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ls Lo bend t,he cellophsne and paper back the olher way over the edge so thaD tL lo0k6 like s har wlth a bnln - wow - then grip ih€ rbrtmr tn my leef,h and pull the ce1lolhane and pBper awaya. ?he thinr? is nol t. tear ghe cellophane' so y(]u hav€ Lo do thjs btt slolYly - l[ ofien spltts a blr at tlre e{jle t,er, if yourrE carelul thls wontt sholrwhen your nas[er?leee is flnlshed. yourr.e nfl left wl;h a ,qllver drsc to stlck yourwrlttnglplctune/wratever on. By ihe way' if you usie a newspapgr photogr'1'ph ltrltr go yel1ow ln the sun so make r.he badge wlth a photocopy. Bend f,he edge ol th€ paper over llke the pslej that uias ihere ln the ftr'st' place and llatten [he folds by pinchtng the edge yrlth a pair ol tweeuer:i. Pu$h the cellophane back over the nadge' turn over the edge rrlgh the Lweezers agaln, shove the mr'lal ring tn (hard), tut lhr cltp back and your dearesl reader' have

l4y own fa_neus technlque





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llavlng bou$ht, your" badge, ycu LBke l0 to pleces. Taklng the cllp ouL ls easy $o tf you go wrong on tiils blt yourd better glve up now. use a large sareurpln, darnlng needle or compass (th€ sort you draw ctrcles wtth,} [o prlse oul the mrf,a1 ring, and Uhen [o unfold the cellophane and paper which are turned over lhe €dge (lers hard to descrlbe a badge, bui ltrs bloody obvlous ll you look at one).



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ru$iJ db*c-:} l} t',+ or-t $q) +J!;h 'U in (!r F ;*1 hl da bs +Ll '*) *r.{ ffl g4 fJ, d

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Judglng by the nra$er of peapie you see paylng )O Or l+Op lon a badge like everyone elsers' not neny fconverll people make Lhelr o[rn, but tr yol! donrt ilan! t,o be rtpped olt you c8n buy a cheap badge and cosi 8p lnch and an across these about irolr] t{useunr are Brls[ol I use are lt. lrost, ol the on€s thai but obvlously lhere ar€ loads of places whtch sell cheap badges and you soon gef, used to buylng 10 ?uf0t club badges at a tl&e {ihough llrs beLier Go buy 0n€ flrst anc make sure ltrs got cellophene on the out,slde end lsnrt iusc merte rrom shiny paper).







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te build

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out of ogd tin ean$.


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e { gvr*cex'*tb *C CraE*) ;:qlLt?

t's iry in8. [o dn anci how Ysu $ us; i t f Y

very rnuch indlvlduals withln Lhat' arr e group ol people llving ln the ssxne-tlouse' rte aft st'111 ln the band' but what Irm f,ryfor rrelng neasons dirferent so I can only speak for myself. ,,,ie prcbabry ati trave our quesf,lon some al[ernative' I'lhat chey ls thert that and to pos-elble lng [o do ln the band ls Jusc,;e11 people lirs [o say ]10' I thtnk that right rhe is th€ ulLtnate alLerlracive urafte of that alternatlve ls up co th€m. but I belleve go quesllon' you $ust' know fron your posslble ltrs thag or is an alf,ernet,lve, a lot 0f people donrt realise that there r(tofi llve [he and donr t ask why. You knofl, lrn. no! sayin€' gYerybody "n::,11 own expenlences so rnany peoptre iusr ir s'IteL!ke' wayri' 1$ til€r€ ailolher no harm in saytng, 'rlook way I do, chey probahly wouldnr[ like li, but f,her.ers and werrL lhet to tlo efantsd they actually questioned wheiher ihey one was,rottlng in a factor? {a classlc exanple) 8nd Itm Lsll(trng about' a diff*rent llay of [howht and a$ay and trled somef,hlng else (Irm nor tallcing about another iob, thea LhattS okay - y6u know, al leesf, t'hey realise we1l, vtsion), and declded they wanted Lo sLay ar the faciory.,Joh, tn"". it somethlng dlffete;li' Rtght


- althougl

you want



to € them f,o ehange peoplets mlnds then arerl i: you nanlpulat'ing

ends? own enos/ /our ol{n

g*ing f,o fcrce li'iown ogher people's throais Irn not saying peol).e r{Av0 to re+llse Lhere is ':n rllernative:^Iln-noLhope you can lollsw t'hls']i Eut I thtrnk thAf, or doernrt. tl - ln Lhe end, ltrs nll dovin to onesell nrl8[ on{ geLsmore f,han Just bllnd a{r:epfanc'.i werrt qotng f,o have t'hlngs the say untli peopl€ do starf, reallsln6,, thcre ts somer,,ng rhat ftBhiing' for lgriig$jg! of a piece of land bhFt" t!:ey are (or woriqei ror a very long r.irre. unr:i f.ople realise you can follclv Lhc possesslon b1"", r'lgnt doY{tt Lhe linc' Anrl bglongs tc gg5xglg i$ ${,llp!d, rry8l:.e g|!ng t,o ,l:llt' ,li,}rs. ,Li€lrrr girl llkes $omecne betLtli-. tlcw long are peopIe t:*lng iO oe beca|se €ven down Lo relagionshipsr boys ligl.rttnfi $yth, the cou; i€'a {r'. ilnow' wetr€ Lold or we lea|n sonerorcsd apard, lreit away fr,:s escl oth:i r becausf 0f L].-aL o1(1 il,rs sexr'cl cr olhentlse' Anc ii ppople ',,rn1allon:lrlpx'lvhether hoyf Lhat, thefi: ca$1 t be mcrs thsn Lwo ;,cople lr; a lYouldnrt' tt' b€ nlce f,o see peoule rtspectlng LhEnselves anC want to scay f,he way t,hey al'ef thsirs flne by l':r bLlL each other as hwdall belngs lnslead of r:csses"slr'ns'l How

cari you have Anarclry a$c peace?

