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Wetre really knocking the oItSGrg out nor right?Issue 7 already and issue I should be out in about , weeks. fhre first few weeks oft77 have been so busy I reckon re cou1d have put out SG eveaXr tyo reeks and still keep it interesting.Everlr 5 reeks l"s the best we car doteau^se tre|ve

got a lot of

money probl€mso

In this issue I I ve done a couple of Lntervi.ews with people I really believe in.the Ad.verts a^re a new band. who are already one of rqf favourites.Ibeyrve got an interestJng approach to their rmrsic"

Iread sfurgerrTV Smith and bassistrGaye Advert both come from Devon.Ttrere must be ]oad.s Epre fnrstrated. kids fu places like Devon and that. It r s a pity they ca^n t t becorne involved. iJt the nes susic thatts being played here in Iondon at the moment. lltre interyier with Rory OlubltDJ'r nDon tDread

I€tts ya^s supposed. to be a reggae pleee tnrt it trrrned into an interesting look ort the seene.I reekon the erititisw that Don nakes are vealf relevent.I hope that everybody und.erstands why we put it in SG.If you d,on'trhard luck. A1so in this issue is a review of the great Gorillas by Steve ![iek, Itts another of Steve's boppin'live reports, i


pics scattered H"H**ffou for her Eang-Upteause their albumrs


released this month.I would have reviewed it but I couldntt get a, copy in time.

lt,, ,






Fbont cover photos by Harry T.lftulowski. Pa,ge 5 r4&5

The ADVERTS lnte::vier.

Fage'Jz News ete" Fage 5aT: fhe C.0RIL,LA,S. Page





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mfifs interrriew.

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Photographer and. even

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Contributing writer. ERICA




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thls lssue 1s dedlcated, to all fron l{ew York and all thettsurfers-frorn the West Coast of .& who now read. SGroh yeah it's also for Genesis P-Orrldge and fhrobbing Gristle"


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Hnlt-oRD€R (- Dnue Ualtleil oF TllE DnHNED nT TllE Rory Cuug, 3rl,lr? (trcn,r H


MP: 'yJhen bald?

did you first think of forrning


Irve been d.oing it since I was at sc.hoo1. Itve always been d.oing me orn stuff.I had a couple of school bamds.l[one of us coulcl play rcept in that tine it used to be heavy na.keup a"nd all that sort of stuffryou knowrln the lunch hours.Doing the maths Lesson with glitter all over ne facetcause f could,nrt get it all off.I a year at collegercause f dictntt knor rhat to do-andl i naa another band then.It rer:rtt really regular fcause this was in...trelIrthe school band. was in a village in the nriddle of Devon. The college wa^n aLso in Devon so re got about 4 elss in 4 nonths. l{P: Eow did you get up to L,ondon? TY: We cane up to get a bondritts the only place anythingrs happening.Devonrs great for learning to get bored..Ioutve got to have gomething like a bald or you go insa^rre. 9gpr The two of us rere doing fineryou knorrpraetising in ny parentrs seervetve known each other for two years. Yeahrwe could practise but thatfs a,ls far as TV:

qt tD

d tc



ai dN


3l ot

:Il .l >l


we could go.


is ,it-Intenriew.


One day she saicl bassrso we learnt.

Subjec:!-I[eu group called the ADVm?fS. IemberF pregen_l-ffl SnI th-l ead voca^ls . Gaye Ad.vert-bass, Eonard-guitar. I[ot pgesent-Laurie Driver-d.nrme.

Detalls-At the time of this chat the Adverts had. only played. 1 gigs-'support at the Ro:cy Club on 15th Jan and 19th Jan plus eupport to the Stranglers at the Royal College 0f ,

Art on 21st JannThey sound like nothing around. at the moment.TTls songs aretone


Chord \{ond.ersr, tlfewboyst, tThe Quiekstept n t0n the Roof t , tNew Day Dawningt , tHe Who Waitt , tSonnbgl,te Boyt and, tBored, Teenagers I .There I s more but thatrs what was played the first time I sarf eu.I sas euprLsed when I sawremrthey hit

ne hard,.lfhey played fast but lt d.idn I t rness f em rp.The strong etor\gs carne throughrthe message if you likerwas seen.I take nry eyes off Gaye at flrst but then I rroticed. that she rais playing great bass lines,0n guitar-Eorard.rGaye reckons he looks like a verT famous filrr ulonster.He doesnt t play lIke one ,he I s good..Hl,g breaks a^re unusual . Laurie Driver is a d.nrnmer.A d.nmner-solid.. t\I Snithrthe singerris always unhappy but it nakes some great uusic.El-s songs Elean alot to hinryoo can tell by the way he sixgp?en. Reallyrthe ACverte a^re like one thing and

that thine is the Ad.verts; f\Ig ftris band ts got about 2 nonths historT. Gaye te been lea:rrlng to play bass for about 6 months.[â‚Ź t ye had a guitariet about 2 rlonths and the d.rtmmer about a month.



like to play

SIg: I donrt know why I tlecided on bass. There ras load.s of leacl. guitars for sale in Devon but hardly any bassee,We speut ages trying to find a ba^ss.It aoe+, â‚Ź,15. {- Teatrrthatts the begirurlng of thl.e bard. That little poxy anplifier sltting Ln a bedroon with this and. that(polntlng at tro cheap guitars)and thf*fng rhat great heights rerd. reach. Gaye: Yeahrl got that a,np and the Stoogear first albun for a tenner.


