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ello Atlanta! We are bringing it all back home. The fine “Locals Only” tattoo culture magazine you have in your hands right now is from the makers of PRICK Magazine. You’ve known us and you’ve loved us as PRICK Magazine for over ten years now. PRICK, however, grew to more of a national tattoo industry/community magazine and will remain on that path. Now that PRICK has become what it was destined for I can come back to my roots ... the original fire. I along with other Atlantan’s have missed the hometown vibe the old school PRICK used to provide. I liked seeing all my friends in the magazine, I loved being part of and promoting the local tattoo culture and music scene but I was simply spread too thin and my resources were limited. Now thanks to partnering up with a local Atlanta entrepreneur, Jason Beattie, who originally launched an online Atlanta Tattoo Directory called we are able to make it happen. After reorganizing as a team and modifying everything to what is now and this awesome new Ink Atlanta Magazine, I am more stoked than ever to be doing what I do. Local response has been great as far as funding this first issue and it is only going to get better. Local response is what we are trying to get for all of our supporters/advertisers as well so if you want Ink Atlanta to be the best it can be ... support our advertisers, become an advertiser, contribute content, be part of our street team or just read it, love it and spread the word that Atlanta has it’s own tattoo lifestyle and culture magazine back! – Chuck B.



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SHOP SPOTLIGHT Now or Never Tattoo



Ink 4 Pink’s “Sideshow Hereos”


Killer and the Savage


Atlanta Tattoo Arts Festival

MISS INK ATL JULY Ginger Andersen


ON THE COVER: Ginger Andersen by Kellyn Willey of PinUpGirl! Cosmetics




Ink 4 Pink’s “Sideshow Heroes”

Killer and the Savage






Now Or Never


Miguel Olascuaga



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Sk8 or Die Art Show

Tony Olivas (right) ATL Tattoo Arts Festival


East side

Now Or Never CHRIS HUFF OPENS UP IN CONYERS by j.j. Diablo

The Now or Never crew

good indicator of a solid tattoo artist is one that has experience.While levels of experience vary from shop to shop, name recognition still holds a strong influence in Atlanta tattoo culture as strong work is what builds a strong name. Chris Huff is one of these chosen names and he carries with it a reputation of solid tattoos with incredible artistry. Now teamed up with Grant Loveless, another longstanding name in shop legend, it’s no wonder they’re already making a new name for themselves around Conyers and the Eastside. Big goals and even bigger dreams don’t come true on their own; to make them happen it’s Now or Never.


Q: What inspired you to start your own shop? I was ready to get out of the “street shop” environment and do my own thing. I was tired of working for the man and ready to be the man! Q: How did you decide on what area to open up in? The majority of my clientele is in East Atlanta. I’ve been tattooing in this area for a little over 11 years and I wanted to stay close to my clientele.They are so loyal. Q: Now that construction is finished and Now or Never is open for business, what challenges do you deal with in growing the shop’s clientele? Tattoos on this page by Chris Huff




Now Or Never All of our artists have a dedicated following so we’re extremely lucky in that department. Our followers grow more and more each week. Mike Bugenhagen brings in a lot of NFL players, Andy Cagle has worked in this area for a long time as well and has an abundant following. Nevada Lutes has worked with me for six years and is an amazing up and coming traditional artist.We are fortunate to have our shop manager, Grant Loveless, who is well known in the tattoo industry for his collection of tattoos from 29 of the best tattoo artists as well. Q: What can new clients expect from their experience at Now or Never? Now or Never is not your typical studio. It’s very classy, sophisticated and just a clean, welcoming environment.We want each person to have a great experience from the time they walk through the door to the time they leave. Q: What impact will Now or Never have on the Metro Atlanta tattoo climate? At Now or Never the sky is the limit.We strive each day to push ourselves more and more.We have monthly special events in addition to working on bringing in some astonishing artists for guest spots. I like thinking big, if you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big. For more info and to book an appt. contact: Now or Never Tattoo: 770.648.6584 1427 Hwy 138, Conyers, Ga. 30094 H

