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Ie this thcy rant?Arc thcee thc flrcotions on evorJr self-respectin6 pop fan?Will thig issue ss11? Angyerg to thclc questlonerrnd norG oucetione to angnor in n*lt reekdiSOAPtt........o.... Fnough of thrge high epiritsrand down to the ueual slagging matchrnith looal anil nrtional lumtnerltl(Nice big rord!).First up ib this nicc issue is that man Coul.(l

thin br the laet issue of this finc uprtanding


nith thc clcgant llne in rafati*EuitsrFditor of the KEI{T EVE!{M0 POST,"ilr.Barrie Hilllama(40)". ffhs sr:pportor of thr kids movementrthis steunoh, Knf'ri; {Hf,NE5 aitter-on;all-fenceerdlFrlocfully cut the most important blt oi gou5t, Thc [ora oolunrn e fer rcekl l6io,Tou read the bit The Port -frlt rras not alright to print f,urtbcr into this issue.Mr. B.Willirn't hlil a fcr faultr bcfora that itirâ‚Źnrating display of hypocrisy, but on the rhole he had prlntcd anything The Ross had submittedrwhich nas suc an'inprovincnt on tbe outendout CRAPlthat the Chatham Stenderd ctts -se out eiLry tuesday.Ilthough The Ross urote about a rid.e selccti sf grqupslconcert;rf,ansinptlSglFlD fron all corners of Kentsand Iots of other places, (Tro rcckr aâ‚Ź:orthe nrlh fortwc rl'ellhe Chefs from Brigtrton)gtvc the publicIYOU?ra chance to rcad, and see bande that d^eserve your attention.Tht relationship atuixt The is nolr over. uet your application forms in NOW kid.slt Roge and. tr.B.llillians lluch reeprng and a wailing rhen The Ripsnorters fe11 apart.An excellent pop group rhor e fine and ritty toong shoulcl have been heard much further afield. This ic a lssson to all groupsrDonrt recruit old hippiesror youtll cnd up the An excqllent new single from The FalLr'rFlery Jackrr. The scribee at thi s mag tcem to recall hearing it rather a long time agoror Here they just drunk?....... S.eekin of rhe Fna lt ( ql,rD uT.' Doll r r DO TI{AT tfltclll) are embllng round the momentrplaying various dates Hith \,r*nkoids l The C ramps " Cur source at

magierThc CramPs were shite. We ge t chance t o see them both p lu g Bshlonrst the f,lectric BaI 1. ) hi; l'rida.y r2I/ ol.$ood stuf f. Thp Pop Rivets back on go od orm t I other week at graves en d. *1;o en good form were the

orthfleet BoYurand so Here tte olIy Sulphat e . Q.!lho are th e edway Fa11 Roys??Wipeout t ri eo o beat 9bel or* C i nlondln, an d, c arly w on . Ret urn rnat ch , 22 / o3 t ort Ii or st ed c 01i ege r R oche s ten PAlr }TC UORE , CR NO' LHSS THAN 20 PSNOF FOR T}TI5

He,at Paper. C rap t !

0 SreLl llape are l.ikely fo Leave you a bit disoricntatcd. on firdt erposure to their esoterid idiosyncratic brand. of music (I think thatfe yithin the sdopo of the yordg d.cfinition.) But therc is no d.enying it - they arc uond.crful.

