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{nrreRvtE\i/ vtTH 6 MTNUTE WAR )1

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Drums -John Doyle Produced by -Tony Wilson Engineered by - Bill Aitken



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+1hc Lait b&uhdusiUAF ?rr€ Li, il;-lnce :rfter perciiir:,g ourselves

L'fCEUt'l up o:'r,

we tren-teci .i,;r€ airrival of 'jl,ie Last lig.rts i;iacle .:ooZe Oa.nce witir great interest.'fire ( tite leaci sing'er) gJ-ow rrri t;r .rer bJ.oniie frai-r .ancl goJ.d scarf .A bass guitarist rkeybo.rrd pJ.ayerr ;r druiitaer and vo c:lJ-ist made Llp. ;[he group. :d "ril.e t.rey ,'-rri a souirci crreck, ? recorciiirg of' t,.re ielep,iorre time s,ervice pla,vedr a-t tne third stroke it ui1Lbe.ooPreciselY. song- for ti.j..f, I cU-dn I t catctr the tit1e Iire first got no re$ponse froni the bewildered e-ror.rd r soale of r+iro jus t shuffl"ed ignori'rrg the band orr starge. Rrt the comple tley s'haven keyboard p,J.ayer cla.pped for irimself .It was obvious tire cror'rd iradn I t forgotten horr to claprwiren they took interest in t*e Znd song virich was cal3.ed tick tock, (I la-ter found out tr'is eg*g lras about $ooze I s experience of being Llr:'coil.scious for turee days in an Arnericara hospital.).irer voice resembled Siouxsie t s a.nd the key boards w€re ai, l.ittJ.e repetitive 6They ira.ven I t beerr toge tber l.on,g and in mj book they were OK., ti-re rnore ttiey pltiyed. more triey rrere enioyecl and applai-rded by the crowcl oAf ter carlre DAI' and, but Kevin I s reviewing theno. A.fter we spotted the bas's player of Tire Da.n,ce H.ffTER, I approactred trim a.fter making a has,ety retreat fron Uance Last il'ire fror'r he was. if his asked the baleoayll but he d.eoied it, so I just told iiim I rrew rle w€ts and asked f or arr interview r lie ttren to lct ure tirat lle wils in the group unti,I about j minute s ago anci irerci jus t ier I't . Hhe.n I aSked ilow t.ris ilact come about ;r€ Sila'*i there iracl beerr personerlit3r clarsires anci rritit iI' fii:iey I t g.e t ting orlol ,rsked arrot;r€r seiting Sroup he. was tlr:inking of i'rQ th;rt aFd arnswered' ]res gf fiis .or! llprile t. -e o:f eirci. t-ie by people ge ZorJ t iie*o t; we ek. If I was erf ter an interviev r l.e toj-d ure to find tire g;irl wi ti" t:re fucking stupid frairstyle ( Sooze ) and ask ber , and wreil.e bau.r.a"us pJ"ayecr a frusirated seiircti trent orl for Sooze, a.lJ. hope had been given up rsb.en s.udderrly si're r'ras spc| tteel, nade a desperate atternpt to reach, lrer fighting rnlr walf t.rrough the crowd trlrcr lixe zoinbi-e I s s tood a bs or bin* ' baurrausls, eerie setr Luckily I caugirt risr be f ore s,ire r'sent backs tage iia.d a siiort talk wi tlr her.. r o.rre].l, turn tl:e page anci YOU carr read it. i.ra


I prodd€d her arm and a.s:ked her for an intervierm, backstage, she stridn t',Tet of coursglf and TRIED, to get me and Kevin but irer one pas,s e.oulclu. I t ge t

us tlirough.Elt she happil.y stood. outside ttre doorr rritrr us and ansuered ray questi,o'ns,' wluich, were(y.", fotks tieis is it).t'' ,' a ffi.,Nsro** Hhy ha.d the ir ba.s,s giri tari s t l-e f t ? $oore told, Ee tha.t he t d lreen sacked. i{hen I asked her tne reason, she just said. tna.t ttrere *ad heera disa.greeme:ots anuongst trre €roup.Hasn I t there a. bit nore to j.t th,anr that I asked.Hef.].. . O.€ w+s

getting i-nto weir& things rlfhat weird tirings I asked.Stle smil.ed a- bj-t and searehed, for ttre right uordsrHeJ.l. o.. r*sird gubstarqrees,oshe woul-d sa\r rao mere.Hou lor*9. had 'llre Last Da.nee beep togetb,er? For a.bout I nlonthg , rra s Sooze t s repllr. My next 'question' was what the sor'lg Ti.c.a, Sooze told. me tnat Toe*r rcas|.&,ed $oog,e told Be it was about Itia"ni cured Noi s e (who her experierree of beiag unconsious fcr '3 were supposed to pJ.ay $ days irn ara ArEeniearr ho spi.tal.Hhpt did sfre !-t tire sarne ni girt ) iracl split up. tfrin& of lla-,gaqine ?, Oh tlrey I re gleeat , slre replj.ed.Slee, then borrowed her fr{ends eye rinor peneil. annd rrcote telephone nunber ou Ft? T.* trt a.t nS request(s.o w" eould aird.r*gg, an intervierrrwhich hopefulaf+ will be in the E next i s stre ) stro eaid slre rropLa to be lrearing fnon ES,r bLcl us farewerr and went uacrslagg. pissed,. ;,*-.*-'-a- lit.tle ,r



LYCEUPI after fire broke out on board the throughout the morning and early afternqon to bring the blaze, under control. Four firemen were taken to St Thomas's

Hospital to be treated for burns and smoke; inhalation. The Embankment was closed to raffic for most of the day.

is swept by fire By !an, Bradley - ,, * :, -,jtia.,'O#tii"aoriur:lhs,gioatirre

Scotland Yard said that, there were no

subpicious circumstances surrounding the fire, which appeared to have started in.the aft saloon. London Firg, Brigade-qald that

publict'l -i'r't! il:.t}]1"11s listiqg badly to-starbiird but house and resraurant moored o" l|"-t-llFl,"-lqTt^t"",i-l"i1li: Yt-u$ ilttEg ilt;"i.q: ;:".'liii!"rtos, .Br\dqe, ronao,i ijriLti'+L?"1n,:r"ro::, ing and th"er6 was no ::31::"jt^,1'":::* imminent danger of ro ,uqurJ badly uq.rs6,su fia6";yfJierday. was demaged b5'' "y_:r1.:1I-".;:i:r.n:_ . [qr.foundgriqg. -The fire broke out at about 6'am. 6'am. Riv,er '''--M;:D;"i'"i-iif";ing, manager of the Old. rffat-erloo pier saw .T9-\g c"ieao"ii,-;"i.i-;il;;i il;;;tit};-r[i; fq!:- fr-om from the stern,of the 230ft vessel ,hii--;ir-;i" wal- ionsideraUtj -inteinaj coming ind warned the thrce members of staff Iu*"s".'-'H" 'rl"ia -;h;;--;t;--bars-- jna slceping on board. les.taurant had closed as usual at 11 pm on ' Mole t'han- fifty firemen ysing eight Saturday, leaving oniy the careiakef it.e* pumps and three rescue tenders fought on board-for the nighi.

