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product handling for perfect cutting

cutting pies & tarts

Remember the Golden Rule: Heat your knife and dry for each cut.

The knife should begin the cut from the outside edge of the pie or tart, cutting toward the centre. This will prevent any damage to the pastry shell.

heating guide self saucing puddings

plum pudding

Do not thaw. Heat directly from frozen.

Microwave on high for 30 seconds per portion. When warming multiple serves, check at 1 minute then at 30 second intervals

microwave heating Pierce film and microwave from frozen for 1 minute per pot. When warming multiple serves, check at 2 minutes then at 30 second intervals. Remove when pots are hot to the touch. combi oven heating for multiple puddings Fill Combi Oven with 1 layer of evenly spaced frozen pudding pots. Cook for approximately 5 minutes at 120°C.

take care Take care when handling microwaved desserts. Product will be hot. Allow to stand for a short period before serving. Heating times are for an 1100 watt microwave on high power.

thawing guide product - portion

suggested min. thaw time @ 5°C

product - box|whole

suggested min. thaw time @ 5°C


3 hours

whole cakes & gateaux

11 hours

orange & almond cake

2 hours

orange & almond cake

6 hours

mud cakes

1.5 hours

mud cakes

5 hours


2 hours


11 hours

portion as you please (bar)

2 hour


5 hours


1 hour


4.5 hours

tarts & pies

1.5 hours

tarts & pies

4 hours

individual cakes & cheesecakes

1 hour

individual cakes & cheesecakes

2 hours

individual tarts

1.5 hours

individual tarts

2.5 hours


1 hour


4 hours


1 hour


2 hours


1 hour

tray cakes

2 hours

Melba Elite Foods recommend the above thawing guidelines. Variations may occur. We recommend thawed products are not returned to the freezer.

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that photographs represent the finished product. Variations in appearance may occur in finished goods. Modifications to decoration and product finishing may be introduced without notification. Content is correct at time of publication however no warranty is given to the accuracy of this content. CADBURY & FLAKE ARE TRADE MARKS OF MONDELĒZ INTERNATIONAL GROUP USED UNDER LICENCE.

products supplied frozen

ambient storage

frozen shelf life <-18°C 12 months frozen from date of manufacture Exceptions: • 6 months frozen: Lemon Meringue Tarts • 2 years frozen: Dessert Sauces, Coulis, Mini Lamingtons and Unfilled Sponge

Defrost for 2-4 hours in the box or a covered container at ambient. Then store individual portions under a dome or wrap in cling film. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Recommended storage temperature <25°C. Do not re-freeze. Use within 3 days of thawing commencing.

refrigerated shelf life <5°C Use within 5 days of thawing commencing Exceptions: • 2 days: Portion As You Please® variety mix & Roulades • 3 days: Custard Tart and Vanilla Slice • 30 days: Dessert Sauces & Coulis Do not re-freeze.

products supplied ambient Do not refrigerate. Ambient Shelf Life from date of manufacture: Pavlova: 42 days Meringues: 12 months Vol Au Vents: 6 months Christmas Plum Puddings: 2 years

our story Melba Elite Foods is a family owned company with bakeries dedicated to making a comprehensive range of indulgent desserts for the New Zealand and International food service markets. We combine a passion for quality products with world class manufacturing practices. Melba foods was the first company in New Zealand to perfect the art of producing frozen cakes and desserts, while Elite specialises in baking simply magnificent pavlovas, meringues and lamingtons. Working together, Melba Elite Foods continues leading the way from purpose built facilities in Tauranga and Blenheim. HACCP certification at both facilities is testimony to the quality of our operations. Our dedicated team continues to develop the most delicious, visually appealing, reliable products with exceptional value for our food service customers. We supply our products across New Zealand via the national foodservice distributor network and internationally through our logistics partners. Our experienced sales and customer service team are devoted to supporting the markets and customers we serve.