I sa$ then at thc Unionr the dosg-holc London Unrversity gtudcnts UBG aB a rest place ,after a hard days rork????. lt ues a bit of a cock-up nhcn you consider the organizational experience theso highly intelligent people muet hsve - they did.nrt even opcn till laterand then tl.idnft hnQn hon neny people thcy might allox into the gig and a.s a consccluenccrcntrance d.oors rcr6 opcncd end closed every few minutee and meny m:'ssed out e"Il. togeth"'r. Onee insidc there ras no disco(apert from trlo minutae before theHaps a.ppeared rhen someone dug tp the first boring Policc album. )ancl thc bar was hopelesely inadcguatc to cope uith thc mul-titudee of punkr;straightsrueirdoeerekins and sundry who had travelled unbclievable d,istances for thc double bill of thi ilaps and Pink ltlilitary. thiligs looked prctty hopelees but tbcro $as a slish! changc for tbe bctter nhcn Pink ltilitarXr tooktothe ctage (we nistcdt 5thc first h8 suppOrt band b cause the etudents had kept us waitifg outside altbough ue Hcre oueing for an hour before the doora openadto enyone. ) Hilitary havc a girl singcr (Jane)rho wants to be a sta,r. She has a sillqf (great) trairstyl.e and a snecalqr equely voiee that ie strong andshe uaves her hcnds and ooints in a mpnner not unknor,rn to a certain lt{s. Btrsh. At first, f thou$ht the material of the banC and this youne lady r.roul.d earr5r her to her goal(THough the band were for the mort part anonymous). But then for -nrila. rearad ite head end songt appeared laboured and rcpeated.There were stilL a few geme (trEgomanian and. sonething nith a jepanese title) tut most of it nae dispos -ablc, asin garbage. Still thc crorrd loved hcr and. calLbd her back for a,n encore(nhich ie morc thanSwell llaps got)and yelled for a good quarter of an hour after she disapp eared.Something like fwould irnegine a Blondie eigi to be like.,hne must already be preparing her Dosters for your nall As, soon as SeeLL lrlaps appeared to set up their own stuff, (No roadies for these boye)the guitarist said:FHas anybody got a guitar lead cos Itvo lost mine please{ryoukner this was to be no ordinaty run of the mill gig.And it $asnr$ llhcy started nith their new single n3uild a llarr and iorked from there"It nas a dense mish-mash of eoundrgroaning sor:eking squeLchinS Suitar with thumping bass and thrashin$ rhythms.F' BeautifuL chaotic but structured noise..... They played. a few song:s from theirilTrin to ltlarinevilletralburn-nllidget Subma,rinesnand. gFull toon' end the rcsi tras unrâ‚Źcognleable.But rho cared?No-one that Ieaw. Ever.;rone flas alancing antl tapping tbeir feetrgrinning and smiling antt being happt as tbe llaps made completc and. utter prate of themsclveg.But noboclSr cared about tlat....o

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lfhat raattcred ras thcLr Wlrlt.Ilcn flho couLd be busking on sttcet corncrrrbut bcoauge of thcir suoecarrwerc on a etagureinging rrith fags hanging from tbclr nmtht anil lead guiteride rrnd,cring arorrnd tbe etage and trying to hide thern selves behi.ncl ampLifiersl.Bcautiful. . llonhere yas thcre a hlnt of ckillrcondescendinf, proficient flash look-at-rne Itm a gfritar hero poaing fron ary of thc group. It vas fresh and exhilarating noiee madc by pcoplc rho cenft play but donrt ;ee n!ry' or nill not accept your or my reasona wly they should.nft perforr,or give justas valid. a performance as anyono else. Tholrt war hnmour and compaeeionrcommunication and crpreesion. Aail evcryone kncr it. People thrcr thclr lyrice on stag:c ln the hope thcy would be slng or read or whatever. For onccrthe band and audience trerc the eame mobrnot 1eaders and follorrerr rid.ols end rorghippcrs, tnrt mueic and gig lovers together. Ohcre ls hopc for thc f,uturs anil it lles uith pcople ltke Srell !!aps and ths fer of tbeir llkreucb aa thc tlckone(After their temibl.e dispLay at the llarqiec, I d.onrt thin$ eo.)and. frn sorry to say, The Acker and the Nice Boysrand Steve and Stevcft Conplotc Funcrel Scrvice. Thoy are thc futurc, Srell l,lape are more than gool.They &3o ctanplary and bloody excellent. So stuff thatr overyone who bought Another Prick




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The folLowing ig a eompletc transcript of a taped int;rvieu with lfr. Robin LiddallrChief Hntertainnente cfficer of Roeheeter-Upon-lilednay Borough Council.The Kent Evening Post did not want you to read it for reasons best knorrn to thenselves and their frlcads. oDo you have

autte a feu offers of

band.s uho would

like to

play here?" 'nNo He dontt becauge bande do not olay hererand troultl you switch that off plcaserotherr'riee f tI{ not going to rnswer any more gueetlona.n ilBut gurelY You...." Itld.onrt rant to knon!





