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Pricing Research

We bring pricing research to the next level


At Pricing Labs we focus exclusively on pricing research with emphasis in retail and consumer products, from pricing research on new products, existing products, private labels, and new categories, to price and revenue optimization in product portfolios and retail environment. We use the latest technologies and methods in providing our services supported by peer-reviewed doctoral research.

Pricing Research We deliver the next generation of pricing research




New Product Pricing

Store Price Optimization

Virtual Stores

We test new product concepts and product attributes for new or existing product categories using the newest techniques and methods.

We look at the consumer path within the store and the store layout and study the consumer purchase intention in the most realistic setting delivering the best scenario for store price optimization.

We use virtual stores, online data capture and eye-tracking technology as the core of our research. This ensure that we look deeper in the variables that led to the purchase intention.

We use the latest technologies and methods in our pricing research studies, resulting in more accurate results.

Our focus in Pricing Research We are 100% committed in delivering the best results using our technologies for pricing research.

Online Pricing Research


By using online tools such as online surveys, online focus groups, synchronous and asynchronous interviews that are delivered online, via intercepts and even thru social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we are able to capture valuable data from a broader range of consumers.

Eye-Tracking Technology


Eye-tracking technology is at the core of our research in new developments, products concepts, private label brands, shelf analysis, etc. We explore what the consumer is looking at and from the infer the relation between price and other attributes such as packaging, shelf arrangement, brand, color, etc.

Virtual Stores Pricing Research

7 155 N. Wacker Dr., #4250, Chicago, IL 60606

By developing reallistic shopping scenarios, we can study the consumer purchase behavior in the most reallistic setting, allowing us to test variables such as discounts, promotions, store layout, couponing, package sizes. And we can even simulate shopping context such as time of the day and weather.

We are innovators We support your innovation work by researching on pricing of innovations.




Global Scope

Fast Implementation


We are based in Chicago, however, our technology allow us to develop pricing studies in a global scale.

We setup our studies in a relatively short period of time compared with tradicional research methods. Our online tools and technologies are ready to go.

From virtual stores placed in masstransportation stations, to merging online/offline shopping, to analyze brand-price trade offs, we use cuttingedge technologies

We are entrepreneurs, we are all for innovation. We were born out of the necessity of delivering relevant pricing research., not the old fashioned methods available in the industry. As opposite as the majority of ‘pricing research firms’ that are more into management consulting and training, we are focus in the research aspect of pricing. Our focus is 100% on pricing research.

155 N. Wacker Dr., #4250, Chicago, IL 60606

Pricing Labs - Services  

Pricing Labs is an innovative pricing research company with cutting-edge technology supporting the pricing research process.

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