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AnimolEdventures After School Progrom of Webster Elementory Itos like having the Discovery Channelin your classroom! The kids get to touchohandleand experiencethe animals;they havefun and donotevenrealize how much they're learning! PERMITTED,/NSURED,AND QUALIFIED! o Classesmeetweeklyfor one hour . Featuringa differentanimal/animal(s) each week o Studeniswill leam abouteach animal,(habitat,diet, characteristics,etc.), hold, pet, interactwith the animals,then createan art projectrelatedto the animalof the weekl o We have over 160 kid-friendlyanimalsfrom snakes,lizards,tortoises& amphibiansto furry crittersof all kinds,bugs, birds& even farm animalsl

t Dotes:Mqrch15 - Moy t7,2Ot3 Numberof Weeks:8 ClossTimes: {1:50 - 2z5OKINDERGARTEN} Doy of Week: Fridoy {3:10-4:10 Grodes1-5} *NO *fncludes qll mqteriols Fee':$l2O for 8-weeksession CLASSON 3/29 4 4/5

?le-ase Fill Out,Sign,ondDetachslipwith checkpayoble to: PARTYANIMALS Thiscompleted form with pcymentis to be turnedin to the front deskby Thursdcy, Morch14,?013. Nomeof Child:






(usedfor updotes& notificotionsggly) Totol qmountenclosed: CheckNumber: Pleosereqd corefully ond signf herebyenrollmychildin the AnirnolEdventuresProgrom.f undenstond thot theneis norefundofter the first clossor for onymissed closses.f olsounderstond there will be o $20 fe,efor returnedchecks.I herebyexpresslyreleosePortyAnimolsandWebster Elementory School, oll their employees, instructors, ogents,ondowners, of onyondoll liabilityfor onycloim,demond, injury,expense, domoge, octionor couseof octionorisingout of or in connection with mychild'sporticipotion in the Anirnol Edventures Progrom. Signoturel


Classos!, 3 e*r*w*r.*gpx'*g *-mnvx Doy: Wednesdoy M or l l - M o y 1 5 Time:K 2:00-3:00I -5 3:'14-4:14 F t----^ ^_ .

Clossesoffered: Art Innovolors: GrodesK Arl Innovolors GrodesI -5


Questions? call 310 823-3631 or email


2. 3. 4.

Online (chooseKidzClasses) Fax 3 1 0 8 2 3 -3 6 0 0 P h o n e 3 1 0 8 2 3 -3 6 3 1 Or return completedform to school office

Resuired{*}. StudentNome (s): *Porent/Guordion: *Phone:( *cell: ( ))*Address: *City: *Zip: _ *Emoil {clossupdotes): *Grode(s): *Birthdote(s): *KinderRm# _ *Doesyour child normollyottend ofterschool core? *AfterArt Innovotors clossmy child will: tr Be picked up by porent/guordionfrom the Art Innovotorsclossroom tr Go to AfterschoolCore tr Wolkhome/lndependentReleose tr Other:

Session by Session

nspringSession Mar11 - May15 2O L3B wks $ 1 2 0

flvISR Duc


Pleasemakecheckspayableto Art Innovators Card#:


_t_ cvc# _ (3 digitnumberon backof card) I authorize Art Innovators to chargemy card: X

I have read and understandthe informationpr:ovidedin this flyer. I waiveany right to claimagainstArt Innovatorso*n".s, riutf uhO teachersin the event of an accident,injury or lossof personalitems.I understandI am committingto my child'sparticipation in Art Innovatorsand reservinga place in classfor the designatedsession above,tuition refundsare only availablewhen providingArt Innovators with 2 weeksadvancednoticeof the classthe party wiJtresto.un."i (discountswill be removedand free items will be chargedbasedon the currentsellingprice). I understandit is my responsibilitv to pick up mv childfrom the designatedclassroomat the designatedend time uniess' other arrangementshave been made. I authorizethe releaseof my child'sartwork and photo for display purposesby Art Innovators,my


Location: Webster Elementary Gontacft Goach Daryl Time: 3rlOpm- 4:3opm Phone: 323-595-4042 (Until 3pm on shorten days) Durationl 6 weeks E mai I : oarytadams8@/ When: Twice Weekly (Tues & Thurs) Gost: $2oolchild (${OO for one day a week) Dates: Feb 26 - Mar 21, Apr g - {8 Due to spring break

Ghilds Name:



Parents Name: (make payable to Daryt Adams)

Emergency Gontact: Email:


11061SwintonAve GranadaHills,CA91944. (S18)229-9944 web : www.creativef ire-stud Email: creativef irestudio

