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Olivia & Maddie 2008 - 2009

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The NSW Flying 11 Sprints were held on Saturday 27th September 2008 hosted by the Hunters Hill Sailing Club on the Parramatta River in Sydney. This was the first outing the girls had been able to make together since teaming up as an All Girl crew for the 2008 - 2009 sailing season.

2008 - 2009 NSW Flying 11 State Sprint Championships - Hunters Hill SC

After convincingly winning 4 of the 7 sprint races off Cockatoo Island in a moderate nor'east breeze of 8-12kts, Olivia and Maddie were crowned the NSW F11 Sprint Champions, also winning the All Girls Trophy for 2008.

2008 OAMPS Yachting NSW Youth Championships - Gosford SC

1363 Crunchie winners - 2008 OAMPS YNSW Youth Champions Intermediate Double Handed Division & Flying Eleven Class

Over the long weekend 4th-6th October 2008, Olivia and Maddie came from behind after the first 2 races of 5 over three days, in very trying conditions ranging from complete glass-outs to 15kt squalls in very lumpy seaway. A number of races were cancelled due to such poor conditions but the girls remained focused on the task at hand and once again took out the series in a convincing fashion, confirming they were the force to be reckoned with in the F11 season ahead.

2008 McGrath Upper Harbour Championships - Lane Cove 12'SSC

On Saturday 1 November at the mouth of the Lane Cove River, Olivia and Maddie won the McGrath Flying Eleven 2008 Upper Harbour Championships after a very tough fought battle with the lead changing many times in true river sailing conditions. The course was set between Clarkes Point to Goat Island in a SSE 1020kts fluctuating breeze with a strong runout tide. Once again the girls came from behind until the final downwind leg, cementing their lead tack to tack from the leeward mark to the finish.

2008 - 2009 NSW Flying 11 State Championships Round 1 - Gosford SC 6th - 7th December 2008

Race 1

The first race of the 2008 - 2009 NSW Flying 11 Championships was raced at Gosford in a nor'west 10-14kts with a new fleet of 75 boats. Olivia and Maddie were a conservative third at the top mark, moving to second over the next two circuits. They finished second after a close cover battle up the last work to the finish.

Race 2 (abandoned)

Race 2 was abandoned after the girls led the fleet from the start to the second reach where the expected southerly caught some of the back markers still approaching the top mark for the first time.

Race 2 The breeze was very light on Sunday morning so the PRO shortened the course to accommodate a "catch-up" for yesterday's abandoned race. After the breeze changed mid-morning forcing a restart, Olivia and Maddie became buried in the pack, being forced to do a penalty which utimately kept them from spreading their wings during the race, crossing the line in eighth place.

Race 3 did not start until 4:30pm due to a brief but brutal squall decimating the bulk of the fleet, causing a return to the beach. The breeze had settled to a steady 10-12kts from the south, with Olivia and Maddie sailing a loose cover over the fleet up the centre-left. They were second at the first rounding, and then went on to totally dominate the remainder of the race by herding their opposition away from the favoured side, then never faultering in a spectacular tacking duel all the way to the finish. During this round 1 weekend, Olivia and Maddie had to endure three instances where they were leading a race when it was abandoned. Whilst it was not the best of circumstances to face, they nonetheless showed their true spirit to look forward and focus on what they could do in the next race on each occassion. At the conclusion of Round 1, the Crunchie girls had secured the lead from last year's NSW State Champs , albeit on countback with 11 points each. This was becoming a rather unique situation with the complete reversal between these two boats after the final round of the 2007-2008 NSW State Champs, where Crunchie was second on countback after winning the last race leveling the scores.

EDEN 2009 Flying 11 Nationals

Race 1 was no fun, with the breeze dropping out all together. The race was not abandoned despite only one triangle and a work being completed, with crews leading one minute then tail ending the next. Olivia and Maddie got stuck with the back pack, rounding the first mark in 52nd place, eventually creeping back to a commendable 18th as the tidal flow propelled them over the finish line.

Race 2 was a different story, with the race committee taking the fleet out to sea, leaving themselves only one link on their anchor line. The race got underway at 4:30pm in a SE/E 15kts with chop at around 2m. Moving from forth to third by the second top rounding, Olivia and Maddie moved up to second by the last leeward mark only to be dealt a nasty hole in the breeze by the encroaching evening quiet up the last work to the finish line, crossing in sixth place.

Race 3 was held on the outer course with a solid NE 15kts and a building 3m swell rolling in from the Tasman Sea. Olivia and Maddie were fouth round the top mark, moving to second by the wing. The breeze had built consistently to over 20kts and the last work became a battle amongst three Manly team mates. It was anyones race and by the finish, first place crossed the line 9 seconds ahead of second, with Olivia and Maddie 1 second behind in thrid spot.

Back on the inside course for race 4 saw a number of dramatic shifts favour the right hand side, with Olivia and Maddie a conservative forth arount the first mark. The girls demonstrated their superior skill on the reaches and moved ahead to second place by the leeward mark. The breeze was now fluctuating ahead of the forecast 30kts, with the left hand side now the favour of the front runners, Olivia and Maddie choosing a loose cover over the remainder of the fleet heading up centre-left maintaining second place. By the final lap in a building 17kts, the girls had skillfully out tacked their opponents and assumed the lead.They continued their fight for line honours in a spectacular tacking duel with their Manly team mates to cross the line seven seconds ahead with third place only one second astern.