an at'oll,uce Lcwards oneself and oLhers. !s nol .r ocii!,lcal, par!/r llkn Ccnservi-]Llve or Labour,, ltlg mOre {,f the best way tc erltlaln that ls i suprrogc Lalking ab0ut'' !.ui,ua1 ?r"l.lst, &ni itrspecl., whlch l:; I'*tilIy vihst lrve be{in nrel.sllcnsnlplr (for wanL of a bei[er wcrr]) r"ith a a nromenl tlie by a pers.nal t,liing. Ir$ qolng Lhrcugh, at Jt* Y"i:: .llldywiroalsohassnrtlacionshlp',wlf,ilanoLhersian.Nor$lhet,hingl|vebet'nbroughlu'[0d0inasltuatlonlike syou.cantL^see,hlnr you cari only see aer yot; can only go Lo bec wlth trrts ,g !0 screarn anc purt ny hair out and say lf she ,xanls Lo sleer wllh someone else or nake lorre or whatever' preFsnec llecallse chat, Lo do In€.li i,..rt. lrn nc! vvhal she does' All I can dO is try ,rr*,0" t.hai got to do r'|llh ne? I donr! own hei-r itts her Iifet ii?s up Lf' herb'y lt' (But lcts fuclting herd somebe wontf, abtrserl I Lhs[ trusl srld lnc'l.ude f,he oth€r man ln filrst Irn doinel' and noL salrlng here ltrlt I thlnk aa tlnes but, I donrf, belleve ln Sealousy ulLinatcly). And 1'n lltnes - i co,:0r jealou$ thagts baslcally' whst I ! -c rn$self Anywayr ihri. llke lf Ir d Jrrnp lnlo t,ed LoBef,her' - ira roL sure f,l^.at eve.r.Jone -,qi: belleveAnBrchy.-.abo?iL-gtvlntl':eci:leLheTrustancil,'esrecLLolivethi:walLheywanLLo-aslongasother beliere olher people do elther. peaL'l€ arsnlt hurt by lf, * 1 don|t, tlke palnl j:hyslcal oroental' and I con|[ Anarchy

that anarchy is i{nposslble ln fracf,ice because Lhere are always peoFle who wan! poaer and who ic? !.nJwayr do you really thtnk Nlce ?eenagers and licgle o1d Ladles wanE anarchy? - mos! people 6sntt, (they have thelr own convlclionsr lf you wang to thlnk the best of them, or they jusi artnrt, lnterested). )$nrt you


are ca:rable of get,ting

Dld ceenagers and llEtle old ladles everknow Lhere vras an.ythlng else apar! frw belng ruled by a government? !.Ierve all been born lnEo a world where we have a goverrnenf, and nosl people feel that tf you took tt away Lhere rvould be absolute chaos and Ceslructlon - what chey donrt see ls that a governnent has the power !o send us Lo prison, menfel lnstlcut,lonsr srar, pass laws whlch donrl let us llve lhe lraywe irant,, and all the res[ of lt. I do r€allse ghene s,r€ people who onlywan! power, weive gof, them pushlng us rlgh! now. The least ne, or I, can do ts ?RY to chsngs a liLtle bl[ of th€r! and get, sone nesp€ct ss a hrxnan lnstead of a ni]aber. If people arenr! inler€sied tn Anarchy, thalts up to chem, agaln I say lhat at least there ls a cholce. I know nAnarcw'r lmnlt happen overntght - i! neverwlll. if ever it, happens ttrlL take a lot of 8ut's and effori fron e?erybody. lfayte it $bnrL eyer come absut, but aC least I donr0 have [o perperuate the system we have nffi, whlch I f tnd tot,auy tnsultlng and abuslve. Why

did you get together in [he flrsi place? Was tt to



In the surmer of 77 {gmant) I went tc see tlte Cl.ash.ln Brtstol where I was llving at the tlne and lt sort of kicked ne up Lhe arse, and t rhought I would do soneLhlng conslnrcclve too. so I cane to vlstt Fenny (who Irye knorm for years) who wss living here on ftls owol and I stayedr and we sor! of fucked around wlth sone songs lrd wrltten, and declded to just do lt, you t(nor, druns and vocals. then people cese along and llked whaE was happening and jolnecl tn. Ind that llme we were very dlsjotnted aniJ very scaned of what we we're doing tt was flve nen, gradually ]ye tncluded ihe lernale slngers (lrm trylng riesperalely nof, to sound sexlsl her'e - bear wtth met) and the black tunlforarsh. werc playlng for t$,o years betort we were offered 6 necort deal w tth Small Wonder - a one-off deal, no 7 year contracls - and we wanted Lo Dut out records as cheaply ss posstbler so we dld. Snal! Wonder dropped us because of hassles wtth the Foltce over trAssylunf so rle fonned our own cofllpany, so now nthat we say goes on our rccords and how much t,heyr]l cost. AIso any future hassles are Lo do wlth us and no-one else. 1,lhy Lhe black macho

geer, I lnean, if, looks good? (blg man, blg l{.A.N)

ltts the colour of lnarchy (black and red, but the r€d dye came out of our clothes) and also dtdnrt rrant, anyone toget, rlcked oub as the front personr and vrhen werrr t:laylng wtth dtn lights ttrs dlffteuli to s€e us so pecple have lo vrork hancer

He chose black because because we

i'fhere Cces t"he

sJ,nmbcl f,rlrne lf rom?


[ ]cok very Soving

and peac*f u]-

The spriboJ. cffng ahr uu b*rcrus e i] e nfty hat$ wrl t"sen fi Pbr:olttt callecX rChr*ls['s f'ieiillty$ and lr,3d askeci this b].oke eaI}.ed fiave [$ Ceslgn ri syrynbo]. f'ctr'[he f)-y].aaf Lo syxrbollss [lre bo*k. I Lrs the serpen[ c]"imblng Lh€ cr$$s and devout-trtg 3 tse].f , 'br.rt we t rf# heen t,n1d I t.i $ ghe tsl't s$nboL, $iwast llrsr tjnion Jackr e[c, 'r,{e t ve recen[3.y done a ne]y on, wt bh [he dLnve cf Feace ,.:ns t L, Whot abollt


Yourre qutge

well hnoyfi now so you cantt play places ltke the nubltnCaslle anlalore.

