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How to make Yorkshire Pudding

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C2 C7 C12

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Adapt his/her reading style for different purposes Develop comprehension strategies Engage with a wide variety of text


C5 C6 C8 C19

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Perform simple information retrieval tasks Adopt an active approach to a text by posing his/her own questions Perform alphabetical order tasks Explore new interests and perspectives through reading

Word Reading


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Learn about common word endings, word families and roots of words Continue to build a sight vocabulary of common words from [books] read and from personal experience

m pl

Additional Teacher Information Definition of Terms

Text A book or other written or printed work, regarded in terms of its content rather than its physical form.

Terminology for Pupils procedure recipe


Recipe A recipe is a procedure or set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required. A procedure tells how to make or do something. It uses clear, concise language and command verbs. A recipe is an informational text.



word text

suffix plural noun verb

in g

adjective Links to other Curriculum Areas

Suggested Reading

• Pudding Town by Jean V. Hanson (a chapter book to read to the pupils)

• The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly Pudding by Beatrix Potter

• 101 Uses for a Yorkshire Pudding by Ian McMillan



• SPHE – Myself: Taking care of my body: appreciate that balance, regularity and moderation are necessary in the diet; recognise and practise good hygiene when dealing with food


Reading – Comprehension and Word Reading

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2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class  
2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class