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issue ras going to devote a lot lf space Rlpsnortetertuo of LIAVB lovsd once.Bttt to the Juicy ymrtrc suitdenly it all ccGns a blt pointless; if yourve s6en either group locallf,r Iaughing snnrgly. If you haventt, one article uonrt chauge a thingr(itts been tried)' because in Anrt Lerryick rea.ders l'111 n€ver gct to taste these particularf aefigUts round your common with 99.9 recurrlng perccnt of the people who send sounds rrinballing wlth sknlL for rl.ays after thelr rnonthly pub-gigsrwbat we find is some more ficklc boys expenelvc toye and no bottle, playing popeters for a short vhil-e. They donft mea'n it, Qncc upon a time, this pop-moate ef Censtror and The

!t83e o .8Br


Just take a Long lookrwill-vou, at the utter droes that *n;;:::t::"hl e eightieslr. B" in with the in-crudrprove makes up the rirst chart ';;;:-r",,"-" to the Greed "t that yourrc as etupid as they think "r"* -lcs antl chrietine Hyntle Tourists 6ay-trtp to nangi" oi t"t o' oi get on down to Blue Peter. Tried o1d tror:pers nith ttre teit-tale sparkly ties Learl the headl-ong retreat into the sixtieg. I"le donft

need no cducation yeah yeah (cos Herre alread.y double-negative )" The present crop of crap is ripe for the taking, LIAV knotlg thc groups who CoULD cLo it , but cverybocly elsc knows that hit records only happen to

other peopler(Just ask Z-Tone)r.


-- - L -4--t--6 horror gtoriee?. read gome

Get knocked' out bY Cenetrox at ths fam o r Shanter. Ask llick Hughes + l^ 'tl . wenLond . Tf ; ' if he I d, be int ere st ed in d oing a singl e . Tll .h Tll rh nhCIr.', -? at The Ripsnorters keep on hedginf' their betBrsaiting for t'he man $ith the book t o come and t ake them a'$! ay f rom a,}lthi s , whil e the illa'rshall s t Fend.ers rfiohn€rs, sparkle , dahl ing. I,ilipeout play authentic R+B from ch eque

are sitting orn a brutal d.emo t ape, because every R eal Husician they bring in to fill a drumming vacancy cantt get it rP.(fUe Ripsnort€rc also suuffered 8t the hands of d.rummers uho l{ave Been Around in 8onowherc circlea ). 01d hippies never d-ie, they just 1et You d,own " the apathy Hven nhen t'local bands" GALVANIZE themseLves onto vinyl, thelr"rJust simply read.apts. Gentle lonfihairs Gizno flo8eed their P.A. to help finance the telephone Like lrlaster Batesrt aLbum. Great; blrt I hacl to leave them hanging on or trorrou a copy before my mind turned to sago after 20 rninutes of trying to beSrbuy to pIuF in I FamiIY NewsPaPer'

d,eep down, and

A1L the guy kept aaying r&B lnBut come and sca us livc first for *}re f,ull effect'r. ntir!' xar probably au exagerration, bnrt he said it againrma.n a,nd mgain and o


ft gcts uorae. l{argatets Fivals got Rough Tradc to take )00 copies of their d.cbmt einglerrFuture Rightsr, but even trlr Snall tfonder because Ta}thametow isrtall the $ay across I'ondonfr. A mug close to the band says hc sven off -ered to take it uo for then only to be met with mumbles to the effect that they would get rounil to itrtrsometime in thc new yearn. So long as itts not rainingreh chaps? The fgnerents have

at least


the posters advertistng their excellent

o Int erf erence'' 45 in the shop s , even if the re c ord has st i 11 t o f o11 ow suit , but where can you get a copy of Those Helieopters "C oa,st al Townsrr ( or something l ike ttrat , only hea,rd it oncs ) ? There must be others that aren I t even rurnours yet " Drrh , DubI i city ? irR


