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1. Panoramic Printing

 Panoramic from PRI Graphics are high quality glossy

or matte RA4 prints, known for their excellent color gamut. Listed below are some of the unique features of our panos:  Pano height may be 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 20” or 30”.  Pano lengths range from 12” to 52” for the 6” panos and

up to 13 feet in length for all other Pano heights. The minimum Pano length is 12”.

 Panoramas are printed to length – your photo is not

cropped or distorted.

 Panoramas are printed as one print – not as segments.

Dimension Options


 At PRI Graphics, we strive to deliver a

great customer experience and superb quality finish when it comes to our canvas prints & decals.

 Your custom artwork comes to life when

using PRI Graphics!

 We love what we do and we take pride in

making the best canvas prints in the world.

3. Business PRINTING

 Let PRI Graphics help you get the word out about yours.  With small business printing services from PRI Graphics,

you can get digital printing, offset printing, binding, laminating and other document finishing services, as well as paper and office supplies.

 Let PRI Graphics help you with a variety of full-color

printing options.

* Flyers

* Business Cards

* Newsletters

* Banners

* Invitations

* Posters

* Postcards

* Menus

* Brochures

* Letterhead


PRI Graphics


hic p a r



 Get the highest quality oversize prints and make the biggest impact

at presentations, tradeshows and training events with PRI Graphics.

 Features  Available in a variety of sizes  Choice of Matte or Gloss finish  Includes full color print, mounting and choice of lamination

 Sizes  18” x 24”  22” x 28”  24” x 36”  36” x 48”

PRI Graphics

P R I G r a p h i c s


 You can turn a blank wall into a stunning visual

statement using PRI Graphics to print your custom wallpaper or mural.

 A unique image or design on a formerly blank wall can

enhance a space or promote your message.

 Features  Full-color digital printing in a resolution that

matches the application

 Print onto textured media to enhance the surface


 Complete installation services available

PRI Graphics

PRI G raphi cs

CONTACT DETAILS: PRI Graphics 735 E. Brill Street Phoenix AZ USA 85006 Phone: (602) 393-3131 Fax (602) 393-4242

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Pri graphics services pptx  

Printing services in Phoenix are best served at PRI Graphics. Clients from all parts of the city get in touch with us for various printing n...