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3. 4.

Page 22 1. Teacher check 2. (a) feet (b) head (c) chest/torso (d) leg (e) neck (f) head 3. (a) false (b) true (c) true (d) true (e) false (f) false 4. Teacher check

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Page 23 1. Teacher check 2. (a) automobile (b) motorcycle (c) bicycle (d) tractor (e) horse (f) lorry 3. (a) spelling said, friend (b) yacht, stormy, weather (c) Australia, country, southern 4. horse riding 5. chess 6. coins (and medals) 7. play it 8. chop it into small cubes

Page 24 1. (a) doorway/entrance etc. (b) field/pasture (c) talk/chatter (d) mat (e) calm/kind etc. (f) thin 2. (a) wool (b) kitchen (c) air (d) automobiles (e) boat 3. Teacher check 4. kangaroo – land; salmon – sea; albatross – air; kingfisher – air; koala – land; herring – sea 5. Australia, Scotland, Africa, North America, Ireland, Egypt Page 25 1. (a) true (b) false (c) false (d) false (e) false (f) true 2. (a) repondez s'il vous plait (please reply) (b) Requiescat in pace (rest in peace) (c) His (Her) Majesty's ship (d) as soon as possible (e) United States of America (f) Central Intelligence Agency 3. (a) cactuses/cacti (b) wallabies (c) sheep (d) oxen (e) mummies (f) aircraft 4. Teacher check

Page 27 1. (a) continent (b) sheep (c) old (d) houses (e) poison (f) height 2. dinghy – small rowing or sailboat mouse – a small rodent anvil – a blacksmith's heavy iron block gimlet – a small tool for making holes prophecy – a prediction of the future paradise – a place of extreme beauty 3. (a) a long, narrow boat with pointed ends (b) a tree with thin, weeping branches (c) an apparatus used to slow the fall from an aeroplane (d) a holder for a gun (e) an Australian wild dog (f) a young goose 4. Doctor of Philosophy

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chopsticks, mayday, headhunter, scarecrow, gunpowder, raincoat, watermelon, doorknob (a) aircraft (b) animals (c) money (d) birds (e) grain (f) food (a) yes (b) no (c) no (d) yes (e) yes (f) no (a) pew – benchlike seat, font – water container, pulpit – raised platform, altar – a communion table The building is a church. (b) forge – hearth or fireplace, bellows – device for fanning a fire, anvil – iron block for hammering metal, hammer – instrument for beating metal The building is a blacksmith's (forge).


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Page 26 1. (a) napkin – others are foods (b) elevator – others are part of a car (c) salad – others are part of an aircraft (d) labrador – others are cats/wild animals (or tiger – others all begin with letter 'l') (e) brake – others are part of a boat (f) apple – others are baked using flour 2. (a) play/pluck a stringed musical instrument with it (b) plant/pick/water it – flower (c) play it – musical instrument (d) drink it – an alcoholic drink (e) wear it – hat (f) eat it – food 3. (a) treats sore joints on muscles (b) plant scientist (c) writes people's life stories (d) studies the human mind (e) stuffs dead animals (f) soldier


Page 20 1. (a) island (b) ladies' hats (c) small (d) newspaper (e) leaves (f) aeroplane 2. noodle – long, narrow type of pasta exchange – to swap something for another item pretend – to make believe tailor – a person who makes men's clothes flour – finely ground wheat or other grains scald – to burn with hot water or steam 3. (a) a wooden hammer (b) a large triangular sail (c) a small knife that folds into the handle (d) a three-legged stool or support (e) a flat, movable plate at the back of a boat or plane, used for steering (f) a half-human, half-horse creature 4. Member of the Order of the British Empire

Page 28 1. bookkeeper, horsepower, bedspread, toothpaste, footpath, cupboard, glovebox, foghorn 2. (a) grain (b) pigs (c) fish (d) soldiers (e) books (f) arms and armour 3. gavel – a judge's hammer magistrate – a judge barrister – lawyer who specialises in court cases jury – people who decide on guilt or innocence dock – where accused is held The building is a court(house). 4. (a) yes (b) no (c) yes (d) yes (e) yes (f) no Page 29 1. Teacher check 2. (a) head (b) waist/over shoulders (c) upper body (d) head (e) neck/throat (f) upper body 3. (a) false (b) false (c) true (d) true (e) false (f) false 4. Teacher check Page 30 1. Teacher check 2. (a) crocodile (b) elephant (c) tiger (d) cheetah (e) canary (f) wallaby (g) whale (h) goat (i) dingo 3. (a) please, carrots, watch (b) know, house, asked (c) shirt, blue, new 4. soldier 5. a plant 6. jovial – cheerful, friendly 7. dots and dashes 8. steers it Page 31 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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(a) wide (b) crease/crush (c) fetch/return (d) cloudy/dark (e) short (f) gloss/shine (a) musical (b) India (c) facility (d) dog (e) shellfish Teacher check lamprey – sea; bison – land; osprey – air; eel – sea, heron – air; boar – land (a) Australia (b) Russia (c) Australia (d) Japan accept – to take or receive willingly; except – excluding or leaving out stationery – writing paper and writing materials such as pens and pencils; stationary – not moving


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