Fair enough if youtre The Pop Rivets and 6;et paranoid. about the mrsic oressrthatts choice not apathy.Beeidee, $t for all appearances of being lazy soderthcyrve brought out e']| tno vigouroue R+R albums in less than twelve months. Itleanrhile the buisinesamen help themseLves. You wantryou BEAIl,Y want ?rfike Harsrr? (trAt least itf s loeal" for a changerr-ltlaking Time t79") ("so what"r- nlife In A voitt t8o")

a nice Linc in rapist naskerone previoes ofiner, and gct an album a,nd aationride tour out of it. God, how common, noul.dntt catch a.L1 you groups of modern boys getting your hand.s tl.irty like Samson do

that. Sneer and consume, suckersr 'fr' 'H-, H }'" )4 \f,; ^firr 'r{ "i't

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s Christmas gig coultl have conre straight fronr a Chd.rl Dickena(l{ed*ays other fanous pcrconrapart from Jackle Joacs-Cultura1 Ed.,)novcl.$be Baeh Strcct kirl.e mcet the ghosts of Xmas pastrif you gcc rhet I nean.Thc atnoaphcrc uas vitage t??-tbe pogo-a-gogo and bondage etrld.cs.Ah ycsrl remember it rell;.. But beving eaid. thatrthe noltalgla of it ell couLd not spoil thc pirc unadulterated anarchic(groan)fun that the Damned laspirc ln all eoull. tlhr rplrtt at[ tbc rtlotpbcre narc rorathlug tlnelOlg md.ronrthlaS ncvcr to be forgrttcnrno nattcr what pcrlod thoy rccrlL. Pbllosophltlng esldcrthe feerlcsr four dcllvercd. oac of tha eogt ratlQaprokcd. vrlur-fo.-ronpy coupl.e of hourg ever deeired..It nae aLl there:thc Danned for bcginnertrnith the najorlty of thelr re0ently releasedtrrltlachine Gun Etlquetterl and. the clngles and 3-sidesrsrrch as rrBurglarrrrwith ita cnlgger-provoking plss-talce of Pub}lc llomage Unllniteit;ancl. Darnnett f,or confi$necl punklesrrho shoued thelr age (terribly Un-hiprdearrdontcbq knou)W sinetng along to the olil faves from theletelbun The


off nith a rnrted "I,gvg Songilbefore ripplng the song arrd the rest of the glg apart rlth i frehetic attaok sf l{atch the clenrented- Vanian vampire(what a o}iche)pace fron one sialeof the I stage to anotherrenarlLng and epitting and shou-ting the words so they are al-most i


They startecl

incoharentistagger as the Senslble one(a grocs misnomerrif ever tbere ilas ona)plays


I *



emongoloid'croee-breed'ofhealrymetalspeed.freakpunt$rriffsthatsound'asifthey rve been ripperl off fron everyone from Gary Glitter to the Pietols and on to Dcep Purple and oringe ln embarrassment as he displays hls rilly for another boring tlne; ghelter fron the ureckage Rat Sca,bles hurLs from the stagcrwhether its his stickg or kitratnrsergob and. be amaaed how one nan can have so much energy to druat sotid,ly for r marathon two hours'with neqf a breik betneen songB to bfeath;and finally look fof Algyrrhors in there somewhere,lurking in the shadows in his leather Jaokctrsniggering at the otherBrHe rnrst be thereryou can tellrby hie rumbling and. Lurcblng bass lines. Yee, the Da,rnned are the varlety cabaret act of the ner wavc.Itts all thcre ,even the crord involvement bitl. Chuck the keyboard.s at the aucllcnce and wEtoh thcn kllL each other for a monldy piece of nood(nore points for those xho aotually gct a bit of cl.rcuitry attaohed.) gurf the microphonee ag rell uttll youfre regtralncd by your roadies. Thlg is thc Damnetl pbllropW. eplrlt-evor1rone ras friend,e for tbe evenlngrno natter if you rere punkrhippyrnod or DaEFt. And tf thatrs punk vaefla all abotrtrthen who an I to knocf nostalgla????????????t


