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his month we literally had so much crazy stuff going on I don’t even have space to write about it. All I can say is BIG things are being discussed about getting From INK Atlanta/PRICK magazine style media into a bunch of new cities across the U.S. Not comes ag letting the cat out of the bag anta M INK Atl yet on exactly what is going down but let’s just say I have been meeting with some big time well liked publishers in the tattoo industry and the fire is burning between all of us to do something more.That really is what makes the tattoo community a community.Though we may often fight amongst ourselves, the bigger picture is asking how do we all make the industry grow and develop in the best way possible? As magazines we all want to cover as many bases as possible to make our readers, all of them, as happy as they can be.Thank you Atlanta for making my dreams as a publisher a reality by originally supporting PRICK Magazine and now by supporting INK Atlanta. Keep on reading and wanting more and I will do my best to bring it to you. Stay tuned and enjoy this issue. It was a blast to make happen. – Chuck B.



Inked Up


10 LISTEN UP! Zoroaster


Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco

18 MISS INK ATL NOVEMBER Tara Villalvazo

20 TATTOOED BISTROS & BARS Bonegarden Cantina



Heavy Metal Yoga

On the cover: Tara Villalvazo Photo by Ed Selby










Above: ABT (Art By Todo) Below: Tattoo by Tim McGrath

Above: Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco Below: Zoroaster

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Inked Up Atlanta Shows the Rhythm of the Ink Tattoo Show


by Chaz Bizzle

istory was made this past October 8th as the first ever urban tattoo convention took place in Atlanta:The Inked Up Tattoo & Music Convention. Producers Joe McKenzie and Tommy A. Branch II brought the Inked Up Tattoo & Music Convention to fruition and launched their new publication Rhythm & Ink on the same weekend.With fifty percent or more of the population of Atlanta being African-American it would be a travesty of justice not to recognize that part of the local tattoo culture within our pages; expect more in the future. Big ups go out to Joe and Tommy for providing such a showcase for just that purpose through their efforts. For more info and upcoming events check out H

Inked Up and Ryhthm & Ink producers Joe McKenzie and Tommy A. Branch II.

Tattoo models.

Joker of Hoodmart Tattoo and clients show off some of his work.

Miya Baily judges a tattoo and shares his thoughts.

All the rap groups were off the chain.

Emotions Tattoo showing some custom style.


Eman at work on Honey Punch (shown right).


Deuce of Eman Tattoo working on Noochie above. Model Cherry Ciroc getting work by 1215 of Naked Guns Tattoo.

ABT featured shop

Tattoos and Fine Art in McDonough


(Art By Todo)

by Harrison Knolle estled in McDonough you can find ABT Tattoo, owned and operated by renowned tattoo artist, Todo, and his wife of 22 years, Denise, since 2005. Todo has been tattooing since 1977 and has witnessed the birth of what is now a booming industry, “Between ’77 and ’85 there was no industry. It was Mom & Pop type tattoo shops, you know, very underground. The only reason I tattooed back in the day was just to do my artwork on people and make an extra buck here and there. It got to the point where I started making all this money sitting in my garage and I was like, ‘man I’ve got to get into a professional shop.’” It was after this realization Todo picked up and moved to Hawaii and worked at Skin Deep Tattoo in 1991. It was there that Todo was formally trained even though at that point his art had already been recognized by various publications. After traveling the country and working in various well known shops including Atlanta’s own, Sacred Heart Tattoo, Todo decided it was time for him to open up his own shop and hasn’t looked back. “I like owning my own shop because I can create my own atmosphere. I have nautical style because I pretty much grew up around the ocean and it makes me feel like I’m on vacation all the time and it’s great to collaborate with other artists . . .that’s another big thing.” It truly does feel like a tattooing vacation destination: the airbrushed art on the wall grabs your attention immediately and it should because it took five days to complete before the shop’s grand opening. Todo is a photorealism specialist and has won several awards including Best Overall artist in ’93 at Hollywood, California’s Ink Slingers’ Ball for a realistic rendition of chrome on skin. More recently he won first place for Best Large Color at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering convention. Accompanying Todo at ABT are Charles and Ant who are talented artists in their own right. Charles is the longest reigning artist other than Todo, being part of the crew for the past two and a half years. One thing that is unique about ABT is that there is no tattoo flash anywhere on the

Above: Tattoos by Todo; Below: The otherworldly interior of the studio.