©Melba Elite Foods

Cakes & Gateaux

CODE 3-031 | 16 SERVES | 1.51kg

chocolate demise

Rich moist chocolate cake soaked in brandy, in layers with chocolate mousse, finished with hand crafted dark chocolate shards and hazelnut truffle.

CODE 3-016 | 14 SERVES | 1.75kg

CODE 3-025 | 14 SERVES | 1.25kg

mississippi mud

tiramisu gateau

A delicious chocolate mud cake, decorated with triangular chocolate shards and dusted with cocoa.

Chocolate sponge infused with espresso layered with a classic European mousse. Decorated with piped mousse and dusted with cocoa.

CODE 3-017 | 14 SERVES | 1.7kg

CODE 3-024 | 16 SERVES | 2.1kg

black forest deluxe

carrot cake

Rich dark chocolate cake layered with Morello black cherries, blended with kirsch and cream, topped with dark chocolate flakes and maraschino cherries.

A moist cake with walnuts, golden syrup and spices. Finished with a lemon cream cheese icing topped with diced apricots, cranberries, pumpkin kernels and walnuts.

cakes & gateaux


CODE 2-119 | 16 SERVES | 2.22kg

red velvet cake

A simply stunning layered cake of red velvet and vanilla flavoured, white chocolate cream cheese with a semi naked “crumb coat” on the sides and topped with red velvet crumbs.

CODE 3-119 | 16 SERVES | 2.65kg

CODE 2-298 | 16 SERVES | 2.54kg

hummingbird cake

caramel sin

Tropical flavours of banana and pineapple, spiced with a touch of cinnamon and piped with cream cheese icing sprinkled with pistachios, banana chips and coconut.

Delicate chocolate cake filled with decadent caramel, topped with sinful caramel ganache whipped with cream cheese, ganache peaks, caramel drizzle and butterscotch sprinkle.

CODE 3-026 | 16 SERVES | 2.05kg

CODE 2-209 | 16 SERVES | 1.65kg

gluten free mud cake

orange & almond cake

Delicious gluten free chocolate mud cake coated in ganache with flaked chocolate sides.

A moist cake made from almond meal and juicy oranges, covered in almond pieces and a dusting of icing sugar.


cakes & gateaux

Whole Cakes

CODE 3-018 | WHOLE | 1.6kg

mousse n mud cake A chocoholic’s delight of mud cake and rich chocolate mousse covered in dark chocolate.

CODE 2-118 | WHOLE | 2.05kg

CODE 3-019 | WHOLE | 1.5kg

CODE 2-120 | WHOLE | 1.75kg

rich mud cake

sticky date cake

new york cheesecake

A rich moist mud cake covered with chocolate ganache. The perfect base to create an indulgent masterpiece.

Classic sticky date pudding in a cake. Delicious served warm with our salted caramel dessert sauce.

A traditionally prepared creamy baked New York cheesecake on a biscuit crumb base.

Self Saucing Puddings

CODE 2-501 | 16 SERVES | 100g

CODE 2-500 | 16 SERVES | 100g

chocolate self saucing pudding

sticky date self saucing pudding

One for the chocolate lovers, a chocolate pudding with a self saucing chocolate sauce.

A traditional style pudding, full of dates with a self saucing butterscotch sauce.

whole cakes | puddings


packed as shown

Individual Cakes & Desserts



CODE 1-043 | 8 SERVES | 103g

CODE 1-045 | 8 SERVES | 113g

mud cake - vegan

carrot cake - vegan

Mouth-watering muddy vegan chocolate cake topped with a creamy chocolate rosette sprinkled with zingy freeze dried raspberries.

This simply delicious gluten free and vegan cake reveals shredded carrots and walnuts with cinnamon overtones. Topped with silky vegan icing, delicately sprinkled with rose petals and pumpkin seeds.

CODE 2-540 | 8 SERVES | 85g

CODE 2-541 | 8 SERVES | 85g

raspberry friand

blueberry friand

Traditional recipe of almond meal baked with raspberries.