II: My old band ctnrcked ne out.Tlrey tanted to d.o Jini Hendrix nurbers.lye ra,s dolng ny stuff rhich was a step back fron what we do now.Irve always been dolng ry orn etrrff, even when I was at sehool.So I hav:rrt actuatly had very good reactions to itrnost of the tine.People canrt slng along to it rcause they dontt knor whatts happening. It's good that the Ro:cyrs thererearse re probably still wouldnf t have a chanee to clo it othervise.I think the Ro:cyrs great. the fact that it gives peopLe the chance to d.o a gig rithout even hearing thern.It ueane aryone carr have at'least one try.I hope it donrt get closed


Gaye: Yeahrwhen we played. the RCA the atmosphere wasntt as good..To nerit ras 1lJ<e rehearsi'gf cause we d.itlnrt nake any nlsta.lcee.I sti1l prefer the Ro:qy.




I hope nobody d"efines it cause then people won't think about it aJr1rrnor€. UP: that would you define your materia.l as, T'lr:


it cone from.. oyour atitud,e? TV: I d.unno , it t s not for ne to say.It t g for the people who listen I suppos€.. .I jnst do lt.I DON| T THINK A30UT ItIHAT I THli'IK. I sit dorrrr with the guitar and. any Ld,eas Ifve got...nolltrs not even like that reallyrit cou}d happen srrJroay.

where does


Gaveo t0auserl used

to Ii-ke the Stooges and. the New York Dolls.fgryrs been ny hero for lots of years nor.I fve been an Iggy fanatic for about 4 years.Sefore I even got?Raw

to borrow sonrebody else's.I used. to take the cover to bed with rne and 1ay in bed. with the cover o&, the pillar.Yeah I wa^s into lhe Stooges d.bwn in Devon.Originally I was into frank ZapFe- and thinep like Powerrl r:sed.



fj.rst tlne I sar the Pis-

tols last Spring they done an. Igg;f nunber I sarrem everTr week after that.I thoug:ht it wa*s afiiazing.I never believed Jokrnrry Rotten rould like us but he said he did.Hets a niee guy' Before we moved. up to Lond.on I thought up part of & songr cause I wa"s in this horrible, revol ting factoryo lfhey had this slgrl up on the waLl saying about, "draw to your attention that we t ve got mlce here a^nd. we have got rat inspectors. . .'arrd. I thought up this song:.$fhat was it?Yeah..,Iook after all the rats and, strangle all the fuckin?eatslTlratrs the first part,Thatts the sort of thing I d.orso I thoughtrlf d. better shut Ery nouth,I'B better off just d.olng the a^tnd,

bass 1ines. TV: Yourd. wa^nna d.o an hour of Igry Pop songs! $P: ghat do you think of the aud.j.ence at the mom.ent?

1[Y: I think j.t I s eool .lflhen we

in danger of becorntng super that first gi8rliker-from watching other band.s before-if nobod.y walks out it probably meaner they like us.ff they stand there itrs alrightrl ueanrl d.ontt care what an audience d.oes.If they like ltrgreatr I donrt want people elapping after everxr ntrmbel.

w fY: A lot of band.s have started playing sinee the Pistols arrd started writing since then and. that.Which is good, but Itve been nitlng a long time. Gaye t Do you reckon our guitarist looks like hankenstein?


(ftre intenriew was at w and Gaye t s flat but

now itts


lbark€.o, flat). ry: Subray Sect used to brrck in Hammersnith subway, they?tr did as well. n. Eogaf4.: I got caught busking in Totterrha^n Court Road, station.Lond.on Trernsport policeo'il/ould. you nind moving alongrnext ti-ure we eatch you we | 11 have you! tt TV: f?d. be singirt,rtTherets a killer in yer subway.,,tt.People d.idn?t give me mtrch money. 9aye: A policenan suggested that you should get singin'lessonsrwith the noney youf d. got but he rnoney got about 10p. tTr Not only wa"s he a pollceman telLing ne to go anayrhe r€rs a critical polLceman.If you I re good.-ttAccompany me and. d.o a free concert for

to the station the 1ads8.


HqqqFd.: When you see people at the front, junpin I and. da.ncinf along.You knor r l d.on I t

think about arrythlng else.I d.on I t think about stud.ios or big stag;eg.I just like seeing people enjcy thenselves and you actually fins yourself playing to t em.What upsets ne a bit Ls the spotltghte

and thingpralways belng on stage.You canrt see people at the back ryou know.

ltttis band is a. good. band.Tt/'r playing thLs sort of

would. probably be

mrsic an)ryay.It jnst happens to have col,n-. eid.ed. wittrrwhat isrbasically Rew uusic and. new outlook for young' people.llherers on.Ly certal,n chords you can play on a guitar and. there's only certain notes in a scalerrtgfrt. I meanrthe l3mics and yer feeling and. the way you develope the uusic is what is new about Lt'


r think therers asort of

d.eveloping on the xlew wave sc€rr€r Althoughrthat cou1d. be sonething thatls been generated by the press.The Pistolsrthe Clash, the Damned, and. nolr Generation X.