Tattoos below by Mike Bugenhagen

Tattoos above / below by Nevada Lutes

Tattoos above / below by Andy Cagle


art around town

sk8 or die by Jason beattie Photos Courtesy Young Blood Gallery n May 7th, the highly anticipated skate deck show, Sk8 or Die, returned to Young Blood Gallery and Boutique for the fifth time with a huge turnout! This biennial show, which was sponsored by Little Five Points’ Stratosphere Skateboards and included music by DJ FARI, featured over 100 one-of-a-kind skateboards designed by local artists and Young Blood friends. The festivities were kicked off with some daytime skating to celebrate the grand opening of Atlanta’s Foundation Skatepark (part of the Beltline project).Artists from the local tattoo community definitely came out and represented with contributions from Keet D’Arms, Demian Bouchon, Dax and Chris HowelI (of Southern Star Tattoo), Charles Chatov, Matt Greenhalgh and Danielle Distefano (of Only You Tattoo), Sam Parker (of Memorial Tattoo, Cabbagetown) and David Hale and Kris Davidson (of Anchor Tattoo, Athens, Ga.) among many others.The boards were sold in a silent auction at the Gallery, with prices starting at $100.


For more photos and upcoming events at Young Blood Gallery visit H




art tripping

Ink 4 Pink’s Sideshow Heroes by j.j. Diablo Photos by Ryan Oh Snap! Kid Purcell ome one, come all to the greatest show on Earth! From circus freak to carnival chic this year’s first installment of Ink 4 Pink’s art and fundraising campaign has set the bar for all things philanthropic. June’s traveling “Sideshow Heroes” art expo celebrates the lives of breast cancer survivors by going into the Big Top featuring donated, custom sideshow inspired artwork from over 20 national and local tattoo and freelance artists including Myke Chambers, Darren Anderson, Matt Truiano, Jason “Shakes” Monroe, Rachel Anne, Connor O’Neal and so many more. Graveyard Tavern’s new music venue,The Basement, was transformed into a circus tent and opening gallery featuring paintings, sculptures and carvings from talented and generous artists around the country, particularly Atlanta’s tattoo dynasties.


While taking in the eye candy partygoers enjoyed burlesque from Kitty Katrina, hula hoop magic by Rebecca DeShon of HoopEssence, music from The Blue Ribbon Healers, Hellalujah and Uncle Daddy & the Kissin’ Cousins,

Kitty Katrina

Ink 4 Pink partners Jessica Hill & Angela Elliott

Jason Prince & Kristen Wesolowski

Mandolynne Hopkins & Price Cannon get cozy.

Above: Sideshow Heroes art expo, now at Graveyard Tavern, EAV; Below: Magic hoops of HoopEssence; breast friends flank tattoo artists Rachel Anne and Soul.



Pinup troup, “Gang Awesome”, reunion with some new additions.

RIngmaster Capt. Stab-Tuggo

Above: The Blue Ribbon Healers

all kept ‘tame’ by event ringmaster and sideshow leader, Captain Stab-Tuggo, Chris Steele. Raffle winners enjoyed gift certificates from Psycho Tattoo, Lucky Draw, Inksomnia, Salon Modello, Unit 2 Fitness and more! In support of all things breastly, many tattooed gentleman even expressed their own by going shirtless to show off their healthy mammories and ink to match. The opening boasted a grand total of $2015 raised from its door cover, raffle and art proceeds, all going towards sponsorship of walkers for the Atlanta Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in October. The “Sideshow Heroes” art exhibition is currently on display in the front hall of Graveyard Tavern till July’s end before being updated in September with the series’ second installment, “Vaudeville Villains”. Just like your favorite Big Top circus, the show will travel around metro Atlanta showcasing the finest today’s tattoo community has to offer and raising money to help educate about, prevent and treat breast cancer. For more information, display locations and to purchase art go to H


Killer and the Savage listen up


tlanta is not Atlanta without its thriving hip-hop community. Now infamous troups like the Dungeon Family and So So Def have helped to shape the lyrical and rhythmic landscape of the scene for over 15 years.Their influence spreads far and wide, reaching out to people from all walks of life, status and ethnicity. One duo of talented lyricists inspired by this era is Killer and the Savage. Growing a cult following around the Atlanta streets, its members Hazel and Robbery, have hit the ground running. If their track record is any indication, they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.


Killer and The Savage’s Robbery and Hazel

Q: How was 'Killer and the Savage’ born? Hazel: About four years ago, Robbery and I met up through a mutual friend, Tommy 2 Times, of Two Times Entertainment. We were both doing music at the time and inevitably we ended up doing a song together. We liked what each other were about lyrically so we continued making tracks together. After doing a project, The Repz, and releasing it on iTunes with friend and fellow emcee, MG, Robbery and I decided we would release a project that was just the two of us spitting about the shit we were doing day to day uncensored. People seem to respond well to it.