Otd, Caledonia

The three people who were taken off

the ship were'Mr Enrico Canclini, the assistant manager, Mr Neil Barker, a traineb manager, and Miss Fiona Camp-

b-ell, a barmaid. The ship's dog, Otto, was also rescued by the river police. The Caledonia, as she rvas then known, was commissioned in 1934 .hnd operated until 1969 as a. paddle steamer bn the

Clyde. In 1972 she was bought bv Bass Charrington and established is thl first floatirrg public house in London. During the lSecond World War the Caledonia was fitted with antilaircraf t guns and was stationed in the Thames as part of the London defence against G,er-

man V-bornbers. She shot down two enemy aircraf

r. She also took part in


Normandy larrdings. " She's a beautiful ship ", Mr Fleming said as he su_rveyed the iharred lrulk last night. " f only hope we can savd her.',



, I had.rrlt even seen a. picture of tuis groupreven ' ttrough trrey are one of irr1r uro st favourarte grollps r ,t they iooir over my brain a long tiue ?"go o i'f.ell tnere was the usrra]' exci trnent ancl. ckre ers everyon e pushed and s .ruf f J.ed up nearer to tir.e s tage . I 'stupidly went right up rrear ttre amp wittr J(evin, but we were purr.isrr€d in tr1€ usual. way...o.deafness.l'r,re c.oloured. ba?-s,i s t carile orl firs t and took up rrj- s po si t j-on on trt€ fa.r J.eft, furtrrer away from ln€ rH€ rras foJ.J.owed by al-l ttre rest and lastly trle J-ead singer wuo started into a r2.ew nurilber pro babJ.y frorrr tfre LP cal.led I Tne Comect Use Of Soap lDverything contri.bute.s a great deal. in I'tagazine in trre way of ins.trunrentsr the lead guitarist plays excellent litt.le , tunes t.iat brings each song' to its clipax( trr.e keyhoard.s clo this asweJ.l)'rt]" coloured, bass pla"yer plays very ve1l. and ha.rrainiousJ-y( i t m not sure wh.e tner that word exists ) sings backing 1**d singernr*re11 his voiee is irard to descrihe but once irerard it t s trard I s got something reallyspecial to forgetrit about itra slight bit of evifueess in ttre tone.A 1ot of tue songs played were ef f new I*F . trIrt the no s t applaud.ed s on6: had to be r{ou Love l"le Eecauss Y.our Friglrtenedf which is fantasEi"srtis tbe excelle+t druntmer" giving his bestrplus tire lead, guitarist I' tplarying hr:i s fas t dif f ering siren like pi e ce , the pi e ce ' ttrat s ticks j.rr your mind, when trre rlas f ini shed.Une ,;of my favourite songs tA Song Froru UnJer The 1(one of the .slower s.ongp)vas g:oing very welJ. funtiJ. the keyboard. bit came o . r . e of rattrer it didn. t.Sorae thing ,r.-#;:-. trs,trort \ *:i'r*ent --:iwent rmorrg ,i'-h':-keyboards r none of' with tlre tkre lreyboarcls, Exa-ttecl of the group hltted a Zncl* time round. and ttie keyboard i|h*." i,.r" eyeltd., but eimpJ.y went rd rt got he the sound lost. f I nlayer iAnother song rrluleh was.' rrell recieved rdas rThe Light Pours ieut. Of Melin uhieh the sinrger lost about ten pint,s of s,weat land I spr;tted the lead guitarj.s.ts shadow dancing otr the wall" "l heeide the anprArnotber good tluir*g wasthat M4gazine were oE. I -f,f,or qutte a tr.or.*B s.e,t r ht Eo Length of tine is Lora,g enough ' for tht s briLl.iant group.A. great concert I would of payed -ri double. the, price for the tieketnrrtuich was tAc5Oo .l i





we lef t tir€ $iagazine gig and were on our way Liolr€ hrali{ing awa)r frorn Ealing &oaciwaltrKevin lent over the snilal1 wa.l1 outsicle tkre statiorrruhere some cars are parked to see wl-rat bus was coming in c.nse it was his.Ttre bus wa5, a11 EZ wh:ich was no good to him.So lre b,oth walked away to get ano,ther busrwe noticecl a, poJ.iceman and police women acrqs s the road s taring at lls r got to the corner of the road and tlie pol,ICllman aad coil1Ue te- * '':v . pa.n:Lon ha.d. foJ.lowed. us d.o,tra. a.swell.lle eall.ed ai lls so we s to- A: by was ours oNo rrnort askecl Lrs lls if tlthee car we t{ere leaning bv' oNo f ll pped"ancl ^ and asked g.'f--r-at bus. fora" l.oo}cing you then?l{e were doing were it wasrtt welentt' wa dooroNo to open the trying l{eJ.l I thought You uere trying to open the doorr Where I ve yora t ve been ?At a, concert.l{t:.o I s pJ-aying?Magazine; Corafusion. . r r o.t*ade and adress.o o.b]-alr 6lair bJ-ah . . . o .and'/ your Ranrte & adre s $ r r ." blatr blale bl"ah . r .oso your going };ome e 11 I i'ra ve to take your_ rlane lrorf, oYe s rre I re goLng irone nolr "lf I*iieen



Irru:alr re

h';;";;T"oj"*ynearh is

', ,3 I

ral" of this s,tory. ., r'. o o epolice,men get \rery hore.d s ort 't;o r.ant*ng o ttrer time .

