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Wally Woodlouse’s Adventure – 1


Read the narrative text. Wally Woodlouse poked his smooth, grey head out from under the leaves and looked around. The dark, damp, dead leaves and decaying matter provided a cool place to live and a good food source.


It was night-time. The air was cool and damp. It was the best time for feeding and having adventures.

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Wally came out from his micro-habitat. Seven pairs of legs carried his smooth, rounded body over the ground. Wally’s two pairs of antennae wiggled in the dark. They helped him feel and smell his way around.

Over squishy berries, under a log and around a stone, Wally clambered. He stopped frequently to dampen his body in dew and wet leaf litter. It was important to keep damp because otherwise breathing would be impossible. A woodlouse who dried out died very quickly.


Wally’s head, thorax and abdomen formed a smooth outline as he moved carefully from one hiding place to the next. Woodlice aren’t the only nocturnal creatures active at night!

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Suddenly, a nasty toad lumbered out from a nearby shrub. Wally stopped and slid quietly beneath a rock. Pesky toads! They were always bothering innocent woodlice when they venture out at night! Life in a woodland could be very dangerous for a little woodlouse having a night-time adventure.


After a short time, the toad jumped away and Wally moved on. Ground beetles, centipedes, spiders and a mousey shrew passed close to Wally. Every time, Wally crept into a hiding place until they had passed by. Sometimes, Wally stopped to nibble on leaves and mangled fruit. He needed to continue his journey.


Soon, the darkness lightened and Wally knew morning was coming. He hurried back to his home in the undergrowth to sleep and think about his adventure. He couldn’t wait for the next one!

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