N Cl

C" F* o L"

r\ ftR- <H ??)

LaW Life In A Void, c/ o, 3 rCroueh Hill



Lower Hal st ow,

Sitt ingbourne t KENT. 2o pennies. Safe As tiilk,

Faking Titr€ r I r Susssx Garcegs;ltt*f 'n Herne Bay, .' ,;, .

11{a:il1ri.t"''11:i^.-', 4 o s SidI


IIouse r

45 tGreenvale Road., Portland Avenuc, Lono.on l;r,;9 lPB ?0 peng'€, Starnford Hi11rN.f 6.


3oP. KENT.




4IbrBlenheim Crescent

3 , Sydney St re et ,





The F'all


Bright oil r '027\/608q4r.


Bridge l{ous€ r


ouEh Trade





olyd or r f 6-f g, Stafford" P1ac8

Lond oil rWI .

(ning I st ,they r ve a fascisi doorman

r T7 t fioho Sguaret LondoD rWf .




ocrit e , e/or2?r'rlatts ti- .r fu lr ( fUe Kent, . Hip


ondoil r Ef 6. .



?A2, Kensinft on Park Road, I ondotrr,"'f f . 0l/t?7 /4 3I 2.

e/ orThe Pub of The Sa,me Narne, SrKentish Town Road., Canning Town, I.oncl.oxrll', T. c . . , . .... L


CtilPAr'If ES'r

Step Forrr ard , r






;'' "!l;, '

Graphic Sound $tudio, tr'ling Studios, Dal p !t reet Studi os, c/orR. l,!anktelcw, c/a Bird"s Fusic, 56 ,sangl ey R oad , 9r$aekville Road, Catford ryO,Dale $treet , Bexhill 0n Sea, S.F.Londortr (Try ar/ 697 / 8568. F'ast Suss€x. n42A/??O?qA,^ C hatha m , Kt;NT.. . .. Space$ard Stud.i os, I9 r Vict oria Street ,



'2o rpi

United Art i st s, 39-42 ,Mort imer Street l, ond on

rhll .



R0f[AefffiH i:*t,

0R ;' o o N')r,lrr*g:lt


of arn lftE of not that long e6:orFat GilI; fan of Reacsnn Snlth mentJ.oned ln pasrlng tbrt lu hts vler acrlm rar trrltsgpthcr Eorc trl.vtat rr an fa,gue thnn reclett Frtf,nttcalLytprcd.lctrblyn nert recks paga contal.ncd rta,nderdrFcntnfEt Stanctrrd Rcply Forn 4tr frol I firgt nenc 1r a faghlonable portal il.i.strletrtrottlng out thc d.og-or,rcd dogrna oa rgooletyrrrttredltional rolertr anil other non-speclfica of t[lactl Out battcry parrots toelng thc offical party llac. tgplr ^[rl? n$yploel g{.rls dsnrt f,onty nVol.ce


thtll tot elcarly....i

Itte aot a qrcstl.oa st alillng wlth nroho loc(tff'tOlll non-byrltc ig a targct ), Just rf desplslng the rcunmr bypocrisy of the po-feocd d.eughtere of thc rich, tlunnlng tt ia tbelr d.reb rolnooatg on tbe othcr &cr nrtlocd bw thc lord,crt lcrclncrr ;galnst bcllg trcrtod m r lGt obJcot mc alragrt ugly rr ch? $ol*toh ant tbt froc srf thc prctty g{rl oa thc und.ergrmal postorrlob flour at lllre llorld eborr, uac thc trlvlrl ( mf lFEltP?mfYIAtl ) fcnlntrtnrcvclcatil or a rcapcoteblc f,iorrt fsr nothlag nore thau good ol.d,*fashiorcd ryltG. , Sorcr thtnklng for yoursalfr vatc fentnlst for bronld,c cn tbc ratGst'

IrOtrrlB nLrrund.crgtend.

