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Woodland Habitats

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C2 C4 C12

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Adapt his/her reading style for different purposes Find information and share it with others Engage with a variety of texts


C6 C8 C19

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Adopt an active approach to a text by posing his/her own questions Perform alphabetical order tasks Explore new interests and perspectives through reading

Word Reading


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Learn about the sounds associated with the beginning of a word or syllable Learn about common word endings, word families and roots of words Use knowledge of letter-sound relationships (grapho/phonic cues), grammar and syntax (syntactic cues) and surrounding text (contextual cues) when attempting to identify unfamiliar words

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• Geography – Natural environment: The local natural environment – identify, explore and discuss aspects of some major natural features in the local environment



• Science – Living things : Plants and animals - observe, identify and explore a variety of living things in local habitats and environments


Reading – Comprehension and Word Reading

report word

phrase text syllable singular noun

in g

Text A book or other written or printed work, regarded in terms of its content rather than its physical form.

Terminology for Pupils


Definition of Terms Report A report is a written document describing the findings of an individual or group. A report may take the form of a newspaper report, sports or police report, or a report about an animal, person or object.



plural suffix letter sentence sound compound word

Suggested Reading • The ABCs of Habitats (ABCs of the Natural World) by Bobbie Kalman • Habitats, Grades 1–3 by Jo Ellen Moore (This workbook provides a variety of interesting information and activities for pupils and teachers.) • The Woodland Book: 101 Ways to Play, Investigate, Watch Wildlife and have Adventures in the Woods by Tessa Wardley

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2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class  
2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class