!!,/ rTh

second group on were DAF.who replaced Man\t. ur ed Noise r^iho have split, up. Deutsche Ameril. cd nl_ sche Freundschaf t, ( see ny knowleCge is lar.-



From(thaE. t s €: r Ehan you thougirt.)are r1 gc" j-sted 1 t you guessed)Germany. They cons of

guit,ar, keyboards , sythnes izer and a lead singer who jumped around a loL.I could ) not understand a word of the songsrbut that because I dontt speak Ger:nan.I diJ recogno-ne song and that, was Ehe ir s ingl,: which I ke. They were o:r , f or ,about hal:F an hour. The ,beaE, and sfyle of the Lr songs di,J chang.e ',more lhan The Last Daace, (re.zieweci by. Cram)but I could at- leas| undersLand Cram)but Last Dance t s words . The crnivd liked I ikert them the more .than The LasL Dancerbut in rfry rnj.nd they were both as goorl . They are i:ot. the type: of group i would f ol lorv devotedly but Lhey do hard. Next o'n were Bauhaus rrrho are becorri:Lhe new f ave rave . Thi s be ing Ehe f irs L t. iI t d seen E,hem I wanted Lo f ind ouf if they were as good as L.hey were supposerl to be. \a rums ,


ly I coul,Jn I t coitcent rate ful ly on their set because we were busy t,rying to f ind Sooze of The Last Dernce, so ihaf we coulC arrange an interview. (Wi.lICH IS IN THIS ISSUE).I did hear the exceller:t GotJ in an Al,tove and al-so lheir versi-on of . T-rexrs Tel-r:gr,arn Sam" (cont,d overl_,:af ) Unf ortunat,e

Though l like the o:: iginal better. I cantt remember any of the names of any of the o.F-her s ongs t b-uF*ks;*i-oYed al l of the OJ,IE S I hearC. Bauhaus ar3 very pi; a very good s tage shovr. r l ikecJ t,he us e of t,he strobe when pete Murphy( lea,J s inger) ffi was dancing. r have o.e conplaint fhe exclusion of Dark "rra=thtEE,oa; ;h; ;;Ttr the set the audience carred for an I dontt know if they didnrt *"", toencore. werentt a110wed to ao the encore but,orr do iinow rhar Bauhaus don I r r ike rhe lr"ai,IJ.,rr po11t" applause r encores , etc. part, of rocJ<. r

, vorir"i;,H


Silver I was stolen

u; i into a storag9 .r-; North Felrhnrn Tradfu# ner London's llearhrcw




: j ei.-i -il n l- (-j ,

f i'ITd;i'isl yj Cj.iitd iiS f 0U ,rILL

l-iA ''r'E

liOTi Cir'il

,l j

L00:.1]',i,i lril



0il: jc / j j.


A6$ruy Dr/-E__:=aqf rlr\D Ul DII r T




-d,, yi,_


g{r,y- iijiloni _"pJ PAcEs rlecilrsa _.




DONI T Ki'{g';'l


1 .b. THANl'S GlG trE-ws'i




of 'gun rampage ilhfls ilhe sDace expo

9265 m'illion

T l I

TTIE tr.8


{ H, ndiee


s over and be atleast' 172 cms ")tattifycr'reawnm'h r. -

ased 181&



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asthfi i j"i"t.heMetropolitanFdice




ft'rhone !$an9

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r*:9 ffias'Y -::f>'*

.ili #*'+ ;4 F ol.'--=--


o"'-I".oSSfO-d"'r" ge 'l gr ""

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--. --- ooit6. r 12j25 !-rrrrrtf ; A loof olett'--=-







tv s1t-'L-rl.

as^on the ni ja\ !o ryi*

LIEC- rtv' | VO uEe-

- ^t fD fl rnr

[xlt,.'ri*i;t^.**l fj;ili:,to stop rV showins

: - -- *,;r!.xl L.1:lro.-$lr-vl,









GiII TaR ( occaisonal drumming)

itOB ts,liSS SIgVn I VOC/ILS S

BROTliilR drummetl o11



: lTe f ormed in september 1979. Bef ore t::rat me and another bloke used. to have thj- s re ally v,reird grorip Rob

zz 0i1 j.n rnJr ija.rage.Then Charlie cane round. and ',re rvent round a.nother kios iled-roorl Tl.rere Yras about five of us;lncl th.e infanious David Porn-hing. Then me Darrid Polnting, Charlie and Charlie I s brotl:er had a group and rive al-l bust up but then 'rre all- got baek together agaln. Steve : The Tras in btg headlines vrhen the ir.ile.ri eans thor-r,r:l:r-b the ilussi ans were invading theln becalls e they got tire tapes j-n t.rte computors eonfused.Ttr s a, bit of ajoke now the FCF Group have got it on their lp Charlie: Yeah the' e:<aet cuttin'< Steve .satr'r. Rob: ftf s the best nane T'Ie had eos I up with all -these horyible rtames and. everyone tooit tlr e piss cos tiiey \yere incapabl e of thi nki ng of a goo d narle . Stev-e: 'yfe were golng to ea.1l oursel-ves CR;i.l','i 19859 Rob:People kept-ringing up my house and saying he1lo is Crass oi 1s that sharn59. Steve : iJvery grou.p you l-i sten t o and l-i lle influnce s Jrou Charlie: iie did.nt go out of our - wq,,{ to s_ound }i lie anyone i{e say $re like the Clash let' s be lj i:e trre Cl.ash. If lve do scmething a.nd. it sounds ,good then we?l-l- do j.t.




Charlie: f hate Rob:I like Crass Steve: J r llt indr ff erent Rob:I used to likb the EpilepticsrDerro iliirerur'i::erCrisi.s br-:it tireir new reeordls disgrsting.I like a1-qc like iiawk":rlnct . Charlie :The Ui( subs I fueking hate'Eut llove ",.83". a.]-'e a..pnalj-n..{. Steve: B A Robertson.0n record, I tliinli the Lnts Rob: The f all I iike . Cirarge t hate a.nd. Lc:ies cire ,'io,:or"e Steve: Dexyt s r,ridni girt Runners shctiltl be h't::L:i'--'-'l a.L.ive.