Q: The band name is quite an eye catcher. How did you guys come up with it? Robbery: Back in the day we made a track together in which I spit a line that went "Robbery a killer, Hazel savage," and the line refers to how we're both beasts lyrically. Since then we've been Killer and the Savage whenever we rhyme together. I think it also reflects our personalities as well. Where I'm more cool and calculating Hazel's more unpredictable. Q: Killer and the Savage seems to house a full service film and production team within its band members. How did you all manage to bring them together? Hazel:We were well aware of the ‘do-it-yourself’ reality of the music industry and we were fortunate enough to team up with Mikee Golightly at Hypersonik Studios as well as Caury Raines, a videographer. I do most of the graphic design and web design and help with editing video. Most our photos are either by Matty T. or Jordan Son.We're pretty much a 100% self sustained camp because we're all in it together and look out for each other.We're all good friends and we all bring our own creative element to the table. Robbery and I are extremely lucky to have the help that we do. Q: You guys recently performed at the 15th Annual Atlanta Tattoo Arts Festival. How was that? Robbery: It was a lot of fun. All the folks there were awesome and it was great being a part of it. Much love to Jen and Joe Reyes and Sacred Heart Tattoo for including us. 12


Hazel’s tattoos. Right arm sleeve by Craig Foster of Skinwerks

Hazel: It was great to see the tattoo community packed into one building. It's like a museum that's alive and the fact that we got to be a part of the spectacle is an honor.Thanks to everyone involved.

Q: Speaking of tattoos, you have some extraordinary ink from some of Atlanta's more notable artists . . . Robbery:All my ink has been done by Joe Reyes of Sacred Heart Tattoo,Austell. Hazel: I have a sleeve by Craig Foster of Skinwerks, some smaller pieces by Dusty and some work by Joe Reyes. Q: Do you feel the Atlanta tattoo community influenced the city's music? Robbery: I feel that it’s impossible for the tattoo community to NOT influence the music scene in Atlanta. It seems almost everyone here has ink. Being a creative person, and that being the status quo, I don't see how any artist isn't influenced by his (or her) environment.

Q: What can newbie listeners expect from Killer and the Savage? Hazel: We feel that a majority of the listeners can find something in our music that they can relate too.We're not rich.We rap about shit we've all been through.

Above: Robbery’s tattoos by Joe Reyes of Sacred Heart, Austell

Q: What can fans expect from the latest EP? Robbery: Patient Zero is our first release as Killer And The Savage. The soundscape is definitely rugged and raw, which is the place we were mentally while making the CD. We have a feature with original Dungeon Family member, Cool Breeze, and production from the likes of Skape Zilla. Lyrically we both definitely came with a lot of stuff for our listeners to think about, as well as some good, old fashioned spittin’ flame. Q: What future projects and shows should we be on the lookout for? A track from our latest EP, Patient Zero is available on iTunes and at A single from that, "Badman", was voted one of the “Top 25 Songs of 2011” by Six songs from Patient Zero were in rotation on 88.5 within two months of the album's release! We're working on a free downloadable mix tape that will be available this summer, which will be followed very shortly by another project. As for shows, we'll be playing July 16th at the Masquerade with Almost Kings, which we're very excited about. We've got some tricks up our sleeve for this show so y'all definitely need to be there. It's sure to be an experience. We're also going to be performing at this year’s A3C Festival. For more information on shows, news, and updates go to H




Atlanta Tattoo arts Festival Tattoo Show

by Chuck B. Photos by Chuck B. and Ryan Oh Snap! Kid purcell he Atlanta Tattoo Arts Festival just wrapped up its 15th year bringing together everyone from the "staple figures" in the industry to curious hotel guests (though some of them seriously questioned their hotel choice for the weekend). Amazing artists from all over the country and world were in attendance and the quality of work can be seen in all the photos we captured over the weekend. The tattoo contests pulled in lots of familiar tattoos but there was a good mix of new entries and winners. The 15th Annual Atlanta Tattoo Arts Festival set the stage for the debut appearance of Ink Atlanta Magazine.The response was just as I expected.The local tattooed population was stoked when they heard PRICK was sort of coming back around as the new Ink Atlanta. BIG thanks to Tony Olivas, Jennifer Reyes and everyone at Sacred Heart Tattoo for producing yet another fine festival.The convention drew an impressive turnout with steady crowd throughout the three-day event.We were able to get tons of photos with the help of a photo booth provided by Oh Snap! Kid photography. You can check out hundreds of extra candid shots on our various websites /


Russ Abbott tattooing Captain Stab-Tuggo with a sword in his throat

Mike Cummings tattooing a Friday the 13th Jason on Mark Lewington

Frankinstein by Brent Humphreys, Snail on Beanz by Jason Lawyer, Michael Lehman’s Shark by Terry Dutra, Heart locket by Eric Scsavnicki, Matt Wertjez getting tattooed by Megan Hoogland. Mandy Smiths sweets by Eric Scsavnicki, Owl by Miami Burgess winner best large color, Antique picture box by Russ Abbott.


