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a fanzine-?l " band,:- o: 1"!t-:tt.:T011fl^ If you ane involu"J in that rikes printine !hi?9"-'-,!l:i {::-""" person ;; i;-y;;i"" ir"t a the price-of-311":iis^:1"::^i?*' about sict<

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l. Hello, and thanks for buying MUCILAGE 2' I bope you l1ke lt and in the great rzine traditlon we apologize for tt being so long gince the last on6! ltrs taken so long to get this together lL mak€s ne sulcldal thinktng about it- Anyway ii's better than MUC.I but not as good as MUC.3t By far ihe best tblng aboul the whole llttle affaLr is that,werve. print1! on our own printer (see ad. opposite) and see you ln Septenber for "i MUCILACE 3. Thanks. ALLAN.(the very cool one!) rzinet not that yourre INTRO S. HeIIo wankers, thanx for buying our hunble not setting a good deai. Mos! of you-probaUly pay out-four Duch fon I pint of putrid panda piss that the venue ca1ls lager or twice as much fbr a pretentiou!, slcbphantic, necrophiliac; incestuously bullbuggering copy of the ever-so-shibe music press wh!-ch stlnks worse than a sewer-(can I have a good review in Snoudies?). Nor all 1n all' I think yourve done rather wE1I for yourself, so I dontt thlnk I 6we you any favours buy me a drink before in fact, I think you should ione running up to me andyou can then treasure' me to autograph you're copy of M,CILAGE t'thich INTRO





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'lOl)AY'S nfSHI6NrliILli gAIISU

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liberation? .inat's ioday's fashionable cause? Anti-racism? cND?ofAnimal your money to now? nhac wlil- you devote your time and maybe even Some f"og" or puL a sticker on your lapel and go round mindlessly ;;;'.;m out over a f:,t-, rn with all your nates, that's t,ill fhe cause drags you can move on bo lew nonths and lr becomes daledrboring and unhipr then at the forefront' another. There,s plenty Eo pick lrom and one's always iO being /jhy '-he fuci< can t t people realise that just cos one problem puolicized rnore than another ihe obher stitt exists? why fhe fuck canrt you support what you believe i,n rather than whal t1: :31":f;ff*!lftttt"t group sings abouL? socj.alism and striking seems to for a couple and anti-heroine is in. what use is it supporting somelhingmight aswell existe.You of months then forgetting it; lhe problem-stir*l up the no! bolher and go down the pub an gei well srfrsneO or go off get glued out of your tiny Ufainryou're tha! much nul-ti-sto""y fucxing use! "nI I

T0nt0nn(}lf,'S IlliAI]rlCHII...o.






ro-ries iofrference in Perth, he ivii--atio confident ltrat- the .[insJi-.nvisaged in the forth'

-securitY review iocial . worrld put more geople Dact( rn work. " H;-indicated that the review -itrJSoiiat Services- -Secre' uv wo-ulq deal tirv. Mr Fowler, 'wot*?" syo' i"itii ift ;'ufrY



One of its anticiPated -efrects lc rn errd the anomalY -whgrebv

thc l9?9 e lccriort clrnlluigrt, Margure t

'l'harcher promiscd prospcctivc voters: "Wc havc rio intcntion of rirising prcscrip-

tion ch:rrgcs-" ln 1979 the chargc rvas 20p April I the chargc will b€ {2 an iren,. ln tlte tggl clcctitrtt slrc a$surcd ,,s: "'ftc Nltitlnal Ilellrh scrvicc is salc rvith us." Sint'c tltcn, lrospitlls havc bcctt

un itcut. ljrolrr

closctl, rvartls shur clown, NIlS cntployccs sirckctl (particularly arrcillaly workers)' u'uiting lists arc longcr, tlental chirrgcs in somc iitsttrt.'cs llow cxcccd thc actuul cust ol'trr,:ulttte tlt and most pcoplc arc no longcr elrgitrlc {trr




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From the singer ot New Modei

4r-y the

at the-Gun CiuU gig


LrcourTr last SunOay; wtr;te

!rying td tune his cheap lqpanese SG-copy guitar (anii failingll, he asked if-there'were any Japanese in the audienceUpon hearing a few cries of

admission, he spat aiinsjtb

word of greeting: "BastJrds!], New Model Arny are onâ‚Ź' of the mos t controversial political bands around with songs such as Vengeance attacks the paciflst ideals of forgiving .the w-rong' doings of tr."ious badies; Liberal EducaEion which, says t,hat children shouldn I t be allowed to do just what they please ; and Drag i t Down which supports r:bl,igion. They could and have provoked alob of anger froor various people. In this interview I have behiiO tried to establish exactly what fhe politics tha red boys from Bradford(or so we're 1ed to belipart of this interview eve) really are. The first Bay be found in fhe first and only lssue of RigorMorf,is. In Rigon-Morbis I gave a very vivid accoun! of what I fell abouf NMA which was a product of the Vengeance Tour and fon which I received alot of crilisur. 0f recent I have realised:' that NMA are blindly hero-worshiped and treated as unquestionably righteous by too nany people. Although being musically brilliant(in my eyes), they have their faults: Signing to EMI (who aren't a very nice multinational negafive to ), wriling songs which are deliberately othen peoples vi.ews, maltneabmenl of support bands (e.9. Kindergarten ) ect. ..I suppose at this poinf you have bo separaEe the music from ibs message... ( J=Jusftn aka Slade theLevellor, S=StuarE, R:Robb 1,{=MuclIage ; lngenious inni t? )



the sillies!





oil ano coal runs out and thls country,s got, not,hing at,, al} .there'll be no value to bhls counbry. J:There's anot,her 200 years-.left in the coal indusiry unless they but,cher it. M:DO YOU SEE TI{E NF AS A:ERIOUS THREAT OR JUST AN IRRITATION?

J:I think the NF are nostly quite laugnable. I dunno, I think there are enough inEelIlgenL people Eo orake sure someone frpo the NF ls always ln the very snall nlnor'itv.




J:I don'b actually know very sluch about thea...llo I think if your golng to fomr a group that goes arcund and flnds an NF skin when all his rnates aren'i around and klcks hisr in that's pretty poinbless aswell. 3ut you defend yourself against thea if they attack you or oLhers. R:They kick their heads in annray 'cos they enjoy the vlolence. If fhey're stupid enough to be NF a^Way then beating thelrbrains out lsn'f; going t- do any good ls

idea thab's


J:I fhink it's the latesb fashionable cause everybody's into lt cos it became Ehe fashion. Tioes are very, very hard at Ehe momenf & it's a very easy cause to identify with. Poor littIe defenceless anirnals rathen than wornying about, the much more compllcated rights & wrongs of human society. Yeah o f course I 'm agains b animal exploi ta! j.on . S:Let's fonget about unemploynenL & only Ehink abou t lhat. J:Yeah it's very much thaf. I bhink the reason bo be a vegetarian js cos if everybody's a vegebarian !hererll be more iood to go round, bhat's quile sensible. I don't, really know as far as cruelLy to aninals goes. The experiment,s on animals are cruel bus I don't !hink eating thenn is . I I st longing bo eat a human being personally. S:Some animals ea0 us. (M:Hrnm...)





J:I've listened; how long does lt take you bo llsLen to crap like ihat? About f';o niut,es. I've t-hought about lt alo I I ikc I ' ve thougn t abou i !{l tler .

M:'r{HAT A-t Itrt




R:l{hen the


J:Crap; I think anarchy's ever been invented.


R:I love them, I had one fon dinner. Alot of people get confused beLween nuclear power and boobs. I Lhlnk itrs inportanb for a counLry to have sone forzr of power, if ltrs got none the counLry falls apart. J:I fhink nuclear powerrs ridlculous and totally uneconooical . It's jusb an offshute of nuclear LJeapons. If they put the- seme a.oounl of money inLo solar and rave power then werd all have solar or Have pouer which ls much ncre sensible. I :hink with nuclear poHer you're playing with forces nobody quiLe understands. Nobody's worked out what to do with the waste yet which is rldiculous. As far as nucLear ',{eapons goes werre agalnst




rA r:

J:It shouici be fair but res[rLcted. There snouid be no :nore ZoLa 3udds. Il has '."o be resL:'lcLed to sooe exienf . If :/ou have an o-filpi!"e whrcn nakes 7ou" country rlch and your emprre fails bui you're st:,il living off the rlches and youtli al,so :1ave lo !'eap sooe of lhe consequences. We wnecked the eccnooies cf Paklstan and toi knows 'rhere e'! se by our eopi:'e. M: ARE YcU ?ROUD !o 3f SRIT:Si{? J: Yeah i a.:l


POLLUTION? ,L snould'oe . - .! J very J:Il's UroughE, on by greedy companies' It proper fines ' Like be should there t,ight,Iy controlleO ind lrtheyflndacompanyguiltyofpumpingsonepoisoninto in the oa river they'lf fine th; company !15,000;a dnop nade the's a Eax loss, lb means noihing' Ir they bhen coopany go busb or lmprisoned the onanaging director maybethey,dthinkLwicebeforetheydidiLagain.It's like all lhese dirty grea! tankers thab wash lheir lanks oul at sga. TheY gef fined a Joke'




I'a proud Lo be Scc[cnt\augf;t,er ) I

ne fathe:' ralf Scoccn. "{as R:Quan:er Ir':sh


..!{alf . . rieil

S:I think ScctLand shoulC beat, in3'ard ln'-he lorld lu? i:naIl I'n prcud cf ).lving :.n 3r.:-|-ain.


J : L.lha t about you'l ( Indicates ne . ) M:Not neally 'cos we're allowing ourselves to be Eaken over by America and I 'hlnk bhabts weak and shaneful... J:Yes werre Bnitlsh we dontb want no fucking a-nericans here, geL rici of Ehen! R:Have some pride in yourself , have some pride .ln Britain. We dontt want to be the 53nd sbate of America. Have holidays in England! Keep fhe noney here. J:I bhink fhere's an awful lot wrong with England. This socieby's a right aess maybe you're right to say werre weak tcos we're jusb a satelite stabe of Asrerica. Ibrs true but tf you travel round and see how other coun[ries are run therei some very good things aboul this country.

R:It's the srosb democrafi.c nalion. It's a da-'un sight fairer Ehan other places. J:Ieah, a darnn sight fairerlib's not rall fain and just but it makes an effort.