1 ,ihen askerl Lrbout tlieir. o,r;, .Jira:.:i:.. : r:to;;t oi il:c Cha.riie:I'd .irrst fi.:i,r -ho sce people hairj iix.i..:c ;"., -t nt .,oro .",,-; ". ha"ppe:r-s_.1 don't t:elieve i a Lner,c.i.r;, .i it."i i ort",iJi't' 'ti..e.systen.You d.ont ira.,re to le :r:r ana:'"eL:s; io--,roi;;ii;;; "'rhat i.. t:.* syste:n.I dont fuckin.l -l-j.i;e -bhe wa;l ar:a:r c,'ri. s-bs li:rc ifte- i:i n,"'L., Lnter ri ci';.1i. lrass ancl Peary :linbald sai,j lt:: .jidr t sce anv 6i lif IJtir"e"-sl'i *;.iiil"i*'r,oti;linâ&#x201A;Ź; people u".r i,*uii,il'ti# #'"ffi';.:l:lttt

toilets.;nother thing is lit'_e a.narcl:ists siyinl.; in-Lrc-;. and freedom but i,f jrou tal-l( about ;;otr \ra nnir. lave f:'eeCo; r- .ioiy well'e suposed to be free nov enti i.f you -t_i j:e +,a]-e i ! froin i'rhere it is 4ovr and sal' r'retll haVe an a.naiclri st societv rind everybocly'li ltD free the freedon riont. be equai.l th: ni., it,s more inportant.fol people to be equal ::ather tliar. for everyboily to be free.i free society mears everybod.y be themselves antl d.o what they can but all thatrs gonna leaCi to is people vrho are better at sonethin.g than others beconing better off.It ju;:t nea.ns i thi nk is tirat befole tlieytll be another elite of some kind.iihat freecions a' have .freedom yourve gotta have equality oiherl'rise vou can "fuckine obs olete term. Rob : Crass ' s a.narchy's very idea.listic. Charlj.e: Yeah but so is e'rerythin,g.I sti1l clont believe in 'tireir ldeals. f think it's good that they shor-rld fuckin,g beli eve j 1 it and sa:r it but i Cont think theyt3s ri.r,3itt.f dont -il..e a. waJ,' they q?y workj n:l_ elass rniddle blass ft's a.1l- the fu.cking same eos it I s not.rt's al-?lgirt f oI people like to drop'"' out living on their fuekiirg fa,rm but people jrrst fuekintr eantt" a.ff ord to d.o it. Crass mi E=;ht be ec]u-catbcl. and r'::i gnt of pseii tha..i ed.ueati o.n to tneir ovrn aC.vantage a.nd. not f or thi s pox.l/ world . But vhat ilie;r dont understand. is the najority of pbopre aient ' ?nd. tF"lt'd. never get that ehanee.Th.ey cani elpee-bpeonle wir.o j ust have to get up and' worl( or tirey eant livb , to d.o the sa,ne as them. They ean fuckiirg d.rop out and yre eould d,rol ei.r-i anct go live cn a -farru and say fuck evqrybody. Yoil knov,r ,,re d on't glver a fuek a.s long as tnre trer alri,ght vhieh is rnrha.t they re cloing although trrey re sl nging ab out i t .


-_ -t_ -

... I,i





of tjreir

f ollowers clont

anJruray .


unde rsta.nd

Cirarlie: Exactly Steve: There's this bloke at mlr eollege who ss.)rg anareh.y and freed om is what he rvan-bs and he ha",l a nallet and a kick start i n irls ba,E a.nd vn'llen I said rrhlr yoll g;ot them he sairl oh I 'rn goi :rg to rucl< bhe norls- and then s ome onâ&#x201A;Ź s air/ him on the be ach a-b s outhend. si eg hi el:i. ng into the sea. charl j.e:Peo,ple go to a crass gri;t an,r they've got tlrose cr as s bad ges on and next t o them they I ve ,got a fuekin,q Swastika.I d.ont li-'lre tl're vi a.l/ Crass make fucking elieuses for iil'[ sklnheads bottling people.fn the intervi'ei'r rob did they v/ere just maki.n,3 exeuses for fucki ng sicj.nhea.cls beati:ng people up. They \Tere sayi;1r1 i,'iell- 1re i're nt and talkvd to them anrl. r'/e tney r 1-1. tlrink about j" t di f f erently. But you .gotta be j o.lei n,g tii ev ' re fuclli ng

psyeiros. S-beve: iSasical-lr' j



did have anarchy

a. loa,ci of the liir blokes snashi.nll n o- one thel"e tc s t o1, them .


you'c1 l:iave

e.ret^Jrbody ani.

Cire.rlie: .{hat',,?e wa.nt is sonewliere t,.e si::on:T neoill-e cere for tlie jrogr peopl-e ancl -b,ie:l tolr oe.n build a societ'i, vhere everybodSrt s b,iubr not fr:ee.0os j. f "yorl."e frec .'/crr cant go oui ano become rnore -free t]:an soi,rel-ioc1r" ?li-se.Onee -b;,r then you c an have .ire e'1. or:l c o s ve t quali e ,go ;rou erre::)rbod.-v :-ii1.l_ be e1ual;i free.

6 V1


E {

to s p oint we aske,-i the:r about their s ongs R ob : e all r,q'ri t e flre s ongs Charlie: Tire songs are jus{ aborrt what vre thi nk- Lack of 1i f e aroilncl r'/imbl ed.on Rob_: There I s thi s bl oke wiro s ai d. he ' s got nothing to do so he goes to diseos.But if that was true lve.t d. go to ehureh or something. steve :r n \Tlmbleclon there t s fuck all to d o but fron- just playine instruments aqd malci ng friend s wi th peopte " who were interested and sort of getting frien&s interested in itir/etherets sort of 3 ct 4 grouns around.. havdnt got any more s ongs . Rob : Charli e : A11 we t ve got are the i on,,ls on the ep and. 6 traeks on a f orthe orning compilati on lp . _ rooving from thi 'iii


when asked about the future. Rob:We just want to do as mfny gigs as possible without golng over to agents and managers .Stay ind.epend.ent