ABT continues

Above: Tattoos by Ant; Below: Tattoos by Charles; Below: (center) The Fifth Element painting by Todo.

walls at ABT. “People know when they come in here they can trust us to do something custom that fits them.We try to steer them away from that into doing a completely custom piece but if you absolutely need a flash we can give it to you.” ABT has a goal of making their shop as professional as possible; “the way we developed this is so you come in here and we are going to deal with you professionally. Most people who come into the shop after getting a tattoo and spending time with us feel like they’re family and we encourage that because that’s how we feel.” You can tell that ABT truly takes this to heart by looking at their charity efforts with Christmas for Kristin, founded and inspired by one of their clients.With super talented artists and a completely unique atmosphere ABT Tattoo is well worth the trip to McDonough for a great tattoo experience. 8

ABT is located at 1182 Hwy 155 South McDonough, Georgia. 30253. You can also visit their website at: H INK ATLANTA MAGAZINE

Above: Tattoos by Todo; Below: (left) Koi by Charles; Below: Boston Terrier by Todo; Below: (right) Koi by Ant.


zoroaster listen up!

Tears Up the East Coast


By Matt Wooddy Tattoo pics by Chuck B. Group / performing photos by Kevin Griggs

tlanta based Zoroaster is a band that knows what they want and how to achieve it. Formed in 2003, the band has maintained a great sense of do-it-yourself music promotion while retaining a unique personality and general sense of style. Whether the band members are distributing vinyl copies of their albums or adding more artwork to their own bodies, you can be sure that they're having a great time on the journey. I met with the group while Will Fiore — lead singer, guitarist and founding member — was getting inked at Memorial Tattoo on Moreland Ave. to learn more about the band's current direction and where they are headed next. With so many bands using online promotions to gain a name for themselves, Zoroaster still relies on heavy touring and total devotion to reach an audience. “We love touring, and that's the only way to make money anyway,” he tells me. Passion is clearly the driving force in the band's works so there's an obvious draw for fans in search of something different yet real.The band has their sights set on a tour up and down the East Coast this Fall, therefore the main focus at the moment is touring. Godflesh is one of Will's main influential bands, but Zoroaster has

Drummer Dan Scanlan; Above: Inner arm by Mikey Jenkins (Cabbagetown).

Above: Dan’s left arm by Josh Brown; Below: Knucks and neck by Phil Colvin; (left) Chest and back by Dave Kruseman.



Above: Dan at work. Below: (left) Dan’s old friend by Phil Colvin.

Above: Dan’s right hand by Dave Kruseman; Left hand by Mikey Jenkins of Memorial Tattoo Cabbagetown.

completely developed their own signature sound by this point.With literary comparisons used as often as they are, the best way to get a feel for Zoroaster's music is to pick up a CD or experience it live yourself.The band plans on recording an EP of a few new songs in the coming months, but the idea of a full album isn't totally out of the picture. “I'll have a record in my head and want to do it, and then a month later totally change [the direction],” Will states.While albums tend to see vinyl and CD releases, an EP will likely just see CD and digital. Fiore joked about bringing back cassingles with an EP release, but who doesn't want a cassingle?! Tattoos are obviously a huge part of the band, but Will was quick to let me know that it wasn't always that way.While he did

Above: Bassist Mike Morris; Below: Mike’s tattoos by Dave Kruseman and MarkLafond.

get inked at an early age, most of his money was spent on guitars and music-related equipment. About 12 years later, tattooing became a newfound interest when he linked up with local tattoo maven, Phil Colvin. A friendship was immediately born, as most of his ink comes from the Atlanta based artist. Aside from great body art, Phil has also worked with the band to provide album artwork on past releases.The bond between the band and Colvin runs


Zoroaster Continues

Above: Will Fiore’s tattoos are by Phil Colvin.