t:re :ubl in Cast.1e, ,,ier(j t;ei abcuL 2OO inslde and j+03 ouLstre, inslaril ar':e9i, l"i::r Ior i;le Pollce! at rlaces:'like :he Slrclrlc Sallroom and the t{u.slc l"lacijine 'Decause ')f the sricuriLJ and because ycu Jus[ canrl c$ntac! an]/one ln;:laces iifil r:1r. AnC Lhe sLages are toc hlghl I'he cnly Ll,ing v{e can do ls find our ot"Jn venues - werre tr:i lng. I thi{< fl.rre gcing to pla.:'Brisiol thls s'Jrmer i'.C? the tolsf,on lialI.)


r{F caniC pfert

li:e don!t -flanf, gri play

i-iFiy '.ls y,]tj aLways ctl*ose

thn C L;rsh t.r nif


I rm n*b ra*aI3y tnf sv'ssL*# trn L!:e f l"a*l: enlmors r tr suppose I was *p*n*rt my €ye$ and '{;h*n Ctsappesr*i1 I i}ce f,?:rl blt,$nss r Yes, e Lc.


Rstry f


Lhc,} tt,vhi}


r18 yfr ug"




lfhs er*,y:$r blgge$t


i dc l iss afher bands s rJa Fuu neaS I y want [ * kn.*wr Lo,s]t t ny favourlte b'iftc sL flav*ur"i [g ;'ec*Rd ! Lrrrit & sc enrl I ns e by '/au$hn W 1 11 I ens * A

nf luenc*s'i'

Lire m$rnenl

!s flpilept ics.



I licpe I tn Lhls,






L c*Hl* *crc$$ es 8' ravlng nilf,.

Ifm ar hanpy as anyole else on t,hts earLh, hope you een ge[ t+


Art Cbjects are a Irpoetry B!11

ln Brlstol -

dance frandn based


tangley, poe$s; JonJo Keyr Robln Keyr guttartsts;

bass; Johtl Langleyr druin$i l"loitekr a dancer.


- ihe sklnny guttarlst wlth ihe blg nose - sJrd HoJrek. that was nearfi two years agc. Ird been booked to nead my poems at Ashloncour! Festlval and Itd Jusi net f,his guitarisf, a week bef ore. \,!e though0 he ntght ir€ ebl€ to play lrts gultar a5 a backdncpr so we ctld ttr urlth Hoitekr and that wenB CerErd The orlgtnal ArE obJects

wa$ 0re,


dom sul?rlstn8ly well so we starf,ed pl&ylng







livlng in


f.he sil'Ire l',ouse as Jonjo, lve both hapfened

tc nove into llats in the


bulldl ng. Jo0l_0 purely colncldentalr and John

tiobtrt I hsd nothtng to

gltl CcErd gggg#j dtrffig

i flr



t allow




Lo b€ rel:rf,ed

cane (lown irrxr: llovlnf,ry

tr play in



.Iir' Ci)-ects then

io cerarL - as a blEf,her

;w0 days and (rrt Lhe f beca'Jse rl,y fu



day 're dld a


ir was ',0 iong.

s *i tf i*ir"nnt l-!#we

r-:l?s i


$ {}*CIl t*

itaws 3er** h*. I r"

fjerax*,$ i fi? s nr;f, $* n:**h **m1 fts w{:


just hai,p.rrfc

i"f,iE s



dn rs?'

L n*** t*tr,L &&sissphese of


$ HFs * *3r&]"i1*




ratber f,han sing


ano also ii you anyone lor f,he liLerary forra for whlch Uhey have !.tt*$j.iirlsf,i!r: a betrer reader. t,han ! ,un a slnger, L;..e cnti:usia$0, iLrs poeury. ?iris is largely ihe fauil of lhe people who wrlie poetry at the llionent; theyrr€ nOi tntere::ted j:, :rppeallng Lo anybod:r' other tl;an the small sectlon they already apfieal rc. I evolved the notstunningly-origi*:rl itj*a of rcadlr\rl poefts vytf,h a group, $o : {ionr! haYe Lc compronlse on the wrlEing. I can wriLe orlntnal Foems exac[l.:r' a$ 1 $rou]..] 8nd then llt the'n to musle, dotng thto wlth a group to get chem over Lo an artdienee ttlat doegnrt nor:np-i::y' gtve a shit aboul iroetry. tq.


$ome peolrle would say thaL approacl'i v;as pretenclous.

Geftr!.i :rlLrs p:-eLenLious, lf,rS cliqulsiit', Lhatts the obvlous thtng that people 6re golng to say abouf, i[. But it ffiEinX about ir., ii woulcl have bren fsr niore cliquish to have carled on reading Lo Lhe same people aild never nake any rLbenpt io rerich llle Deople who art acLllolly walklng about. But



dance rnu* ic

thtnl( vthat


i n Lhe b;rclt,g,roundo dont L you re ur?ing us sey rnay be 1*s[?

S,:3,I WelI, if iL?s {sr#r* **bL"'* lt is }q}sL in*.t1,*33y ires&use I,cople Are dancing t,c iA. $uC !f y*urvs &sg a *i*gan Lreing si.cuted over anei over" es,etnr people wilL ctrose {.heir.ear$J [s: lt lf f,irey donf t agree wi&tr trt inlttal}y, r,vhereas if s$$l*br;CI gets i nto the th i ng Lhelrr re i ng Lo , th€y illactuall}' s[a.[t l lstening to the wor"r3s" I g w*uld work [hst, ws.y ra[?ien Lr;*fl Just bludgeoninfl ssm**rse a:-id making lhefi] turn rire muslc of :'. I f 1[ t s $otre subsle tt st.ancls nore cfiance of meklng & l;rs I



lmpre ss 1on.