Charlie i Fueklng defi.nately

It gets a bit fueking hard. though llev_e: Charlie; Yeah sure it Eets tiard. i.f0thln[t s fucklng easy is it.But itrs no exeuse for signing to any fuckfng label.Therets no fueking way weid. do that bna if *5 do y_ou _e?n pu! it ln your fanzine that six minute war are the biggest buneh of shitheads.r think that tanalt_ha! qlgn- up are fueking Lazy and ean? t believe in what they' ve be en s a;ri ng. Steve:Liire the [,lekons srid.t|-"y were always in it just for the laugh ?qd. then next thing tlreyrre- on fuchiig tiTgl3.Th_ey said _they're on virgin bebause they eiti_er had the ehoi ee of , :getting a j ob or becoming mu.l.;j_el ans charlie: l\lusie j-s fuckin[ art whatever you do.rf t;to" banging on. a d{* lplaying guitar or paintin,g itrl fucking^ art and. you clont go round. rnalcing money out of youT art.As soon as j-'m gonna d.o this-as a job

you're gonna start vrrj-tting songs that vrrill sel1, and not what you belleve in. Rob:II"o,r r see it is tirat music is for enjoynent and itts sort of them sxnloitilS peopl" uttd. making; then payv fgr 4 minutes of enjoyment.Itts reitty ba& ? qulq ogd : That t s vrhy we did the singlb cos ve thoughi Charlie that we could do it cheap we could get a lot on it ana it would be 4 skr4nge to people getting fucking serewed RoFjTheyrll stil1 screrving peopre in uirgin t[ey're selling it for 99p and in bonarpart itts-91.10. Charl,ie: Have they got any? R;b : -rrrey- had one . went" i n there and st eve goe s h,ave 'vd ep.The bloke goes 'we r ve you got 5 ninute war sold out of it and Steve goes ho:,v mush vras it and the bloke goes S1.10. Oharlie: what did you say. Rob:There t s not a lot we could saJ/ , Charlie: Iou should of given him a fucking bolloeking ' Steve: If I had said ltt s supposed to be-75p he tvoufd of said it must of been 75p thene l

II Clta: rlie; ,'ie cion-b jrisl; ' '::ite ff olf i$ ic vt;,7r.'1i-l.. Teeot'iil; ileeat.lge l:asj-ca.,11;1r ',re clont riee eacit o'bite:" c. 1n-l; eo$ i m a.t co.l-1e:i;e voir.l-d- aitlivaSr.J tl^ii nlc nost of tl-'',e ti-me.i c1o:.:.'r; th::ric rve t ri.loul11 there lool: s i c:::i3 tli-i..-,; r',bi-ir.i; rriroog s ay u$ one of


he::e laCs.nietve doire it thorr,:h.,fe ro-l;e al'oi.r'b sj-x songs and toolr them down to Beggars Ba.nquet. ,,'e sat d-o','In o1'lsrrirarrls anri. said- ihatts e l-oa.d" of shi't and" ju-st threvl tltle sonils connl*ete1;i out. Sone cunt in B.B. triec'I" to niek a. box of olr-r recor,ls.,f e took them in -b]r.ere and sai r'i- d-o yor-r. want some of these.I l'ient upstairs to the bog eone ba.ek clor,'n a.nd dnt wani any s o I pr ckecl up inJi ba'E';s a.nil he s a j. d he d.i t the chedrcy cunt. went ou*.Ile d put a box the eoutrtel I j ust put 11 d he s he ai 'uhere and back Steve : lf e v'rent thern f or u.s . to lcok after :: the c ounte therrr und er

then rr/e r:'ent on to talk a,bout snal1 labels. Charlie:Smal} labels are good. but i d ont a.gree r''rith them. Feople should d o it thernselves .They shoul-d have eirough fucking bottle to .get up and d o it .1 f they vranterL to ct,,' i t that .tueh theJrt fl get un and d o it ther:rselves' ,, Steve: But a. 1ot of people just havent got the money have the;r Charlie: Did nYe have the moneY? gl svs : i{o

Charli e: t?e fucking worked f or it




ol-d" mJr anp Lt6

.People c o';rld have



Charl j.e; f o have a record you dont need a label. iie do a, reeord. $/e dont need. a label r,ve just make a reco::d. it d oesnt h.ave to have a 1abe1. Cod Orass irave fallen j-nto e;raetly tire same trapoThey do a.::ecord wifl.r ;;nal-l wond er admltedly it I'ra.s eheap and now they t re going; round doing all these band.s anq they t re putting oit. thej.r

1abel as if oh lock we t re helplng all these band.s.If ti:e \i/annaer'Ieouragetherirtheyshou1t1justEoround'anr1Sai' if yoll van-t 1rs to -l-er:"d llrou l-ooh you do your record and the money \:'re will .Lil:ir3 rie t re on thi s rr ancl. the i;l- oke thatts ' doins it ,-nad.e up some stunj.d- na.rne for ?t. label beca.use he tirought a record r s gotta have a. I abel --l-





rl I



a.slirt(.i. "'l-r6ii-t


t l


+t ?



l, ^il

J2 cotit of

Chariie: i"rat i:{lc:',r.'ti' ,-ci'lied crit ccs-r_i ri,q ,-rs 'j5il f*to iif d for i00 eonies o r"-'r; ,--;et cu.:i: ;lot1e-'; lr;.,:': ',iie :1i1;9r.,1-erl. sel-l 'b:ren it 50p but ire 3ol-C t,,e,,i i,i-1, 'ilii to *.,t{; \'lUJ,':l Uli profi tl, 3O sli.pos rvcrk on da. .lli'OlJshops. fhe^ S.i.ii-t9;'"; ${i.Ups.IIle i:ie SA.l: so 'rrio sa;; :,Yi}FlI'S virst r profit nariiirl and ti,.' ey u o._,,t 1-i',. r.;irrrteirer s o 3rour vie say j.f i-i; ,:el-.1 'Lr:j s tr ]rou fcr 4Ltp can l/c11 sej_l at 75p vrh,i eh ve thou.;iii vir,.si s-biil en e;:n .i,,,ost of 'l;]rcm agreecl excert poxl/ fuciiin,g virgin a.nrl tirat shit

