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The Fairy Flag of MacLeod – 1


Read the legend. Long ago, a handsome chieftain of the MacLeod clan and a fairy princess wanted to marry. The fairy king refused to let them marry, unless, after one year and a day, the princess returned to the fairies.

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One year later, a son was born to the chieftain and his fairy wife. On the fairy bridge, the princess said goodbye to her son and husband. Before leaving, she made the chieftain promise never to leave their young son alone, crying. If he did, she would hear him crying in the fairy kingdom and feel sad.


The chieftain’s heart was broken without his wife, so his friends gave him a party to cheer him up. The singing, dancing and music were so joyful that the baby’s nurse went to view the merriment. The baby woke and cried for a long time. When she returned, the nurse saw a beautiful woman singing to the child and rocking him in her shawl. When the baby calmed, the woman placed him, still wrapped in the shawl, in his cradle, and vanished.

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When the child grew older, he told his father about the night his mother had visited him. He said the shawl was magic and could be used by the MacLeods when they were in danger. It would call the fairy knights to their aid. However, it could only be used three times. The chieftain placed the fairy flag in a special casket and carried it with him all the time.


Hundreds of years later, the McDonalds, an enemy clan, raided the island of the MacLeods. They attacked a church, setting fire to it and killing the people inside. The remaining MacLeods were greatly outnumbered so they fled to the beach and got out the flag. Magically, the MacLeods seemed to multiply to ten times their size. The terrified McDonalds fled in fear and never returned. The fairy flag was packed safely away in its casket.


Years later, a plague swept through the islands, killing cattle and sheep. A famine almost destroyed the MacLeod clan. The flag was waved again. A host of fairies appeared and touched the animals with their swords. The animals instantly became healthy again and the clan was saved from starvation. The fairy flag has not been raised for a third time. When I read this legend, I could read:

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