deep, as his visual work represents the music extremely well. But the tattoos don't stop at home.When Zoroaster traveled to Berlin,Will and the gang documented their trip with some memorable tattoos.The ink serves as reminders to the band that their music has taken them to countries like Germany and back. With high spirits and dedication, it's clear that Zoroaster is maintaining their own way of things rather nicely. And that's what it's really all about: creating memories and having a good time along the way. Will leaves us with some lasting impressions for the young rockers out there: “Go on tour and get blowjobs.” Catch Zoroaster on their current tour of the East Coast with Kvelertak and Skeletonwitch and visit: for tour dates, merch and more! H 12


Above: Singer and guitarist Will Fiore and his tattoos. Below: Will getting tattooed by Phil Colvin.


famous ink

In the Deep End with Jason DeMarco by J.J. Diablo Tattoos shown from random collectors Jason DeMarco photo courtesy Adult Swim


“Apocalypse Pony” (Robot Chicken) and “Skulldilocks” (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) by Loki of Sacred Heart Tattoo.

h, the joys of youth . . . primary bicycle transport, ice cream without calorie burden, the infamous neighborhood pool . . . Remember the groan of contempt exhaled with every hourly lifeguard whistle? You know, the whistle that meant the death of UN-adulterated aquatic fun for the longest 10-15 minutes of your life? Well as the last decade has shown, Adult Swim is alive and well today, leaps and bounds from the neighborhood pool and its heavily chlorinated (and urinated) waters. Much like its childhood predecessor Cartoon Network’s MVP has made its mark in the same short window of time, hooking fans with concentrated animated power nerd comedy in episodes as brief yet equally unforgettable as 15 minutes. In between, their trademark “bumps” showcase the voice of a generational subculture that while echoing a seemingly obscure minority has resounded quite loudly in the ears, hearts and even skin of the masses, namely those 18-35 years old. This same age range also holds the largest number of tattooed people in the country. Coincidence? Probably. However, the devotion Adult Swim and its constantly evolving programming enjoys from its fans is not. AS creatives have been able to not only move their viewers to laugh along with them to their own brand of humor but inadverdently compel them to identify so deeply with this brand that some have marked themselves Adult Swim for life. How you ask? It’s a tattoo magazine folks . . . we’ll give you three guesses. Adult Swim’s Creative Director of Sales Promotions, Jason DeMarco, a fellow tattoo enthusiast (he has a full sleeve from Shane Morton), explains to us why



Above: Frylock (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) by Jordan Ross; Monarch (Venture Bros.) by Loki of Sacred Heart Tattoo. Below: Jason DeMarco & Co.

Above & Below: Early Culyer and pickup by Loki & “Swayze Crazy” Early by Mike Bullock (Squidbillies); Dr. Rockso (Metalocalypse) by Loki of Sacred Heart Tattoo. Below: Master Shake (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) by Jason Smalley of Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery.

he thinks the Adult Swim mark, much like the stain of ink, has grown beyond skin deep into a lifestyle challenging today’s standards of what can be done in the name business success. The rise of AS as a mainstream media contender seems to have coincided with the rise of tattoo culture and both of their growing marketabilities. As television execs scratch their heads looking for fresh new programming, the taboos of tattoos and brave original programming, what AdWeek calls a previously “long dismissed . . . cultish backwater for marijuana enthusiasts and shiftless geeks,” seem to hold the answer. Giving insight to its early years, DeMarco explains that AS founder, Mike Lazzo, “never had a conscious attempt” in achieving success. Seeking creative freedom, Lazzo strove to not spend a lot of money for the sake of more creative expression. Driven by an “initially skewed sense of humor” Lazzo and team created a veritable “island of misfit toys . . . able to indulge where they could not elsewhere”. The result, free from corporate polish and media packaging, quickly struck a nerve with a clear audience hungry for something more real and accessible, finding palette in the “snarky” but honest voice immerging as Adult Swim. This identifiable voice has built an emotional connection with its viewers; a connection so strong, fans are compelled to tattoo their favorite characters and shows onto their bodies in tribute. With such a deep response from fans, one would wonder what the folks of Adult Swim think of tattoos. While the Williams Street office itself has no policy for or against them, an undercurrent of tolerance exists. DeMarco explains that while they are not particularly “pro tattoo” the office emphasis is based on performance versus appearance. DeMarco paints the picture of an internal culture of true characters, some even wearing occasional Friday the 13th Jason masks around, promoting creativity and viewing tattoos, at least in context of creative expression, as a “non-issue,” another form of creative outlet rather than distraction. He says they prefer “not to focus on things that don’t really matter” adding “Luckily, I’m a creative though. If I worked in accounting, it might be a different story.” Whatever the story, the tales of Adult Swim have captured the hearts, minds and even hides of many and its subculture following has come to the mainstream. In its wake, one would be wise to piss or get out of the pool. Visit for the latest show news and all things merch! H INK ATLANTA MAGAZINE 15

