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The Sword in the Stone – 1


Read the poem.

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On this day, Arthur’s task was clear To fetch Kay’s sword and bring it near. But the path through the woods twisted and turned Until Arthur began to feel concerned.


One day a squire young and good Was lost while walking in the wood. Arthur was squire to his brother, Kay, A knight, so brave, most would say.


He followed a muddy track in his search And, suddenly, came to an ancient church. At the front of the church, on a monument, stood A sword in an anvil as proudly as it could.

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Thinking that no-one around would care Arthur pulled out the sword as quickly as he dare. A nearby path looked quite familiar So Arthur raced back to Kay with a gift to deliver.



When Kay and his father set eyes on the sword, They knew at once that Arthur was the chosen lord. So with one mighty tug of his squire’s hands Arthur became the true king of all the Britons’ lands.

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2976IR Reading Comprehension and Word Reading 2nd class