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Ethiopia 2007 Census Data for Use by Wide Horizons for Children (WHFC) by Ada Prieto

WHFC: ● ●

A child-welfare humanitarian aid NGO Founded early 1970s, main focus on adoption and child sponsorship

Ethiopia, early 2000s switch to income generation program to support in-community care

Current program project Area: Tigray and SNNP Regions

Factors Considered By Author (not in consultation with WHFC) In Program Expansion: Literacy Rate and Net Enrollment Rate (Education Priority), Dependency Rate, Unemployment Rate, Population Count, and Health Facility Location

Shapefile Data And Census Data Did Not Match

Shapefile Data and Census Data Were Aligned Manually:

To Produce the Following Results...

Sources: Central Statistical Agency, Ethiopia. 2011. “The 2007 Population and Housing Census Report of Ethiopia: Statistical Report for Country Level.” Accessed November 8, 2013. Diva-GIS. “Spatial Data Download. Country: Ethiopia. Subject: Administrative Areas.” Accessed November 8, 2013. http://www.diva-gis. org/datadown International Food Policy Research Institute. 2011. “Population and Housing Census Atlas of Ethiopia 2007.” Accessed November 11, 2013. Humanitarian Response COD-FOD Registry. 2013. “ETHIOPIA: Admin Level 1 Boundaries, Admin Level 2 Boundaries, Admin Level 3 Boundaries, Admin Level 4 Boundaries.” Accessed November 13, 2013. Humanitarian Response COD-FOD Registry. 2013. “ETHIOPIA: Health.” Accessed November 13, 2013. https://cod.humanitarianresponse. info/dataset/ethiopia-health United Nations Development Program. “Data Explorer: International Human Development Indicators.” Accessed November 19, 2013. http://hdr. Wide Horizons For Children (WHFC). 2013. “Child Sponsorship and Family Empowerment Needs Assessment.” Organizational Memo. WHFC. 2013. “Community Development.” Accessed November 1, 2012. WHFC. 2013. “Ethiopia Program Team Meeting – Sponsorship Program Overview.” Organizational Memo. WHFC. 2013. “Wide Horizons for Children Inc. 2012/2013 Annual Report.” Addis Ababa: Wide Horizons For Children. World Bank. “World DataBank: World Development Indicators.” Accessed November 19, 2013. http://databank.worldbank. org/data/views/variableSelection/selectvariables.aspx?source=world-development-indicators

Ethiopia Census Data for WHFC Program Expansion Priority  

Maps developed in ArcGIS software depicting weighted and ranked literacy rates, net enrollment rates, dependency ratios, unemployment rates...

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