lHE AI{STTER TO ATt TUE PMPLE WHO RECKON ?HAT Nq $[TTH ACTS LIKE JOHN}TT ROTTTX{ ON STAGE. t'V: Irm not awa^re of itrbut so naJly people have said. it to me that Lt I s starting to get into ry brain. Gaye 3 T\r used. to have a band. in levon.He was exactly llke that then.He used to be even to the aud.ience rhe was really ob jectionable.Exactly the saJne a"s he i.s rlowo T'V: As far as lrm concerrred. I havntt changed. from when I d id. it 2 years ago or when I did, it i:r a school band. even.Itm just gonna carry onrl d.ont t really care.I meanrpeople have to relate to sonethine.People always go to the nearest thingryou know, jfrst a thing in htrnan nature.LLkerpeople wanna call the sc€zl€"punktt ryolr knowrllhey see Ire perfo:em and they t wanna saytit no need. for

s like Johnrry Rottetttt.There it,rho eares. . . I


Gaye: Yeatrrltve had somebody accusing ne of

copylng the basslst of Talking Head.s t cause I tm ferrale,Just r cartse I tm female !





Wtro caresr..w€ havnf t really been Siving you posltive iurformation really. Eoward.-The flrst tine youf ve had a, negative intenrioxrr gg- UIe rre Generation -rw€ are,I would-nl t

like to


thls shjit!

Intenriew by Hark P. T'lftrlorski. Photographs by HaJry Trlftrrlorski.

rTugT Pur dHaT* CI,ASH

!o[ to$l*;;:".,he fhe first

have si8ned



will be a singlerprobably tVhite Wot/1977. T'Lreytre also playing three nights at the Roxy at the" end of Febnrary.I ra,s shocked rhen I heard they were aetually dointsomethinf oo.Tback have been getting involved. with the scene recently.They keep telling everybod.y that the'rpunk scene m.rst stay independ.entF, Yeatrrwell I reckon Fe should stay ind.epen: d.ent and forget about recorrl eonpanies that had. their glorT in the swlngl.n I sixtiss r . €ro

cept whrn they save SG? from the SFaveyaxd Dy paying out 950 for their page ad.".the

am&zing G$,IERATI0N X have rnanag:errAndy Czezowski(fr*

split vith their

also runs the Bory Clubj.Apparentlyrtheyrre looking for more of a*political d.l,rection't.Perhaps they' 11 find. it J,n the tso grlys who a^re currantly sniffin|heavily in their direction-Jonh Inghan of' Sound.s fane and. Stuart Joseph of Rough 'l?ad.e fame.I hope they o.on' t change EIus j.callyo . . the Adverts Inew sorg-3llhe Great BrLtish H1stakerls d.estlned. to become a classic. Sttff were caught talkins totem after their gie at the Roxy recentlyr. oAfter telllng Billy ldol to get singinf l,essons recently Earry T.Uurlowskf(tnat well-hrown poqf lensilranlthen turned to his verbal punchbastXark P.and. to1d. hirr to get typtng lessone o . ,what dld you get in your postrVeed,g3roc*e aintt reeieved har&Ly any poll responses,that's why it ainrt printed. this month.nrll. yer fingers out and. get the fuckers to LLEI r r errer

: $erve s/tay lTurrbers/3i z,anlos/Ttnrnd.ertr aLn/ Cor:nt VigI ione/Gi znosfVenr:s and. the Bazorbl Boys/Pent a grffi/ Fictures.. . if you order anythtng fron us and you pay by cheque or postal-order plea,se leanr payee section blank.rCause ne alntt Paul Getty takeoffs with 10 bank accounts n . . rhat ever happened to the SIIBWAY SE0T.lflrey used to gpt up on sta6e and be thelrselves, nor theyrre rehearsing ltke an established barrd.(S[) o.. fanzines that have cone out sinee the last issue: Teenage Depression/Wfrite Stuffftrta t s Stuff/trfiore-{n Z/ ztp-vi:ry1/sid.ebu:ens 2/O.n z/taLckslFishnet 'rights. . . U.S "barrd.s

r{€xT f$lgg r HErrFrOReqk€R5 tne- f,cim. , ro*jr,nf mfto 1!.9-rtpo. AE.

SNIEHII{ t Grrus need. good,




t& sS|lw

or as possi.ble,

zenith E in exchange naybe.Rlng Earry-g5g 448)(after 8)or wrlte to sG rith aetlils. JOHNNY IIOPED need.s srlitarlst .R[ng-TT 1 g41T . Rabted d.nnnmer needed now for the zlps,so rankers r . . got it:ling Xick- 417 eT1Z.




n€w-rave band.Hope to

be playing giss soon.Phone Derek-4l?


tt tERJboty FoRaoT ABovT' Dnrdkr nl G=. Things had been getting pretty

at the rashville so i t waa about time that a really good band played there.


