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Salsa Night Gets Soaked but Stays Hot

October 2013 Volume 7, Issue 1

Business League Luncheon Tuesday, Oct. 1 1:00 pm—2:30 pm El Gavilan Restaurant 8805 Flower Avenue Social Luncheon, open agenda! Dancers at the September salsa and rhumba event after moving inside El Golfo. On Saturday, Sept. 21, Discover Long Branch! held its first-ever Salsa Night. Steady rain fell all Saturday afternoon, but smart pre-planning by the organizers turned a potentially very wet event into a hot evening inside El Golfo. A week before Saturday, everything had been set up for an exciting outdoor celebration. Business League members Carlos Perozo, Art Cobb and others had carefully cleaned up the mini square along the sidewalk at Flower Avenue Park. They even decorated the space with an eight-foot banner and outdoor lighting. But when rain clouds threatened, the decision was made to move Salsa Night inside El Golfo Restaurant. Though less visible from the street, the restaurant’s large dance floor offered more than enough space for a fun night of dance performances and lessons led by Dance in Time studio and Angela Ingram. Ingram organized a daring group rhumba dance that got everyone laughing. “We've started something,” said Art Cobb, lead organizer of the event for the League, a sentiment that was echoed by co-organizer John Angel, manager of El Gavilan. “I felt the event for our first time was great,” he said. “It was fun.” For the next event, Angel plans to pull in a wider circle of local salsa dance lovers. He added that he definitely would like to hold a Salsa Night in his own restaurant. Discover Long Branch! is an ongoing initiative of the Long Branch Business League to market our area through events, celebrations and the arts.

Architectural Masters students Jeff Gipson and Kristen Fox at Salsa Event. Both help with a store design improvement project in Long Branch. See page 2, Long Branch Business League, for details.

Comment Period for Purple Line Extended

Long Branch Business Survey Results

According to the Maryland Transit Authority’s latest estimate, construction of the Purple Line light rail transit system could begin as early as 2015.

A MHP survey focusing on local restaurant and food—related businesses found that a third of such businesses saw profits improve compared to last year.

One of the last remaining hurdles before that happens is completion of the public comment stage of the ‘Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).’ The deadline for sending comments about the FEIS has just been extended to October 21. The FEIS makes recommendations on how the state should address a wide range of impacts of the Purple Line, including as regards impacts on stores during construction. Page 17 of the executive summary lists a variety of ways (but without much detail) as to how the state will implement a “business impact minimization plan.” You can read the full 800-page environmental impact statement online at The much shorter ‘executive summary’ is also available at the same web site. To make comments about the FEIS document, you can complete an online comment form at, or send an email to with “FEIS COMMENT” as the subject heading.

The Long Branch Business League The benefits of membership Over the last four years the Long Branch Business League, with its Discover Long Branch! initiative, has gradually built a more exciting image for Long Branch commerce. We brought the community the successful SuperBlock Party last May; we started a Salsa Night series this September and we have helped install art work. What is more, the Business League's newsletter keeps you up-to-date on important events, local business news, and business tips. What are the benefits to you of membership? Preferred access to store design improvements (contact Paul or Jeff at 301 812-4141)  Assistance with marketing and business planning  Help with Enterprise Zone tax credit applications  Greater visibility in business league marketing materials 

Carlos Perozo, President Email: Phone: 301-587-4829

And with big changes coming to our area because of the Purple Line (construction starts in 2015!), now more than ever we need to stand together to make sure all of us benefit from the expanded customer base the Purple Line will bring. The Long Branch Business League. Making Long Branch successful for everyone. Long Branch Business News, a monthly publication Paul Grenier, Editor 301-622-2400, x 41

October 2013 long branch newsletter final  
October 2013 long branch newsletter final