,ler'flr* One of the song,s i s ab*ttu t'hs se*{ii er s I de of hwte,tt r*l af,lonshlps" Fecple Lh*r-tghe i t lsa$ just $eu on & [rain' stened Lo whafl tr L l$dfts abouL . Su snce we dt'J tnned & large r fi$rJo l"Esels L* my jacket .*






-Jolp A plctr.l,re of onsr

thls one


* JS{E{!I 1-hank yor}., n}r:hn. i{nl f wly lltr*ug"h & gi r1 csinc up I"CI gL cff r sct'*wed it Inl* a K-ipgr*ct lhe frunu of [he s[ag*, bs}]., tnrew 1[ ecn]$s bl:s sb*.gs anil sais, tsexist i]*et,rylli io wtren we f inish*d I ex;;*eC bs her tha[ !f wasnrL aci* iui.lly sr:xtrsi. F tL *lclnr& 3tk* anyho$'.



re3"eg,siffig ffi s$ng3*r

ffqrETl3 lil{}fHarei ns[







*hie*t,s, n,3L }l&rt{t Sbisc[s' Yau hsdnt i well - ] nac]cr{t-tLfi PA system$, . '


j?rB-Xi ICls about LlIilnL lnslrijfieiLs, ihe thlngs thl.t ar€ us€ci agFlnsL yor. ln sociery. So:be of Lhe;ii are ofvio'm, Llke nuclear ilEal $ns; :;me are less oir,'iousr.iit(e {tesire and affecLion. therers also a song abo'Jb somerne havlng a t,r€ai:doy,'n * lhiltrs F![ oi P]r1ue. Iitr, sbout the real unCerdogs wlro noboily has any sympaihy fon - Lhe real 8i1.1;, g;g1Xur L;pr,:), t!:€ anes nho art nlways *oh:)orlous cr€epsi. Theyrr€ ;;s llabLr. t,o br"ea4 up as anyone elser but whnn j:tor:,le $sy .,,i1r., runderdogr li:lyrve fct a s:.'xpalheLlcr r'smanflc f lgure in mlnd, sLal'ving in a garrelr sonething

illie thiil.

i.$ you Lr'if to nal(e you!' oong,s ci:mnel-cl:'L? The nu$tcr$ nsL dellltflrIr;ely ar,Jlihin . li* Jusf, play wirat we hapnen Lo llk(j pl-aylne. The dance nusle lilal fleiie Colng ha$ core over il qutie I successful mlxture, vle Chin"tr because iErs g'-!od danee muslc and lf,tfi also got gocij podtrj and Lil€;/ llork lsgei,hiJr rath'.:r Lhan agalnst each other.


ti]# * 1ng3 * to be a s.{ccess. ltrs posslbie that thls could bappen, but noE llkely glven the **.tlu*,t,rnIiV* [!.ft,"1,'..i-'i:: l;i' t,ic x"rS i;'

x ffitjj

ffi# f?t]'pr$

i"I'i' x'f#-ii-i;


i ?rq*

?ite thtng a.b.rut nusic ls that irrs a very mulually elplolllve tndnslry. 0n Lhe one hand Lherre ar€ a lot of trle need the cornpeny to bands, like us, !Tii. }1lanL f,O get rccords ouL and lhey donrt want Lo be told rrjhai Lo {-lc.


[$ ;1iV* t]s ili:* iil#n*,l? &nil A'1 i*fl$ A]1 t.h* :j{}\'i hnrl*s. in#n*y t,hgy Wfi.g$ [r; tJ* 1S nrAke i ivl ng *if q:n*h f e'rc*s &re Amd th**e ilTf* spprlstrig gtl,CS cnmil.ln i cs i::*n ! t I{ I rr'* g]rnetSI ?hn t*t"e]"].y at" * [.tT*I' " & c3"ei] ah,t$f, th€ ml*s$c, thgy iust; '*'rant [i: mak*' fis ii;i.JCir n$n#y &.$ [:{.lSStbl*e ftnd f,irtyrrc g*ifig, [0 siflru r;i*ney* nuking, acls -enn Just" rcSea,se Etecks wht*h flir*lf hope l'llrI niskry n:oney* l,oir"rtra}ly cveny banu sl$.i'f'$ sf f sa;t'* fllve t:s

Nhe $[Uriln t tyn{l,

tng rr,r*e yt*ntf, l"ef Lh*r,'i tcLl" J*ar$ * it Liaes *6lia ie flhe indusf,ry" rlel-g.rcl


AnR lvrl

i"{*l3r tb




hope Lhat




irfiri lit flv'l

& lmppe* L* t].



X uhink tL lvi1l"'

g It v{sntL i.;*'::,€ i1- ie #&:n{: Cgwm [c [i:e Li'uc; i v+ouLcl Fe tlL+: v" rlnlq.e t e ns *1" 1l Uqirur"r-Y' I' i.gure ,

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pecple loolt at us and ,i.qqit Tl:s hlw*tsrsus s i cJe is whai endeared u,s Lo a tog of people tn Lhe flrs'u p1ace. A 1ct ol [he$ fl]:ltrnkrr]S]: nfi e wh*,il{ jj thls pi-eLentior"rs shlt?tr and lh€y suclclenty reallse that there are some funny lines and el:ey ss* fli:e absi;rel i *y q:f' these six nutt,ers on st&,e, all vrlth ihetr i.ratnted faces and dressed in sll1y cLoihes. T'fir"'g uni nt*, rt!,#tr&.{" | $ Hc inH on?r and f,hen iiley strr[ laughlng, and once ti'.ey stnrf, laughing they start llstening to $s{rrs *; f c}l€ f ungly ps€EI:$ - And some are jusl I'unriy poems, )rcu lcnorY - Dhey r.-ry have x tnessa€.e but the;/?re sti11 wttt'y.

Ssserg r,&c{t:'f,n Illt,1,

can gel a lo! of thtngs ricr$ss rnuch rnor€ eficctively by the us': of hu:,ciut'. A .l"ot of people lbiccLs,]as. iJeinq [o0 seriow about, lt, itl [he roer.s !]lrnourous lln€s - Hard

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l,.,ic X "i n ilh*l \'tr-'r':y l";. i, i"itnt i {, *il€$s w3 th th* * l.s.$s i c L:nc !'f ffii'{} i-lp t,l': is il#ry}in8t h$s gs& L* be fr. j':k** ,-:

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hwncuru 1l s r1** lLr$L r:triiliiftnes*qr iIq:': 'lii" .iitsL 'j'';;f{i ii:us9c" j'{r ll h*,v* t+t) frr) vrhaf S'sil be ievc llo slld vfe i,{;iejvL, in p;hnf ,','etrt irri'gi;:n lvhich is f{fJy !'it'l tt,-' :'irring it,'


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t1-.lerVe nl.lo.

halisr roo.-r:s wlLhotll wlndoirs... €rr... as thouqh l-he ear vtas far away...