Tkre Gorillas are Jesse Hec tor -guitar r vocal s , A1 Butl er-bass arrd l{at t Mclntyre-drums.Theyrve not long corr€ back from

France and. this was their second, Lond.on gig" The Nashville Tyas jam-paeked to giveten a welcome and the Gorillas brought ryithIem,a lot of fun.They definitely proved they


re a band, f or a live

C'orillas g;ave the Slad,e, everTrone


aud.ience.llhe inpression they like their short rharrd rock songs

had a powerful hard beat

to it.

Straight off the cuff the first number they came up with rea11y held yer attention.It was rea}ly catchy and. the music stopped everXr time for the spelt-out chol:us"Yer cantt alwafs teIl a book by looking at itte


t help yourself r yor their tunes and. enjoy your* self.Jesse gets us all going by talking with us all the tirne ln-between numbers but they never slacken the pace.The set speeds along and everything about the 1 piece spells out i;helr promise for success,You can te1l that theyrre a great band. but they're nothing new and they don|t hid.e their lnfluenc€soThe C'orillas are just a popular rock bandrthey are fun for all the farrilyr&s the ptrnksrhippies,d.iscos and. footballs who turned. out to Yer

have to bop to



eB proved..



I{obod.y takes their eyes off for a second and. everXrbod.y forgot about talking and d.rinking with each other for a while.lTte GoriLlas are too much fun ancl theytre imned iately llkeable .




--,fln ffi l:.:;;"3riil"i"

asks us,,,we that one next time I "bef ore taking the breaks off their next numbeT-a nice litt1e singalong version of the Small Facest rA11 Cr Nothing t rrhlch d,idn't sorind. ,"ruch d iff erant than the original . The se t t s ge tt5-ng more and more exciting *: they steann 0rro sons wa*s their new s

ingrc- | Gate-""31:"?:"*

re gonna keep 0n playing-,sereailns Jesse and you ca.rr see the sweat shininf, on his bea^ming face. r?

'Sre rwe


ffi:T;"?;ffi;.;;'ou ord a'd

well tried,but they sourrd raw and. fresh.

rWild.'lhingrwa^s something we d"id" it complete with feed.back,Jesse put orr a thick aceent and d.lved. and sornmersaul ted alL over the front of the stage like Hendrix.Jesse looks like hets writhing in agony but Lre looks a,s if he eould do the song standing on his head while Al pulls out ttie ba"ss riffs, heaving the guitar up and down wlth all his strength to bring out the right sound..Matt camles on sLamming out on drwrs without a trace of suprise on his face,se looks tlke he'g seen lt all before but you can tell

never expected and they

that-Iike the audaenee-kre t s having fun.

wanna hear

yer,iiffi-#;ffi . ::;.1""H"*?li"t

ere thing! " , showing u.s what he mea"rra by making all sorts of psyched"ellcrbutterfly fluttering noises on his glrltar* I

ya: com, on, 1

-Jl*":3.r:?::"lH;:' }:3"1,n"o

pointing to us all. (contd.o\rer page).

$Ho(Kl ofrsPl




ftr TH€ NRsnv r LLEI


(mmrgove*rg '.-- +o. W$t' t ?lll$uT6h?I3l*ffiil"YlJHJorRcos),


( Contd.

frour page 61 ,

Af terrWlld Thingt cornes Hendrix I s t Forry Lad,y t and even that hippy Jesus is there wi th his po)ry tambourine , Some more chug:-a-chug bass and guitar is stored, up in the ncrt song, 'Keep 0n To lf,e?whtch is roud.rhard. arrd. full of enerry. Then it t s all over bar the shou-

tingr cept for some real fanatics who nanage to rouse the band. back for an encore. fhe Gorlllas a^re nothlng to do rith the new Fave ercegt that theyrre on the sane level-you can talk to t em and

they t re not superaten.They I re a peoples band a.s the variety in the audience proved.. Itlothing breathtaking or spectaeul,ar-just e, rock band with guts. Steve lllick.






lfon. 1 4th : Damned & Ad.verts Hed.. 15th: Vlbrators & G.B.H.

t^l. C



C ]l6cro R

Ro ur-l




& Rejects.

?ossi6 b b'g3k, sat '26tL'': 1 RIN66R gewls

Snn .27 th








Da"unned. &,

d' n godl:


Tel : 836 BBI I

rui . 25tt

Cortinas & Sourbers Srrn. 20th: Reggae night. I[on .21st: Damned & Jofinny Xoped. [\re ,22ndz ftre Late Cochrs^rrr f,cd, ,Z}rrt''.z Slaughter and the DoSs & G.3.H. :


R[)XY Offi

4l -43 Neal

Sat. l Ith




h/H tIR. BLRcK \ , fgTERvrer,f UITH Dos Lg.rTs .

Don ls the following things: Black. A Rasta. DJ in the Roxy CIub. Manager(sort of)of the Acne ettractions ahop in the Kingts Road.. A friend of the Patti Smith Band,(he joined. then onstage at Eammersnith Odeon). A very lnterestlng person. I reckon his idea.s on the pnrnk scene are verxi. very interestlng.Ihatrs why werve got a .fuckLnrgreat Lntervier with hin.