Atlanta Tattoo arts Festival

D. Darkthought’s Nosferatu by Bili Vegas - Winner Tattoo of Day, Sat.

Snake and chalice by Nate Drew, Pinup girl by Craig Foster, Skull and pistols by Dav Thompson of Sacred Heart Warner Robbins, Peacock by Heidi Beers. Exploding skull by Russ Abbott on Nick Johnson. Skull on hand by Bili Vegas - tattoo of day Sunday. Day of dead girl by Rob Flat of Psycho Tattoo. Below: Trailer Proud tattoo by Heidi Beers. Sarah Johnson of Cafe Ink, tattoos by Free Bird

Ballerina by Todo Brennan of ABT Tattoo

Alison Bolanos tattoo by Klown



Rita Caldwell and Chocolate FX’s Andrea Smith

Ashley Marshall, Tara Villalvazo and Kasey Swinford

Atlanta Festival continued social media outlets and bliggity blogs. The line up of entertainment was pretty stacked this year as well. The always popular bikini contest did not disappoint. One of the contestants forgot that it was NOT a bikini “bottom” contest, but we didn’t hear anyone complaining! Captain Stab-Tuggo put on a mind bending and gut wrenching performance second to none in my opinion of any other sideshow/freakshow acts out there. On top of being able to lift heavy objects with parts of his body not intended for lifting he can swallow five freaking swords at once time! To top it all of he swallowed a sword while Russ Abbott was tattooing his freakin’ chest! We don’t think that has ever been done

Left: Emily Burkhart, winner of the bikini contest. Above: Fest producerTony Olivas and all the Bikini contest girls Below: Deano Cook and his lovley lady and Angel the heavenly Day of Dead H2Ocean girl.









Atlanta continues on pg 20

Skulls on Head by Johnny Quintana on Inkkman Jay of Electryk Inkk

Medusa by Shane Hartline, Jesus by Dav Thompson Grey wolf by Big Gus

Bill Murray by Kurt Fagerland

Gypsy and raven by Skip Cisto, Mary by Mike Cummings, Day of dead Elvis by Abdiel Pedraza

Josh Sagel’s Day of the dead Rosey by Big Ceeze

Six Shot Revival members hangin with Denise Brennan and friend

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Call now @770-723-9824 Or go online to:


Atlanta Tattoo arts Festival

Garage 71 Radio was keeping the tunes flowing and the good times going.

before; history in the making and we were there. Newly added to this year’s show was live music from Kadense, Killer and the Savage, and The Six Shot Revival.The live band’s draw is always hit or miss at conventions, especially in the hot sun of poolside but each band seriously kicked ass for the people who caught them. Live radio broadcasts were also added this year thanks to our good friends over at Garage 71 Radio. They had their mobile broadcast unit “The G-Spot” set up pumping out the rock jams outside the convention walls in the smoking/eating area in the hotel parking lot. There was fun everywhere you turned this year. Ink & Dagger Tattoo’s Wheel of Destiny served as charitable tool flanked by smoking hot Ink 4 Pink Girls doing their best Vannah White.They raised over $1000 for Ink 4 Pink.There was also a tattooist raffle with a custom tattoo machine by Tim Orth as the prize for an extra boobie charity boost. Celebrities on the artists side as well as the collector side were in

Above left: Jason Kelly and Miguel Olascuaga of Memorial Tattoo and Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery. Above: Daron James and Kasey Swinford. Left and Below: Matt “Captain” Hardeman and his “Most Realistic” winning tattoo by Kurt Fagerland of Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour Right: Ink 4 Pink Angels on the Ink & Dagger Wheel of Destiny.



Atlanta Tattoo arts Festival concludes on page 22

S. Pili Mo’o performing traditional Samoan / Polinesian (non-electric) tattooing on Tate Hughes

Spiderman villain carnage by Mike McMahon of All or Nothing. Rose on the neck of Darby Fayard by Tat2 Terry Dutra

Earl Noble and Phillip Duke say cheese.