Afler$shool ClayClass! Wsb$er llementary $chool, Room Monday$, Marsh | | - May20 ifoclass fr4/l on3/25


Kindergarten: 1:45-2:45pm; Grades 1-5:3:05-4:05pm. Send registration and payment to School Office by 3/11/13 In this session of Ceramics,students create Bobble Head Statueof their own, design a Key Chain Hanger,envision a Glowing planet of special powers, and tabricate a Creation ol Their lmagination.Coiling, pinching, and slab building teChniqueswill be explored. Once painted and fired, your child's artwork will spring to life from our kilns to your home! Bobble Heads will be bobbling, keys will be organized, planets will glow, and imaginations will soar to the unique intuition of your child's creativity! PRICE: $115.00per child. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis! CLASS LIMIT:25 KIDS Please make check payableto Creative Fire.

This classis extremelypopular!!! Promptregistrationis urged. Studentname(s)

Grade(s) Hm Phone

Parentor Guardian n ames Address EmergencyContact SchoolRoom#





Kindergarten only: Doesyourchildneedto go to thebusor yMCAafterclass? I hetebyenroll my child in CreativeFire'safter schoolclay class. I understandthere is no retundafter the secondweek of classes. I herebyexpresslyand foreverreleaseand dischargeCreativeFire, WebsterElementar School,and the Santa MonicaUnified ity for any claim,demand,injur expense,damage,action or cause of action arisingout of or connectedwith the servicesor facilitiesol CreativeFire, Webster S.M M.U S.D., includingthose arisingfrom acts ot active or passivenegligenceon the part ot CreativeFire Clay Studio,it's instructors,employees,servantsor agen$. I agree to all terms printed on this flyer, Signaturc of Parent or Guardian


11061SwintonAve.GranadaHillsCA 91344(8181223-9344




13 - l{lay 22

3:l O p t n - 4 : lO p r n Glass focation: Lrrnclr Tables

Get readyfor pool riding"a heel llip, or just cruising'! This schoolyear we are pullingout all of our resourcesto makethis projectcool,creative,and sick with it! In this uniqueclassskaterswill developgraphicsfor a 33.5"(various widths)skateboard deck from scratch!Graphicdesign,sanding,painting,and creativegrip tape applicationwill be covered.Wheels,bearings,and truck assmblykit will be sent home alongwith finisheddeckson the last day of class.This boardhas concaveand kicktail, good for ramp ridingand streettricks. Checkout our exampleby emailingus at PRICE: $150.00per child. Enrollment must be in offlce by 3/11. There is no proration for absences or late sign up. GRADES1-5 ONLY. Dueto poputarityof class,promptenrollmentis urged. Enrollmentis on a first come,first servebasis. ClassLimit;25 ff you have any questionscall Rich Mudgeat (818) 223-9344.Send registrationand paymentto SchoolOffice.

Studentname(s) Parentor Guardian names Address Emergency Contact SchoolRoom# AfterClassArrangements: MyChildwill: Be pickedup_

Grade(s) Ages Hm Phone City Zip_ Phone(s) *Pleasemakecheckpayableto CreativeFire WalkHome


I herebyenroll my child in CreativeFire's after school skate board deck designclass. I understandthere is no refundafter the secondweek of classes.. I herebyexpresslyand forever releaseand dischargeWebsterSchool,The Santa MonicaMalibuUnifiedSchool District(S.M.M.U.S.D). their instructors,employees, agentsand consultantsof liabilitylor any claim, demand,injury,expense,damage,actionor cause of action arisingout of or connectedwith the services or facilitiesof CreativeFire,Webster School,and S.M.M.U.S.D., includingthosearisingfrom actsof activeor passivenegligenceon the partof CreativeFire Clay Studio,it's instructors,employees,servantsor agents.

Signature of Parentor Guardiap;


WebslerEnrollmenl Form Sprinq2013 Chess- Wednesdoy Come leornlo ploy chesslhe CreqtiveSpocewqy. Chessis fun, hos been provenlo enhqnce creolivily,crilicollhinkingqnd execulivefuncfioning while improvingocodemic performqnce.Yourchild'sconfidencewill increqseoll in fun, while ploying o gome of chess.Lelsploy! Grodes:K Time:1:50pm - 2:50pm Doy:Wednesdoy qtA, qL7, 4124, Doles:31t3,3120, slt, 5lB,5l]5 Fees:$l 60 for on 8-weeksession Grodes:l-5 Time:3:10pm - 4:10pm Doy:Wednesdoy Dofes:3113,3120, 41t0,4117, 4124,slt, 5lB,SlLs Fees:$l 50 for on 8-weeksession