In the DJ boxrright?I sit in there a.nd stare at the kid.sra^ncl you ean see that sone of rem are genulnely interestedrright?Then againryourve got a new set in there which


1ike...latent skinhead.s.Shey've hung up their bootsrthey've cut their hair and cone in...and. just eone to wreck the place.They

' donrt give a darnn about the rmrsicrl reckon 8$ oftem are poseurs.They just put on the clothes...I mearrthat ehick for instanc€. o rho rritee Fishnet Tights?Personallyrf think she'g full of shLt.[o me shets just lrke a typieal college chickrlrn sure her nun and ttad. have glot a lot of dough.She tlon't knor what it is to be fuckinrpoorllf,ere you poor?

as a punk, right, a purrk wears his clothes. He t s naki-n t an outward. sigrr that he's rebelling.Sa.e thing we do rright.We put on the red,rgold and" up our mear?Sarne


rebelling aJld we dontt give a can |'f hid.e this shit, right? Itrs a1i the same battle but the punk kids d.onf t see that.L heard. at one point then sayingrlike ttSlaeks are and.ttblack music got nuthlrlt tr.Anybody who says that ha"s gotta be an arseholn r right. rCauseryou know yourve got to owe lt to niggers muslc wise.That put me off the punk seene straj-ght awayrwhen I heard that. MP: hrhat sort of response are you gettint for what you play down the Bory? DONr It?s good.Itn gettintmore askinrme for reggae than punk.ftey come in and. actually tel1 me to take it off , it I o t:nre . Joe and head..Wetre

fuck'cause you

l[P: No...never. Tou never been poorrllark...!oo cuntl Yourve been workinrclass thoWh'right?


l[P: Oh yea]rrworkin' c1ass. DON: Likerto nerthe reggae thing and. the punk s the sa"rne i'uckinrthing.Just the black version and the white version.The kid.s are singing about changerthey ra^ruoa d.o aray rith the eetablishment.Sase thing the niggers are talkinf aboutr"Ohant d.own Sabylontrritrs the Sabylon is your fuckin I thing.If ve beat rtrthen you beat it a"nd vise versa. t0ause likerJohnny Rotten ras telling ne the other day.Ilets salkin'down the street now amd the cops are hittinron him. Talinfhin in the vanrtryinrto bust hin for this and that.rCause of the way he Iooks... itrs the sa,ne ehit we go through.Likerrlth ne hair and the red.rgold a.nd gEeen.Copper stoppett me in tse car and tell ne I should walkrcops actually told ne I shoulil ralk!


Ifllck from Clashreven JoLrnny Rotten.o.€v€{bod,y:At first I wasn?t sure wether to play it or not blrt then againrthere aintt enough punk material out.L{kerthey say Irm D.ttlng at the Roxy...therets no DJttng to d.oiYou ept like 10 LPrsrri,ght a;rd. about 20 singles a^nd that t s it,How the fuck can you I[I?Tou just rearna^rrge tt ever1might.I had to pad it out rith something and I ean't stand soul , the soul rlght nor.lfhe sorrl nor ie , rOause like he saidr"People rith redrgold sort of . r r rrrorle3r lnspired.I prefer punk rock to that ghitrl prefer mogt of the white and green nats shouldn't have enough Doney musl,c nor to nost of that goul shlt.t0ause to drive flash cars"ard all this crapryou that r s ilroney irrspiled and lt ain I t knor'i I g fuckinrheatry. from in here(heart)aaa if uusic alntt coning And rlike it fron in here lt aLntt mrthint.Itrg not yourre your head you put.that hat on Once ,t takinron a whole lot of shitryou knor rhat r tf {'spired rlghtrl.tfa not real, (contd.over).




I thlnk the najority of the Roxy audience dig it.Quarter of f em real1y like it, l tke you real ly l ike i t . The cl a"sh guys , they all like it.r carr talk ro|em and. te1l that they like the rnusic. You knowryor get those other fuekers who say thoytdis regga"ttteanse itts in to dis reggae nornright?Like a*srardrhip to eheck out Asrard nowrright?Itts a hip thing to dis reggao...for some peop1e.I nean, Caroline Coon and, there I s one that t s worse. I DONs

neanrlook at that chick... uPr she irsed. to go down the black clubs

the sixti€g.


her with her t-shirt cor€fully rlpped. betreen the tits.Punkrrny arser You can tell see dresses up like a punk to go to a punk d.o and. probably puts on a red,, gold. a^rrd. green hat to go to a reggae d.o.rrll teIl you whors another onerJanet street Porter. o .horsenouthlshe f s the sarne kind.a thing. r see her d,o this fifties thing for rr and ehe rears all fiftiee clothee and r sar her on the punk rock thtng with a t-ghlrt with f hnktaeross the front.shers fulla shitlTou ainrt gotta d.o tJxat.Itf s like ne cutting ry hair to go end, see e rhite pop show.You d.onrt have to d.o that.Therers norhere I d,onrt go looklnrlike thisrnot a place on the earth.I gp to rhite pop ehows , f go to fuektnr . . .I been to chureh like thts rwed.d.lngs, corrrtrl al,n?t asha^Bed..I ju,st speak and shen I talkrthat gets ne byrnot how I look.As far DOnt. o.ohryou see