Tate Hughes show his very reddened fresh Mo’o tattoo

Travis Brown and Nick Minervine and their Sprinkler-peach-Atl tattoo in honor of this year’s Atlanta Tattoo Arts Fest mayhem. Others have plans for the piece as well.

NC Dave of Campbells Customs and Lauren Roberts


Atlanta Tattoo arts Festival concludes

Big Gus tattooing NFL star athelete Darnell Dockett of Arizona Cardinals

Darnell Dockett has tattoos by Sage and his latest whole side piece by Big Gus

Check out our website and online directory



attendance this year.Tattoo legend and legendary partier Crazy Philadelphia Eddie was on hand promoting his new book “Tattooing - The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie” Current NFL superstar and Atlanta native Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals came out to get his entire left side tattooed by Big Gus and was gracious enough to let us photograph his work. He was very cool but massive! He leaned on me at one time to look at the photos I snapped and I almost fell over from the pressure. Though the entire hotel was displaced one night due to a REAL fire, no better relief came when found out that person responsible was NOT affiliated with the convention. Some tourist lit his room ablaze then the sprinklers came on and became stuck in the “on” position flooding an entire floor of the hotel.A funny side note, as tattooist Phillip Duke came strolling back into the hotel (zombie like) after NO sleep I offered him my coffee with about 3 sips left. He greatfully accepted and continued to the convention floor. That pretty much summed up the show – a drunken, no-sleep, three day tattoo party adventure. Already looking forward to what's in store for next year. Sponsors included: Monster Energy Drinks, Lucky Draw Tattoo, Inked Magazine, H2Ocean, Ink Atlanta Magazine, Ink & Dagger Tattoo, Hardnox Clothing, Psycho Tattoo, DPS Supply and Inksomnia Tattoo and of course, PRICK and Ink Atlanta Magazine.H

Ginger Andersen Miss Ink Atl July


Southern Raised

by j.j. Diablo Photos by Kellyn Willey of PinUpgirl! cosmetics very community has grown its own identity and with that identity comes a few famous faces. Well if you’ve ever been out in the city more than once, you’ve probably crossed paths with Ginger Andersen. Remember going out and seeing an oddly familiar, strikingly pretty, petite, half Korean half Dane gal with better tattoos than all of your friends? Well whether you went for new work at 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour, to get drinks at Graveyard Tavern or to get Sloppy at MJQ, Ginger has held residency at them all. Add to that a national campaign with Suicide Girls as Akuma Suicide, and Ginger’s face has been seen coast to coast as strong as the Southern upbringing she hails from. We thought it only fair to finally give a deeper look into the notorious face and ink of the poster child in the all around solid, Southern raised, grown folk tattoo scene.

Q: Where did you get your first tattoo and why? My first tattoo was done in Dothan,Ala. by The Baron. I got Blink from XMen:Age of Apocolypse series.

Q: How did you go about choosing an artist for your first piece? For my first piece I asked around town. Everyone suggested I see The Baron and I went with it. Q: What brought you to want to be heavily tattooed? I have always been attracted to tattoos from a very young age but I especially became heavily tattooed when I worked for 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour (East Atlanta Village).

Q: After seeing clients come in and out of the shop, what advice would you have for someone looking to get larger tattoos like sleeves or back and chest pieces? I would pick something organic or something with motion to the piece because our bodies form in curves.The obvious suggestion is to actually pick a great artist that can convey a great tattoo for you. I don't pity people with bad work because they had bad taste to begin with so they got what they deserved. Q: What artists have you been tattooed by? Jason Kelly, Tim McGrath, Joe Vegas, Jay Chastain, Jason Atkins and Jime Litwalk so far.

Q: What are your favorite pieces you have if any? It's really hard to pick my favorites but I would have to say my back piece by Jay Chastain. It was an epic feat to get the back completed before Jay had to move to Austin,Texas.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Atlanta tattoo community? How does it compare and contrast to other places you've been on the West Coast and East Coast? The Atlanta tattoo community is raw.There is a distinct pride in its artists' work and in the artists themselves. I would consider the Atlanta tattoo community to be very close knit. Q: You've met Ed Hardy at his shop in California. What was that like? 24 INK ATLANTA MAGAZINE

I think I was about to piss myself when I saw him walk in because I wasn't expecting him to show up at all. I was in shock so it was hard to gush questions. I was just really happy to be in his presence and that he was being such a good sport about meeting me.We were talking about tattooing and how it was rough for a lot of people out there since the market has been flooded with scratcher tattooers.