Traditional recipe of almond meal baked with blueberries.

CODE 2-231 | 8 SERVES | 120g

CODE 2-276 | 8 SERVES | 100g

peach & passionfruit baked cheesecake Tropical blend of peach & passionfruit swirled through our baked cheesecake.

CODE 1-257 | 8 SERVES | 115g

CODE 1-232 | 8 SERVES | 90g

pear & walnut cake

apple & rhubarb crumble

orange & almond cake

A centre of juicy pears, topped with walnuts, sitting on a moist orange and almond base.

Seasonal apples and rhubarb, sitting on a moist orange and almond base, topped with a fine crumble.

A blend of orange and almond meal, topped with almond flakes and a light dusting of icing sugar.

CODE 2-520 | 8 SERVES | 120g

CODE 2-524 | 8 SERVES | 120g

CODE 2-527 | 8 SERVES | 100g

chocolate trilogy

chocolate marquise


White, milk and dark chocolate mousses on a dark chocolate biscuit base finished with shavings of premium dark chocolate.

Rich chocolate mousse on a dark chocolate biscuit base finished with ganache and chocolate flakes.

Tiramisu cream on a dark chocolate biscuit base with a masala and espresso soaked biscuit centre finished with a dusting of cocoa.


individual cakes & desserts


CODE 3-029 | 16 SERVES | 2.5kg


A classic combination of smooth and creamy cheesecake glazed with tropical passionfruit.

CODE 2-299 | 16 SERVES | 2.18kg

CODE 1-268 | 16 SERVES | 1.63kg

mango & macadamia

baked lemon lime

Twin layers of vanilla bean cheesecake and macadamia laced mango cheesecake sitting on a gluten free chocolate crumb base topped with macadamia nuts and dark chocolate ganache.

Baked lemon cheesecake bursting with a lime fruit filling topped with shredded coconut and sitting on a gluten free biscuit base.

CODE 3-027 | 16 SERVES | 2.5kg

CODE 2-293 | 16 SERVES | 2.18kg

brownie choc

blueberry brulee

A brownie base, with rich chocolate cheesecake laced with white and dark choc chips, topped with dark and white ganache, finished with dark chocolate flakes.

Baked New York cheesecake with a generous swirl of blueberries and a brulee finish.

CODE 3-013 | 14 SERVES | 1.85kg

CODE 3-012 | 14 SERVES | 1.96kg

white choc & raspberry

cookies & cream

Plump raspberries folded into rich white chocolate cheesecake, decorated with a raspberry coulis swirl sitting on a vanilla biscuit crumb base.

Creamy cheesecake loaded with cookies on a chocolate biscuit base, topped with white chocolate ganache and crumbled cookies.




CODE 1-041 | 30 SERVES | 1.96kg

vegan oat apricot & nut slice A medley of goodness baked in this vegan slice of oats, apricots, dates, sultanas, almonds, bran, buckwheat, pumpkin seeds and coconut with a touch of cinnamon.

CODE 2-136 | 15 SERVES | 1.83kg

CODE 1-201 | 15 SERVES | 1.19kg

CODE 1-206 | 20 SERVES | 1.12kg

caramel slice

pecan brownie

ginger slice

Smooth creamy caramel on a gluten free coconut biscuit base topped with chocolate and caramel ganache.

A gluten free take on this rich chocolate fudge loaded with pecan pieces, finished with a dusting of icing sugar.

Enjoy a traditional recipe with a modern twist. Gluten free biscuit base topped with ground ginger in butter cream.

CODE 1-123 15 SERVES | 1.9kg

CODE 2-287 | 14 SERVES | 1.99kg

CODE 1-215 | 15 SERVES | 1.59kg

caramel slice

vanilla slice

apple slice

Smooth creamy caramel on a rich coconut biscuit base, finished with feathered ganache.

Creamy smooth vanilla bean custard between layers of delicate pastry topped with a feathered white chocolate fondant.