sel} it for florâ&#x201A;Ź Steve; -rut what i -bhink happened -i s Rougir Tra'.le bought lirost of ti'ien and re-s o--1-c1 tiren to other shons . itT puF tLre j. r 5p or1 tire:i rni g:i tr trut tiiej r 15- 20p on an i t t s gone up Jil-',,: that . Charlie:If ha,il so-l-ci the records clir.eetl;;r to the peonle and '.ye eut out iirat rnlcl-dle bit r;e coul-ilt ve sold them at 40p.f f we eoul-d do lcts of g:-gs and d o about 2C[i0 reeords where i t ltou]d i',rork out costing rrs 20p eaeh we could fueking se.ll thern lor 20p ea6n going and th'ats basiealllr rvha.t we y',ranr1a d-o,idot'ho people through shops jnst fuekrng selL:i ng ther:r who ivrite to us "f f we eould clo a lot of rF,ris l,/e vronlrl liire char,ge's}p on the door anr} glve tiren a' recorcl.It worked out -bha.t 1re lost 5C quid on ihe first 500 si:rgles and we'l-"] lose a.boui tjrr: ijane on dlie next 500 but itts rniorth i-i;.ItIs wor:th p, l-ct more than that.Being in a group is self expression and. ro-rs s oon as Xou. use that se-] f express j- oir to nahe mone._y Jrou ston express:-ng )/ou-rseJf. Rob:Cos your just puttin;3 across ''.'rha.t the ireople rvant .you t o pirt acr os s r Steve:;'io-one starts u,l a 'irolrn anrl sa.ys r"e t ll- Ee i loacls cf rnortey d-cing tiri,s . They start f o.i: ?. l-a.u.l.,ir I doni see why the;rr srtclclenly citair,le iherr t,::i-ir.d Charlie:;i e ruould never cLo i-t I nope :rot et'IJ/.; r1r. o . who

.* tnt



'/tt' a,




-!3t ir ' a


t, a a




a a

a a



e.r' ajri n F.irL,i the band-s rnajor problems n oiy fl..rr e llo Crumrner , no t-r a;.- s:-"' ort, r tl-o .- ti.j -hlrf -t-t;t '-,-!,Itr a laell cf girs.TheJ,/ l',roilli} :r:athez' ii:l"f * ha--1-ls iinil, t,:;'y a,:r-'i- c.; ':ai:j se ,gi.qs.If J'rolr- ca.i1i i:elp u:- Lli atli,r o.i tl:ese pror.lj-eit.., eiillecj ,-i-r-" i:lt,:: il- it-',r-l-1,::i'lll -1;

phone F-ol:

o1r- 51,2-+'107


lvf \ ,,ff r, + $


a a

I)Pers'onsr unknolrrn/Bloody

Revorutionns crass , Delta j 3)4 Forest ftre Cure Room atrri"ifco spizz B0 f) )lll" rou can be you lloney Bane 5)Cartrouble l,au* a fir6 il;; 7)cetebration Til Freeze B)rn The B"gt"t-rr{i:.'Ifi,agazines . . . .fhe sli.ts 9l r: . .floar6oards-of rilar Erp : Discharse +Y{*_?llit{s aJuys 2) You


tens R_egeet The f,i cks

- rliiims Joke

}3lf-sehe !7)I4 minute EP 6 fttinute ;{ar ]4lGoing Straight gn- Ettl Fits oark-Entril;--- illur,aus J!) 16 )'rifhere'f s,. capiaitttliilif Athreti eo snizz 17 )i{tri te luii ee'- - l,to-A"ttes fi , tIfil3'' "f" lfl'lf'."Si si s aek Cat ltp

-erreUi<' n* eay s tral iltanoeu\me s 22)i{ho cdn TeIi _-llnicted 20 ) Bl


)lyl_" s s





Fer{ect The Undertones ?7),W 24)Thanlc You. . . . . .l,isg4 zl*ne Pa,r o1 fir,

ti;lfi ;r;:'-;";t:

ff ifiiliffi' 56itiflo{"i3l3i*-_slouxsie & the 29 ) itdni s s i on The Fi lm Cas ts


t f,r


,e U #




ntT )nnc lal'arnlierlf

J a'' {,+


/iry (..





gc- ,zc|---Leod Srh3er Lâ&#x201A;Źctcr gi S,oozcg_-

tsudAh(. - Ke"fboanAs ,qob DrrirnS After a hectic drive up Lo


(thanks to my sister,Dee who drove us up there)*" drTived aL Ehe studios where I had arranged Lo rneet Sclo zee of )The Last Dance.I rang 01L the door

bellran soon aft,er saw Soozeets smi- I ing f ace as she opened L,he door . I was shorun into the studic rvhere I meL Rob , the drummer & the cornplete ly

shaven keyboard pl,ayer who lat,er thought up Ehe name Buddha for himself Dee and Kevin shorlly f ol lowe,J and everyone was intr,tduced. Soo zee then sugge sted that we went to .a pub t,o talk .About 3 minute s l-,ater we entered a pub with a rvelcome of


st,ares frorn fhe men drinking inside.

â&#x201A;Źtr-onssrs --T

Soczee then gave a tape to rne whi,:h had 6 tracks oif it of the groups rnus ic what I heard of it was very got>d and I was ve'ry impressed wit,h thern. The Last Dance are on a record with Bauhaus and '2 other groups ich uli ll be released in July. BuL norv lets get: on with .the i-nterview i,shere Sooz:ee starts by Ee l l ing us hor,r Ehe group vl.ere pus'ire<1 about aL t,he Magaz ine gig " n

?,1 .O-





the beginning'

soozEli- ['Iel l we got Ehere and we were prornisecl a sound check aL 5 otclock.wel-t it got to 5 'o r clock and noborlys gear r,ras .seL up , nol>otlys excepl Magazines:rAnd there were 3 oLher gioups 4 bairds r t'o have soundcheeks. so 6 o r crock .,om*, and sLirl no soundcheck.And iL geE,s to 7.L5 and Lhey say right your oil r our geai isn r L, set up ,,.rrJ nous crruns are siil l in the cases . And we r.orrlf<eA on stage wi-th 2000 people or ilore waitiag there,J nre l.rave Ehen rhey sear.And said righr your ::_l:t^:? :"r and ltob hadnrt set's started even irad hi; dr:um kit miked up ,. ROB- No. .


then we had EhaL big arguenent rvi-fh

DAF. SOOZEE- Oh yes,

ROB- Soneorres telling me t,o puL my drum lc.Lt on and soneones t,elling Lail,: m)/ dfum lrit of f .

right . ROB- I was just standing in the mid,Jle. SOOZEE'. .So the drum kit went, olt and off about 5 times alEogeLher. ROB- They didnt E even milce it up properly.



S0OZEE- Yeah





No monit,ors.

soozEE- No morrit,ors , an,J we D I al l ,our own equippment . so if we rjor: r t a moniEoi_-orr* foldback system, a reatr gooJ we.,cant rre"r-rlr"ti oa.


ly *';;i"*

1h,"" Rob couldnrt, hear whaL t.he bass was l il<e 1>laying. :ROB- I coulC hear could nothing soczEE- r coulca I t hear what t,he he r_ L Ehe bantl 'were playing at al l . So :ln ihe end I irad Lo announce t,he songs , and just sort, of hope Ehat they 'knelu rnre were playing. CRAM- I remember. you just said yott were irarzing a soundcheck.