Q: Do you have an artist wish list? Thomas Hooper, Timothy Hoyer, Filip Leu; any piece by them would be fantastic!!! For more on Ginger, visit: H


Miguel Olascuaga Artist spotlight

Something Wicked This Way Comes by j.j. Diablo ong before a spooky autumn breeze whips through the Atlanta streets, hinting at All Hallows’ Eve on the next horizon, a new presence can be felt within one of the city’s most respected tattoo families. It is a spirit from another time. A time when men sowed their worth from the land they lived and helped their neighbor to do the same. As summer’s heat hits its peak, a more welcomed warmth of humility and brotherhood has spread over the community and made its home West, in Douglasville, Ga. Something awesomely wicked has arrived, and his name is Miguel Olascuaga.


Q: How long have you been tattooing? I have been tattooing since the winter months of 2001. Q: Where did you get your start? Well, it's hard for me to really narrow it down to just one person, although I will say that Anna Funk, Randy Fox, Dan Starkey, James “Jimbo” Monroe and Brian King gave me a good shove. I moved from Georgia to Florida in search of something different and got in with some real good fellas at Black Cat Tattoo in Panama City Beach, Fla. Coming from Georgia, I had already heard of the ATL Black Cat Crew, and was very fond of the history and talent that came from there such as Shane Morton, Richard Davis,


Miguel Olascuaga

Jett, and so forth. I was offered a job to work the floor after continuously pestering them every day until they gave in. I did what I could to help the artists out when I was given the chance. It paid off and the guys took a liking to me. Albee offered me an apprenticeship after working for a little over a year, and gave me no pity as to how I was going to be thrown into the fire; I will always respect him for that three year ass beating! I had a lengthy apprenticeship and was set free to do be humbled by the mistakes that I would make along the way. Q: What brought you to Atlanta? Phil Colvin and his wife, Hope, brought my beautiful family and I to Atlanta. Seeing our sons play together told me that it was a perfect fit, and the fact that Memorial Tattoo holds such amazing talent, I felt that it would be in my best interests. Q: How has your Memorial Tattoo housewarming been thus far? Amazing. Everybody there has been so great to me, and I feel like I have learned much more than a different way of tattooing and art from them. It’s much greater than that. Q: Tell me about the new shop . . . The shop is called Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery and it is located in Douglasville, Ga.The shop was once owned by a very talented and amazing tattooer by the name of Dave Kruseman. Dave offered to sell the shop to Phil Colvin because he knew he could rely on Phil's Wizardry to keep the good name going, and in return Phil could further extend the Memorial family. It is a respect that two successful tattooers agreed upon with one another. I had the pleasure of working with Dave for three months before he moved on to open his new shop, Old Line Tattoo in Hagerstown, Maryland.To this day Dave Kruseman is convinced that I am Amish. I work there now with Jason Smalley and Wade Johnson. Phil Colvin tattoos in the shop every Tuesday as well.



Q: How would you describe your style of tattooing? I am influenced by so many different artists I wouldn't even know how to put a label on it. I really enjoy Traditional tattooing the most, whether it’s the way the

Miguel Olascuaga

European artists are doing it, the Japanese or the Americans. It’s all incredible to me. I have respect for all styles to be honest, and just want to have a level of respect from my peers to motivate me into as many ways of tattooing as possible. The only description that I feel truly comfortable with is: bold lines, heavy on the black, and solid color. Q: What are your favorite kinds of projects to do? My favorite projects are trading paintings with artists abroad. I like to put art into any shows that will have me. Above all, I like simply trading art and contributing to any good cause. Most recently, I did a custom piece for Ink 4 Pink’s “Sideshow Heroes” art show to help raise money against breast cancer. It’s currently hanging in East Atlanta’s Graveyard Tavern, right down the street from Memorial Tattoo Atlanta, off Moreland Ave. Phil Colvin, Jason Kelly and Mikie Webb also donated art to the show. Q: If you weren't a tattoo artist what would you be doing? I would have an Amish family and grow vegetables with Mikie Webb. Q: Who would be your ‘Dream Team’ to work with? I came from one Dream Team at Black Cat Tattoo (Panama City Beach, Fla.) to the next dream team, Memorial Tattoo/Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.



For more updates on Miguel and Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery visit: H

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Atlanta's New Tattoo Lifestyle & Culture Magazine. Ink Atlanta takes you beneath the skin of Atlanta’s fast growing tattoo community. We ex...

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Atlanta's New Tattoo Lifestyle & Culture Magazine. Ink Atlanta takes you beneath the skin of Atlanta’s fast growing tattoo community. We ex...