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Dictionary Activity – 8 1. Use your dictionary to find six words starting with re. Each word must have exactly six letters. (a)






2. On which part of your body would you wear the following: (d) garter

(b) tiara

(e) kerchief

(c) vest

(f) sombrero

pl e

(a) clogs

3. True or false?


(a) A mantilla is a type of clothing.


(b) You can eat broth.


(d) Polished metal can glint.


(c) Mayonnaise, a dressing for salads, is made with eggs.

(e) An entree is served after dessert.

Vi ew

(f) Cologne is a special hair oil.

4. The word hatch has more than one meaning. Write two of these meanings below and draw a picture for each. (a) hatch

(b) hatch

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