LII(E TO cET RID 0F THE QIJEEN? J:The queen doesn't mean anything shets Just a figure-head" You haveLo have a head of sbate to go round opening things. R:Keeps the punt,ers happy.


t thing is to have someone like Reagan doing it. t{trile hers going round pretending lo look stalely on DDay hefs actually elecbioneering. At leasf the queen doesn't have Eo do !hat. Mind you our royal fanily isn t I up to nuch, it hasntt much dignity.The queens alright bub the rest of them are a rtght bunch of...(Grins). R:They're all snorting co-caine and everlhing! J:PeopIe say get rid of the queen and it'll solve the counLry: rs.prcblems, but itts nobhing to do r*i'"h her ab all: a Eofal ,,I :

Yeah , Lhe wors

red herring.





they're all J:They're heading off ln the wrong direction like gonna be arued shortly and Ehey're sliding j.nlo it slowly rafher than having a thing about it as more and more police ai.e being arued. Nor'nally for special nissions but more and ore special nissions are creeping in all lhe fine


J:No I don't fhink nusic changes peoples lives or oinds that nuch.We have letlers saying "Small Town England changed ny lifel" which I ao a bib sceptical about, I nean if t'hey reMusicts never going to start a revoally think tt6b great! ution or change -ociety thag much but it does keep ideas go-

ing, Lhat's w[y alot oi our songs were lrriLten like Lib Ed anaVengeance.They'renotreallymeant|obeblanketstaternents, theyrre rneanf !o keep ideas boillng'{M:and peoples'bIooci







you6re statement in 20 words or less; A11


anci conplete tne

DID STL PICK SUCH A ZANY NAME? DID STL LOOSE HIS FROI{T TOOTH? 3. I PREFER STL TO OTHER LEADING EMI POP-STARS BECAUSE Righl easy wasn ' t, it? Now send youn answers to the acjress i-n t,he before 23-7-85 and you might win a spectacular pnize of a FREE copy of MUCILAGE 3 plus your name printed in it. *My decision is final:Competition not open to the employees of Mucilage or members of ).lew Model Anmy. 1 . I/IIHY 2 . HOId

?.e.-errH^4 o's qo\ ,LL Knot > .5+b te+q. NI\,IA,ddt.rq Unis Cnt"erui€r-) eUen fnoc€" t .-;3ry,der bher suv'L










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So, anotlten fline of"f'.er:l"r:;:; ea5er Public u Fig asl wc iari.j l-r': {uied sCIlne e*ce}1er:L sl'E'lf'j:(bsp. casseLbes; V:si'*r':':i t n:"ri-i


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\.:j...;,1 l"i' 'F,t.FFjrL:' B ., rriry,' .qsgt

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mgre ree ssni bi*n fl'*r rnost indust,ri*us *fl plgs "




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OGrOR $?l , At'lD 'IIIE R ISE 0F TIl"lEL,OliD CHIC . so that wibhering 6i.ant. tArrnLie [3eebr, mosb ancienb ol broadfor eons unaccor-lntedr received casLers, conLroller" of your' gr"ey boxrl'lake a PRoFrr" t,he awaitecl message from on high... t; commercial. . r This was t,tre crunch ttrat had been expected- more of them' save persolt could one OnIy the moronic- more of Ltre tribe! but in fheir blind panic at the thought of lost salaries they carelessly sought to desbroy their on1"y hope...that sLrange shadf' owy fisurl , known throughout t,he galaxy as simpl y 'The Doctor ' . Fortunately, clue to bhe large stink kicked up by fhe poprllace as a whole (you see ttre wonclerous Britistr public can be motivat.ed to fight f,or nEAL issues! )it would seem that the good Doctor has only 6"un shelved for a while and lives on in our hearts to be reincarnated and baLble anoLher day. DocLor who is an enigma, A cuP aF lEA & and,it must be saidran integral part of my own inconsequential st-tcE oF cn A childhood memories. possessed Dr. Who, a time-lord, from the planet GaIlifrey' sitfy-i,i"r,t nrairttajn lris f'ascirrat;iorr f'or milIiorrs and ensure of two hearts and a body bemperature of 60o C' wh1-zzrng about ttre downfal I of Llre pl enti ful beasbly loes he encounLers. Lime and space in a babtered police call box. As such he first 19(19 {leesi a new look lor T}ie Doct.or ol the sevenLies in fhe came bo bhe attention of planet, Earbh in A.D. 1963 in t,he first' lorn ol Jon PerLwee, Lal I , alrgular, very neat. and vlct,orian, incarnation, William Harbnell, bhe rather severe, serious grandast,ute and almost (tlet. out. your dit:t.ionary Phtllst.ine! ) my time. father figure, not one of my memories Irm afraid before llere was an even more complete character set, for a flve yeal" tBritishf unfailingly that of One suspecbs bhat bhe character I the mad profreign. Wtr j.tst. t trj s y()ung Iad w;lsi ;rt, hilr impre.s.sionable, of Laints Doctor was only being developecfthose Lhe hr-rbtrub of'ltot't'or.r irr mv c;rt.hode vi.ewing coulcl very well being rstiff baddies the and laid upper lip' being essorr and fhe lrave Lreerr neal (alrd of'l.en wel-.' in t.]re cleep of t,he nlght! ) . introduced. In 1966 we had the unveiling of Doctor Two, PaLrick Bub of course 'llre ltoc: took t.lrem all on and tr.lumphecl, $ome Thornton, and here was fhe excellent complefe characLer, a impressively c l eat' lnernorir:s :;urvive t.hls perlod. Tlre Autons, Dickensian bufoon decked out in rRupert bhe Bearr Lrousers'tailsltowroonr dtrmmies, t.lre clevil islr Deamons ponclng about coats and a hideous bowl-head haircut. . . " and of course Lhat flut.e. wandering a quairrt Enfiljslr vill?IIe r arrrl t, slimy bacl_boysiil,ltre Sea . It was like this that fhe whole carnival entered my conscience, Devils arrd lttng boforp blre coal .st.rlke t,trere Lras fte Oreen crouched behind our sofa ( though whefher from fear of the various DeaLhrattd maggots atrouncl in Wales? Anrl of TIie Daleks, sLeamour ol threaL the or Screen, the on cads bounders and the ulLimate space traclclies Ltre mind ol a nenlu.s be behpowered T.V. exploding I cannot remember. ) I peeped and screwed ind suclr cJasbardly Lhe viltians. The Master is'also a werl shut my eyes, and marvell-ed my SaLurday evenings away' The needed ctraracLer, epiLomy of evil and alI that, a Morlarty Abominable Snowmen, lumbering shaggy carpets collapsed like so to Dr. [.lho's Ilherlock llolmes . many others in the face of the masterful ingenuity of this lj-ttle Suclr greaL sltows creaLe btreir clwr) culLrtre, Dr.Who prevades idiob-heno. The horror as The Cybernten clumped across a deserted every sclroolchilds I i le, Lwo of my mo.sL traLed teachers London ( not that I had ever been Lhere , i t might as wel I lra ve were blessed wit,h blre monikers Davros anrl l4orblu.s and well been anoLher planel. )and yeL btre inner peace of a small b'oy desrved Lhese Li Ll es, t lre hastards . who knows that The Doctor never loses, noL fhaL he was ever Dr.who also providecJ me with my pimpty rlovef tras bhat. char-acLen his of Lhe charm been has Ttrat infffi6=te_. long before Feticity Kerrrjall's l-irst appearance on rThe Good cretitliou:; appealing years, thaL the over been maintained Li fe' t.l'rere wa.s Jo ()rant., wi bh cruslred vel vet loons coulri U'S' ltle of corperales genius thaf bhe mulbi-mega-bucl< swishinrr Lhror,ry5h s[)ace. ltero a such could in Bribain never have come up wit,h.Only I'lell, olt to 19'f t, arrd l'om Uaker along with ftome deflnabe have come forth because of bhj.s perverse longing for t'ltat' changes lrr Lhe l)rogramme. It some ways iL almost approaches taint of eccenLric.i ty , ( you lcnow 'l'tad Dogs and Engl ishmen 'wha L? comedy, Llre wild eyed marric stare of Dr.l.lho q grlnning The hysterical perfections of cl-riselled-chin sex synrtrols lil<e from ean Lo ear wiLh cont.inious joking, frlvolily and Dan Dare and Buck Rodgers are tasteless excremenL nexL t,o t'tle cock-rrps. 'l'he set.s F3oL crreaper, and takierrand better! greaL man. The DocLors sLatus above these crass simpletotrs is "iug1. Yet., paradox as a Lhe sLories Lhemselves were get.t,Lng a good nigfrteneO by his cornpleLe asexualit.y despite a constant flow deal more grisLy ancl sirrisLer. Jon PerLwee.t s encorlnLers were of female companions, a wonder in modertr daytentertaj-nntenL' , invariably cenLered irr lromel y Engl istr counLrys icle ( though Lhat adds a nice lonely old (very) man air bo Lhe proceedings. why ariens shorrld con:;Lantly sLrive Lo invade Lhe BritiJh Constanb mistakes interupting a flow of impo-ssibly brillianf counbryside always escapc:( me! ) But. noL :jo for Tom Baker wlro increasingly lorrnd him:;el f , and lris increaslngl.y eccenLric col-rorLs, jn al.mosL .surreal surroundings, in,clvlllsatiotr.s that grotesqueJ y parorJied Vicfori an/Edwarrlian styles. ljnfortrlnat.e15' wiil-r all s r-hange carne an tnc.rease in viol ence, in Jon's day it was Vept- arj mr,rch a:j po.3sibl e tn a minimum and dealt. with by Lhe uprrighL, tsungLtnra l3ri.y2ri1q.7 and tlre lads from U-ll-I.T. nrJvJ ltctvtever pe:rspLe were meeLing, some f'alrl"y ' macabre ends {i.e. The [,lanef of F]vil ] br,rl bhroughout the good DocLor to remain paclfistic often tremoanlng the trnbimely end of'what- ever vrarlike rice he hacl helped ,tpe out. DOCTOIT h,llo





. l'lrtrrrt',lr t lrt'trrrt:lr trtrl;t;r l1,.i,r ll.V l',lvtllll' I (';ltl:r l,o t.lrc Vc;trli Of' [)r'. Jon

lcr.twi\(\r I rntrst lrtlnrit t trat.

'l'onr [\aker:r:r [)ot:t,ot'


has treen ttre highpoint


t'rt' t trr. lit'r',itt nrirrr I s t 3lr.s (lti scen orl Flirt'Ltr . Orr t,op of bhe aLbribut,es al r.eatly illt llt i rrrrcd t,tre t:pi siocles wltere jot l y wel I wri LLen , wi t,h variabl-e r.el't'eshitr11 st,t'rryllrrt's t>ft,t:rr r:.scapittg the old rgoodies.v.baddiesl f'ot'tnttl:t and get,t.inpi qtriLe involved in cases. Ttrink of those gneat, r:l3ssics likq t;lrt. un-lepving ltobobs of Death ancl bhe fairly wacky Pyranricls of l.lnr:s, Tlre Invisible littenry and The [,eisllre tlive al]. st,arrd as f ine t.tsLi.mony t.o t.tre Doctor. (t.{hy clonrL we 8et Dr-Who r.e'peats on tlBC 2 at, ll.00p.m. on Friday or Saburday' inslead' of prehist.oric Amet'ican slribe! ) So, afber. t,tre heyclay sbint from Tom Baker t.he change came i-n I l9B I and it was an inevifable tet d.own exentuated by Lhe new doctor s ( No.5 Pet.ep travi son ) former career on our screens as a pratty vet bouncing ar.outrd pre-war Yorksire, l gob the general impression bhal

less effort was being put tnt.o the series, although'it remained sbreets ahead of aIt oLher prime-bime viewlng. Davison lasbed 3 years ancl irr his time came up wibh some groovy yarns like Terminus and Arc of InfinlLy, bub btre sets were Just a bit too tacky, and

vlolence was a bit Lo abundant, things did not bode well for this fLnest of Timelords! The arrival last year of Dr.Who 6 (Colin Baker has ryorsened matters, Dr.Baker is Just too young he lacks the old dlgnify, too much brash space hero stuff-he has actually been seen on several occasions killing quite a number of villians. Helper Peri r*obbles her boobs around to great un-needed excessr even the

isntt a police call box any more! is still time for Dr.Who, with a bit more effort from a BBC that is Loo ratings obsessed and could easily regenenate the show. The faulb does not tie wlth the doctorrthe series is nob finlshed it is simply that bime and money is diverbed to rubbish like. Paul Daniels. Dr.Wtro I s style lies in being the ONLY well done space series, why should we endure Buck Rodgers and Star Boresrwhich are slmply cop storles wibh expensive backdrops, when we can produce such a lively, creative, entertaining show so cheaply. Dr.Who has saved the Earth enough times and I bhink he deserves something back -





them whab you



l',J12 7RJ.