Do{r There saylng lt's a new thingrthere gonna change this aJd. r sayrvhat a^re they d.oing.r.what is Bunk rockrlow they going about achieving what they r re doing, irr"yi"" ful1a shitlTlrey?ve got the pins in their earcs and the clothes ripped up but what they fuckintd.oinl ? Rmk rock is boring me t cause t t

they re tryin to tel1 me it I s ner and if It was rtd. be right in "o*"thing there with I em.I I d. be right behind. t em. . .I t d. be fuekin t up front lhrt r rm 21 and r ean see it aIread.y.rtts gonna cone alongrps'ss and. drop.

ft will



When it all started, off I wa,s anazed,I never geen any movement nove so quick, rlght, tremend.ous potential .A11 the kid.s carrght on to somethtng, they got on to

an idea.Tlrey had alr this energy inf BDr which we I ve all got r r . F€ all feel the salne pressures.They felt it and then they got into the cloth€s-sarne old, fuckln r gto4y-got rnto the mlrsie-sane old. story-ard. they said. rtl'uckttand. spit on l[Y or nhatev€!-sa^ne o1d. storyrAlice Cooper bit off fuckinrsna]ces'




ear ! T1ren

rhat?hthin r right r lt



utopped at there. ttYe I re gonna change rilB r re gorula change t ", the fuippies sald., I rs gonna changeH-al} that peace and"We love bitand what they d,o ?Ifuthin r !

a,s Itm eoncerned.rltm above clothes.I d,ontt need, it no more because all the kid.s that coun lnto the shop, they put so uuch Lmportance in clothes.Eheytre up s. force

ld.entity. MPr You say that but you're selling the c1othes to t orrt r Q9n: Yeatrrl sell the clothes totem but f dontt telI'sm the attitud.e tn which +-hey should put it on.Buying clothes and, looking far out Ls cool.Ae long as you knor where itts itnportance llesrright.As long as you knor that clothes are here and yourre tJrere a.nd. soneone says to you, ttlfell ,what are you about?'r.As long a^s you can stand. there alld. fueklnr tell the guyo

40Nt If arrybod.y says to me'shere are ycnr at?'r I can stand tlrere and tel1rem,rl,ght.If I canrt telI you at least r can fuckln?burlshlt ygu and get byrrtght.firese ktd.srthey cantt say nuthintto yer and. itts L dragr you knor?Theyrrb gettinf dressed. up and. shit, when they should be gettintthere head together.Theytve got all th:is energ:r snd, no d,ireetion"Like our shopreven our shop.I said to John(Krevine ) , r sald. to the people that own the placerwbv d.ontt re take it a step further alrd giveten something to read.fuen if it t s just tell lnt em what all these rord.s theytre talkintabout mear.I nean,, ?anarchyt r the fuckers don I t lmow what that meana. fhe kid.s don t t l<rrow what they t re talkin I about,

they Just

d.on t

t know.

(contd.. over) .

so... trand. all that shit and then his







and sape "Jhdrlook. o.heretg Samyo.."and. FOfVlKnow what I mean?The Eng-

like that.

the e€lish in general are fucked. up.It I s not their fault, it t s the system.What hurts me is ,like, these ktds are jtast perpetuatlng lt.Iheytre helping it flow along.They ai^ntt d,otng fuck all! Intenrlew by Uaxk P. Photographs by Harry T,Iturlowski .

Tlrat interview was put l-n the magr cauge it brought up polnts about the scene which harre need,ed. to be be cri.tised.I meanrsafty-pins and all that gane is 0K but itls gettixg stupid.Wef re now getting crmts who rip their jacketsrshove a few safty-pins throregh their cheeks and. Eake out theytre doing aonethins creative. mfu scene, if there is a tf scenettarurunore, Ls

flf.fhey sayntfuck"rbig storn and they get recognised..fha,t ain?t nuthln'

DONI Ttrey go on }lOYr

like that chick who said she rlpped the head,s off her d.olls and the punkthe ettes in therllews 0f the Worldtthrowing I d.eacl. pigeons about rright?I nean, that s what alL the other pop stars used" to do-outrageous thtngls-sg the a,sshole reporter goest'hrek msrf and rrl.tes'fHe d,oes this rd.oes that. o o tt ,whY they gotta do that?lthy d.on't they say soII€thl.ngrwhy d.ontt they say what they thinkrif they think arrytlulrrgrThatte what hurts ne so mrchrlt had s.o nnreh potential so fast. ' lllheytre just having funrlf they ean just say that I rm more pleased, sith ten.Itf s rhen some fueker hite on ne tryinl tO tell lne that he t gttnell wavefr , tfnew Ord-errr , t?I gr)rura change thisn, nRe ggee aJ"n I t doing nuthLnt and. the hlppies aj-n I t d.oin tnuthint and' Clapton and. that lot aintt doinrnuthinttf . Itrs tnre tlrey ainrt but they ai.nrt goint around. rbullshittlng'r gaying they are ! I think, even the skinheads had it together a bit more r eause at lea^st they had some values.The skinhead.s were pretty together yolr knowt cause rlike, they had & be* a wrong belief but I lief.It nay have beentrto attd.on t t knortt . Tfte prefer anyes ttor a,ttno skinheads had. one strong moral and, that sa.s out with innierants.Obviouslyrl thought tt rs^s fuckinrnonsenserri&trbut the thing Lsthey had a belief .Likertheyrd. go round. pakibashlregrlt might have been a btt tlll-cool ... the thine lsrthey had a belief and they went about putting it into actionrright.I respeet thatrl respect a guy rho hates niggers artd' goes and. bocks t em dorn as apposed to a' guy rho saysrone of ffy best friend.s is a nigger