Walking down pn:liess corr!dors,

sfeps ts laln0 fo Lhe

wh€ne carpef,s

at€ so Chlck... Lhe sound of foof,-

rnet bef Orc.n


ilaSt, year'... ln Siinta l{al.eiie... llili ienbsd... FreldenbAd... ltrs noL linport.-1ntr wherg.n BYou have made some inlstexe. 1le hF-ve not, nei.{ nThen why are ]rou afrald? You lyere afrald th€[.rr bul then I loved your fear...!

to sai', r,lcLures ani slagues and FRQZEN PE0FLf,. ?he old lmage balil(s JusL couldnrt take lr' in fact lhey got !t in two easy sLages courf,e$y of the Arlclftnl callery. I lurned up at five orclock only Lo be mel by a very unexCraordlnary exhibitlon of arty y,rellhanilings. Encouraged by a lone proiector in the middie 0f th€ rco{n, I asked the gl;"1. aL the oesi{ if Lhey were shorrJing rLasL Year llr l'1arl"'nbadr and she sprang lnto action. l.fter abeul sen nlnuf,es notses began ro ernerge and so dici I for I had by thls time wandered into the other half of gtte Eallery to look at the photogrBphs, so when I wandered back in I Just caughf, Che lasl credti, - prod'dcer Alaln Resnals - lvhlch annoyed me becguse I knew tha[ alr€ady and aci;ually wanled to i;€e who vras in lE and all thag Jazz.

CORE tr rrean

nlgi;. tilink the ArnoLf inl ls [he lc;eaI place Lo absort t,he rcli,tion or :mages Lt of,her componenLs, bul up ln oll 2 all the liithts $tere on as usual, the girl et [he deslt w:is yaj{ktng to a friend' odd tndlvtduals were nandering in and out looking aL the plctur€s on t,he na1ls and I was the Lolal audiencrr. Desplte all thls the ftlm nas actually very unnderrul - all th;1l I glrl eolild nope for. Llke John roxx, I knerY wh:,L bhe atnosphere was Solng to be llke but I went, !o see tL ajlJ4vay . monochrome' Lhirlies' French wlth sub.ttt,les, men wearing dlnner jacltecs rrdezing [o sLone a$ ihey ptray cards, w(,n:en wlf,h dlagonal halr, enonnous old hotel in EurPFer plclures and phoLographs and siatues and you


sgaLtles anLi staf,ues*."

*f so Lhe girl Lo c.€n8i] t,)re sp0o1, whlch took about ;e!: nlnutcs slnce she had to feLch some he-man slul'f for help. lurlng thesr lntcrli]ccs she nss66lsLed herself rYtth lhe en'.ire 4ud;enee who asked her lf many people had gdne Co see the lilrl ,lui'ing [he week" .Ep[,arenlly no-one baine on ?uesdayr f,wo onl]ednesday and ne on Thursdey. Aboul half-u.ay through i,he l'llm a bloke cafl{: ln and announced th.?t h€ needed tl-ie prcieclor for somelhing eLlre' so she Lcic ne to go b&ck on t'ricey or latur{ay, :,:nc I did. IncidenLally, a recurilng lmrSe was ol peopl€ playtng Tlm (whtch tL) l,6u ls vrhele the Dlayers take any nunbgr of maEches frrm one ol seven ltlls and Lhe one left wiLh the lasL aatch sYou ftav€ to leave Lo-ses]. There ts a fool-nr\oof nalhena[ica1 Lrlek to.hls which af, one polnc chey'"ried to divlne... tr whlch is all ei.€n le€tve to nlmber... haYe an ari odd nwilber...7 rines 7 is &9... ilts a logarttholc serles... ltou I'IITH ?iiE i:,INAkY TYBTE?1. iTrS slnce cobblers of ALL:f)llE a load very im!:ressive but Ever'y nal.f-hour

?hc; 11 '1 ,.r ;.ni}

{,'l 11"r;} rrstVlj

4 Cj.

ii i wir},"$

shenelessly argy fi1ln was because.lohn lcxx saitl in an inLerview once tha! lt was one of wenier.i i.o knoi iirirar :,orL cl I'il.r:r ruch a sl'ra;relessiy art.y ne.son l"ikes. Unforiunately,


{ dcnE l; sut}i}os* I t j"j" eve!^ kn*lv j"lsi hcw si:*ccdsu[ t*e f l]"ms t{t},,'r&i"d Devot"o goes Lo $ee ,qre t becausE lf any$ille aslted htm het d probably onl.y i gnone f,hem or r"ur: rwa.Y. I me I Hagazt ne cnce t ef ter & gitt, a& f,he tols[on 1{41tr' i"ltwi e cidnr t sfiy & "l*s L* u$r trn fact' i:n CtdnrI say;rnyt'hing aC aI]"' it€ s}:st {:tlsu,wtrt}r hfs cs]Lar t,urnsd up ss we s;* uf,f, led a f [c r i: Im snrl t ri ed [s -qL# I"L a Cilfry,*fSsLtCn bUt, l:* W*UJ"rJnr[ &nSWC'r' s* 'ffe iiAyg u[] and wenc bgicl-; Lfi tntrh [o Lhe r"*sl *f L::rr henC* 'i^3e asked lial't] fi*nniiis whal ssrf uf rnus lc he lii<ed s h* se$rJ'lalit[$$-i, i{eads ftnd l"nc {ssome* L lm*sh 1 . They ai 3 $**med [c 3 ik* t Llniq r i:ir]d iahn tisfi *ach s,n$ Ha;-t i n Jackson wanl*d [o gs [o l'latiorTn "i bufl $tc tr:1,i [hem t,hey w*ttltJnt (. ]"t'I llarf in in weartng-, his f lovtet tr'&r'*ussrs" There wR s en allskward pfi use n