, I{USKEB DU FE$ER ORIPS BRITAIN ! ! Well , it rnust be said that this was one of the strangest 8i8s that I have ever been to in my life ! A fnee bash filmed for ' f rom London I (and shown soon ) Arrive at 4 .45 Fo r fhe bandpm! play at 7.00 pfi, leave into a cJ-ear wet May evening at B-20 Weird, especially as only 400 people were allowed in; a few ragged punkys, a wobbly contingenf of those dedicated to US Hardcore and a largergrey host of N.M.E. readers, so what drew this small mixed crowd together in I a despicable passe nightclub of courset ( Camden palace ) where the bar wasn t even open? It was ' the first ever appearance in G.B. by Husker Du, who (despife t:,b"ing NME press darlings) are more than just a bit brilliant. I was a wee bi t apprehensive , af ter at1 their li-ve L.. P . , Land Speed Record is aptty named ,being so incredibly fasf it's pure brain-damage, luckily for my much maligned ears that was all four years dgo, these days it is very, very impressive and still very fast and loud, but a bit more listenable. In fact sti}l on the euphoria cf the noise as I wribe I shal} stick rny bonce on the block ' and slate right hear that when it comes to hardcore/metal/punk Husker Du are the best live acl I have ever witnessed. Husker Du wipe the floor with all bhe U.S. bands that ltve ever heard, and with rnosl of lhe Britpunks. Most of fhe songs played were from lhe Lwo glorious waxings Zen Arcade and the newer New Day Rising' but there were a couple of older tracks from Metal Circus. The guiLar is worked wifh masterful fury by a large, smiley and sweaty BoO Mould - it is a quite incredlbly BIC sound amply filled by drummer ( Grant Hart ) and bassist ( Greg Norton ) It is by no *L.n" moronic thr"ash a Ia t Ramones, these songs have been created, and more than just, sweal is in their maklng' So, take heed, when lhis is live and glowlng on your cathode-ray you t d best bake note. Watch out for the especially fl€gE-wonderful Chartered Trips ' Girl Who Lives on Heaven HlII, I Apotogizerwell the whole fuckin' lot, but near the end tliey gave us the greatest gift'Eight Miles High' re-worked, re-moulded, made positively Earth-moving, it is one of the ; greafest bhings you w11l ever hear! ..I love it,l:.. '.oh: itts so good. Husker Du are foaring with Black Flag


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in September, if

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tr /€K fKANKt€.

Toqet lr e r wit h Truffa ut's FOUR HUNDRED BLOWS

tltis filrn was the first of the


Wave Productions.

The film opens




AND CHRIS 400 BLOws have been going for about three yeal"s in various forms, and have produced some very fine records ( especlarly Beat the Devil, ) . One of the most interesting

aspects of their work is the use of cutup tapes over an insi-stent, incessant, often danceabre beat. occassionally they veer too much toward disco for my liking, but the L.P (If I kissed her. . . . . ) is a diverse affair and worth a listen. At the time of the interview 400 BLOws were Andrew Edward Beer, Tony Thorpe and Robert raylor. present at the interview were Rob and Andy. This then is a document of their thoughts/ideas last AuLumn. Muc: rs the band a flexible nucleus around you? ( to AEB ) AEB : Yeah . The set up I s quite good at, the fitor'tenf. There I s not really meant to be a front person but in fhe studio r dictate what t s done, whereas everyone should be therer working together, and aL the end of the tinne if there r s anything bad r can actually stop it going through, r've got very little trust for most people and aL the encl o? lhe day when r justify something to myself r know it will stand up. t

It s iike

when we



up I didn't want to have to do loads of demo tapes or concerts just, bo get signed




tha L?tt


Muc: Why did you have netting in front of you when you played? Rob: Who wants to stare at a bunch of wall-ies onstage anyway? I t ve never seen any body with a thing in fronL of them, but it must be more interesting than ItOh look, he t s got a Crass badge ontr . AEB: It t s not so much that,, it t s just I t ve never been particularly interested in having a front person, it t s rather boring forr people Lo,,watch. I mean I rm the front person but I t m not there in my zooL sult..... . Rob: Yes' you, are - behind the c\trt,ain I I Muc: Do you reproduce studio work live? AEB: No lt t s really different. Rob: Totally. It might be the basic backing track of what s on a record but we add a lot on top of i t. AEB: For example we I ve done a backing track for Beat the Devj-l , but it's very dlfferent , I t t s like water, so tn-at wi.ll be coming oul of the speakers. IL ? s an incredible sound - everythingfs so ?

dry in the studio or your bedroom and then suddenly you get this water coming out of the speakers. Muc: So you I re not going to do gigs until you t ve got a bit of press? Rob: No, it t s not LhaL, it I s just 1t isn t t worth doing things aL half-cock is, iL? It's not worth playing ambulance sta,tions - pardon my French - is

up, Muc: Speaking of concerts have you done much live work

befo re? AEB: No, the only stuff we r ve done is fhis year ( tB4 ) . We were supposed to be doing something abroad but Rob couldn t t ful fill the engagement so that went out the window, but we played aL Milton Keynes with portion Control, and aL the Sheff-

leld Leadrnill on our own. re only doing concerts Lo get a bit of feedback, Muc: Why didn't you play aL the Lyceum with X-mal?

Rob: They didn t t like us because. we didn I t turn up with about 12 Marshall amps and a massive drumkit with a double bass drum. They were going tfWhere t s this ,

iL? AEB: Rob was in sort of punky bands. Rob: I fm just sick of playing stupid little places to about 3 or 4 people.

It t s just not worth it. get certain places but

AEB: l^Ie could

the places are boring. Like going down the Hope & Anchor, it would be more depressing playing than being 1n

We t

399 fo go.

the audience.......and thatrs




lilr.,rt .rLrtrut t,lrc nluili L":- Do !orr warrL Lo cJo .t i' sCt)-g;t'i ett te'd S LU I'f"? '\i'lil: ILIs glrrt,. Lo t,he position wher.e t,herers SoL t,o Llrr il sr:lling ploint af t,he end of tlrt: day . r I nr not interesLcct in rock r n r ' trt)11 t)l' straigqlrt, poL) So dance music is rbtrtrt t,he r-rrily tlring ttrat Illuminated c3r] pu t ol) cr I 2 rr lvlrich is commerciarly 'viable and t,hat rrm a bit rnore interested in. Anofher problem is subsidising ur tlter t,hings - t,tre point is bo do the , odd conmercial t,hing so you can subsidise '\ o t,her pro jecls . Ottrerwise you never do


". any


Hob: Yealr r Btry nloney coming in goes straight back in. It I s not going down the pub or

somet,hing. AEB: cabaret Vortaire were saying in an j-ntervier,u t,haL they just haven t t been clever enough to get anything in the charts rvhich I think is right reaIly. I mean we I re playing halfway between Beat the Devll stuff and halfway between frying to get more chart-oriented stuff. iiuc : The troubre is that for the charts ii t s got to be catchy and most of your stuff has tape loops instead of singing and most people wouLd think ftThis is a bit strangett. AEB: Yeah, there I s a review in some American paper that says about the new singl€. . . . . . Rcb: trBeer has managed to cut the lyrical corltent down to one wordtt, ytknow Pressure. l,.uc: i,lhat t s Illuminated like as a 1abel? AEB: well we I re in a good position because they put our stuff out and it gets distributed

through chart-oriented distributors, I don t t think the'y think about packaging though. The problem is the packaging independently doesn t t stand up apart from the record does iL? 'l'Je t ve only got ourselves together in the st,udio for stuff like the next release (Groove Jumping ) . The whole package 1s going to be really strong, and you just have an optimism that people wilL be interested in

something wl th a bi t moi'e content . Do you do the covers for all your stuff? Rob : Yeah everything. i"luc: From beginning to end? AEB: It I s only the money that stops us from doing everyt,hing independently. iluc: Have you actually anything to say? AEB: It I s not like we t re going to say ttWe t re about anarchy and peacett . The onry philosophy we I ve got is everything encompasses anyt,hing. r used to be interested in poritics but everything is rigidry defined by what you t re supposed to believe. At the end of the day it t s just live and let live. Rob: hle t ve never claimed to be anything, so therefore we should be able to do anything. Wetre not about any one thing, we can pick ancl choose and do what we i,iuc



AEIJ: A11 a recorcJ wi tLr i deas on

is is a bit of plastic iL.


re in t,he s tudio does anyone influence you particul arLy? Itob : No , w€ always t ry and avoid it . We think ttOh god , LhaL sounds like such and such, throw LhaL ou" You t re really conscious of iL. A[,]B : That t s one of the main reasons you keep an interest in music really. I I ve got a lot of records just to know whots doing what. Rob: You just want to be a bit more interesting rather than sounding like some group-who t've gone before . What I s the '' point in sounding like T.G? TheYtve done their bit. For rny part in 400 BLOl/ilS everything I do has got to have more bhan one reason for being there. i Everything I do is really intense and personal. AEB: The thlng about doing musi-c 1s you can perversely mess about with things a bit, You can be watching a T.V series and it I 11 have interested you enough to use a little bit o f tape from it ' In a way, like Beat the Devil , itts got nothlng to do with anybody else. For €xample , the tltle nBeat the Devilrr has nothing to do with the tapes on it. The use of the tapes is from other things we were listening to aL the time r so in a way 1t I s just like a personal document. 4 week in the life of what we were doing at thab particular time. But there t s so many things behind Beat the Devil that peopte don I t really .$now ' I suppose Lhab I s the Cefinitlve thi'iig Muc


When you










we I ve



1 rieirt-e, One sturgle





!s aitert tire preyr ,*,,'*na te 1l 5e' on our Yay , o'Unts oo theyr),l b€ on our side, to iri'de ' *..fHhere -5 rs.., searcnin€' for treiri klct, tney're &I,Ii al ] .-fgclcr.rrg KrnS tl,cK. Cilbi ibp !*F*r; tr lnel're .





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supposediY hr,mane hrs ifl

fraternigy turrn to'i$en


,l,Oh, huntingb anw#to , ot

bownies don t t t+n$€rst4$,fl there can onIV,gSe one rC arb rrold, old tradlf ions *The fox hunting .season

- grj;i"..gnbhuntiiig



t Lrhr. (scu?)

:t{hat cafi, ,be dofie Lo sLo "'"ffi slaughten?' contact; ,,i: : Thg ,': ,.',,,iriri"ft'' L JSabOte[i HUnt nun 1 g* ilJ

i:,i...1,: :,niF: i'i::'

''. i.":i **, ',*'#W Box 19 , .',r l';i:,a ndon., + "* ','."'' i' SE22gLR. ,:,iiit,i*#i"


q TI o

V fr,

IjOVE-tnen:.or.lra!e.'lrhern, not many people can deny the enonnous influenae


the last ?-t years. The ).eading exponents of the 'Anarcho:pun!:rffenre. the

CiiASS"ovqp ban.d lhat.

a'"hoqsano.clones and"lit a.candfe of hopq in Lhousancs of hearts. some sort lras definat.el!:'ln orden, as much t,o satlsfy ny own cgfosiLY as'!O" the eiger rpader. The.'Crass-persons live in a small farrnhouse''bptne-uheret ij)" th€ Norlh Hea1d., 4nij'very nice j.t is too. i.! was "in lhis picturesgue setting that rre' chabt€d wittj Pete Hright, Joy de Verve, Fenny Ri-mbaud. and c ov€r a cuF of fdnny tasting tea' ; IAunEheC

Ai intei"\'iex of

: You ]ve al I been very quieb recenbl y, whabs 'happening?'a re-evaluabion of alms and methods? Pete Wrightl Yes, I fhink ibs bwo bhings, one side , allowed to try and discover ancl aredsr we are still in the pro., develope certain : cess of doing so, like l.aunching ourselves lnfo the da r.k wi th th i s nei{r L. P . On the o bher hand we do,.tend to,, 1*,ithdraw occasionally from the arena to allow other people to get on with things. We donrt want to end,up monopolising everybhing by co.hLin"uousty ins tit,uting moves. You have to stand back and c'1'ear t'he floo'r for people Some people in the band it"tr" done an album set of fifty poems, if 's sort of classlcal ancl hasnrt Sone out as Crass. tle felt wetd been jumping and shouting aboub thingq {or qulte a few years; we tried to see wha't pOsitive.coq.tributlons "had beeD... a dembns.!r,ation of our own posittve sld€. . . tre wanted to produce something of beauty, quality and vislon. Although all that has been underneath Crass from the start it hasnrt always been clear that Ciass itself is Lry 1ng to push things onto a di ff-




/ hlesi: .' eanhmogur' ' r giavc4iggel',' bf apschwit .. iour guii. r '' -is rup,st


ve don€, I imagine rnotp"t grannies would prefer 1t bo most so called , pu:Dks. I sho,uld Lhlnk a lot of punks will be tho-; l"ou,ghlyp1ssedoff,,caugeitdosn'tsayfuckln everIson8.Itw111beinterestingboseewhaL: happehs, to see how many people reJect i.t in the same vtay !h.eir parenbs rejecb pi:nk. MUC: Do yo.u think that its bad became so popular j0St as ir musical group? P.lf ., : .No, because any sibuatlon wef re faced wlth in I ife i s an opportunity for us to use , so we don I t ., ssum€ popularlty, 1f hre are faied wlLh a posslbility wef ll use it Lo the best of our abilities. So our abll I ty Lo be a popular punk band has introduced people to a whole serles of things that they night not, have found. The bands wetve played wlth people might not have gone t,o see t o? a fi-lrn or o ther performance. So we t ve capl ballsed on our ','?bili-ty and to some ext"enL lbts the very need ". for.'us to drive as a punk band LhaL has sl-owed us down.

r'r t\. which was wnrcn wasir G byCrars." 5 e = of scxualitv

+ fI trD

F ^er a S

Irom Esltcr.