about trrovenent.Itrs about con€rtant change, creative ehange rrlot fash'ion changes ltroone I s d,one anybkr"ing by worrlring about clothssoDon said in the fnterrrl,es that he wastoabove clothesn rwell rwe should, al1 strive

for that feeling. in the


Reggae was also mentloned. piece.I ras thinking of havingl

reggae reviews in SGt cause I rve ltked. reggae ever sinee ne skinheg! d,ays. t'lrere t e so nuch movenent in regg:ae.So rnrch eoul and. honesty.Itts worth cheeking out, if it only nearlsl listening to lt d.own the Roxy ffLub.If se had room it rou1d. definitely be in SGrno Q's a"skgd..

If you eantt get dora the Rorryrllsten to Reggae Ilne(naAio London, Sund"ay) rread Black ldusic or rea.d Fslc I\fller in llational Roekstar(tfre only thlng worth buying it for), Just fuckint trlf to listen to reggaetright!





\^f 5

scitA?cn(Ner Ho:cnrones Er)

stl- R€ur€us F{ tl nRK ?.

t s up/nored"on/trlrlend.s of Mine. @Tine Tkre f irst tine I played this thingrit jumped, all over the place.I threw it agBirrst the walI and it broke into pieces ! 'If I seem a little jitter?, I canrt restrain myself, Irn falli.:rrg into fancy fragnents,

Canrt contai-n nyself t

I gotta breakdorrrr, breakd.own yeah I can starad austerity, But lt gets a lltt1e mucht When therets all these livid thingst Ths.t you never get to toucht I gotta brea^kd.own,breakdown yeahtt. I had to buy another one.Shen I heard. it properly I could.nrt believe it. iFeels ny brainstlike porrl.dger Coning outta my eaffr, I Yas erpecting :reverie,


Talen }eave of ny sensesr altd. I tm tn a^rrears t ry legg buekle oyerrl tn living orr ry heesl

I gotta breakd.ornryeah r I gotta breakd.own eyeah, I t n gonna breakd.own r yeah-uh-hultn . flhese guys live up tn Hanchosterrthatts what nakes their uusl,e so vital , rllhatever makes ne tick, It takes sblvay ny concentration, Sete Bry hand"s tremblingt Givee sre fmstrationr heakdoura yeah.

I bear that tro Ls companyt For ne itrs plenty trouble,

smAilGtE4p-cRlr(unrted Artis ts ) .

The ba.ndfs boringttletts be toughttstage stance has long since got on ey wick but th:is single ls great,The StrangX.ers are gonna go through life a,s bappy record,ing uusicians with not one care tn the rorld. One dey it srteht even be possible that welll see Hilgh Comrall wearing aFtr\rcktft-shirt et the Rainbor r the last d.ate of their flrst najor head,lingrng tour of the G3. The B-sld€- | L,ond.on Irady t is good but the picture on the cover Ls silly.


llrough my double thoughts a^re clear€T r Now that I an seeing double t Sreakd.orm yeah.

I g:row outta, Whatrs a little too big for Ber I In gorua glve up that ghost t Sefore tt g:.ves up lro r I wa:rder Load.ed. as a crowd., A nowherewolf of pain, Livtng next to nothing, Oh uun ean

Brnt lny neverurind. remains r I gotta brealcdorn yeahrltm gorura breakd.ornt You gime breakd.owa yeahtr. This group is. ttre neT-trave.Btry Itrif you d.ontt you should.n't be tlr:is Bt€Lgr Buzzcocks : Horard. Devoto-vocals t

Pete She11ey-gu:itar,Steve Digg1e-bass a:rd John latrer-d.nrns. (fStrlcs-liles Borniones e ). If you cantt_get the Buzz?oeksrEp ln your area send. g1(plus 10p PaP)to f,er Eomones t 182 Oxforril Road rl[anehester 1,.





e/Starting" a iloped./

Iovia tMar./Wolf snd Draculafneeision/ }-D Tine/Sone thin Hlser/Ttrese Stud.ents/8e11-



razorf Assaul


and Bugger5r. In case you don

t know it t iloped ls a Livin'legend..tris tape proves ltt 50 minutes of real punk roslr. Oh yeah r'74 Tineris a great song, tAesault ald Bnsgerytls weird. arrd d.l.rty plus the Dalrred ? s Captatn SensLble playe



bass throughout.tiverlfioped Ls


ered-ible.fbrJr to see'im arrd buy thl.s tape at Rock Onrsoho Xarket for a" quld.Ttrere n:ight

be an intenriew in the next





I'lo Re Revre Eo!:E(stre rc).


E'lllgEs !EAvP Glad

Shock treatnentfl 'Bemenber You/On 0h I tove Hq= So/Ltarbona tot Glue/Suzy Is a Hea^dbanger/finrr,ee/ Now 'I Wanna Be s. Good. lo /Swallow nfy fuide/ Wtrat I s Yo11I Game /Cal ifornia Sun/Coqlnan d,o / Youtre' Gor a Kil} ThAt Girl/You Snould Sever flave Opened. Thai Door.

