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Dictionary Activity – 11 1. True or false? (a) Cider is a drink made from apples.

(d) A compass is used to tell the temperature.

(b) Your index finger is next to your forefinger.

(e) A ship’s keel is the same as its mast.

(c) A bronco is a good horse for riding.

(f) A pilot steers ships into and out of harbours.

2. What do these initials mean? (a) RSVP

pl e

(b) RIP (c) HMS


(d) ASAP (e) USA


(f) CIA

(a) cactus


Wallaby darned! TWINS!


3. Use your dictionary to find the plurals of these words.

Vi ew

(b) wallaby (c) sheep (d) ox (e) mummy (f) aircraft

4. Look at the picture of the man. Colour him by following the instructions. His hair is light tan. He has hazel eyes. He is wearing an emerald shirt. His trousers are magenta. He is wearing black shoes. Prim-Ed Publishing

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