TheFiven A S

;*ffif':' "wa I sav


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coun or


s er

F &'X



"ny authority,6u?


lrish oressinn I menascmcni I parr oi small i custonr, onc c l objected to tlrt' lrc found it "bl


Penn"I R imbaud ; The new L. P . that

p! e

Thisisthc j

*athing att. !

.g !{ ,'

thrpitencdtoc r. i

went ahead. ..,1, Small Wondcr.1 dozcn of the irc' I .

j rplt|&cs THTTtr'6



we t



becausc they,thr wholc was "obs "l think whai

Stcnrrn o( Sma thcy saw therc rr on it, and a fcw 1

Ovr-' '


outstde. rf they are on the outside-ffi g-h"nces are that glven the amount or pressure that 1s put on them they witl have a ha.r"d tlme of it. So 1f people have hrn in between welI. . so what ! 1f ,pegole enJoy Just iumping up,an-d down and pogoing and gettlng pissed to our muslc then tha bs great. . . . we t ve never ripped anyone off a t the door and we I ve never r'lpped anyone qf f ,with our records. So they've gone out and rltpped uF,'8 t-shirt and put chains on well thats a cheap tray of having fun. I{ you go for the casual narket 'you t ll be broke wi thin a week, the fun we p.nomote"''is cheap fun, and arr fun shourd be. And 1f. people only have fun well so fucking what ! i b I s betber bhan noL having fun. MUC:, Do' you think that you have suceeded in changing people? P.R.: Y,eahn r think that wetve"sucgeded.:.r think that ,wetve been largely responsible :.f.or p€-promoting (it would be ridiculous to pretend we creabed anything: ) a set o f ideas whi ch ha ve roo ts "way back through history ...these are quit"q,,"irtrply tsod aIl aut.hori ty, , r .as an individual havie somethlng worthwhile aboub me,' That sort of tf,inking :s€€ms to go in cy.cles there are people all ovei the world thaL have been liberated because of the'sort of things that we have; been saying for the last 7 y.ears, but i f we hadn I t existed then someone else would have done it.[4lhat.wetve done isn't so important, what is important is that across bhe worfd,. there are people that are closer bo sorne sense of their own tives. G.: Itts not du*n a quatatitive thing it can be a sense of o.ners own life in d t,otalLy differenb directlon .'to which you would tive your own: 1,,i:f € ' in the'end thab doesnf L really matter it0s the qualiby of person, and Lhe quaLi.Ly of Iife bhab comes f,rom bhab " . , i- L doesn ? L have to fol low t,he r

ef. ffie





P. R. : Yeah, we t ve never- promoted ,,our own I i f sLyLe, which happens to be very qui€L r'- Lhis hous'e is very

MUC: So, are you moving away from the nlore aggresive (angry) musir: youtus pr.oduced in the past? P.R.: I think thaL our anger is our passion.and on a superficial Ievel people may not be able to recognise the ang€tr, a loL of people who have parodied us have effectively come across ,with a.n aggresive stance and have really, in my exposing thc'ir emptiness. I dontt think .view,been we t ve ever been agtresive r w€ have been extremely angry and extremely passionaLe and we still are. The reason we I re spending a long time over what we do next iL's sufficj.entfy importanb to us, becapassjonate and angry use we are sufficienLly about what we feel to spend a lob of time sbudying and not become a parody of ourselves. Itrs really irnportant not to be drawn into a siLuaLion of doing something simply because t,hat's what people expect you to be doing. MUC: Wouldn I t you agree that a lot of peopte see this parody of whab you are more bhan you yourselves and badges, itf s bad that do?- like Crass T-shirt,s people are rj.pping you off making bhem, but they wouldn'b make them unless Lhere was people willing to buy t.hem. i-L? When yourre young P.R.: Well iL's a start isntt all youf ve ever had is whab your mum and dad have r told you you ve got to look Iike, or how you t ve got easiest and most obvious bo behave, and Lhe first, agaj-nst Llrat is to get a different way of' revolting clothes and wear a badge. haircuL, wear differenb ThaLs the f irst stage in tel Iing yoLrr parents and those people immediately around you to, basically r you wanL a bit of your own spac€r and that is real fy Lhe starb of free thought, up until age people are never given the chance to think for t.tremselves, arrd I think Lhat. if they pick up one of our records and think tt)hr I want bo identify with thi.s! I arrd buy a l'-shirt or a badge t,hen, I dotrtL t.hink;rts bad. If t.trey went oub and bought an /\[rtr;r rcr:or"d t.herr a]1. t,trat, would happen is Lhat the vall)('s l-haf ane generally of'fered bo thern at school an<J lry most. [)arents worrld be reinforced. lt,t.s not. :.1 cri Lir..i sm, t-rrrt. mosL p€opte grow ottt, of' t,hc. otrviou-s e, lement..s and t,he mor-e important'thirlgs t.hen t.ake over'. IL ceases t.o mabLer whab youl'hair i.s likerit.'s more wtrat.s beneaLh your hair.

be it resbful we work very hard bub very quietly or rehearsing,. We dort'L say ' gardening, writing,

rThis is the way people ought to liver way we as individuals enjoy living.. G.: And we function like LhaL.


carrrot. be tJenied t.hat. a toL of people [reyond t,he sl-age of r_s[rirLs and

: I think we appeal to people who are mi.sf iLs and who are pl'epared to open up to certain idezs, we also appeal to people who are young enough ),-.? smart enoughrnob to have a huge invesLmenL in the way thin'gs are Soing in the resL of society. I think young people are flexible in thab they

r t got the investment that others have. . . . they aren t t threatened by ideas so they can think more creatively.


MUC: Wouldn t t i t be befter

to aim to get through Lc tmiddle-agedr people? P. R. : Yes, well that comes in time, I mean we I ve done what we were able to do, we t ve never been Lazy , we t ve always worked very hard at doing what we were able to do . In 1 0 years time maybe because that, we have of bhe experiences and realisations f4 ,000 into a centre had we t ll think of putting for psycho-ger:.atries raLher than rnto an Anarchy r


t.he outslde and 23 then they will

remain on the


I think what we did 7 years ago was very imporLant

to usr it manifesfed and we became popular hand in hand wiLh a huge number cf import,ant, social developement.s. thaL in oLlr own future probes It is not impossible we wiIl f ind some way of being active in other area-s. but don I L you think tl-ra t MUC: You sound very optimisLic, everytLring lras after an upsurge in radical,, activity fallen off rather dramabicallY?


'l'hey rlontt. trtrL t.he. wlrat! it is bette. t.hat. at. least Lhey ar.e-prrt int.o a posit._ i.rr wlrt'r'('maybe they will go that fir-st stage, anrl equal ly werl, you call say t.hat a Iot, of people tir'r go bt'y.rrd. Ttre commercial mar.ket. is fulry aware rr f' t,tre f ac t tlra t. peool e be tween t.he ages o f 1q and 2-t at.e' mo-st easily exploited 6roup t.trey come under more attack tlran .ny obher bracket,, because they have {:ot the cash and age the vu l nerabi l l t y. Beyond a3 a person is begining to st'abirlser generally speaking ir a person is on

l'.1'l .:




I'll,c: []rrl it ncvel'f:et


P.R.: l'Jo, I dontL acLually because wtraL's far more important is what's gcing on in peop.lets minds, if you Iook at. bhe last, 7 year*s fhere has been a fasb and drarnat.ic re,birLh of awareness, t,hat, awareness Lrad been arourrd in a different form on a very s"b:f,.otrg lrorrL lor altout, l0 years previously , and 7 years ago it sucJderrlv b,l o.ssomed agai'n. A lot ot' people Iike our*se1-ves wa.l ke r-l up al ot. of dark a11ey.s and came walking back a51ai.n, lookinlt f'or oLher bits of lietrb. When iL's quieL you can be prett.y cerLain t.hat. [rc:ople are having a good think about what.s going on. J rncan yes, ffiV feeling w,asIshi"1., ib'.s alI over, af'tcr all bhaL efforb not,hings been achicved. JOY: I think thal yourre jusL talking aborrt jcleas" P. R. : Yes, there t s superf icial manj fesbations ol' t.ttirrgs like Stop The City. People say bhat l.he last I-t.1'.C. was bhe worsL, buL for me iL was Lhe besL. I Lrrrned up r wandered around and real-ised ttrat ttre'potice had ITot it completely sus.sedr so Lhen I jr:st'wanclered around talking to people, and I had some greaL Lionl; and I got Lo know one or Lwo people, arrd I didn'L know -who they were and bhey didn t t know wlro I w3.S r r saw and felt a lot of things. I'he s.T.c. before t.haL I 'd spen t the en ti re f ime shoving t,he pol i ce a rouncl , and apparent,ly Lhis is a far out active thing Lo do, I'm not putting down the shoving, ir t.haL is wha,l_ we have to do, i f we have ,!o lob bri ck.s Lhen f a i r enbrrgh .

ilm not making any quatibtive juclgement but j.trs pretty blogdy stupid !hen we suarL thinking Lhat. rshovinfi


Anlmal Ald 7 Castle Street Tonbridge Kent TNg 1BH (07321364546

Brltlgh Unlon for the Abolition of Vivisection 16a Crane Grove lslington London N7 8LB 01€07 ft9a1545

Nstlmal Anti-Vivisection Society

ttPaj-n is pain, whether it be inflicted on nanr or on beast; and the creature suffers it, r.lhether man or beast, belng sensible fo the misery of it, whilst it lasts, suffers evit . . . . the white man. . . can have no right , by virtue of h'is colour r to enslave and tyrannize over a black nan. . . for lhe gane reason a man can have no natural right to abuse and borsr nl

a beast,'

Scottlah Anti-Vivisection Society 121 West Regent Street Glasgow G22SD 041 -221 2300

The [..D.50


177 6 .

'fWhat we are saying lf we support experimentation oE animals is bhis: rr wourd rike to eat, wash in, inhale, drlnk, wear, or in some other way use a certain substance (which the human race has survived wibhout, or with, for nlllions of years-), buf I an frightened what nasty effect that substanc€ ,may have on me. Therefore, I will Ery it" out on someone 'rJeaker i than myself who cannot object or reftrser so that if ,$hat i someone screans, becomes illr op dles, then I know not to I use that, substance. That, is couardice ! rl

John Bryant, Fettered Kingdoms, 1gg?.