askeC* v'llavt YOu l*Ei#d eft3r frn*d h*sks tr&[0:i yi !t $ave st i rj, tu'{r}ah, I }' ' ., . $h r ritrvP r n$ni{r .E* t4ary S*iC, ttI *€}ri flek# tL * j?in {J J.ra,f}'s jr* lOCgerJ douLrtf uL &ilr-,r s*i * het r"t ;iu.s[ i"ead scm* b**k, I c&ni L 1s1r:n;be F lvtra[ it w&{i c,:ilsd 'l'ite SornebCIrjy

i,iyde R*po:-f, on lilTl* Fiep'oi^& otr somsl;h trng " Anpay, """li:en i i ws.s & bouk ab,:uu rtAmer i gan wamnnh*sd*? . pnesse{j f or er} cpirtiora h* satd Xc was wl" ih:ti heart nS the $fl.Ine I-gCCf"d S?er and $V*r" agal nlq $0 ,i qr:ti:pesl, rf ?h€.[,t s :r lr'1 ;*hg i f ysu 1 ike thc ;*€*er"d! y{:

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a l"On.g i'3me ag,CI n *'dr-tfl"i Yer-y DAVg W&s ygl-tnge y" t *r] , hu WftS Vq]r;l' [,h t s " !{e pat t,ed r-te sffi th* }r*n.d arld $d&g

salci, rtl'ftaflrg veI'y


ilhaLr tr ]ike

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P*$$: BI.0$DY k6If*LtJTI0l{s

llore" commere tal" tnr"rstcaiLy) ltu:n prev!,ous Crass recorCsr hut' tt rj,*esntI lcse any venoffi fsr th{it, 1b s[ar[s aff charac[*t'*

wilir thrxnprtrpg Cn:t:ts ttnrl half-chanLed' glldes lnbo a sufla;-y ferele voiee Lhat, tn tili'n s?Jsrves cleanLy !nt,o & lurei*hlf,L;Xng aflack on [i:e lrite ph i l"osophtr es of ,.ol i [ ! cs " nsaL tng ra[h*r than depress i ng, not becaUSe tf iall"s LE: csnvincc, bu; beeauSe ifts $o gtt,}d" lsi.lcail.y


abrtslve vccal br:f





, pCIppy, f orgex;table l. t ruLe turle ? [,he sort ti"ieb a ].ot, af supporl bands play" I dont t know ylhy I l ilte ! L so rfiuclt"




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*fl lhis ss 6x"y bo gcL }tgLd of itrr€ 'l;irt beearrse itts e.bou[ a ff:is?ttLs lu:nger" the resL oi L]ieil' stuff titab i I ve he;rrd is mar* rylirn:ic, r-i*t, rsalLy eithtr fast sr si*w, i:ilL L;;$$ ts C*f lntCel.y upbee[. Is this e]re biues i tm slnging;' & c*nf u-qin8 of f er yilu *fftr & rci'us€.

Thsre ni"{:




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s sufiis 3 lke lh* fui i ncse[$ bui rsss sparse r ci&ncsab]"e cvsn. A splltf ul crrnnen[ oR qicilies&lc b]"iss. l{ihiLlsm, aL tfts bust,"

l"lxcI slf fl0Ili)


{,,,q}{i ;i i.OLSn []L;L {,lr}tr Ue *lg'l'8r'ent l:rl}m t,;i8 .tii$L."iOiin*i'g*3*s*sii I i-,{-l*bu[-on{: vdr"s icffi . tr nCOfp$fetefi Leu::a tr;3gft:r, !?1'1.1s1r? end Va;. IOUS Oli:ep Te rega ci*ing hlgh i:t US cn

'l'fiS $;;jrig A.q remegibgt' vtlt,:it eIs* -rfif€ Ugl"i{e{i &bi:u-u* i1,, fH i:isfliag*$ t,S'f{r"engi e T-sf: i rLs; ftnd bad{-"r"rs f:.ffn liitr s$pSr$trfr banrJ and f vtm t{agn"ging 3. swig .ri rske , 67 plas'i:lc ct"tps &nd the ptxm t sc ol"

; cailt t,

$ ged $fi*k$ {f she *s:l;}C g0[ *!rgn: cff hlrn,ito Barfy lleieuns*n {:$lY.:l**nL*ei {.'Ii*" she ws.$ *rLh* f31S$L Cemgnel in6', peg.5iu.ffi het d *V#x" infi f,. |f i'f e slsc g,si";eil if Ehey {9q33# 3 ilte.l Lh* c'}v+ir Lfi

l.a.Ve fl*nmUSat


L,lfeu vuhl*l: stlg$€sylg lted brc'i:.giit, f Or' flileff U$ e,uf,$Sreph" l;;rve $:* tn*ed Us fitt* *f tl':tl flaces end sa 3 S p irl s '[,ha{, Suppr}s#d r;r b'e rilc ":' lt i":e43"

iiill":te i $*#.trr [0 ri*vs l"os[ my r"8v i eY*t i;':ineurh8 r'0 " ir fie$ fr g,ood f lkli fi#S :l*i"1, Y{ ! sl^, urt:: ri rl seerl 'il xt/lt

p}acesq erur..: verY pffec&ivel;" tffo* TI:e tifr*ak*outrrhlE has a dn$:rbeat iEr t$* bac;tgr"*L:,ft{J wriuh rnight it:tte i*rc$t*d bet"[er tf l,t kru&s a htf rn*r* boanring and l"ess I inny' bui i uiiln]* I

nr*f er lile silenc* sn lhe sesg ir:R version anywaJ'o "rrpperently ggf $ & csir#f' *f fl song 'oy s j'y fi"''}C [i"ir tamiiy l]ttn*r btJg I vl*uldnt t kn*"*r ef:,nri6 f|1ef . ?he S*rlr t f,*si,Se ) is & [alit*sv*{usi Ln spee*C-s'i":[ I'r*ise s iEl the bac]rgr*und whleh scund in tr:;}r'ces &s 1f ti:r,:yr ag jusi abi:u[ [s b'rl:-sL inLa f,h* liungn Lss.::;tle ? s l{s f ir;ie . !{rrg&I'r: doesnt L scund a}}. LIlaI obl ique and;nic tA 3a Yi.lls iil Ci4"i{rSilIi{fi lli., ;'iITH iiI*:$li iiA:l;ii/$l* }lAR[ I ;ri1 j.l\D LCI,1K PT "'\ liff"f ] f:ut [nen Ehat,ts lhe wh$le pcinil"

t,i{l 'i'ilA ii,;F.0F l-:{Pl, r-'ili : T i ;,.4,$*}'tr A ; iseL t ng s lnfl,le * nal St.'s qirest: finS l llCe ?tl{hat ai'e Liiey on Ah,,!t And lr,Jity ' i; 1l Sil *itiSt,er*l1i ni', v#ren tiie LUn* iS S* b1i,n,J]f i*ut iL r',elly ri*esntf m.t.t,[er wfu$ nekes iu ss br";11tranLo lf f ills a veiC.

