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If you go to Ireland, a fairy you may see. A little, old man and tricky elf, a solitary fellow is he. Although he likes to play a joke, he is a cobbler by trade. He stores up all the gold he gets for the shoes that he has made.


A more handsome fellow no-one has ever seen. He wears a coat with many buttons that is the colour green. He wears some shiny, buckled shoes and a little, pointed cap. A bushy beard covers his face. Can you hear his ‘tap’, ‘tap’, ‘tap’?


A leprechaun always hides his pot of gold At the rainbow’s end—or so I have been told. If you want to catch him, you’ll need to be very fast, Then he’ll tell you its hiding place and you’ll be rich at last. Now should you ever catch one, this warning I give to you. Never take your eyes off a leprechaun no matter what you do! Make sure he gives you those three magical wishes And hold on very tightly, or you’ll see how a leprechaun vanishes! When I read this poem, I could read:

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2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class