In 1983, 18103? aninals were used bo test cosmeti.cs and toiletries. This included tests for eye and skin irritation and also acute toxicity, where aninals are deliberat€ly poS,soned. The alternative to such bests is simply not lo do the experi-ments, si,nce products can use ingredients safety has long been establislred through human exp-


erience. Many conpanies prrcduce safe and effective cosnetics r which neither include ani-mal products or are arrinal tested. Often such products are based on natura] ingredients r and human volunfeers best the products before they are marketed. How many branris of mascara or washing up liquid does one planet need!

fest was flrst intr.oduced in lgza and i.s

wldcly uged to detennine the relative toxiclty of many gubstances. It is a very unpLeasant experinentr BS it lncludes doslng the groups of animals with the particular substence until a dose ls reached whereby half the animals dle' i.€. Lethal Dose 5}tr The other 5A1^ are Left to dle ovcr a pcrlod of two weeks in extreme agony. There is an alternatlve to lhe L.D.50 test, the use of cel1 culture technlquet. This is where ln order to test a substances' effact on a partlcular organ the tissue of that organ maybe remved from a hunan and tested on. Tbe draize eye test is another particularily nasty test, lt ls used to tesi products like hairspraysr shErrnpoog, hottSe-hold detergents , weed-killers and some medictnes' The substance is simply applied to the unprotected eyes of llve rabbits, with no pain relief given, the p€sulte are lhen recorded be they reddeningr slellingr blinnow


Dr . Hunphry Prirnatt

51 Harley Street

London W1 N 1DD 01-580 4034, 01€31 0612


or ulceration. test potentlal skln irriLants, soap, powdersr Cosmetlcs and crea'ns, fhe fur is shaved off part of a live :rnlmal , the skln abrased and the substance applied and covered. The vtcti-n is left in paln for days whilst skln lrrltafi,on is detected, lhis mayb€ lnflannation, swelling flssue danage or far Horse. Apart from being extremely palnful for the animal , il is an extrennely unreliable lest as anlnal skj,n differs fron hunan skin in stnrcture' dness


sensl.tivi"$y and lnflamatory response. These experlments can easily be perfomred on hunan sanples of skin, ES bhey are wlfh volunteers from the t{elsh National School of Med-



i,iian'c you


out,fortlre yolce&xsr victhns.of *rbncv?

About 90,000 aninals a week die in Britlsh laboritorles, they are mercilessly poisoned to death with coso€tlcs, paints , dyes, porish, bleach, elc . etc " 83% of anj.rnaL experiments :rre conducted rithout any anaesthetic being uged, These tests are extreuely unreliable as each speci,es responds differently to factors such as temperaturer chenicals, food, 3g€, livlng condilions, and sex. The substance may react in conJunction lrilh anyone of these factors lherefore lhe anlnals suffer terible physical and mental paln in the most part for no reason. 0f course the obvlous point is that in the case of cosnetics and house-hold pr.oducts we just do not need any more on an already huge narket. fl is ihe same wifh drugs, out of the 30-40 ,000 dnr&s on the market only 220 are of any real benefit accordlng to the lforld Hea]fh Organization (Ner Sclentist,May 1978) It is the old God money that dictates all thls sufferlng, new narkets and products must be contlnlously opened and pushed in order to keep .the profits rlslng and the capltallst's money-go-round spinning. It seens to oe lhat if you look long enough and hard enough at any of the wrongs in this world behlnd them'sll is the grey shadow of a multinatlonal ripping a profit from otherS ' suffering. Produced on this page is a list of comBanies whose cosncetlcs and toiletrieg are not lested on animals, but some of then may sell producfs with aninal-derived ingredients, You t d probably be better off writing to the companies. ALO COEMETICS LTD., 1 8.hor. Pendc,7G8 Urbridgc Ro!d, Hay€!, Middx. UB40RU. EEAUW WITHOUT CRUELW LTD., 37 Avcbury Av.nur, Tonbridgo, Kem TNg lTL. Aro. Boutlqu. rt 16 Chllt.m Str..t, London Wl-ncar 8!kor St.ct. TH€ BODY SHOP (INTERNATIONALI LTD., Nairn Hourc, Dominlon Way, Rultington, West Sussex BN1E 3LR. Brenchrl througlout thc country. CAllltLA HEPPER, t Erompton Atcrd., Knighttbddgc. London SW3' CAURNIE SOAPERIE, Sca thcpherd Fund, 12 Royel Tcrracc, Glasgow G3. CHANDORE PERFUME, 2 A.htrc. Avcnu., Mltcham, Surrey. CHARLE9 PFRRY, Florr Phco, lArrd.brldgc, Cornwall. CRElGllTOltl LABS LTD., W.t r lrn , Storrington, Pulbo?ough, Sw3ox. CULPEPER LTD.,9 Flark Vhlk, London l{W3. FAFH?iODUCTS, 62-66 Alblon Road, Edinbursh EH3 6NE. OOOD IATURE, 7 Thc No'rton, Tcnby, Dyfcd, Waba. O. R. L6NE HEALTH PRODUCTS LTD., Sbron Road, Gloucestcr GLI 3OB {Tlkil. HAGMAIII LA88 LTO., w.ndovcr Hourc. Bceconrficld Rosd, F?lcrn Barnet London Nll3AB. HEALTHILIFE LTD., Ncrflcld Houn, I Ncrflcld Street Eradford, We.t Yorks., BDl 3ET. HENARA IHAIR HEAITHI LTD., Ch$lc Hourc, 17tll180 Old Street. London ECl. HOFEL'8 PURE FOODS LTD., Woolplt, &rry St. Edmunds, Suffolk lP30 9OS. INTER-MED|CII LTD.. 5ll Webworth Ro!d, Hitchin, Hcrb. (outlet for Biokosma range - aee SYNPHARMAI. lilt{OXA IENGIANDI LTD., 2([l Tormlnur Road. Earttourne, Susrex BN21 3DF. JABI-EY LTD., Thc Mlll, Soplcy, Chri*church, Doreet BH23 7AU. JAttlE HOWARD COSMETICS LTD., E Woodbutn Driv6, Chapeltown, Sheffleld, S. Yorks., S:n 4YT. JANICE CHARLES, Murdoch, Klngrway, Wlton, tMkt. KIT?Y.LITTLE, 3il Gr.rt H.b! Strc.t Mrrkct Dnyton, Shropchiro TFg lJN. LEIIITHERIC A MORttlY, Vab Road, Cambcdcy, Sun y GU15 3AX. MARTHA Hltt LTD., bxton, Nr. Corby, Northlno lmall orderl. MAYFLOWER BEAUW PRODUCIS, Lyndhurtt Oake, Thc Faiiwry, Godrlming, Surrey.

Dbtrlbuto?. of Plcn.

MEADOW HERBS tTD., Copthall Pllcc, Anna Vallcy, I{r. Andov.?, Hrmr or f7 Morcton Streot, London SW1. NEW ERA LABS LTD., 39 Walcr Flrm Ro!d. London W3 EXH. ORTFLAME U.K. LTD., Tll.rr Rord, Klln Frrm, Mlhon Krync!, Bucks MKl1 3EH. FOWER HEALTH FOODS LTD., Powcr Houee, tl Kirkland Sttcot Pockllngton, Humberside. PUBE PTANT PRODUCTS, tlil Sandy !enc, lrby, Wrral, Mereeyaide. OUEEN COSMETICS LTD., 3lb Hlgh Str.ct E .t Gtln3toad, W. Suerex RH19tlHB. ROSE O'NEILL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.3 Ch.3tnut Road, Mount Merion, Dublin 4, Eire. SYNPHARMA INTERNAT. LTD., Blokolma range, Cadle House, 21 Davey Place, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 lPJ. TlKl (rcc G. R. LANEI. TOM'S NATURAL SOAPS, Railroad Avenuo, Kennabunk Maine (X043, U.S.A. WELEDA lU.K.l tTO., H.rnor Rord, llk rton, Derbyrhire DE7 8DR. W|NSTONS COSMETICS CO. LTD., Win ton3 Houle, Cartorton. Oxford OX8 3EZ. YAnDLEY A CO. tTD., 3il OH Bond Strcet London WlX {AP. YIN YANG BEAUTY CARE. tl6 Ch.lton Sttoot London NWl. O"toU", tbe4

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tn thc last is::Lrr' c.f' l,lucrlage , itere i t 1s , a world exclusive, all tnt.ervtew )'oLr can read NOV'JHiinE else- THI NEv,.i I{ICK Intervieu. But frrst a lrtt.le background for Lire uninitiaLed wlio have never hearc ol New Krcl.. (square-s!) They are a sevet) piece St.Albans lrand once descrrbed in a superior music journal as 'a brazen mou[hed cocophorrl'ol horror for the eye-s and earst New Kick have iione a Sreat deal ol gigging, especrally in tl-re I,iorth Lonoon area, and irave built up quite a notab,le following. trie lalkec t,c a slightly more tiran merry Paul (gui t,ar ) and Tom , vocEls, and deep throaled manly growls. ) af the only decent hcs

te} 11' r.n smal l town Snal bans



'See the Lit,tle girl pla)' on lhe lawn, j years agc she was born, Never dii no-one no harm, l'1t' chainsaw rids her of her arm. . o . . r . . o . see thern cry , see them weep, bJhen they find their friends cut up in heapslr MUCILAGE: t{hy New Kick


PAUL: l{e used fo be Godz Sodz....o..... TOM: l{e didn t t like the nane and he ( Paul ) had 'rNew Klnd of Kl.cktr wrltten on his guitar so we changed lt . MUC: You have done Cranps covers in the past aren r t you worrled people wlll see you

as a Craops rip off ? en we f i rs t began I t htas too easy to ri p o f f Cranps songS r easi. er than dolng our own. I regret bhat eternally lf t s a real albatross. I think we dld our covers better than the orlglnals though. MUC : How about being classi f led aE a ttpsycho-billy n band ? PAUL: They can classify us but lt dosentt nake any fucking di fference . TOM: l{e t re not ttpsycho-bi11yl . . PAUL: I know. o.,but people will classlfy usr but We're always changing our new stuff is a lot di fferent from anything you I ve heard. HaHaHa MUC : So, how would you describe yourselves ? TOM: 0h., sj.x piece God, PAUL: Iou can r t describe us as anythiog r what lrou I ve got to do is put your own opinion to what we play. Call us what you want. ., Ire don t t call ourselves anything. Soneone wil,l one day label us but only because theyrve got nothing else to think about. MUC : Idha t about your ' orrlbl e nas ty lyrl cs ? PAUL: Thatts just what comes out of By head. What influences ne to write about it ? I used to trip a hell of a lot and i got these really wierd ideas so I started to write songg about then. What happened was I opened up a totally new aspect of my nind which ls really sick r so as far as Itn concerned ltll write a really sick song if I want to. TOM: Ep..,therers a certain humour involved. PAUL: It I s sick humour that I s all it is, tongue ln cheek and scrat,ch your arse at the same tine MUC: You rely a lot on your lyrlcs-do your lyrlcs make your songs? TOM: No but, I think the lyrics glve the songs their directlon. Itts violent musj.c the lyrics make i I so obviously vi,olent , I nean they t re so explicit. You can take it any way you want to but itts mainly just hunourous. Some people wouldn t t find it so. PAUL: I get ideas from bhe things that I see or thlngs tnat I feel . Like one o f our songs t Vi deo Nas ty t , in the papers everyone I s going nasties, ban Driller K111er' blah, 'rBan video b1ah. n It, just comes out. MUC z tour stage shows are very elaborate. PAUL: That I s the whole thiDg, everythlng ? s overdone. T0M: Exactly, the whole thing is about, excessf . r cause there t s too many people sl lting on fences being poncy and ethereal it I s about lime we had a mindless group agaln, our mustc is pre LEy bludgeonlng and mlndless r unfortunately we have to work qui te hard f o make lt, so . t{hat we want ls something really heavy r really noisy. T 0M