Miss Ink Atl November

Tara Villalvazo


Words by J.J. diablo Photos by Ed Selby n the shadow of industry Detroit, Michigan stands out as a relic of automotive acceleration and its wake. Tell anyone you’re from Detroit and one can quite visibly see their expression change to one of respect as anyone who can hang in Detroit is of a different breed by most standards. This month’s Miss INK Atlanta, Tara Villalvazo, is no different. She’s strong, smart and as you can see for yourself, gorgeous. Add to that some of the best tattoos in the city and you’ve got the blueprint for an entirely different machine. Now calling Georgia home Tara resides in Marietta where she, her husband Vince and their new shop, Mystic Owl Tattoo, are making magic happen. Q: What was your first tattoo experience? My husband and I met four years ago when I walked into the studio he was working at to get my first tattoo with my sister. We got matching chai Hebrew symbols on our ankle. It is the smallest tattoo I have but my favorite because I share it with my sister and it was how I met my husband.The following day I went back to the shop with a friend who was getting tattooed and asked Vince to meet me later for drinks and that was it.We instantly had a connection and we have now been married for two and a half years. Q: How did you make the transition to becoming more heavily tattooed and what artists have you had work from? I had always wanted tattoos but never actually took the initiative to get one. Luckily I have been immersed in the tattoo world for four years now and had Vince to initially guide me; otherwise I may have ended up with a bunch of junk. I never



moved down here I did an internship with 99X and then just a couple weeks after commencement I was offered the position as the concessions GM at the Tabernacle. Working at the Tabernacle was amazing. I met a lot of great people and got to see a lot of awesome shows. Unfortunately it was too difficult to split my time between there and our new studio so I left the Tabernacle at the beginning of October so I can focus on all things Mystic Owl. Q: How has opening Mystic Owl Tattoo been? My husband and I opened Mystic Owl Tattoo on August 15th, 2011 and could not be happier.There is so much work that goes into opening a tattoo studio but all of the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. If someone would have told me five years ago that I would be heavily tattooed and own a studio with my husband I would have thought they were nuts. I always wanted to be a sports reporter and once I was in the broadcast industry I realized it wasn’t what I thought it was. Operating the studio with Vince and traveling to conventions and doing all things tattoo related gives me great satisfaction. I enjoy everything about it; becoming more educated about tattooing, promoting the studio, meeting new people and working with our wonderful artists at Mystic Owl is awesome. We have a great crew here; they’re awesome people and awesome artists. We have a large studio so we have room to grow in the future and right now we have Vince Villalvazo, Jace Masula,Tim Orth and Raiden. Mystic Owl Tattoo is located at: 44 N. Fairground St. NE Marietta, 30060. For more info, visit: or H

thought I would have the coverage I have and I still have a lot more to get. There are so many talented artists out there and I wish I could get tattooed by them all but have been fortunate to be tattooed by my husband,Vince Villalvazo, Jace Masula, Chris Birdsong, Russ Abbott and John Madigan just to name a few. Q: How did you get into modeling? I never really thought too much about modeling but some encouragement from some friends definitely helped. My friend Jen set me up with Ed Selby and we have done a few shoots and I love it. I definitely would like to do some more modeling. It’s a lot of fun and I like to have the chance to be a girl. Q: You and Vince are both very driven. How did you and your husband handle achieving your goals along with your relationship? Vince moved down here to advance his tattooing career while I stayed in Michigan for another eight months to finish my BA in Journalism. It was very hard being apart but monthly visits helped a lot. Once I