*n l'*Le& sed yet, b'irl Vde SAid Wgtd f,iVe 1U & :ne0[ i0n" su[ ln . cauple sf m*nths { sc soon? } and lrl}]" f e*Lure t,lrc I'ianch,.gf er l'iekane l. 1;i,. r"'LBr ?he i'trasle and The BtLii* trs.riii i'i[hofa;1ons. (Jn i',La Prct,etrne pour ]enalnfr f.ecsrds tn'i:lch ls F-rench l'or Froteln for Tonorruw.)







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d#fl trNffis #l$ 6drXS w n Pilqrw rcR

YOU TO CONSAME OR WROW UP 7P, If ySil i' L f *ltt:*ti :rtvl i


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;td Fl'eba.bly be ir;vuj"v*c tn ftref.hi* )*nigri oi'CeadI i,rhy hevq: ;her€ bc*n s{i Iniiny ehenges trn Lri* i:and


I)8s{j fi$&g'}f L* g"e$ Llie h n s L I' U rrnUla and infl SOUnd 1'*]- .*,..vllr:lus 1C - I I ii t].T hAi:i'V eS I Ce;. be ,*fl the present b ime wlth t'hg n#w AnL$ r anej Lo wOfli -rvltlr tterco i,s a greau expes'!enfie in ilse Lt '

t'he chan,ges are



iarfents) fOn ,;!rk iicgarde f ikgs d a g6rn11:on eianent Li"in t, bruught [he $"nts f cg*fhr:r' I n ?? " The songs are songs hsn*ve i-, p 3"a I n arld s impS* . I iee$ 3 $0ffiS = $ford$ + muSle + ;"r*:-{'sf!Il,&itCf . As for"[ite nClagsys rcferencen I consider []:aL a blt si11y. II was an inleppne[stiCIn lTiede f'y Clare ,ioi:ns$n and iuenitc Ant$nio i"lhadwant r wltc C*signerd L;le cOv0fl" They rles i Flned end ;"14i*fi f,lie aodsi I s Cress :,nd spenL Cays fis g& i nq tiit' Sl$l image Lo [i'le i r sl..[lsfacuion. tleganC' i woltld say. lau said ysu admlre end r*$Fecf t"3ul i{eLi"er and

i'h* r;iinirs 'n!: igil yltl wr"i {,': ehrub scx ;:aF be l;nbco Lo se c i e[y 3isnera).]y, bu[ it*pt [* the pespl* yoi-l h*pe vl! i. ] bUy yilgr recg;.d$. illLggi;tlg ! crf iS gg*ep[r1b]C n f;Ven f agii$ urt*"'ule bo 6]':cnr e nx'eflr t t,he i-*41 tab-tcs t,i:$ ngs r,'g!':iclt i*'t-* .i-ejecEeci by iirf;Ii, such. as l;el;:g rr g,slicSirlai"lr' rq

lsipro v i l"g I

ri/ sEud*rif,


:^ecor*s f*l'tYiifYltfi:;y; ih* tr*s}:']"s v;h* ftCIb? l;he f,:;b*r;s .s.g"* i tlsl Lh* L I p ,}n' L,i}* $ceL:t:r',rl ilnly th:nugh a i"or, o;l lq f ds [a].H { n,; n nrl r"rnsi"y-fi inp an}' i,,etL'SS C$n theL &eb*t: he *rgUghfi lng'n g,hff *]j#n a.rud CeSlrcyeC1. ldh*n i S,ilrfiS rlSggrnrr* 3*'u in 1t:t {i m.?]l}tr Oi'



{,i'i*S* p**F,l"e fi}ey hqV-- bffeR i'vfmilSr Virginr, Sili:tjt:nLS" i L trs v*i"]i cflripler"ililsi [* g*neflrii ts:t;: il1"1d ..?"$IltsTlei flor *i*.1:jr ptrf,piet s ttfiilensteiiirJ i yri; * I t3r: bui h*g:l , i ,in n'laf te ilccj &r€s' &fi;+ulti# fiv€r} 1,3s ?g*rl, i; * flty iilu$ i *al" v f *ttrs ancJ i rlen :: n

i alr;ne huy


f he u: t

C*,-iLd y,.3u t*tr1 ,tlr* $#m*bl"ltnfl n*on:I t,ng ",-p*rcI$ ?"* t ?hg i d*a ! * 1 ;$ : t & s:{: i-Inug af t;nclq on r* l. j ir" i: ,.*tt ,3 i' i ,lr g t

ht s


raUl .r'e1Lel- 1S a Sei'itus$ herdWOi'i;itlg SOngWf![ef'and ierfonner whc gives tS#, erld [lif'ii$VilS. I know him' and when yte aeeL { very occ*.s lonally} ne imi:resse$ $}e ';rif,h the caln, slmple an0 niilcere aLtlLudes tf€t Iir:V€ so l tttle ehanged slnee rqe llrxt t*ft iv1 1*]?n

$ nsgr i r'*d h;' * t':'i, p i v:ie*e L* t"irrj 1[ C*scrXhe* s:r:&s{,.ly whai hsirF:snti $nC [,: ,g*s 1i"!S & wnr]"e tly'#li;] of n']snrg.1ly ii hginfl ;'rirL on :::tcr";, Xi r*nllncics fi:'* '*i ;rilrl iit{t nnd ;ullri[ ]]q $;' 1L l'tclt. .3n# *nIy mY${iLi'" {,