PAUL: !'lhat we used as i] basis was a generar

e oncept of horror. The nusic was pretty fucking horrlfying to start wifh and the stage act ls a bit all blood and horror. It was a big piss ta ke at first but what wefre doing now is a blt more serious. We are now as a band beconing competent musicians. It takes us a long tine to get a song together but when we do ibts well put together. It t s good being over the top, strobâ‚Źs r lots of lights , flash bombs ,3d fllns and car crashes behj nd you. . crucifl x ions. You have to spend and e f f ort on i t but no t take lt too serioustry like these poncy heavy netal bands - remember itfs all a big ptss take. Try any act once we dont take it that seriously. The ' God act went down well. TOM: What you look like and the way you do it are almost as inportant to an audience as fhe music. There are so many good bands that are visually boring and stagnint. I dont thlnk we t re .geniuses but we do try. Muc: cant you be accused of grorifying violencsPAUL: Who said that?I ' 11 klek their heads in. T0M: At a Brighton gig with f'Dr & the Medics the promoters banned us from ever playing there again because the people bhat came to see us were too Itviolentft The whore thing at Brighton was fucklng stupld, if it hadnft been for us and the people who came to see us..alrlght they dance and puIl each other around, but they got peopl'e going and had a fucking laugh.,.thatrs a rot better than the tine those fucking university students would have had otherwi"se.


i, I



L: Yeatt thaL unr.vers trt,y-[{haf was btre top of therr rnenLr'i' soupl,, "That $ays it aIl,. ItLltll \tt)Lr like meaL? lrll'! : Therees nolhlng like e blue sbeak. PAUL: Yeah, Blee bnocuLed-I love t,hern steaks f hat have ;ust I ike smCIked a cigarette bef or€ Lhey corne to t.he tabtre. T0t'1 : Yeah we Like meat u none of us ere vegsi-es. * \rre eab as mue h meat ss we c&n 6eb MUC: idhat, lnflluenees yo*u? Tull,t : l{elLra$ a voeaXisb*eh? when we practise we al I have an equal sey in Lhe sound w€ geb I don i t kncw o\r€rall " llur inflluenfr*s &re so di veF$€ , tl:ey remge f rt:rru Jurdas Pri"ee b , { rsho I used to Iisten bo wfien I had hai,r down to my ar$e),""Heavy rnebal, is good in t'haL ibqs i'A..l


is no t poli tical but blood and gute ib proves that people accept the humour ln our music " Irnean ibrs pretty fucklng funny. PAUL: Wa,tching us is like watching a vldeo nasty, all r orrlble and nasty and Tom all covered in blood. The only vj-olence at our gigs is onstag€runreaX" ldetve never had any trouble at our gigs aparl fron sCIm€ wino once who wanted us to play rFPeggy Suetr by Buddy Hol}y. TCIM: We have blown, every band we t ve ever supBCIrted off sbage Mef,eors,Blood and Roses rFuryor Dr & bhe fucking hippy Medics.ooooa t"lUC r So y0r-l t re bhe bes t,? TOM; setter than thCIse boss pogs r people should cone bo our Sigs and have fuR, MUC : BUL are you tlre best band in the world?

trea11Y nnin{&*q-9" TOM: but, I{}} l"rsLen t,o ertythlng fram t,he Ramones


PAUL: I used 8n lisLen t,q: The f;ramps a 1mf,*oob So mue h now*X e v€ alv*ayS l"*ved bhem n bq.eb n#kd tha t r*e r re better f,Lran t,h.em " W€ &rave surpessed

extension of, the legesldary ST Albans punk ' band T1:e Mani e Jabs ? T0M; Yes in & way r suppose but we try harder than bhey 'AiA. The Manics troubl-e was tfrat, they weren t t interesf,ed in much apant fronn beer, We bry harder f,han they did ,we mix beer rxitbl music " Tlrere are obvioue connee tions between i"rs and the Mani e s we have bhree o f t,henn in New Kie k. The Manics were one of tlre best punk bands there ever was PAI.Itr : lde'trave more prlde in CIur music and we know sshcre we s re golng MUe: Whab pSams flor &he f,uture? TOM: si"vfnlby""oo"w# rsant to shlt from tfie heavens einfio the heads of all these pCIsing goth creeps FAUL: :If we bry we can get far- itss Just a case sf everlrsne who neads &hi"s fanzine buying 0$r recsrds plug plug. tThe videe nasty Irve just seen, Has made me feeL really mean, IL-'s planted a seed that wants to kiIl, Shou1d I use a saw, or a drill ?!!f NH!* KICK r S tape ' Bucket of Blood I is available for 9"1 ,25 NEI''I KICK , 30 GLENFERRIE RD . ST , ALBANS , { p}us p+p ) from;


to The $rci t'lts

Lhem "

TOM: Well bheyore pas.L 1f ' I always thcught Isd

be in*o whab happens musically buf, you get to a sbage where yousre not* F*G"T'H' are Eoo fueking fasionable, but I lave their singles * u . PAUL: Threy r ve Sot sa much equipmenfr,es whaL ma[<es Ltrem gnod , I fl we had all Lhah g#er wend be begter.., TOM: And bhat waffiker Trevor Horrl u . PAUL: The best L " P in the world is r?Nsver Mind t,he BollocksrNtrt w&s jusb like & leader fCIn everlr0ne


: Ask us about poli t,i e s MIJC: What, about p0liUics? " ' ' FAUL: No coffimenb" to Trosky TOM: Our politj-cai views range from Attila blre Hun, the wirole spee *rum " &{e 8ry hard bo avo j"d it, mus*ea}}y. W€ had a polibieal song one e about ractsm and elst'ism tn sport it was cs33ed 'fTCIrvil3e & $€&nst" bJe ctranged the title when peffipl# fensob and &Gce'pted Zola Budd. St ! s n*w e mlIed r?Msssffi,Se from Marsrr about people wabehS-ng belly al} day the message is more social *han pCI11t,ie &l , Poli tle s is t nt worth getting into, someome s s always said i t be f oF€ r look at 433 bhe punky btrrash bands they ? re not, saying anybhireg ffiew, PAUL: If we were polittcal- we wsieSC be e lassified as sueh. If you dress Gr asfr *m & perflleular ' way you get classif i-ed We r#f'use to be " classif,ied " TOM: I have a lot of respect fcr ptrl"tbical bands but, f bhink ttrat at bi.mes t,fiey eut hheir own throats.Elack Mass for e**amp}* f admi"re bheir pcliUieal sbance anC I1:k* bhei"r muslc but bhey have ahard time bee&ux#€ Lhere ane so many obher si"miler bamds, they deserve to be t,l:e loB of Ltre &nare}:* thraeh pops...o?o.& We desetrve to be ri.cil " FlUC ; Is yGur local f ol)"oto5"ng. i-srlp*rtmmb, how much impo x"tamce do yo,u a*tm. sh bm e b ? PAUL: 0f course i"t r s v€ry fsap*rtaetb s betber than we €ver hroped for, X ffi€w#tr' thmug&t* enyone would turn up *n Bn*ghfl*n"a ** see us and flhen van loads did I wa.$ ne&3-Ly ctauff ed " TOM; A io t, of, peCIpl€ wiro c*rae %$ s*e us ere very poli. ti e ally mobivated and strne e outr mueic T0M



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Do yo{i see yourselves tn any way as












AT }48: YOU SNE YOU KNOW.YOU'RE i{ chorus





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. But lr, sayLng al1 these t,l.rngs Y"u ere 'lery ;,,'-t'J i-2a;-r 2'!" are iri a rglatively cowf olLacle 'st.ts;i'--'.1, tJi;t?t Y',. '-ar. -'t1/ '."' '-:.t fuLure, wltflouL Llft lonellnesS t.zratr.-'r '-l ae?r'e!-3-"1. '-l'a'- ! a'-e:



nany oLr,ers.

bhe Potice 1s bebter in. somewaY than creaLively sharing an experience wlth people' P.t{. : There r s alot of people who are prepared lo do things now,itrs not. actually doing bhem, the most important contribution that we can make as a Sroup of peopte is to expand the vocabulary of people who want to do things. There has always been people chucking bricks at the pOIice, and bhere has always been people going on strike and alt sorts.of actions. The rnost important thing is the understanding that developes . Like the miners , there was peopl e I ea rnthere is more to life than ing what life is about, that they though t be foP€ r they I ve go t to know the peopl e they live with, seeing their workmates in different situations. They found the power of com.munal action and communal co-operabion' those sort of things a1re what thats the posifive side whether we win or Iose a part, j-cular battle doesn t t matter that much because itts just a battle. p.R.: I think itts really important to know when to back off , that neednrt be a defeat it can be a very positive into some of thing which allows the opponent to move the space you t ve created , but i f we t re lrying to create change then we r ve got to sometimes ( although our pride suffer ) back off and say ' OkdY and Oignity might look this is what I thihk, this is Ih" view that I have created, now you See if you can movb in tkrat Space.t Now the chances are that you will be shat t upon ' but unless we t re prepared to back off then you re in a state permanent argument , and there is no point' in that, itts bao Uactics, Then the whole situation is mai.ntained ' it is lo the governments advantage to lromote a situation of animosiLY . JOY: We are constantly spending energy on argument ra th e r than something more subtle. we get out of it,


P.R.: Itfs rather like that situation at S.T.C. were the police had advantage sort of got everyonb enclosed, weII,.it was to everyoners I 'cause what lhe helI would everyone have done? They d probably have

got fucking bored and gone off 6ome ! I can see whal you are saylng, but'putting it simply' are you really so optimistic about the future? You say it r s good that we I re not in a state of argument , but i_s everybody si tting back and thinking or are they saying I Oh hEIl , the whole thing is falling


;-i.t '-r.-:.;:LYtLov. we are lucky Lr, +ur,'dtu 'ne c.-tf.t +- r,eea s't7.t '-l fhat creaLe bonlage ?fft Lvrtger, il. ?-r;e ser,se '-r.e'- ''l?- 1"1.t'- l.'c"'' z standard of Ilfe Lo mair:Lair,.'dY,ere '.le -zve -9 'di,erq ua '.i'-r/, '.i2''Je put years of worV. Lr'Lo tt?Lft'ualr,\r,g L'u as su'-r. ?t'- -f ue ''lere told Lo leave Lornorrow, LlEf. we wo;.:.Lc cc s.u aa'---ve:! ar.i '-r'ez'--'t?-'1' and we woul C creale another si t,ua tior. txeyte es e ir? Ji zi.i :.'c'! te as irrdividuals, not sc riucrj Lucu j,tts aow:. 'u'u iall v'.t?/.. '--'-).:.e'-Q-! I vrould be as happy in a snec ir: a fieic .-tr :r. .r,e rc.:. -:. z sa.Ja'-. it doesn'f realli' rnatter, i t's whaL : aa"":i -r. =y rt?Zc '-r,a'-' s irnporLant Lo rne- the aciua. physical f urr;,+-ure 1 :ar. ! -:.a -?--zr Invariably one ooes nave 'uc tc oui dttC oc sor.e s:.:,----i' i'---, 1f one sees it as a sl'ri.tt1,' Job LYte(. one', coes':'- reser.--f -l-1 ?-.= badly, but if you car. see 1t, as a rre--:'icc icwa:^cs scytQ,--i.-t,E '-:.e: it becornes an exciting anc creaiive cnint -uc ca. :: ::. r,cr.--r.s 3?"{a.-i.. work l/ou can get e printing press ther. t,!iat,s a f ;cttng = IL's an awfuJ thlng to think thar wnaieve! you e.?e c)Lril :s your fate for ihe rest of your iife- i cnl.y ever thougr.t --:-.-s once when I first left schooi I worked for a year anc e z Li. a fucking awful job, i Eot i,ntc a real screwbai.i ' cause : i,ncr.ig:. -I'd be doing it forever...THAT is the big trap, anc 1:'. a ic-- c! cases it is what people cio for the resi cf their lives. G . : There is no reason lJhy anyone can't turn their' hanc cr. lheir whole living situation. P.R.: That's the whole bullshit of people like the BanC Aic reccrc There are all these fucking near millionaj-res taking peanuis ou: of thelr pockets. I mean if they actually meant il anc rea.I.v iii mean to help the situatlon, it wouldn't happen. If it wasnf ! fc:' people like Boy George and all the rest of the hip capital:-st,s in the world it would not exist . Boy George is jus t e draE s--ocribroker that t s what it boils dor.r:r'r to. Yet apparantly these peocle care. really rnirne 'care' the big social pantomime is that these people Boy George cares about Ethiopians he cares about war I cause it I s

P.P,.: I


'stupid | ! !