(me you surc there t s no other nay rG cln gGt a firll nalcbag?-#D. ).

AtoLokr Es -( o SEqEE CLEqC rt l.

:-Fe,gi-dn? R.; suI -I^tS f "jlr)Sscm "9r,-.QIt.{\f;t"', oo,*, ,

frc,f:n vrg.

:;; ;R q"H i):!15 4*** ;,T onZ ig+L" rnoSf !...fe ghir\k rrf Wo=S

!-o..^re enref, gCin{"e-l , ftwcsf<.-of Sfro.ce


use-lc.sS a,r+ictaS

. R.."I i.Iouf3qla,raS )'

Therets been a lof of thinking done, on The Falls behalfrby \rarious darling seri.bes of orrT domesticated major nusic ";rps$r Tf fOtt dontt unCerstand half of their strrpid s'ibhsrishrdonf t worry r,Blr 'iorr r r{* i n the sarne boat e s the rna j ority lf

lls r

T usecl to resileet Dave l4e,{Sot:nds) an'l nost of the artieLes,/reviei';g hee'rote, rrdl'T'Ti the erce,'rtinn cf skrds artielesJr |rr:t hets, beq:flmF r/F?,rr Iondcnishnverf, rnclFy.::rcundv*ry iris.-l'ef i'lh,v Arn T in the '',rtsi.C }rj.,, ltirarl FcI't cf shit" Ile hrs ;rrst a few chances left,


"iave !l'c and F",.:roInverblown Yank,has firrf.i nf Vni Ce ifhO,"nnsOn sAd ^thei r $e-eA 1 led It*Iu "n*:, l'T'orist t,:-endrFsrthey hark baek 'o f ink FJct'rl etr deysrall fat^*out nodding .{rf.' rn harn{-rn,v r.,tr*.The} all sa.y their mus

.1c ir-r f,ilr: r''.rsit: fnr'the eightiegritre a tyti.t.r :'Fvival to cBrr) on the rlr"esent arl y si xt ips ret/ivel /'rlhieh i s just a s bad ) :'hieh ,*i1i mal:e evsrJ*one as IazY and 'nmnJ acent as bef oI'â&#x201A;Ź r The clne band rwhr eh :hr,.-y al] seem to like??rFoins ln tha : B.ine d irectian1,?rc'lhe Fal 1'Theret s a '4.;STVI FUTrTheF'alI aregoingbackeven "r*therrto thp eaI-lipst ,C.a;rs c,f the wholelhrasps). !"cr further evidencâ&#x201A;Źr go out a,nd ;





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a straiehtforraarC out anC out classie I,.F., ,?f' ,rilj 'f irne, it i-:-rs tho, ilv:s1" arrd pure danieab)iti,' r'f ir;r i"l as tho)' hrpt*erh$avier drrrrns and gr-ritar ttas"d , st i l I rt:'p)rtrrrt th* nall loeved on and so did the

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he t"nil t he el eet ri $aFFlf!"