Apples, sultanas and spices on a shortcrust base topped with a sweet crumble.

CODE 2-813 | 16 SERVES | 1.2kg

choc brownie triangle A soft, rich chocolate brownie with a crisp crust. Baked with the finest cocoa and ingredients to our distinctive recipe.



Large Tarts & Pies

CODE 1-338 | WHOLE | 1.63kg

blueberry & almond tart A sweet pastry tart shell filled with plump blueberries, almond cream and topped with more blueberries, finished with a light dusting of icing sugar.

CODE 2-124 | WHOLE | 1.5kg

CODE 2-122 | WHOLE | 1.6kg

key lime tart

citrus tart

The essence of simplicity. A tangy baked lime filling in a sweet tart shell.

A sweet pastry tart filled with tangy lemon curd. Simply the best there is.

CODE 2-123 | WHOLE | 1.7kg

pecan pie

An all time favourite. A sweet pastry tart shell filled with butterscotch and loaded with pecans.

large tarts & pies


Individual Tarts

CODE 2-139 | 6 SERVES | 98g

choc berry tart

A tantalising trio of tangy blueberry and creamy baked cheesecake in a gluten free chocolate tart shell.

CODE 2-138 | 6 SERVES | 96g

CODE 2-140 | 6 SERVES | 96g

CODE 2-137 | 6 SERVES | 120g

strawberry tart

lemon lime tart

citrus tart

A creamy baked cheesecake finished with a strawberry swirl in a gluten free tart shell.

Baked lemon cheesecake swirled with a burst of lime in a sweet gluten free tart shell.

Tangy citrus curd in a delicious gluten free tart shell.

CODE 1-224 | 6 SERVES | 120g

CODE 1-255 | 6 SERVES | 100g

CODE 2-545 | 6 SERVES | 100g

citrus tart

lemon meringue tart

custard tart

A sweet pastry tart, filled with tangy citrus curd and lightly dusted with icing sugar.

Classic citrus filling in a sweet tart shell, topped with indulgent meringue.

Savour the creamy texture and full flavour of vanilla bean custard sitting in a sweet tart shell and dusted with cinnamon.


individual tarts


CODE 1-042 | 12 SERVES | 1.3kg

vegan banana & walnut loaf

Deliciously wholesome vegan bread made from Australian Cavendish bananas, almond milk and linseed, laced with walnuts.

CODE 1-053 | 12 SERVES | 1.2kg

CODE 1-051 | 12 SERVES | 1.3kg

date & honey loaf

banana & walnut loaf

A rich golden loaf loaded with dates and honey, sprinkled with coconut. Great served warm with butter.

Walnuts scattered throughout a loaf baked with banana puree. Delicious served warm with butter.


CODE 2-126 | 9 SERVES | 138g

CODE 2-127 | 9 SERVES | 138g

CODE 2-125 | 9 SERVES | 138g

blueberry muffin

lemon curd muffin

banana & walnut muffin

A classic muffin with loads of blueberries throughout.

Delicate muffin with a hint of lemon and a centre of delicious lemon curd. Lightly decorated with toasted thread coconut.

Bananas and prime walnut pieces make this a great favourite.

loaves | muffins


serving suggestions view the videos at melbafoods.co.nz to create your own masterpiece

mud s'mores Cut a petite pavlova (p.18) into pieces. Cut a vegan chocolate mud cake (p.4) in half. Plate alternate layers of pavlova, salted caramel dessert sauce (p.19) and mud cake with mud cake deco on the top. Hint: for a totally vegan option - use berry coulis and vegan marshmallows with the vegan mud cake.

vegan maple banana & walnut

fruity banana & walnut stack

Toast a slice of vegan banana walnut loaf (p.9). Toss banana pieces in melted Nuttelex. Top loaf with banana, maple syrup and cinnamon. Enjoy the delicious flavours with a lovely crunch from the walnuts.