Thats what we are working against, well . . it I s not cornpetit,lo:: itts what yourve got floating about all the time. G. : No; it's not ccmpetition it is like another knock in the i,eeti: like a coconut shy, Every time you put something up for dj-scussici:

it gets knocked down by some co-opting idlot who nnakes ic intc facile statement. tWar is stupid' . . . I couldn | ! believe 1t I You know that you have to make another greater effort to get war ou: of being co-opt€d by some. stupid arsehole in the pop worlci, ge-u it, back up for discussion again. MUC.: So how have you managed to keep at it, it must take a great deal of determination and all that? P . R, : Just graft realIy, being prepared to graft, thais all , nothing else. MUC : You canonly do so much by graft, surely you have to turn tc someone to say. . . distribute your records. P.R.: We do all our own distrlbutiortluffi*gV€rybhing we possibly can ) ourselves. If hre do it we know lt will get done properly. G. : I think the advantage we have 1s that all the people concerned with the band r ot" helping qith the paperwork etc. have known each other a long long timer w€ have bebn through a lot and have an understanding and a respect for each other. I think one of the downfalls of a lot of other bands is that they don I t' really know each otherr Vou canf t just start with a guitarist and ,hope that somebody llke-minded is going to cqme aIong. It takes years itrs -never_ ending trying to get to know peop1e...., o. o.. a'

pQ..: It's all according to whal your objective is, if you want to get Cruise missiles out of this country, then forget itryoutre not. going to do it. But if your objective is to enlight,en people and Lo grow then there i,q ever)'possibility because you must see t,hat. the pillar of all that is yourself. I think that t,he IuII at the moment i-s i.ncredibly strong, I sense lhat there is a lot going on in peopl es Lreais I rnean that sense

of morality,of humanity, is in all people albeit kiis, a mort,gage and the rest of it. It is -still ir: there r it-s innate, it is there, and it's coming al-ive in fhe n:ost unlikely people. That is very lmportant. P . n . : !'Je have fluidit,y which is one thing they don' t have r BS the state becomes more and more rigid in it's attitude and the manner by which that attltude is enforced. parallel to that our intelligence 6rows, our fluidity grows, and our compassion and love . for each other grows. The rlght wing state through out history has made that mistake. MUC: Surely all of this is very long term? What about immediate problems like people that are C: Yes they are lmmediate, yes there are millions of people starving every ciay, but I cannot do anything about t,hat, I can only hope to build for the future...B soclety that would never put up with that sort of shit...the individual cannot stop it. P. R. : One also has to understand that the very fact that we are aware of starvatlon is a plece of political propaganda. There are people starving in the world in just the same situation as the people of Ethlopla, itrs interesting that because Ethiopla is backed by Russia as opposeci to the West there is this hysterical outcry. The tuay we hear about things is carefully engineered, whats happening in Ethiopia is not unusual in the Third World Ethlopia is a useful propaganda stunt , America want s Lo get itts hands on Ethiopia...blah..blah..bIahl The reason starvation exisLs is political, food is not shared for political reasons. You have to look at i t in the long t,erm , ,' i f you look at lhe short tern you w1lI soon be burnt out. Driven to the frustration and anger that so many radicals have. One has to have the strength to stand back and say'Look, I know Ifm right, I know what I feel 1s gooci, I know I act out of the puresi reason. t and then spend the resL of the day knitting. / MUC: Yes, I have thought all of that before, that faced with rthe politics of depression I you must see it as their weapon and stand off. But ultimately you cannot live outside ti,e system everything . you do is connected with the system. G.: But you try and live with it and not at the cost of it, of course no-one can live outside the system, everything in this room is in some way a product of it. You cannot totally detach. But you must look at the propertles.'that are of use to Vou, llke thls lightbulb, but see that there is litt1e it, can offer your souJ. P.W.: The big illuslon 1s that you change systems by opposition, and they donft, they might, be destroyed by opposition but the power )'ou would need would probably make you a similar systern. S jrstems change by facing in the same direction as other people who you change. So the theatre of opposition like, STC' or Greenham is one of apparent opposition. People see us as being up against the system, bul we I re not- bre are trylng to affect the people that we sLand beside- the people who come to gigs and buyrecords, people who are facing in the same direction. And whether the person who buys the record is a 12 year old punk or a middle-aged civil servant (it cioes happen! ) the change occurs by being beslde and facing in the same dlreciion. carvei up i



liell , i t is here that the wri r-ter. intervi



ew enis




chatLec and argued long af Ler Lhe '-ape nac rur. i ! | I ?curse , 3'how do you sum up a group of peo-ple ),tne CP,ASS? ?err.a'ps a Loou aL their infl.uence f ron Lhâ‚Ź view of the ul timate synncc- of Lr'e rnateriallsiic exploiLation of fhe young, the nrusic cliarf,s ; I ' I t s sinister Lhat we can sell 20 ,A00 recorcs anc nc'- appea" irr lhe charLs, a very effectl',re way cf dnu*-'uLng yoL up. he wOulc expeCt if lre put Oui 4(: L.? . for'' j-''" t-C sel: 2t ,rCr' :r. Lhe-

first feu weer.s o.o.. . . . .SiaiionS has now sold Cver 9C,00C , anc wner. i: gces --o ',)'-, 00C we t 11 press one in chocclale anc presen --' : i '-c eaa:. c'-::,er anc then take some pholos and senc ther. -uc *-rre p!-ess, De3ause the music press tiies to pret,end that, we con r; se-- Snousar.cs of records. Lf fhe charts had been hones*- then we I c nave )eer. 1n the actual top ten on a number of cccasions ie; liaEasar-: lJightmare, Penls Envy, ano Christ The Albu::,. ' Finally e word of hurnility and hope. rie shuccer *lSome of the scaLements lre have nade as CRASS na(.e ai the ciegree of ni,avety expreSsed, but I wcul0:: I i, Pu-- ther. down , ever , oP say f ha t any of ther; were 'vrcnE . '

lfnterb i

reb b ttb lumte Steh&rt, ffis Annn.E^r^s5 MUC: I'IHAT SORT

BIT AT THE BEGININC. iHE cuLT are a band you can't be indlfferent to. you can rove iiier: or you can loathe Ehen but, you can't ignore t,hem.-itr"r";;;lii"""p, suckpdP3Q-rlckl. To ne they offer something uniqu",pu"" ent,ertalnrnenb rough energy. Their glgs leave me nd exhilirat,ed and some[lnes plssed off;when ran ieops halfwayfeering fhrough an encore because a half-bralned hardcore discharged mucas at higl. The cult stick iheir aecks out over the crMcs' chopping blocks in practlcally evenythlng they do and seen to ask the mr.lsic press to bnand Lhem as goths, hos?li'e puntcrs to call lhem popstars and nindless labeLlers fo label Eheir aruslc a3 rock and ro11. But none of it, bothers me;perhaps if .ghe would be critics were to lec lheir hair down, see the humour behlnd lhe band and forgeb thelr p""-p"ogranrned inhlbitions The curt iuould be better received by the media. ' ft fook me many abtempls to track down and capture a mecrber of The curb and in this rntenriew r spoke i"-'"r"ri"li5""n"p" the rnosb apprloachable member) in a cosy suburban home somewhere in darkest(or racher rhltest:i! was snowing at the tine) Harrpw. He seeared to be an amtable, d!T-to earth broke rather than a demigodr hooâ‚Źt-maklng, Dopbtar and this interview il jusr pt;; of an informal Tug i3t<lns chaL THE PRETENTIOUS CREEPY

that, we had.









you cor?


a lot of variations, different bits of are .rery differenl , Iike a week in New york was abouL t,he end of it, for me, it was really clauscroohobic and it's not wha! r enjoy. You can spend 36 hours parcying, therers nothing .,rong wifh that if you wanE to part,y and have a good time, bright li.ghts and loud music theprace to go! buf t,hJg's not,.rhat r like so i did not enjoy it. Los Angeres on fhe olher hand.,.as differenl because il's really spaced out man! ! L.A. is really big, you need a car to get anywhere, but it's more realxed as well a lot less intense. Detroit is neally homlbre, a big cirty car producing city, therets almosr a curfu on, you'd probably EeE shob if you walked around. There are





At fhe moment nexB to nothing j.n Europe, we pick up a few peoole in different places, Ehey go fo a few gigs and ihen go away. There's qulte a few people in tsritain wnicn is good, cut otviously we '"1111 loose people and new people will coi" alorrg. ile can ,t expecL [o keep along the same lines as the pepple that we have attracted so far. Wetre gonrul change, maybe some people will change with usr and some wont[ and oEher people will pick up cn the


Thats noL supernaEural, thaLrs nore inside us, lha!rs naturar. Thatts inspiragion which has cone to be one ot'our nain,-henes. DO YOU BELIEVE


Yeah... r fhink, r dunno, r don't disbelieve, r don'i belive. rf's something r react to fhat, r've got, interested in, but, i

wouldn'E say



or it isn'!. r berieve in.osychi,c lhings,

[hings inside usr there's a whore rot or' lhing bfra!-we don'! know about and we donrt use, people rlke the Chlnese anci the Anerican Indians knew aboub theo and have used t,hern fon a long ticre.





lhe capabilicy of putt,ing bands like Bauhaus lnto the charts relatively easily, but Ehey buil! ihemselves up as an independent and so bhey've goL to lhab way of doing thlngs. Beggars Banquet have



Fon exarnple ,distrlbuting records;how many and where they go *-ans fhaL even if we do sell as many records as other people who tend Bo get into fhe top 40 we only get into the T0's or gO's.


No we

dontt refuse, you can carl us what ever you want, but, it

doesn't nean anything fo us.

don't want to;we play



don't call ourselves

punk rock,psychedelic,heavy




it ndver was, ibts probably because we grew out of it: r went fo fhe BaLcave t,wice and s.D.c. were sort of part, of it. we formed at the Lail end of coming ouf of i.t, ib wasn't neccesary; it, jusU happened to be Bhere at the lime. MUC: YOUR CICS SEEM TO BE ALOT'LESS VIOLENT THAN IN THE DEATH CULT ) DAYS? JAM: Thab makes me very happy. I don'! think we had as heavy a foIIowing as TheaLre of Habe or Sex Cang. I'rn very glad fhat we didn'L ecause that's something fhat can and has ruined alob ofl bands. Therets differ:enr sorts of aggression; therers aggression lowards other people and bhere's jusb mlxed aggresion lhat doesn't hurt anyone. Itts jusL bad when you [dke that aggresiqn out on Jftl,t: No

oEher people



Ian llkes his audience reacllon more than I do, I tend bo go off into my own ltttle world, I stare up at, fhe lights and do what I do, jusb ge! on 'riLh it on my own.Ian needs to have a bit more, and lt does wind me up sometimes, he's getling more and more difflcult fo safisfy. What, you have to realise is lhaL anyone who gets on siage isn't only on sfage, they don'b live on sfage, they have outside influences as we.Ll and sometimes youtre pul in a bandr you do geL in fluences which react, to the wat you do t,hings.








oof hornage Lo Person on ' '"r'i


worshj-p ;devot,ion


group of persolls

i :

*,,, .i



StlNC, lliE SEA AND THE:lKY CAr\lE FROM WITH LOVE, AND A RIDER Itl iHE SNOI^J aAilrE IRotl I0o youNc. JA.\!: A loc 'rr'rhese songs were wrrften a long Eime a go and as He iound our nusrcal. style changing bhey got dropped behlnd. ran 'liJn't feel that uhe origrnal lyrrcs expressed bhe way if was Soln8. Last yeal' we changed a lot, bub we decided bhere were some )

:'.leas ln lhe old songs, buc lhey just, weren't put the rrght Jrder, so we wrot,e new lyrics t'or Ehem.