'To Sge You

Co/ Grmme Girrurne


tGabba'"gabba 'Wa accept you r::-','1916'.


One of -u.Er r ''"1' donnt, ranna be a pinhead no more - ' f Just met a mrrse that I couLd. go for. D-U-l[-B Evbrryone rs accurying meE, (t tlre Ramones ) . _ lirrhread- 'bY l[he- Ranones have done it agpin. Ttreytve stuck strictly to their old. fo:crntrla and. Lt 3 s fuckin t great. The prod.uction is a

bit ulore sutle tha+ onrRanones'but ltryicly ' 'theytve moved on.I reekont tPlnheadris their , :best gong ever.Itts 2;42 seconds of Rasrones,r power-the best-but it?s in the l1mics that

cRrlrn-Eor wrRE ![r





Not availible :.n Sritain yet

get it overrl think. Crine a^re fron the West Coast


and. they I re veqy noisey and incompetent.It is a fuckintgreat single though.Soth sid,es sound. llke they're recorrl in warehouseritrs like a really horrible mess.They all dress in leather and they try to look toWhrthey look more like I, Fonz iJnitators. I d,id. know all their na^nes but I lost the press hand.out that they sent me. r knovr that their names I stupld arrtrrhow. lElrere

3s probabley loads of

snall States bands putting out this sort of mess on their own labels.!ilake sure you get t em to Brttain. 0h yeah l orro of ' em I s called. Johrury Strj-ke and. another one rhankie Fl,x. Yeah, they I re silly rteht?



',the inered.ible strength lsnBernember when , theJ eane'overr*-r*=![*"" saying how dumb a.rg:,

sayl-ngttso whattt , they

kin'honest *n"{*rff?;



showing how fuc-

one rhins this album is first one.By putting like they -honest;just their first the Ranones inspired. out album : lne to start t snifftn'Gl-ue . . . t .We11 ,I reckon that if it wa^a July'76 again a;rd,rRa.nones i,,'



,. ' ,Coq1d have

thad been released. the

sa^rte thing


: lfhe .ttanones-breaking dornr bar: have been bldlt by the rso calle&, that ,;fiersr' . baek to the fuckinr fock gstabll,shment.Get ,.,i, I teal rock' sound.-ryLtar, ba"ss, drunr Fcrean-*ith





Dustb?Teahrperhaps n . .but it I s " better , than learrning how to operate! a. bleedtntâ&#x201A;Ź.l ,OO0 aprthesi zer. '' :TAIJ{ING HEAns-IovE+ BUTLDTHG 0H Frnn(sire ). 'i




. Iress qaniae than the Ba^mones Her Yor{<' sound..This is veqF cleverryery sophlstieated pop mrsie.Both tJee A and B-sid.erllow Seeliggg,


4s'g excellent songF'1[1te play-

igg is superb tluoWhout.lfhe hor:rs sound. a ' btt eut of plaee at first but even they be,,, come a i*poitarrt part of the group a^fter a . lfer plays.Honestrl really love this grolrp. I David.

Byrne-guitar and vocals-Lg the nain tl" 8:roup tnrt I tm sure he souidlxl t ?f , d,o ri'thottt',the rkrlrthn section of Hartina trtelrmouth;bass qnd Chrls frantz-d.rums . . part.


,fhis band, really

cookrtheYIre incre&ib1e.,Ilre rhythm's Talking Heads play ere gfeat.I,f n ready to buy another copy'cau,se

albun out?


CORILLAS -{AfECHAS|ER ( CIrislrt ck )


I{Lcereasy going single which capture ttre atnosphere of

just fails to live Gorillad.Ihe produetion is a lot d,tfferant from their last singlo-rshers ry Ga-l leYou caJI hear less of Jesse Hectorts nai.niac guitar style and nhen a gUitar break finally comes the whole thind fades out.A live EP frcn this group sould be great. 3'-sid.e is a bouney ingtmurental-fGori[as Got let.See Steve ill.ckrg live revier for nore entlnngiagn.


LoNpoN : Dtvrgwcrb q - WARfi. t X[foN : L rovr *o'le t \ o -L lVElfpoo!-: Evic 5



I L{


&H AFA : Uqfuevsi\7

CHTSTE,R: Quai.n\,,,loy


F# J.ff'r'

4u':4 ,ft,'.;iir'!!1.,|t ,.. ,t/ i\:t;ri. l




" ia:





&tqrrch ]:


AoNDo/Y , 0lo bo I l.[




DE, lrla6ls

Heq J

5 : LON ?ot'.l/ Nr\ShuilleKoornS lo'. L IVE RPo oL, br ic i

l, : Bllll'\lt\t 6l'fArvr, Uraf uert,'t7 11 : Mt00LsSBoRouAH. R.ock

.VANILLA5 lls l,r'i Gq'r tLt

: Cl.l eSTE p.2


lS'. LoNAoN, Or'ugwq

WNECOUNTY ffi R LoNoonl .lobot Vtllage 4s$/q.1t s

WaynCountf &The Back Sbeet Boys


0 .rt*

Sniffin glue 7  
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