Pleosesee reverseside for regislrolion


Atler School RegislrofionForm CreoliveSpoce I 1916W. PicoBlvd [A, CA 90064 (310)231-7600 www.c reolivespoc e uso.c om Relurnform lo school office

Nqme of porticiponl: Clqssnqme & Time: DOB:



Nome of porenis: Address: Cily, Slofe,Zip: EmoilAddress: Homephone:

Cell phone:

Any relevonl medicol informolion:(Allergies,regulqr medicqfion,etc.) {!t



CreditCord:MC/VISA Nome on Cord

exp._ billingzip_-

Atler Poymenlis mode, lhere qre no refunds.CreqtiveSpoce is commilled lo providingo sofe qnd secureenvironmentfor oll chitdren. In lhe evenl of injury or illness,Creoiive Spoce wilt moke every efforl lo conlqcl, but if such conlqcl is nol forlhcoming,Creolive Spoce stoffwill be compelled lo use their besl judgment with regordslo lhe heqlth qnd sofetyof my child. Any such treolmenl or cqre shollbe renderedof my expense.I hereby indemnifyCreoliveSpoce ond qny qdminislrqloror employee from qny liobilitybecouse of the exerciseof such consenl. Signotureof Porenlor Guordion


fit-tonfes oLlrnnosfics IOHIIT. WEBSTEN 3602Winter Canvon Rd.

Curriculum includes progressive

skills, spatial awareness, correct body and basic gymnasticskills on all equipment. nessand air sense. In addition, social development

positioning,hand-eyeand foot coordination,st The trampolineand mini-trampolinewill be with other children is enhanced.


Ifo Gym



SANT STUIIEIITIilFONilATIOII Last: Sex: Malen Address#1: Address#2: School:

PreviousStudent?: Yesn Non EmergencyCard?: Yeso Non


zip: Zipz Grade:




Employer: Address: City:


Employer: Address: City:

Room #:


Email (required):


I| llmail heouired)z -,

Please indicate phone numbers in the order that you would like to be contacted with the area codeJirst i"ae, tne Suardian it apptfu b


ctrhn wa I ltrone#l: ca hn wn I enone#2:

cn ha wn cn hn wt

PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Preregistrationincludesa (l)emergenpycard"(2) reeistrationfqrm: a new one must be completedevery schoolyear,and (3) paymentin full by the due date(class+yearly+otal). VERBAL REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. All classesare filled on a first come,first servebasis. The numberof studentsper classis limited. If the classis full, you will be informed. We recommendyou notatethe sessiondates, time and daysoffon your calendar. All late enrollmentsmust email Hugo Montesto verify classavailability and proratedfees. I havereadand completedall of the aboveinformationand understandthere are NO MAKE-UPS.


PUE?ATE: 0ARCHll, 2Ol3



Family KarateCenterInc. 529QKaman Road Agoura,CA 91301


After SchoolKarate Program About the program: Hello, my name is Paul Karami. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with your kids. My goal is to make surekids can learn and have fun while training. Our systemis calledAikido blend.For more information about me you can check

ProgramInformation: Tuition: Day: Time: Time:

$160.00payableto FamilyKarateCenter. No refundsavailableafterclassstarts. Friday Kindergarten1:50-2:35 PM l't gradeandup 3:10-4:10PM


31L5,3122 , 4ll2l, 41L9,4126,513,5ll0l,Sll7

StudentName Parent Name Address: Telephone: e-mail:


Room #

Does your child go to the YMCA after Karate? I understandthat martial arts (Hapkido) training may be dangerous.paul Karami and Family Karate Center,Inc. are not responsiblefor any injuries during and after training. Pleasesign and date.




A --=i,<Wanna -Al)ance;xf Hovefun with your friends.Leorncool moves. ploygomes. Dressup for owesomeperformonces!

Girls& BoysGrodesK-S- Tuesdoys April9th- Moy 28th Kindergorten: 1:50-2:50pm Inter/Adv:3:I 0-4:I Opm WebsterAuditorium 5125/8 weeks Thishigh energy,fun-filledclosswillexploredifferentgenresthroughmusicond movement.Leorn everythingfromHipHop to LotinSolso.Then,get intochorocterond performfor fomilyond friends in our Endof Session Performonce(propsond poriiolcostumesprovided).Eochclosswillinclude worm-up,stretch,techniqueond choreogrophy,plus"freestyle" time to oge/theme oppropriote music.Jointhe WonnoDoncerevolution ond shokeyourgroovethong!