Cut up a slice of vegan banana walnut loaf (p.9) and stack. Drizzle with vegan coconut yoghurt and load with a combination of fresh, frozen or freeze dried berries.


serving suggestions

serving suggestions view the videos at melbafoods.co.nz to create your own masterpiece

humming chocolate Remove the cream cheese icing from a slice of hummingbird cake (p.2) and crumble around one side of a plate. Mix the cake in a bowl with a generous squirt of chocolate dessert sauce (p.19) and press into a muffin mould. Press out the cake and cover with chocolate dessert sauce to dribble down the sides. Finish with pistachio and a viola.

eton mess

moroccan berry tart

Pavlova in a glass! Cut up a petite pavlova (p.18) and layer in a glass with cream, fresh berries and berry coulis (p.19). Finish with a dusting of icing sugar.

Start with our gluten free choc berry tart (p.8), top with quartered figs, turkish delight, pomegranate and crushed pistachio. Finish with edible flowers. Drizzle with our mixed berry coulis (p.19).

serving suggestions


serving suggestions view the videos at melbafoods.co.nz to create your own masterpiece

pavlova grazing board Arrange for DIY pavlova fun: jugs filled with mixed berry coulis, chocolate & salted caramel dessert sauces (p19) plus hi -rise pavlova (p18) fresh fruit, mint, chocolate and whipped cream

strawberry cheesecake hearts

lamington skewer

Cut the strawberry cheesecake tray (p15) with heart shaped cookie cutters and arrange with fresh fruit and rose petals.

Alternate colours of mini lamingtons (p16) on bbq skewers. They taste great once warmed – wrap in foil first before placing on the grill.


serving suggestions

serving suggestions view the videos at melbafoods.co.nz to create your own masterpiece

banana bread martini

salted caramel apple trifle

Made with our banana & walnut loaf (p.9), mixed berry coulis (p.19), custard, mixed berries, cream and topped with more fresh berries and chocolate sticks.

Cut the apple slice (p.6) and layer in a glass with cream and salted caramel dessert sauce (p.19). Drizzle the edge of the glass with salted caramel sauce and top with caramel popcorn.

party time caramel brownie

chocolate muddies

Great as a share plate for any occasion. Stand and stack slices of the choc brownie triangle (p6), drizzle with salted caramel dessert sauce (p19) finish with caramel popcorn, chocolate sticks and a toffee shard.

Our chocolate mud log (p.14) cut in three and topped to suit your taste: strawberries and white chocolate, chocolate bark of blueberries and mint chocolate or white chocolate stars, balls, rolls... and birthday candles.

serving suggestions



CODE 2-306 | WHOLE | 900g

tiramisu log

Three layers of moist sponge infused with coffee and rum flavour, layered with creamy tiramisu filling and finished with a dusting of cocoa.

CODE 2-964 | WHOLE | 700g

CODE 2-307 | WHOLE | 1.2kg

CODE 2-302 | WHOLE | 910g

apple strudel

chocolate mud log

iced chocolate log

Apples and sultanas with a hint of spice wrapped in flaky puff pastry, dusted with icing sugar. Enjoy served warm with custard or cream.

Dark chocolate mud cake base with a delicious creamy chocolate filling, topped with ganache and covered with flakes of dark and white chocolate.

Light chocolate sponge rolled with fresh cream and hand finished with combed chocolate butter icing.

Pavlova Roulades



passionfruit & toasted coconut

raspberry & white chocolate

340mm x 100mm x 70mm high

340mm x 100mm x 70mm high

Light and fluffy pavlova rolled up with a choice of two great flavour combinations. Cut and serve as-is or dress up with coulis, cream and fruit for a decadent dessert. Portion on the go. We recommend cutting frozen and returning to the freezer.


logs | pavlova roulades

Tray Cakes

whole trays 400x290mm 35-40mm high

choose the cut to suit your crowd

28 to 56 portions per tray. Photographs show cut portions.