The 1;:ll 1{'"1d t e"r*J fi i r'+." *-r . {' j, } li,'? 11 & *f f in




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uittier rmore canceable tban antrrthing they had writtcn bcfore.$hcy re-wrote "Frightened.r' ra.nd. called it r"rlgure t{alkg'. rixcellent too.Onc of therr older eongsr"Choc Stock' ras given a mirc swing-oricntated. eoundrand. gcts battcr i --:'every trme you hear :.t.Vl.RGIl] on the ridiculous??. "lra5ynetn nes releaeed J/4 nontbs a5gorto i-./,5-star tevler{6 all round.(txcept luf}lrbut they donf t count ). ]-lall the scribcs hao their vrews/rdeas about The Fa1l,






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ffi-nr*Oded to dorget acrosa to ue morons rn the real wcrld etc etc. rorgrt that '..tragrret"is 'l'I&t dance e"Ibun of the year.All tbc reviews Tenrgloon anct rlir{'bii. ..., ,and here rras the album of the year on typevrritcrsron their minds and in their feetrmaking you want to Fall had gone into the strrdios in manchrsterrpissed. whatever 'they nanted to, vrrtually gonc rrght ba,ck to the earlrest days of norse as lte know it. THI; rrrimal. scream. I can't thrnk of arqr other grotrp that *ror:ld have relepsed an elbum remotely like it.l heartt Elvisrthe Prrs version of the classicroPromised. Landfr, and the bass-line etart was virtually identical as the start of "Choe Stocktr. Although BLvis recsrded lPromised Landnin 74/7r, hisrand his contemrrararies,earltest recordings are simila:l in production to the uonderful rfDregnetn. People been moaning a6out the sound qualityrandrt'the productions not very goodris it??'frand have failed to real.ise that nDrag:retns strength lies in its catct6rrsringingrpoF toonsrand its produetion.'tThe Fall Showbandrr??.The Fall didntt waste TAXOD on reeording the aLbumr(See The Police), and bring out a eoLd sterile waste of time and moneyrits more of argo into a studio, play what we play liveridd noises and suchlikergive to record company to reelise. frm cuite sure nstep Forwardtt are glad they have The Fa.ll on their labelrrecording nice chea.p a-Ibums and. singlesrof high claesrand getting quite a lot of â&#x201A;Ź,e ana$in returnl. For some re3â&#x201A;Źton there seems to be a large arnount of people r*ho have a thing against The FaLlrand this must be one of the worlds greatest nysteriee. 'ltobodyrlrve e.skedrha.s ever been able to say why they disllke the band so much.ltly theory - isrthat when people write about themrthe articlesfreviews/interviews always get much to heavy and conplicated.Read the intervierrby la.n Penmanrin NllE O6/firand see if you can und.erstan[ ha.lf of it. They must dilute the lyrics into their little viensrthey never seemto write about the nusic itself.Go wateh The Fallrwateh the underage kids bopping eround from the startrsee the pa,tbetic students shout for ?'llew Thingrtrsee Steve The

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'rltthere are all the bloody people?" f hearrl a littLe penson saf at a Tan4r f!^" O CenetRox night some time ago. It vras a rather obvlouc thtng to say at the E-rlci 4.. ti'rne because the superb Rox playeil an amazin, if aonowhat Bolanish set to'4.'il,"?t