Bonegarden Tattooed Bistros & Bars

Cantina Day of the Dead Meets B

by Angela Elliott

the Art of Authenticity

one Garden is one of my favorite hidden gems in Atlanta.With a menu full of Mexican specialties made completely from scratch and items being “a la carte,” you can single handedly create a special feast for one (or more) that matches your own tastes and appetites. On Friday, I tried Bone Garden’s most famous dish, the “Camarones,” an enchilada with sautéed garlic shrimp and a brag worthy mixture of ingredients that compliment each other so perfectly, I’ve been dreaming about it ever since . . . Oh and the Pescado Negro taco … And the guacamole. I’m slowly amping up the courage to join the Bone Garden Cantina Tequila Club. There are over 60 premium tequilas to sip on while one sits in a food coma. And for only $30 per person,Tequila expert, Mike Cook, will select 5 premium tequilas to share with you along with pairings from the mouth-watering food menu. And once you’ve sampled 50 premium tequilas, you get the muy exclusivo Tequila Club t-shirt.There is only one date left for 2011, December 3rd, so move fast! Tastings start at 3:00pm so call 404-418-9072 to reserve your spot now! Also on my to-do list is the Sister Louisa’s Spiritual Sangria. But for now, I stick with my favorite imported beers, Modelo Negra & Pacifico or as I call them, deliciousness in a bottle. There’s nothing not to love about Bone Garden. It’s off the beaten path in every sense of the word. Just finding the place makes you feel like an Atlanta insider. And with the walls decorated from some of our city’s beloved artists, (the latest installation from Young Blood Gallery’s “Day of the Dead” show, very fitting) it truly is a neighborhood treasure. And trust me…. try the guacamole. For info on specials, hours and Tequila Club, visit: H



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Call now to reserve your space! Loc l 770-723-9824 or email a Re al s su Locader lts Re Check out our online directory too!


Featured artist

Tim McGrath 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour - EAV


By Harrison Knolle his month we have the honor of filling our pages with the work of mustachioed madman and expert artist Tim McGrath of 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour in East Atlanta Village.Though born in New York, McGrath was raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. where his career began. In 2000,Tim began a grueling apprenticeship at Silver on the Mount in Hollywood, Florida under Vince Mazurkevitch. He shared some insights with me about how much he really learned from Mazurkevitch explaining “I had always been on the other side of the needle. I never really understood everything that went into it until then. But I went through everything as an apprentice, from sweeping up the shop to tattooing grapefruit.” Tim spent a year and a half under Mazurkevitch and then moved on to Babylon Tattoo where he worked with artist and owner, Novi Filipovich, in Ft. Lauderdale. “Working there was very different.We had to go out and get clients and make them feel comfortable. I kind of went to the bar and made friends to come in and get tattooed. You had people outside the shop in the neighborhood coming up and asking for a dollar all the time so when someone came into the shop I tried to act super professional to counter what was happening on the other side of the door.” It wasn’t until Hurricane Katrina hit South Florida that McGrath decided to move up to Atlanta. Now he works his magic inside the walls of 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour where he has resided for the past five years. Tim works with all different styles of tattooing from Americana to tribal, “I actually really like doing tribal. Not arm bands but it’s cool when someone comes in with a simple tribal design and I’m like ‘okay, I see what your getting at but it could be so much more.’ I like to take everything and make it my own.” McGrath cites artists like Frank Lee and Jack Rudy 22


as some of his inspirations but also gives credit to his fellow artists at 13 Roses, “Everyone is a great artist, Mikey Slater, Kevin Cook, Joe Vegas, everyone gets along, and the shop looks awesome. I’ve never had my own room to work in which is nice.” But Tim’s art isn’t limited to simply tattoos. He also works a lot with watercolor and acrylic on wood. He has had several shows showcasing his works but none in the works as of right now, which I’m positive, will change.Whenever he’s not tattooing you can find him creating something inside 13 Roses. I must admit that not only is Tim McGrath an exceptional artist he also has one of the best mustaches in the biz. So swing by 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour in East Atlanta Village and check him out or just stop in and play a game of pool, they won’t mind! That’s right, there is a pool table in the lobby! 13 Roses is located at 524 Flat Shoals Ave., SE at the intersection of Glenwood Ave. and Flat Shoals Ave. SE right above the Flatiron Bar. You can also visit their website: H



