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The Hedley Kow

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C5 C7 C10 C15

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Perform simple information retrieval tasks Develop comprehension strategies Express a more formal response by giving a considered personal opinion of a [book] in oral or in written form Read a story and write it in his/her words


C9 C14 C16 C18

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Predict future events and outcomes in a [book] that is being read aloud Explore different attitudes and feelings by imagining what it would be like to be certain characters Read a narrative or expository piece and summarise it Write about favourite moments, characters and events in stories

Word Reading


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Learn about common word endings, word families and roots of words Use knowledge of letter-sound relationships (grapho/phonic cues), grammar and syntax (syntactic cues) and surrounding text (contextual cues) when attempting to identify unfamiliar words Continue to build a sight vocabulary of common words from [books] read and from personal experience

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Additional Teacher Information

Folk tale A folk tale is a story passed from one generation to the next by word of mouth rather than being written down. A folk tale may include sayings, superstitions, social rituals, legends or lore about the weather, animals or plants.

Character A person in a novel, play or film.

folk tale phrase word text character letter

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Text A book or other written or printed work, regarded in terms of its content rather than its physical form.

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sound sentence suffix adjective

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Science – Materials: Properties and characteristics of materials – identify and investigate a range of common materials used in the immediate environment

Suggested Reading

• Listen to a version of the story at <http://www.highlightskids. com/audio-story/hedley-kow> • Hans in Luck by Paul Galdone



Reading – Comprehension and Word Reading

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2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class  
2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class