An early start for race 5 after the race day was abandonement of racing the day before saw some big shifts in the light SE 5-12kts. Once again Olivia and Maddie kept their resolve to overcome all rivals in a tough tacking duel right up to 300m out and take line honours 17 seconds ahead with only 1 second separation the next two boats.

Race 6 proved to be another wildly fluctuating set of conditions, with an abandoned start and many recalls due to the large shifts creating unfair racing for the bulk of the fleet. The race committee indicated a shortened course to allow the tail enders to be able to complete the race - a dubious decision - and Olivia and Maddie were left to claw through the fleet to claim a forth place. Race 7 was held in 3-15kts with wind shifts ranging up to 160deg. It was disappointing that this race was to decide the runner up for the 2009 F11 national titles, with the winner already being decided after race 6 the day before. Nonetheless, after a close battle between the next top three contenders, Olivia and Maddie surpassed their competitors and the conditions enduring intense pressure to finish the regatta in 2nd place.

2009 Flying Eleven Nationals 2nd Place Overall 1st All Girl Crew

Round 2

Round 2 of the NSW Championships took place at Belmont on the weekend of 14/15 February 2009. Saturday's conditions were sailed in a blustery 15-20kts from the south, and cold rain squalls bursting across Lake Macquarie providing some exciting moments for the sailors and spectators alike. Olivia and Maddie had consistent results with third places in both race 4 and 5. At the end of the day, they found their overall position was still on equal points for first place, but second on countback once again to last year's NSW champions, who had scored two wins for the day. Although Olivia and Maddie were a little disappointed not to remain the series leaders, there were two more races scheduled to sail on the final day.

It was widely regarded throughout the fleet that the teamwork of Olivia and Maddie was exceptional and unsurpassed. This was no mean feat in the context of the Flying 11 fleet of 2008 - 2009, where the top group of F11 sailors went on to win nearly every class they sailed at the end of season"s CHS Regatta, showing true dominance among the broad spectrum of youth sailing in Australia.

Race 6 The predicted 40kts did not eventuate but the cold rain squall continued to douse the fleet for the final day of the NSW Championships. Olivia and Maddie fought the first two laps to break the cover of the series leader, herding them off to the left before taking first bite at the fresh rain squall approaching on the final leg to the finish. With the cover broken, it was a drag race for the equal pointed contenders from either side of the course. With only one tack left to cross the line, it was any ones guess who would succeed the finish line ahead of the other. Although it was a photo finish, the girls were judged 6 inches astern of their competitor. This now left a 1 point advantage to their rivals entering the final race.

Race 7 It had come down to the last race for Olivia and Maddie to wrestle the NSW crown from last year's champions. The torrential downpour between race 6 and 7 was spent on water quietly focusing on the task in front of them. The wind had died out completely, but a new front was fast approaching from the south. The girls needed to come from behind in the last race, a pursuit they had succeeded in many time over the season together. The atmosphere had become electric, with Flying 11 history just a race away. Olivia and Maddie set out at 1:30pm from the start in a steady 15kts in conditions more atune to the mountains, with visibility reduced to 20m and the spectator craft unable to follow all but the edge of the fleet up the first work. The awaiting spectator fleet had no idea which boats were approaching the top mark out of the fog and rain. At 50 meters out, it became clear Olivia and Maddie were in front of the fleet leading into the first mark, and an audible chatter commenced among the onlookers. They had left their rival in their wake with over 20 boats to leeward.

Winning Grins

2008 - 2009 NSW Flying 11 Champions

1:50:51pm Crunchie crosses the finish line over a minute ahead to become the 2008-2009 NSW Flying 11 State Champions

Farewell Crunchie and Olivia It was the swan song for the Crunchie team of Olivia and Maddie, and the farewell for Olivia, retiring from the Flying 11 class to pursue her world match racing career with the Australian Sailing Team's ASDS. The win in race 7 not only earned them the title of NSW Flying 11 Champions, it cemented Olivia and Maddie into the Flying 11 history books by being the first All Girl crew to have done so in it's 53 year history. The NSW series was an extraordinary regatta where the leading points were continually shared throughout by two crews, the pendulum swung both ways on countback at each ensuing occassion up until the final day's competition. At the conclusion of this regatta, also being the season's end, Olivia and Maddie won every Flying 11 Association event bar the Nationals where they were runners-up. In modern times, no crew has dominated the Flying 11 fleet to such an extent, male or female.

"The best thing that happened this season was..... the entire thing. I can’t pick out one moment where Maddie and I weren’t enjoying ourselves except perhaps after the last round of the States; we were over the moon!" Olivia - March 2009

1st - NSW F11 Sprint Championships 2008 1st - NSW F11 Sprint Championships All Girl Crew 2008 1st - YNSW Youth Championships F11 2008 1st - YNSW Youth Championships Intermediate Double Handed Div 2008 1st - Upper Harbour F11 Championships 2008 1st - Upper Harbour F11 Championships All Girl Crew 2008 2nd -Australian F11 National Championships 2009 1st - Australian F11 National Championships All Girl Crew 2009 1st - NSW F11 Championships 2008 - 2009 1st - NSW F11 State Championships All Girl Crew 2008 - 2009

Maddie and I have accomplished so much this year, and I am so proud of the results we have achieved over the various regattas including states, sprints and youths and of course nationals. Olivia

My most favourite sailing moment was winning the NSW States on the last race of the regatta where the first three boats were all girl crews. Maddie

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A collection of Season 08/09 - Olivia & Maddie


A collection of Season 08/09 - Olivia & Maddie