Heavy Metal yoga O

interview and photos by Cassandre Decorte ver the past few weeks I have participated in Heavy Metal Yoga with teacher, Neda Honarvar, of Tough Love Yoga where I found a new sanctuary. The mood is relaxed and welcoming, even humorous at times. But when the music starts playing I get prepared to sweat! I asked Neda a few questions about her practice and she graced me with simple yet thorough replies. Q: When did the idea for Tough Love Yoga come about? My friend Durgaya Palmieri and I started Tough Love Yoga in April 2010.We were both teaching yoga at the time and looking for ways to expand and grow as teachers and students of yoga. I was looking for an untraditional space to teach classes in and one day found the courage to approach Maggie White and Kelly Teasley at Young Blood Gallery & Boutique about teaching in their gallery space.Those amazing ladies changed our lives. Thanks to the support of our family, friends, teachers, students, and community, our little labor of love has grown so much.



Neda of Heavy Metal/Tough Love Yoga and her tattoos.


Heavy Metal yoga Part of our growth includes Durgaya and I parting ways and moving forward with our own individual yoga businesses. I will continue to run Tough Love Yoga while Durgaya is starting her own company called The Home School of Yoga. It is of course amicable and we will continue to collaborate in different creative ways but it’s what we decided was best as we continue to grow. Q:How did you become a yoga instructor? I had been practicing yoga for eight years on and off when I decided to dive into teacher training. I was initially drawn in by the physical aspects of yoga and wanted to deepen my practice. My Guru and my teacher taught me with so much love and support.The more I studied and practiced, the more I learned about myself and began to work on transforming those aspects of my self and my life that were keeping me small or making me unhappy. I was astounded by how much I was learning and wanted to share with others. Shortly after my first two teacher trainings, my teacher Isvari Verre introduced me to Anusara Yoga. Since then I have been studying Anusara with Isvari and my other teacher Gina Minyard and will begin Anusara teacher training at the end of this month.Through the practice, I’ve accessed more strength and created more freedom in my body than I ever thought was possible. I’m not claiming to have it all figured out by any means.The more I learn, the more there is to learn.To me, it’s about taking something that I love and that has changed my life and sharing it with all of the awesome people who come through the door. Q: If you had to define the concept of Tough Love Yoga what would it be? I love how one student recently described one of our classes as a “balance of a serious attitude towards yoga with an atmosphere of playfulness.” In my eyes,Tough Love Yoga is about making yoga accessible and guiding students beyond their perceived limitations in a safe, fun, challenging and compassionate way. We move and we sweat and we have fun, but I’m also very hardcore about form, alignment and therapeutics. My favorite classes are when someone is convinced that he or she isn’t strong or flexible enough to get into a pose, or afraid of going upside down for hand and head stands and then all of a sudden, with a combination of skillful alignment, courage and support, they overcome that doubt or fear and do something they never thought they could before. My hope is for every person who walks in the door to learn something new about his or her body or self and to feel stronger and more free physically, emotionally and mentally at the end of the day. It’s a cumulative, never-ending process that isn’t going to happen passively. How does metal music correlate with your teachings and what does the addition of certain types of music bring to the class? I always tell people that Metal Yoga started because a bunch of my guy friends said they would come to my class if I played metal but it really isn’t just about offering something different or getting people through the door. I love metal and I love yoga and contrary to what a lot of people think, the two actually go together very well. Not everyone wants to listen to birds chirping and harps playing when they’re trying to relax.When I’m relaxing and practicing yoga at home, a little black metal goes a long way. So much of the practice of yoga is about finding your center and moving through your practice and your day from that calm, clear and steady place. Metal Yoga helps with that process. It’s easy to go with the flow and get swept away by some of the more ambient and post-rock bands but when Watain or Slayer are playing, you almost have no other choice than to pull away from the periphery and really focus on your practice. I’m not saying it’s for everyone but