CODE 1-277 | WHOLE | 2.32kg

citrus burst

A sponge cake base with a layer of whipped lemon cream and a lime top scribbled with white chocolate.

CODE 2-600 | WHOLE | 3.03kg

CODE 2-602 | WHOLE | 3.03kg

strawberry cheesecake

passionfruit cheesecake

Creamy cold set cheesecake on a short pastry base with strawberry topping.

Tropical passionfruit topping on our creamy cold set cheesecake and short pastry base.

CODE 2-809 | WHOLE | 2.16kg

CODE 2-603 | WHOLE | 3.36kg

CODE 1-280 | WHOLE | 2.39kg

chocolate sponge cheesecake

Light and fluffy chocolate sponge base, topped with silky chocolate cheesecake, finished with white and dark chocolate flakes.

CODE 2-601 | WHOLE | 3.03kg

chocolate brownie

apple shortcake

boysenberry cheesecake

Soft brownie mix with walnut pieces and a crisp crust, dusted with icing sugar.

Delicious apple filling, sandwiched between short pastry.

Creamy cold set cheesecake on a short pastry base with boysenberry topping.

CODE 1-275 | WHOLE | 2.73kg

CODE 2-608 | WHOLE | 3.33kg

CODE 2-604 | WHOLE | 3.36kg

boysenberry sponge cheesecake Light sponge topped with silky cheesecake filling, decorated with a boysenberry topping.

tray cakes

apple & rhubarb crumble

apricot shortcake

Shortcrust pastry base topped with sliced apple mixed with rhubarb and finished with a crumble topping.

Delicious apricot filling sandwiched between short pastry.


Portion as You Please®

CODE 1-702 | 6 BARS | 15 PIECES PER BAR | 30g

variety mix

A selection of three flavours in this delicious mousse dessert on a sweet pastry base. Contains White Chocolate & Raspberry, Tiramisu, Lemon & Lime.

CODE 1-703 | 6 BARS | 15 PIECES PER BAR | 18.5g

lamington mix

Exquisite sponge cake coated in either chocolate or raspberry flavoured ganache covered in lightly toasted coconut packed together in a mixed box.

Lamingtons Sponge


CODE LUNF | 2 SLABS | 650g

unfilled sponge

mini lamingtons

Two deliciously soft, light and moist sponge slabs, ideal for jam and cream fillings.

A light fluffy sponge cake covered in a bespoke lamington dip of raspberry or chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut.

270mm x 185mm x 40mm each

40mm Square x 40mm high


portion as you please®



mini birds nests 45mm diameter x 40mm high


original nests

74mm diameter x 20mm high


large birds nests

74mm diameter x 40mm high

Magic melt-in-the-mouth moments are created with meringues. They can be dipped in chocolate, combined with fresh fruit and coulis or made into gorgeous cream filled desserts.


serving suggestion


white meringues twirls

coloured meringues twirls

Meringue twirls make the perfect treat. Light, sweet and fat free.

3 each green, pink, yellow and white per pack.

45mm diameter x 30mm high

45mm diameter x 30mm high

Vol au vents


mini 35mm


classic 45mm


large 100mm

Fill these delicious flaky pastry cases with your choice of savoury fillings and bake until golden. Choose the size for the occasion; large for an entree, classic or mini for party finger food platters.

meringues | vol au vents

serving suggestion



CODE B5OR | WHOLE | 500g 255mm diameter x 60mm high

CODE B1KG | WHOLE | 1kg 320mm diameter x 65mm high

pavlova round Pavlova is a surefire winner on any festive occasion. Make every day like Christmas with the convenience of these pavlova bases ready for you to add cream, fruit, coulis, chocolate anything that takes your imagination.

serving suggestion

serving suggestion CODE AMIN12 | 12 SERVES | 8.5g


CODE BH12 | 12 SERVES | 27g

mini pavlova

petite pavlova

hi rise mini pavlova

Very cute bite size pavlova for high tea, catering or a dessert share platter.