non-existent, if nolsy, crowd. Situatlon nggp.l in our tirecl Little v(g]62 i an almost nCanrt q;"X to*n. d^rag emsei.t"" t*t;t irom their feeveeg' wgs' the other comment { you herrnits to I slouohes refer all and'legless obs*r*tation. srrctr.startling 1$ previous *r;, - Vi issues for nry stanclard. annual view on the subfeet. ft gets a bit .\ te,iious saying it aLl aEain, Anyway the enil proilu6* ,of ,'alL this square,s e]red naral;rsis is almost no gigs, especially with the::epeat iteath of the 'i tarrqr as we know it. Tis said" that the Ash Tree is:now gbing to have ft fi* music and we ls reliably informeil that ex,oert talonl eontest vanilals Srrff"*gette will be pla;rine ih""r ver1r soon (possibly be now jf this Lot {! takes as lons to come out as usual). Watch out for lt - vor nrobablv wonrt A -l;;ii;"; your rnuns anil see them drool over teLl i"rt strang"e ?*, ll Orpin - oo isnrt he Luv1y when he scowls? 'q Doubtless lVarm jetters evellrwhere are dryir.g wet 'eyes 61d rirlring shirts t &. - 1in private wiv the at ]east short term demise of de I'av:nr,i.ts. ftts hard. to J ..{\', or not the.vrre finished for sood btrt there has certainly been " -S""y'*h.ttu" 3 split of some sort. frm not salrir,c much atrout it becaltse you always hear so f^$)tulr i*.*rry conflicting stories fron the Jets tliat you never know wh.atrs really O\g:}rtF $t-,".'"punitrg; An1'wa3, f r11 be sad if the;rtre not soinr tc arnear aqalr eos ti:ey -\O4t '^^ .S kept ne ammusecl through l+li gigs and if their sonqs were eettjns a bit into .l- (|1lr4!tOgp--rf|\J; a1 the pop stakes the;; sot me mot'in5. The RSO Bir City Bq's/ Mr l'iaiural is now. hannen distril,rrtior'will gtfif,taQF the whether fr;ll good knovrs who but $rea.lly frve never quite understoori nhy Pop Rivet.s havelrrt qot ontn t}re London "OiloJ qf . ! circgit or made more than no.5 in the al-ternativt a.!br:ro eharts. 'l'l-,e1' anpear \ have been bought ^- to be liked by. everyone nrho hea.--s thenr and thejr [,Ps seerr to gj.E's Ial,er" f found I ty peonle in very "tru.e* nlaees. Severaf excel-lent Rivets rts-tral. For once th.ere \ ^. Wself at the Tamny arrd m-v resetinn was rarher ]-s$ the,:: t *"." no power in thbm anr'l the wtrole thins seemed a bit tirc'd. .A pity rea-rly, \t it coulcl be that their cu$+on:s nroh'lens, tlie eolt'iler:ta'l t.e,rrinr, 1.aek -.t> -S Urrt I of mone-v and the imminenf loss of a rlrrtntmer affecterl then. Letf s hope they r(g11, l gut Uack to normaf soori. assunring th.,.'ean cerrr' on at aJ 1, 1+ seegs the.y .'-aoS coul.A do wiv a bit of hol.p, At l.ast the Tamm;' wasr necked for the first time_$f\rf t";r:l.t;". r.--.1goinr to be attsorts of nicrures *jv tl:is tot brrt as usrat S the tro about I. mtrst worrl or say a that rortt *rong. Be ir,* ] everytt i! l?y "" us all lirrenirrg altemntg at his other from all who aFart Acker 61e indomitabl.e clolng.'"ry st".ns,e things wiv yer.Acker."n9,,tf".Nice Boys when kke, I "n has been let him. Desnit,; somewhat clean imase tre tnlists he is *oing would \anyon" t v into the soon so yourd better bqr wha+.dver comes out of it. Course V:^ I tf,e Ross, our otirer littie frjerrri is stiil btrsily proriueine the only riecent VAWCI f,musie colunrn in tiie area in;rer Evening Post orr Tuegdays. Trouble is sometimes '?2 â&#x201A;Ź f tnint Ross likes everythirg. !'ar too njce by far bu"t we still luv hi-m. ^ Have you noticed that the council have suddenly real.ised. that cliscos clonft t woulcl have They f they it on blane expected. go well ss as cornpetition tlown {tirought it, had more to 4o with wirat neonle want. Anywey:uRles$ a 1ot of { people 1et t}rem knovr that the.y want somethirrg they qre Boing to abandon ( yer entertainments fer the masses (lets faee jt evan itlgcos are better then $nothing) - tne only way therets going tc be anythin$ ggir.g for them wot is tr too young ter so ter the nrivate enterprise plaees ig for e1'etsrone to let U., t ;;; i;;il *.*turs know wirat they wint - ir you donrt want io know weel t'.tit .







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This page is for followers of ninety-five year o1d haird.ressers r anyone who ttbeeamett

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