/6 ROB- We rl idn I t have t ime we were SCOZIIE- Yeah we hrere str,aight on,





ol1 .


E, even le E us

Lune up.

Really I t,hiak.....they didntL lvant us Lo pL,a1r ai; all, al L Ehe 'L ime . I SO0rlIE- No they didn t . BUDDI{A- Peopl,a kept running up to me and saying ' right this is the l,ast number, you t ve gof to stoP no-vt. SOOZEE- But l,rlagazi-nes manager was real Ly into us doing thaL gig, and vilren l"lanicuretl l{oi-se eancelled and Final Sclution(who organise gigs ) safd they t d geL ano i-her band , lvlergaz iire said don t L get another band we t 1l j rrst have ROB-



bauhaus and The LasL

Derr:rce . And


Solution went over the lop of l4agaz-ines heads and put DAF inrand half way thr,tugh our set; Final Solution were asked again to cancel DAF to tell them not, to bof-her' going onrand Lo leL us ,go through with our seLrand Final Soli:tioi:r wouldn r't do that, , fhey were real ly unhe lpful . r We re never goi-ng to vrork with Final Solution


aâ&#x201A;Ź41n. r CRAI,I- You had a loL more t,o play then? SOOZEE- Otr Yeah. CRAI'I- The cror,rd l iked )zou more after ,abouL SOOZEE-

3 songs. it real-ly was Yeah....but unfairrafLer the ?n,J

;:';:,'31"1,;;:'",5'lil.';:":l;:#' rhere ffiffi was Magazines rnanager and our J-ady Carol. i-ire holCi-ng hirn back, so i^re coul-C pt,ay more songs. It was hhat ridi,:ulous . ROB- IL just wasntt worlh it. SOOZEE- And we had a guest l ist , sc rnan)r peol>le were allowecl on ')ur guest l ist .MosL of the peopl e on our guesE l-lst were Lurnerl away because Final Solution gave us a going on time of 8 otclock, and E$en 'inade us go on atr 7.L5rand when we lrrere half Vay Ehrough our sel: inost of cu'r friends :From recorC cornpanie s that, were corning in to hear ui3 turned up and,and they said,oh well lhe LasL Dance aare over so you can piss of f and ir was'a so1-,1 out gig apparently, so most of our friends got in on was real-Ly other peoples guest lists........i-L badly organised. CRAJ"I.

Do you oa


think you were jgr!

pushe<l around Lheir?


y;;';:t'l:: a







fuZFe-k Rots



But was it because y t knorv, you were j rrs t on ls t . . er. . . .everyones ..llaiiing for the ol:her grrJups and j ust








SOOZEB- Em maybe. CRAI{- Because fhe lst grrup rvannrt fhe gsei^7d up . real ROI}- Yeah, yeah, iL I s always dodgey anflnra1r be ing ihe

ly lst,



CRAI,I- Yeah.

tg watln the crorvrj up. . . . o . .anyr^/ay espeeially if youtvg not been really that heard of'before. SOOZEE- Yeahr I t,hink there was a l,cf of nisnanagemenL. s00zEE- No one realIy seemedl to know v,rho ROB- JusL

i,n eharge. . re. Oo,f.. fhe Last Danee werer':go+ng. on-tour with eari lllunalrrbut tlt"y- eouLd-n]t -affgrd. to. fiie-fe,eorcl-with bauhaus and- the 2 other groups is being pressed off 7 9-**o tuqq 6 [tre iast Danee iirtend. to be fully proffessional w:ithln a few nonths"lt takes soozee qElle a iotrs time to write: ?_ !,onglshe,writes thllgs bits aowftnn traLns and things'and she reeords booktanq later of oo,nverdatiorur. ln her-notesparks off her which happen will ionnetfuing imaginati on' So iar Soozee has wrLtten all -!ttq -]Fries uut she is hoping that Rob anclBud{tt+_wi11 gf*te-l;Fsome ir the n€a.r futurer ?s pud{ha insists that he ts' a potentlally briLliant songsrt$er,$soouee woulel reg.]]f-Fkg to tlo gfgs arbuncl her losaI area(Pinlioo). ,wag


I'q fiEg to

do gtgq'

for klds Itdt llke

bo do afternoog kiel,ies parties -What you mean in front of lots of 4 year BUDDIIAoltls? ' SOOZEE- TEAH* " I BUDDEA- I dl be able to give pp:ychopathlc stares to ..

4 Se&itr olclg " Tine flew by. S0OZEE- If Jobn Peel would get in toueh' w''ith we"d 4appily obllge(to tl,o a session)

think of John Peel? t heqs gotnggbaLtl. thinlr John s'hould start d.ressing


Ao )'you 6BAM- What ,r{el1





p:rojegting ruy sort of iuage'



tilell tiue flew by ancl we had a €feat tinerthanks to fhe Last







.?;o ll:l:l:lil atatao.o.'






t*It ro


-o o

.%!-t-t,ri''r-- - -il.^f^.lj?.!jfi."iil.i.1n"'t"P f.'

:,@'filffij*ll$:ffi ::ftHilt.Il c{:fr-.1.1-l.Kli! i#lffi 'rrHil*:.:G:;: !:r-TllN[u r'dlEUli - ..Il*x]r!.!.!rf



lIi:."" 5 o o



ssffi rAw. _##lsffi*ffiffi

?JxtJrff# i.:



l{ Rez t:&D ,ro tS I


'ft, tlg}airllt fr 7tg+2:O^,

71fi*c{., rtuG= rAle

".Aq4tq€ )



hAIIING.. lllli











3- gelg of +rph1l1p Johtlso!;[.ro.. .r" ]


sll,tsrralrcortsr ctscltlal log1c





tr_ WV",aea '5-X,I :i \ I fr rcJcctrl.";'"* ;g;i' PII{


;. 1&2 i




jF {f;"?/i:;j{Tr: p" / o^- l ,-",': 'i;'u


"."*:_-JX leaguernrterefildernekone etc'

r leffs







$IIS- scrlttlrrotochlon.s .tc



i.=e+'r'-,.' II reFP*tr re-q+* G - Ilfc nlth thc dmcdlnlaa hago ctco

Of DAl(lIO



lln I - banacndulrrcul




-.-,..;v.l lElmg IIl OEfEnlL * p*rssl@tr.obo & tbc hnnynotJanrno-detfca

- bladcerdefenderrrrecord reviem


2- uk rubsrgeng of





l- k1ll1ng J ok.rrrlrcotts, drrn.d



lroo illkr BIG sII{c 9/lo- fl.shton.s'r"-"jI1


5- plrpolrt, vl bretor s, s lf, rt c }BIltDIttC HfLf 3- boysrtotrhrc.".otr"h.p." !