A flat top shell which is the perfect base for individual pavlova creations on the dessert menu.

A round top pavlova for an individual dessert with wow factor.

45mm diameter x 30mm high

70mm diameter x 30mm high

70mm diameter x 55mm high

serving suggestion CODE BSLA | WHOLE | 1kg

serving suggestion CODE BPSH | 3 PER INNER | 400g

pavlova slab

pavlova sheets

The rectangular slab is a great option for versatility. It can be cut into logs or individual portions with up to 35 portions per slab.

The rectangular sheets leave room for creativity. They can be cut into logs or individual portions.

365mm X 252mm x 32mm high

370mm x 240mm x 12mm high



Festive Range

CODE 2-911 | 30 SERVES | 105g

christmas plum pudding muffins Made using traditional methods, with the perfect balance of the finest ingredients carefully blended together for mouth watering plum puddings.

serving suggestion CODE 2-901 | WHOLE | 700g

CODE 2-902 | WHOLE | 1.1kg

christmas plum pudding bowls

christmas plum pudding log

Made using traditional methods, with the perfect balance of the finest ingredients carefully blended together for mouth watering plum pudding bowls.

Made using traditional methods, with the perfect balance of the finest ingredients carefully blended together for mouth watering plum pudding logs.

Coulis & Sauces

CODE C3909 | 500ml

CODE C3911 | 500ml

salted caramel dessert sauce

chocolate fudge dessert sauce

Thick, rich smooth fudge like texture with a great balance of saltiness and sweet flavour and a glossy toffee caramel colour.

Thick, rich smooth fudge like texture with a great chocolate flavour and a deep, glossy chocolate colour.

festive range | coulis & sauces


CODE C3907 | 500ml

mixed berry coulis Simply add coulis to style your own dessert creations…quick, easy and effective.

ambient creations


sticky date cake


mississippi mud


choc brownie triangle


caramel slice


pecan pie


banana & walnut muffin


blueberry muffin


lemon curd muffin


chocolate brownie

16 portion as you please lamington mix (choc, raspberry)

16 4cm square lamingtons

ambient storage instructions Defrost for 2-4 hours in the box or a covered container at <25°C. Then wrap individual portions in cling film or store under a dome. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Recommended storage temperature <25°C. Do not re-freeze. Use within 3 days of thawing commencing. 20

ambient creations

gluten free creations Melba Elite Foods gluten free creations are tested to ensure no gluten is detected. To supply a gluten free product to your customers, please store and display away from products containing gluten. Always serve gluten free products with utensils that are used only for gluten free products.


gluten free mud cake


peach & passionfruit baked cheesecake

5 mango & macadamia cheesecake


lemon lime baked cheesecake



lemon lime tart

strawberry tart

gluten free creations




pear & walnut

4 apple & rhubarb crumble


citrus tart

choc berry tart

19 dessert sauces and coulis

& ambient


orange & almond cake


raspberry friand


blueberry friand


orange & almond individual cake


pecan brownie


caramel slice


ginger slice


date & honey loaf


gluten free & ambient

vegan &


V 4

mud cake - vegan


oat apricot & nut slice


banana and walnut loaf

vegan, gluten free & ambient

V 4

carrot cake - vegan

veg. & ambient | v, gf & ambient


Melba Elite Foods cakes & desserts are created for


Experience the exceptional taste from recipes tailored to freeze-thaw, with the flavour locked in.

Enjoy the convenience of our many pre-portioned and individual desserts, beautifully finished and ready to serve once thawed.

Save money by reducing waste when you only thaw portions as needed and store desserts frozen for up to 12 months.

Rest assured with our certified quality systems, ensuring consistency, safety and reliability.


Delicious, reliable, convenient desserts that are made for your foodservice business, with all the benefits of being frozen.

connect with us online! See the latest products, promotions and business support. Download nutritional information, product images and cake tags. View our serving suggestion videos to make delightful dessert creations.


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