON the right to host the renowned World Expo 2020. Dubai was always confident of surpassing all contenders and bringing this topnotch event home due to their strong campaigning and high standards brimming with panache and simplicity. A huge crowd gathered around the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The air was filled with confidence, joy and hope. The fireworks at Burj Khalifa illuminated their faces as they gleamed with immense happiness. Staying true to Sheikh Mohammed’s promise, the results astonished everyone around the globe as Dubai bagged 116 votes while Ekaterinburg made it just 47 votes. Foreign government officials and people from all over the world congratulated Dubai over this momentous victory. The Minister of State and managing director of Dubai’s Expo 2020 Bid Committee, Reem al Hashemi, pledged that Dubai would “give Expo 2020 the recognition it deserves.” On hearing Reem al Hashemi’s case, the Secretary General of BIE said, “Dubai’s bid was excellent. I was very impressed. Should they win, it will be wonderful.”

By Fatima Anwar

Dubai is planning to spend billions of dollars on around hundreds of new infrastructure projects. To cater the influx of tourists near Expo 2020, more hotels will be built and Dubai will introduce more attractions and entertainment amenities. This will directly benefit the hospitality sector, massively and create myriad of job openings. Furthermore, the trade and investment industry will flourish alongside tourism and infrastructure creating golden business and job opportunities for residents and tourists as the economy booms.

120|Prima Dubai

Connecting Minds, Creating The Future.

Dubai is a true amalgamation of east and west. People from all over the world wish to celebrate the victory together in this peaceful emirate. Dubai Expo 2020 will provide aid and a platform to over 150 countries to participate and showcase their talents under the symposium “Connecting minds. Creating the future.� Confidence. Commitment and Camaraderie- Dubai believes in confronting the challenges, achieving its goals and providing its people with joy and a safe and secure environment. Dubai is indeed a genuine and well deserving winner of the Expo 2020 triumph.


A land of opportunities and this is proven! Prima Dubai | 121

P | Business Opportunities

D By Amal Butt

ubai is an exemplary emblem of conventional and contemporary architecture. This mash up ranges from elegant, courtyard houses – Bastakiya Quarters to the Iconic Burj Khalifa. Dubai’s skyline has transformed over time. The barren land slowly and gradually turned into one of the world’s most talked about Skyline. The conventional Architecture and the modern chic buildings attract tourists equally. The Bastakiya Quarters, named after a town of Bastak in Southern Iran are considered as Dubai’s historic heart. After entering the place, leaving the futuristic Dubai behind, one senses the ambience of history. The intricately carved doors, ornate grills, hardwood roofs, wooden balconies and the beautiful hanging oil lamps will entice you to walk through the alleys and admire such detailed historic architecture.

122|Prima Dubai

On the other end, the diverse Dubai offers to witness the World’s tallest man made structure; the Burj Khalifa, a centre piece of Dubai, inaugurated in 2009 and is located in Down Town Dubai. The Burj Khalifa structure is inspired by the abstraction of the desert flower called Hymenocallis flower. The Y-shaped floor plan when viewed from the base or top is reminiscent of the onion domes common in Islamic architecture. Apart from the two dominant and diverse architectural structures mentioned above, Dubai has a range of amazingly well thought, functional, aesthetically pleasing architectural buildings.

Dubai is an ongoing, progressive, multicultural city with a mix of cultures all working to build the best. It has been transformed from Sand to Structure

Building the future.

A few worth mentioning are the tallest residential tower in Marina called the Princess Tower, Burj Al Arab; the fourth tallest hotel in the world, Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Ski Dubai, The Palm Island and the list goes on. Each built by renowned architects from all around the world bringing in diversity, supremacy and exceptional quality. Some of the iconic buildings in Dubai has been enhancing the landscape since ages, standing tall, attracting on goers. The Emirates Towers are worth a mention here. This tall structure is seen differently through different angles. The unique site is built in a way that it transforms perspective for the onlooker giving them a chance to experience excellent architectural skills. The World Trade Centre is the reminder of Dubai’s success as it was one of the first built structures indicating the growth of Dubai. This reminiscence is famous for its enormous size and structure for its time.

Prima Dubai | 123


2nd December


Dubai International Video Games Live 13 December 2013

Dubai International Fashion Week 4-7 December 2013

Dubai International Film Festival 14 December 2013

The Color Run 14 December 2013


Century Mall Dubai Bowling Center

To Dubai

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Make: AZIMUT Model: 40 Year of Make: 2012 Type: Luxurious Comfort & Travel Length: 12 m Hull Type: GRP Condition: 90 hours slightly used only Country: United Arab Emirates City: Dubai Contact: Tel: 00971555056881

FRIDAY BRUNCH ON THE 24TH FLOOR Sumptuous flavours, breathtaking views, convenient location and great value for money – the perfect ingredients to your Friday brunch. Give your weekends the lift they deserve as you tantalise your taste buds with inspiring international flavours presented with traditional Thai style. Price: Starts at AED 155 per person

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