More of Neda’s tattoos

there are a bunch of Metal Yogis out there who say that after a couple of minutes they don’t even notice the music anymore.They’re that focused. We listened to Ludicra this past week, during my time spent with you, what are some previous bands you have featured or would like to feature? I try to include a variety of bands and styles and I often choose bands with upcoming Atlanta shows. So far, in addition to the aforementioned Ludicra, I’ve featured Neurosis, Isis, Skeletonwitch, Pelican, Mastodon,The Melvins, Metallica, Russian Circles, Deafheaven, Kylesa, Krallice,Wolves in the Throne Room, High on Fire, Immortal, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Cult of Luna, Black Sabbath, Black Cobra, Agalloch, Baroness, Cream Abdul Babar, Fantomas,Tomahawk, Maserati, Queens of the Stone Age,Watain,Withered,Wizard Smoke, Zoroaster, Electric Wizard, Altar of Plagues, and Nachtmystium.There are so many more bands to feature.


Heavy Metal yoga continues

Why should INK Atlanta readers begin practicing metal yoga with Tough Love? I think Maggie said it best when she said “Melt your face off in a very relaxing, healing way.” It’s fun, it’s therapeutic and you will melt your face (or sweat your ass) off. As far as tattoos go, most of Neda’s tattoos have been done by Phil Colvin of Memorial Tattoo ATL, and Demian and Bill of Southern Star Tattoo.The Cobra design on her ribs actually served as inspiration for the Tough Love Yoga logo design as well. Tough Love Yoga has recently enjoyed accolades including Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta 2011 Staff Pick for Best Alternative Exercise making it a primo choice to help burn off holiday treats and get a head start on New Year’s resolutions for 2012. Classes are held throughout the week in the back of the Young Blood Gallery’s Boutique with warm lighting and the gallery’s constantly updated artwork to focus on. Young Blood Gallery & Boutique is located at: 636 N. Highland Ave. NE Atlanta. 30306. For more information and full class schedules visit: H



Holiday gifts for cool people

Deck Specks A new vision for old decks


By Chuck B. Photos by Kevin Griggs ECK SPECKS. Sunglasses made from 100% used skateboard decks! A percentage of sales will go to charity to help provide reading glasses and skateboards to under privileged kids. Best of all it’s all recycled! The frames are crafted out of deck wood and they look just like they came out of a mold.You can even have custom specks

Deck Specks’ Dan Scanlan and Luke Ballard

made out of YOUR old deck! They are actively taking old deck donations and orders NOW! Deck Specks were developed and created by Luke Bullard and fellow skateboarder Kevin Radley about a year ago. Dan Scanlan of Zoroaster met Luke through a mutual friend. He saw what they were making, wanted to be involved and shortly after the three amigos formed Deck Specks, LLC and were off to the races. “The goal is to get Deck Specks in every skateboard shop in the country and beyond” according to Scanlan. Skaters unite and let’s make these glasses show up in your town’s skate shop! For more info check out: or H

Adult Swim - Robot Chicken


Season 5 Part 2 on DVD & Blu-Ray

dult Swim has released nine full episodes of the Emmy Award®-winning series, Robot Chicken, on DVD and Blu-ray!!! They even managed to do it before your holiday list has graced your hot little hands which is exactly where these babies belong . . .Well technically they belong in your DVD player but those kinds of instructions are what Google is for.The Robot Chicken Season 5 Blu-ray release marks the first time an entire season of Robot Chicken will be available in high-definition to boot, all for the suggested retail price of $39.99! (DVD: $29.98.) Co-created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, Robot Chicken uses stop-motion animation to bring pop-culture parodies to life in a modern take on the variety/sketch show format. Guest stars in the upcoming season 5 part 2 include Kevin Bacon, Megan Fox, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mila Kunis, Breckin Meyer, Jeremy Renner and Elijah Wood. Like all of its predecessors,The Robot Chicken Season 5 DVD and Blu-ray both will feature hours of bonus material, including seven fully animated deleted scenes, over 50 deleted animatics with video introductions, episode commentary with celebrity guests and behind-the-scenes featurettes.The Blu-ray edition will exclusively feature alternate audio takes from various sketches throughout the fifth season, while the DVD will be the only place fans can download an exclusive, uncensored version of the “Blue Rabbits” song. Visit: for purchase and more info NOW!! H


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Ink Atlanta v1i5  

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