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World-class publisher tools included in all plans.
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Unlimited Uploads
Brand controls for sharing your publications via email, social, and on your own website or blog.
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Show Embeds and Shareable Full-Screen Reader without Related Publications
Customization Options for Embeds and Shareable Full-Screen Reader
Distribution features on the Issuu platform.
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Additional Fee
Additional Fee
Digital sales.
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Understand your readers with powerful Issuu insights.
Publication-Level Statistics
Page-Level Statistics
Downloadable Statistics
Work with your whole editorial team while organizing, planning and producing publications.
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Collaborative Planning Tool
Additional publisher tools and support.
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500 pages / 100MB
500 pages / 100MB
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Embedded Videos
Auto-Detected Links
Allow Download for Readers
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10 uploads /mo
Print on Demand
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Additional Fee
Additional Fee
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Story Creation
Essential features to help you grow.
Whether you’re an established publisher or just getting started, Issuu has the tools you need to get your content online and in front of eager eyeballs.
Sell digital publications.
Available on Premium Plan:
  • Sell single issues
  • Sell subscriptions
Sell digital publications.
Reach your audience and grow your readership.
Reach your audience and grow your readership.
Available on Premium Plan:
  • Customizable shareable full-page reader
  • Customizable embed appearance
  • Embeds and shareable full-screen reader without related publications
Use valuable reader insights to connect deeper.
Available on Premium Plan:
  • Unlimited publication and page level statistics
  • Download statistics as .csv file for analysis
Use valuable reader insights to connect deeper.
From links to visibility, you control everything.
From links to visibility, you control everything.
Available on Premium Plan:
  • Schedule publication release dates
  • Allow Download for Readers
  • Auto-detected text links (urls and emails)
The simplest way to whip your workflow into shape.
Collaborate helps you manage each new publication from start to finish, all in one place. It keeps your editorial, design and ad-sales teams on the same page and on schedule.
Start by planning out each issue page by page. Add placeholder articles and ads on the flatplan and assign to the right team members.
Collaborate with contributors to gather articles, assets and ad materials for layout, while ensuring everything is delivered on time.
With InDesign integration, download articles and ads for layout, then upload final design files for preview and approval.
Publish directly on Issuu to have your publication beautifully presented on desktops and mobile devices around the world, or download a PDF of the final layout.
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