.:l':'-r irid: r"rqg;gpl !. .t{ t?..-:i, 't t,l

S:,,iil C,3-r,r#l"AnC


":aC i, i 0O




'lne tnunrJs lnLervlei'd wlls by &r1 ifi yesn cJ'le: iiid called - Lev* Kea[on who was s*nl as a kinc cf peec€ I w':ulc be ::r:r.J t$Ltr by t,he oLal mgn tf [?le fi ress. st,r"rpic [* burrt iitr**: pub]" Lc i ry f CIr aft]r pro.J*c[ I pu"i, tr havc aivray:l stn*d f or and prr:f e${,ed at-rr:r;b is th*{" Lhe p:'ess t in []:e past"i hevr {i}sIOrL€-J Lhe lru[hs tr"i fiL or naL cven been pl'*ssnt aL Eigs tite:f h,*v* str ::gge d *:'f . I i- r'tv i ously [ur'ned dor'tn i nt, erv I ews r, t Lh H'tS, $cunti s and ile l"n':iy lifik *t'n but, t hen t,i'r* k i t:; 1,"*s; * i,.':rtlch . 'l'he ts vcuac cfr.n only ut sn much. Ai"i ;"r14-lr l l. rava rng a chence [o vt iee ny L,Ihe[,

c;:lni*ns * i; tl'relr' ,igggg, * artid teil lhen the r€rcts$n f Or ny dlsr'': lrp*ilL" r'hsy nes'ci new5r and I need LC' let !".irls tn ;nv*r'nqsfl ,:n'J Canada knoiv t,h:'L f,i:t g':'*i-lp ts still alive"

t,il* r"j*rrli*nf i*fl t i i.:tf'h

l;i<.,,ryia1'd*? ,q.f.f; S{},ngS l"tkP till"eOp**t*n t" i'rihULg :,rJ hirr' .[il tJc ""r-'' ** Lh# fiTOdfi]. rirlr.l t,h* Alhi:m t ! t'1"fl ]'i;-;'f{r rl*tli in;i ,.i

:nust* Fepers?




i\thy d* Lvt* lnU* r'Vltlws f cr $:]Sr.:nds wiren f !:cy' #tve y0u siici: ha* p:r€ss norrrer].lfi i,''*,i'xf t )t*;J th lnh pe*pl.e r:i l61nE ssg t [ &s y,":t he 1n8 pr"tpared [$ ssrallow y'Jur i:rfele srrd a$nit{, th.rt y$u cant L maitE iE wit,hou[ fhg


;lusu leii$,l:;tng nf, it? I

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i.:o :{$u i:ave





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Lh t i-:E il:ug lc? jlflLer" fhe [rur?

sf my h i'r:h

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$n';Lher to"lf ... an$t,her AnLrrusic

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tuo - cc\.,{^'36u Md"r. Cnrn \l,t.o e ltrur b* ort\ l" f. {t.c"h {-t^o^4^ +'^/4^

Iis b*k tru-a- lk"rno"r €^refon^u

e,{:e is sh^l- +he4 cRfr,t clo $,vr{lt't^r.g tngsol $crv\ * t [> \Xo\turs

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It ria.s a lrt, squas-hed aT rhe iront, Lhe ;,eouJ" t'eli inri ine iei-e on a htgher fevet tfr,rnl nas ino were-suppcrtlng ali r.helr wei!h=l-6 ny shouLders so I sLepped back snd up (abnuL tell lnches) arter a whlle whalever !rr.were lrt,andlng on collapsed s course lL rtas a qhatrr a whole loed ol thetn wenl down like a i:acls 6f cilrds. The bouncers rushed c'rer Lo clear people off, you would hsve t,o see It [t be]lev€ lLr they Just, Lhrew pecpl*: {tncjudlng me, several ttrnes} out or the w8y. And I nean Lhrew. you know whal llrs ltke wheri I0rS sO Cruwded Lheress nowhere !0 put, y(,ur feet, and yOUtre scared lncase you frtl O"*, because you ktnd of ga[ the feellng Lhet' yotl coutdnr! possibly get up again ariri wculii be'"otally L{ea,led ln aiout O.oocol secs? lrlell, lt was llke Lhat and chls bo-dncer (great blg bloitel Just grafbed me by my Donleey Jacke! and threvr ne:rgalilst a secthlng mass ol people and rssmed them out or the way vttrgh &€r I rsndel'ed lr he was sane. }ih€n I had fulfllled ny uselulness as a baltertng-33m he threw ne slc6ways onlo f,ht btt" [fL-"rt, hacl non he€* clpar€ct of people anrl was a r:[e of broken seats, you know, fireai biLs of neLa] stlcklng up eveyrvhere anC thr $eat backs all at angXes msklng lr lnpossible io st,ay urrrtght. I careered wlldly over Lhe dailger zone wlr,houi ,oo,u"n injurv _ nalnly becsuse I felt agaln$! someone else rather th.!1n onLo Lhe rubblsh. Afler !h;!L f,he bouncers spent Lheir ttme jusl ploughtng bsekwanls an'J foF#arCs x,t:'$uq|' l;he crowd * they were obvlously enJcylng th€nselvesr especlally the htg ane chai ptcl1teC -i n; aid'hls sldehlck starled ir'rietinfl peopler grlilnlng, t,hen he sLoorj lnfront, of me end'sLarted hasslln6ne. He crossed hls arms "i and strood.ihere, feetng se, I sLcpFed after 6 while anci looked 6t html he satrt somethlng Lo the bcuncer nexi to hlm and palnt,ed at me. I tol'd ntn w!:sre Lo go he coulcn,t hear me {trrough when so&eone sa}'s somelhtng llke thsl Bherers no mtsiaklng, lt), he sald trwhal?rr andlsllledr I feally was going to hll hln buc I manage0' to stop myself but 6n1y because lL was so patherlc - he wouLf,nrt even noLlce Itd hlt hlm, ceFc fo throw me ouL of eour,se. ra

Sometimes its worth living 1  
Sometimes its worth living 1