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PRIM 41 PRIM 41 is one of the leading company for Passports, ID Cards, DL, Debit or Credit card Automatic reading solutions since 2005. P - Passports R - Reading I - Identity cards M - Management solutions 41 - Four in one (OCR + MSR+ BCR+ RFID) solution

PRIM Full page desktop reader system is a compact tall-in-one solution for capturing data from every ICAO 9303 compliant travel document, including the ePassports. The PRM Full page can quickly and accurately authenticate with Base secure check procedure and ePassports with RFID chips. The RFID reading is done in a single one-step process. During its development our main goal was to fulfill all requirements that ever arised in document reading technology starting from complex security or immigration tasks to simple data acquiring. Technical Specifications

Software Part of the System (SPS) :

Illuminations • Normal visible • Infra Red • UV • Coaxial • Optical Specifications • Image sensor: 3 Megapixel • Image resolution: 400 dpi • Face image resolution: 700 dpi • Image color depth: 24 bits/pixels RGB

Supported OS: • Windows Vista, XP, 7

Hardware Units • Internal memory: to store the firmware settings and factory calibration file • RFID module Mechanical Data •Size with cover: 213 x 173 x 179mm • Window size: 130x98mm (5.12” x 3.86”) • Case: metal & ABS Plastic • Window glass: 4 mm tempered glass •Operating temperature: +5°C to +45°C (41F - 113F) •Humidity: 0-95% • Weight: 2.00-2.35 kg (5.18lb) • No moving parts • Kensington security slot Other Specifications • Compliances: CE • Interface: USB 2.0 • Number of status LEDs: 3 programmable • Power: external power supply (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz) RFID Reading features One-Step reading • DUAL antenna • RFID chip is detected regardless of chip location in document • Ability to read printed MRZ lines and RFID on one step Communication protocol between Card and Reader • ISO 14443 A/B (T=CL) Communication protocol between PC and Reader • ISO 7816 (T=1, T=0) Active & Passive authentication • Included BAC, EAC support (Basic, Extend Access Control)

Support Applications: • All kind of Application software. • All kind of Database. Start up : • Auto run with start up of windows. • Easy reconfigured (< 30 min.) • No need to develop Pass/ID reading program module with interface to database. • Just open the Application form, put the Passport /ID on the scanning area • Scanning procedure start automatically • Automatically start Base secure check procedure (BSCP) • If BSCP is OK for a few seconds all the information are automatically tabulate on the screen 99% correct. • If BSCP is not OK – bring up warning message. • MRZ OCR reading (ICAO 9303) Base secure check IR and UV images:

• MRZ Check sum Checking • Expiry Date • B900 ink check • Security paper check (UV dullness check) • UV patterns check • RFID RFID reading system Enhanced Optical System (EOS) Included • Image format - included • BMP, JPG, JPG2000, PNG

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Customs; Police; Border control Passport reading  
Customs; Police; Border control Passport reading  

For Border / Customs control we offerReading with Automatic patented technology for the best Passport/ID authentication!!!!