}11'C: 'ilHY DID YOU KESP THE l.lORD CULT S .1 ...' . cctlP.{RISoNS




at the it was lhe easiesE thing eo do, Ian wanted to ex'"end;ha! hetd already done and bring il tnto a new con[ext.

"'Al1: 3eceuse

rB0uT ltoyA, you STILL pLAy




Yean, there's


3 lot, of different reasons why we pray l,loya, iirstl.y e lot ot'people like ib, it, meaRs a loc t,o them, and seconoly because we haven't to[ any beLt,er songs for an encore!

IS iHE CIJ S.D.C. IMDIAN iNTUC STILL THERE? Jt''l: ch yes tndians 3re everynherel Actually yeah, lb wilr arways be rnsrde lan, bes"ore he used it far more blatantry than he does nog. it.Jid gei really out cr'hand and people Eook it as sorb of, exploitlng Indlans, so now he doesn't use ig so obviously, but he scrll flnds e lot of, t,hings t,lrere that are very good for exprel-o.




!ilg ninself. 30 TI{E REST OF THE BAND FEEL ABoUT IT ALt? Ic influences ne .r lot, something that isn't onry in Annerican ihinxing, the philosophy of the North American rndian does not relong expressly !o l{orth Arnerlca it, is a ihing inside all of us, 3nc it, can say a lot lo us. Ilts an idea Lhatrs every"r.rhere and alxays nes been, it's a way of life thab shouldn't be confined ic Jne race. !iO}'-




It dosen't worry me at all, I lhink it's good that people can identify with us, lhat they can feel happy wearing si.rnilar sorL of stuff, people mnb their own identiLy, but lt's still a bit of a responsibility really, people arentt always going to be exactly .fhe sarne as you and noL everyonets going to be happy wearing the same bhing.

FI glT$€il$Jtrry '{ 4&,S3' +ffi -


ffii mS"HHiIe?"*-i FI

K "'Eg' #








:ftilse@rptddfffi!,fi: rW.






I think it's bo be as big as possible wibhout belng consclous that we shoul'd be doing this or that,. If people didntt llke us we wouldntt change, we do what we want !o and people llke it and I think we do it pnelly well. THAT FUTURE PLANS HAVE YOU COT?

lot of work, Iike werre going to Australia somefime this year, -ltts going to be a wonld tour anywayr w€tre going everywhere to do everything, wow! Isntt lt excitingl I An awful


it is isn't it, Actually ltts noc a world tour, more of a little clubs world four, we'Il spend a week on bwo in Japan, a bi! in Auslralia, and more tlme in Eunope, and we w111 go back to Amenica laber this year. Then ny brains going bo explode, and in t,he middle of lt all we are going to record a new album which will be out in Seplember,

JAM: Yeah


dry kr*Lfi,w'ffix






Jftl"l: Ihey were good, w€ saw it, as a chance to break through to.nbr* people. At t,he firsl gig we played to about four times as'many people as wetd ever played bo before, and about a thlrd of ..them really enjoyed what we dld and I suppose bhe others bhought it was okay. It was certaj.nly worbh doing, a lot of new people heard rts.




TO DATE D.O.A.s present line-up is Joey Keighley and Dave Gregg on guitar and vocals, Brian Goble, formerly with the Subhumans, on bass and Dimwit who recently replaced Greg James on drums. Ken Leicester has done a splendid job of management since the band formed in 1978. Previous members of D.O.A. in the last seven years have been Chuck Biscuits (Dimwits younger brother) on drums, Randy Rampage and Stubby Pecker on bass and Tracey Marks on piano. D.O.A. live in Vancouver on Canada's south west coast where they built up a faithful following of fans which spread down the west coast, swept across the States and, in the last couple of years, D.O.A. has also become abig name throughout Europe. In January 1984, D.O.A. played a number of live shows across Canada which managed to raise enough cash for them to embark on a majorandwhatturned out to be a very successful European tour. The tour took them all around England, through Holland, Sweden, and Denmark. There were a number of gigs in Germany including two in Berlin, two in Yugoslavia and the tour ended in front of 2000 people in Milan in ltaly. The last European gigwas intended to be at the Brixton Ace in London but this had to be cancelled due to fire damage. D.O.A.'s last day in England was used very constructively however as they recorded a four song radio session forJohn Peel which was later released as a L2" single. The Band then retumed to Vancouver for a break before setting off on a tour of America's west coast. There has only been one "Best of" album and a couple of singles released in England since D.O.A. became a recognised name in our music scene. There are three Canadian released albums and a number of 7" and 12" singles but as these are now deleted they are extremely difficult to obtain. The latest album should now be released in the States but unfortunately we may have to wait another few months on this side of the Atlantic. The Vancouver Five are a group of political activists who have also made a major contribution to Vancouvers underground music scene. They v,'ere arrested on bombing and conspiricy charges and as an example to others were sentenced to lengthy and highly exaggerated prison sentences. D.O.A have given full support to the Vancouver Five by campaigning on their behalf for fair treatment and doing benefit gigs and records to raise cash to finance the campaigning.


ffi$J$ *ffir.ffRjn

A6iainst rvhat is rrrong, violence and hatet The govegrment are izogled so they lncrease the pollce Their mindle ss brutality is lncreas:.n5 by the hour, rI havernt d,one a thingrrrcone vrithr" you slobrt Theyrre not political tireyrre only doing a job' ;'iili. they re.r"r und,erstand t're only rvant peaca?t You canmot trust Thatcher or the Britlsh police '

This is Britaint Still

The ugly face of BritainJ

the British publlc stay in line ,




They've goi a sbit j ob and, ca.r so everytlr"ings just f ine t They cannot see ir- unempl-otrnen!-gels an;mror€, *f--!,!'l I Thi; shit-ft1led. governnent rrill sia:t a fucking ployt goverrilnent another Falklands, was the ./ I Proof

A thousand, d,ead I heroe

s t '.

that will never shon






you nelc oned oLrrs hone vhirst ignori.:rg your ovrn f ate r / o", your plate. The goverru:Ient I s got you eattne)ne shit

'n"r_rnul In tine to come theytll lead ttie Easses to slaughtert Ijarching to the sor.urd, of the governEents laughter, II tYe have irarned Your ihere is not[ing left to ssyr Yor:r body iapaild on the flag, the tlne has co&'e to pay' It t s nos, o" ir"n"" tnere is jull enough time , _ LA, your life bli$dJ (A Dontt talse thei.r shit, dontt lilC f ve one as sct to rve we t U join together, 6oi got to YIe |cause lt's oory a snall cl0ud that ever irides the sllno





,/t d



this as Br:.tain, ttre u81y face of tsritbh'







A ,r_,-



t'lnss' five ?scE FoRnED:ttl

/ Y lqgf a gEs€RyE YouR nTl.ENT,oN *-/)a As THEr ARs- SRrl,AttT! '',-/ T1t?E ouT Now , vttt1HQrr- finE ,/ + 6AoG€, T(tlCKr lrvctrrDE l*J[#lty;'trF[?',JiffSl$ or.ttt f,f .5O (plus ttr.q) Frto&t 11 g Htttro( a HILatQY Fr Incrfr8n Incrr8nuq Hl - 'CFrrBosuq hN, HERTFoRDS]lfr€. U)






sqe$I$"#HH3}H# FtEls



z*NY-rlEU P-s


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.< 3>

H.. E' F VJ 4a

L^) I

m I

p I

cttc to thc backgtage of the Uoodball Connnrnity centre in Uelvya to see if I could capturc a BcdetrLa for,a ftrturc interviey. I ahecpiehlJ etated ry qucet to Chris Oean(CO) lead eingcr & $dtariat uith the eueenble. Ha.1f-an-hour later in a nearby pub I uas given a pâ‚Źn & tro nQod aot Dolen poetcre on rhich to vrite.Irn aware & sor4y that cone parte of the intervicu ep Lpclivant to tUe or.i.ginal queatLon but itre differcult to vrite at talkiag apeed & I nissod amc vltal linke bctreen topice. Irve put in all that uas eaid though ao aE to have r, rcegoneble lensthed interviow. bara ro




'ffi' . Do

join a uniorrgg

ffil": utrat

I trade-union'It g be done.











i'ry ft?-T



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benvertsd to CD:Paople sglr€ & bee uF & CT{D A;

they shi ft



over sthare.




grted. Inte ef peep1e vagualy agrec find the a hard

Soua peop1e


Utfe pctcp vat at our last gtg I Juat ytrb thc Alera rould tbink noro about vtret thcy Eay & laae absut their helr eute" ( ttl ;By nou I f m running dangerouely near the end of rny eeeond n$oal not Dolert poster & I told Orrie Dean this. ) CDIOh dea.r I harren I t given any quotee in yet.Ask trhat is ortr anbition. f-4 :Uhat ig your anbition? CD:TO STT€ IJKE THE SIIPRE!,Iffi






iiliTl[l";gii;m;*r'i*'ifiryw'H.f,",ill-1l,# ':Iffi;f"e'"r.u?-!i-Ljfnl(f.,fr.l,.uci1aso AT:

lrJf, CAN BE CONTACTED r.r{,or(.u. ,.n r-r MUCILAGE


a mlsty Juice

Ufr. .' nn. r Y5.:;:;':;";;""#i;;:'""ii;;;"";;; ;.,r trTl'llroSF"', 44 ;;"il;":-i; ST.ALBANS. ^t'!;':fi::;".:::l!::i:"lll:*i:l':fi::i:::=:'tiq,!:,:t"*:::: I t I \tr ilR;Foi$sirnn ' n t dia:lii:;:"i:"":;:'i:"::::"!"il"i"ii,'l,l'iX.lti3;"":::'?f;:":T$"' 1".,",i,"-1,' f r5c r 4lil*4liA. # ll' f,;;iiuro"e.

:ll,;:;;;: ,r,irrlirlr^.1,r' I lrt.rr,.,.rl



be moldy or.mustv.


orLen forms the.bulk


iu.oia seaweeds or lhe internal^lissu?:_rt.,1!.?1:: -^-^

see 3d gum,1a, ti,r.' aqueous solution of gufir or of an 2, .tllt':t1l1lt.ittll"i,_''"oi"inalmuci1age,mucil.8"forenve}opes,. Source,





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t(' l)('()1rlr.' ;lr ;I L Ll t'q.' l t'.



rr"iIS l)it't'cttl ('t's ro'lto ltlt ll;rsti:rtt l)ltct tr l; r';u l c() s .





t"tt()tts t.0 r] l



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rllirals I'tttcd iirlcllt' .rtttllt't'ittg



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llrts tlrt'fi crli;rtt'l) \\'r()t(' I ( )\ r't'( (}tll(' lr)' l('ntit\tt's lr'lttt * lr l{r'r,,lrttiott

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