More info:

www.Wonno Dq nceAnd Cheer.c om

ProgramRegistrationForm Participant's Name

Dateof Birth

Parent's/Guardian's Name




Work Phone





City,ST ZIP Code

City,ST ZIP Code






Work Phone

City,ST ZIP Code





Work Phone

City,ST ZIP Code

Makecheckspayablelo "Wanna Dance and Cheer" Mailpaymentand registration formto: Wanna Danceand Cheer,4766ParkGranada#206, Calabasas, Ca. 91302

' ' ' '

REFUNDPOLICIES & PROCEDURES A Program maybecancelled in theeventminimum registration is notmetwithin48 hoursof thestartdate. A fullrefund willbeissued onlyintheeventthata program is cancelled byWannaDanceandCheer Intheeventof illnessor unforeseeable event,a creditor transfer maybe issuedwithapproval. Therewill be a $5.00servicechargefor all refunds. Refundsmustbe requestedbteforethe programlclasssfarfs. Therewill be no refundsOR creditsissuedafter theprogrambegins.

The undersignedagreesto defend,indemnify,and hold harmlessWanna Dance and Cheer and its employees fromand againstany and all loss,liabilitychargesand expensesincludingattorney's feesand costswhichmay ariseby reasonof participation in any program.As parenUguardian, I herebyconsentto emergency treatmentof my minorchildas a resultof accidentor injury. I furtheragreeto pay any and all costs incurredas a result of said treatment.I agree to carefullyinspectand satisfytor myselftnat tne facilitiesprovidedare reasonablysafe for their intendeduse. I understandWanni Dance and Cheer retainsthe right to use photos and videos taken during activitiesfor publicity purposes.

ParenVGuardian Signature



grades1-3I/ 4-5 Webster


r() ' F r rr



.eturning sfudents who bring one friend new to woodshop.BOTH st rdents aro eligiblefor the $40 sal ings i bbu*'s"ugffru&*m{ffi.sxf,; e$v Srdsnd i Day of the Week Classdates

Classtimes MeetingRoom ClassFee Classsize

Tree House Thereis plentyof sawingand buildingfor this interestingand intricateproject. Morefun cannotbe hadl The roof opensso the tree housecan be used to store treasures! Additionaldetaib can be addedas time allows.

Mondays 3118,418,4115, 4122,4129,516,5113,5120 3:15pm -4:15 pm (duration: t hour) outside lunch tables (inside in inclement weather) materiats) $165 fincluOes Limited Space (vendorsdiscretionto cancelif minimumnotmet)

Everyoneremembers woodshop!Studentsusea varietyof tools. Theylearn . safetytechniques . design . assembly . spatial perception. concentration. small motor skills . to follow directions . to think for themselves.Participants feela senseof accomplishment and prideas theycrafttheirprojectandwatchit developintosomething recognizable. Duringthe processtheyare bothlearning andhavingfun.We teachbasicwoodshop skillswitha focuson safety.The knowledge gainedin thiscoursewillbe useful to themthroughout theirliyes.



my qhildwill be: E

tr Pickedup

Webster Elementary Spring 2013

tr Watkhome

E Davcare/YMCA

nefunng Stuaentsneedonty enter changedinformation

Needs E Yes


E trto Explain:

contact phone (if different fromabove):

Returnbymai|,emai|ortotheschoo|office.Checkso'lr,ton"@rrvr-GrrGi chargemy EMasterCardEVisa EDiscover @ lsfiffi card. creditcardNumber Nameon Card(rnrm)


(mm/w)_ cardExpiration

/ zO-

Address(if differentfromabove


securitycode Zip

AGREEMENT, WAIVER AND RELEASE It is the responsibilityofthe parenUlegalguardian to insure that your child arrives at and is promptly picked up from class.l// personal absencesareforfeited. Design It In Wood, nor the SantaMonica-Malibu Unified School District, ltiir ugentr,employees or administratorswill not assumeany liability. By participating in, or authorizingparticipationin, this program in any way whatsoeveryou herebyreleaseand hold harmlessexpresslyand forever the SantaMonica-Malibu Unified School District and Dejign Ii In Wood, their instructors,employees,agentsand consultantsfrom any and all liability, for any claim, demand,injury, expense,damage,action or cause ofaction arising out ofoiconnected with the servicesor facilities oftheie entities,including thosearising from actsofactive or passive negligence.All photographsof and writings by studentsarethe sole propertyof Design It In Wood and can appearin p.o-oiion. Design It In Wood is not affiliated with the SantaMonica-Malibu Unified School District. There is a $25 fee for retumed -y checks.

Designlt In Wood lnc. t L372Cortede Primaverao ThousandOakso CA91360r 805-523-2420 o o contactDebbieor larry WebsterElementaryEnrichmentProgramRegistrationForm - Spring 2013

Spring After School Classes  

Detailed Registration

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