portlcoll"aget llt't"



Oi 1 - .crtttt Doltttlrlfll'ott,la*prg



f, 2 - rtltf lltth ftl3trrrPllrddlt&lr uk dcoa3r ctor EN

EfK,'t- IIII.III 9 - cledraudll uqr tntcrdlerltmuentod


rrxrre tltlrn -


alnoie.blonrrlvrlarunt-J;;H;- A

*'ry*-''rt' -

-ti pfrro"re 11 - toyahradvertsrno - dettee letc' ' ']2

,hs r



'"t SF! _qilFCFE[ S.

cool, 2

reggaet$len -brounlras t - U rr 4 lerael vlbrationriaaaoatalcapone



v src' 2


,4=-" - -"-:*:::"1-tuu\rftce s_I.S_\I *.: 4 - flY!ry.:_g^-__ Lrclandropiuoranaterdanrhrrroughelalbanta

- faIIrT.Gj ,llvlng


dr*,infori*R- H--=--. ru (g



I i'"'



-': g '-1gX

E --r




il ffiITil:ilrui"l#t +ii=W= aa







1- colourful colle3cs & poctlt



rr '\srs


I silBlcu.t uElcs ErPPErIt(l - a1lta nabblsh






76- H

- r."* porrr rrt*+$o-ry

..caeeltfa:L 10g;1c, Janrdelcted



BIFF QUfRSIRLY- colourfulr



-E crltt.rtlrlt c----+-

->t T c5 O I





IONDON WlO rit Vr A !;ll

ELL IoIn PET PttPPr - snf6rtutnallcras!. I IOE'C qRffElrl - herctlograutopsyrcraea & norc'





IIItlllIrI 11l]lp 2


fiIID1g - ltf, SubgrRlvalsrpop rirete etc" I. IILLIIG I|II{E t - rpcc!.alasegilzx aerAl.rnod tlT9i-*



Frt -.r.,r


11 1st--

Ll'rlrlrll IIEIIJIIIIC VICES - glugbtc & tbc dogalapatbylriYiaaalrcdon slllUlflCl

FIim - rtrucr

l&IBll[M SfxFtu IN




I'atcrwlcr tbovr trcvl6ra t eaoc H Hl111l1tl

- loolcllbaroa ercrlatecl locks ctso

- craatrSsg o? 4rvlrcrelvierantz rcrt{cv eto' ' ' soltl{Ds 1J - cliqucrcrl.ntnal olasftaolLd action stc ' ' '

lllsl{Bs- 9!â&#x201A;Ź!rDolron {1lrt919!on b. rJterrreus with atoryt?9*t!.1'-q'g -&, :]': "'i-t I Ul il l-t-tlLl{llluull.un E i.u**r'ro _ralBcoatarporsonltrrlloeaerrau paLraenarSr nekon il no resv

Effi r




o rtr t






i t+ fmlZINEs



,unrn GIEQUES & P0sI4! 1.6'Tsiied-m'oces'

$.D.IRP @ 3g,Bf;lf;r,r^ffi8h""' ifiE iEfll












r. c. ! lile kn_ov you started about Lgrr but urhat fir.s t influeneed you to start? I,ooiring for a ay to escape the boredorn. li:charge: ilhat groirps any infiuencea v6u l.D C 3 vre ca.nt say ifexaetly whi ch bandb influenced. us r.?e jr-rst grâ&#x201A;Ź'i'- wlth the early ri.

nunk bands


IC: I{ave you always played


all your

own songs.



iuqt deneldl

IC: Are nost of the s ongs along the same lines: D: Tss. '1le see ourselves as an anarchist punk bantl fraliing a s tanti against what re feel ls $rong with society.Te are anti war in that j-ts tho se lgzlorant sut. hunan 3'astardb wh6 tleclare wars yet it is the orrli nary nan who ls expectetl to.figbt, when alL he wants is'to get on wlth his life naking it as pleasant as posslble. .there was an anarchJi' slgnrdo you beli,eve in IC: 0n the back of the single you nean cloes. anarchy rhat anarchy.Io D! lle a,be not anarehlsts to the 'extreue; what we woulal like to see is a world of total equallty. .

think of erass a iot-of SooA but contrad'ict themselves at times. oing are

I C I r{hat d.o you


Cras s


IC : . What other groups cto you llke,/di sllke D:the tastes of the band.*' are varied , I C : u{0ul-d you ever join a naj or record Co D: NO IC: u'{hy did it take you so long to release a single D: Lack of fir:anee r (


change ''lou' IC:IF;iou tllil join arnajor do you think il woultl trhat vere about asainst so D:fle woultl never sis;o+;"-;""i;;.ii="il"ra oit for liwing i'n TT rc:rhe nusic press ,ria'Jofi'"-Iiiri""" it""" EiuEEJa-E6.r papers reviews anwar'.People listen mrslc the *: I"t.fSituil;El.ltti", Bl?: to nhat theY want.

tq I',J: -,.f e -Li:e::e nlell.rr





11 ln Jtr I \-,iJ



I;.r i" j: lraril to r,:,:-1"; '):j.i.:,t:i il.r.oit::1tj,. 5-roiir: o.i jtolle 0i1 trr:nt. l. Gj- ,-;s in S-O-t r..l:e l^r.l.ii-'i. io ,-l':i l:..oiC. r-rf o ,r t) -iril

'rO:l 1t-1-.1,:rl,:iti


r'l-:i,":i')ii. lj t' r l: t



h :j,r


;- .l.i- s l. ,l,-'

a.nd LiIC':liTi.l. IC:l/ould ;you p1a-;; rock agalnst lacisin gJ" is -bil"-*"ii:-h-""i-pi"t a.l*i g'i,.?:s becausr. ',v6 ieel p-'opl-e ,shotrr-ri be :i:: tl-tins are sj:j't' against this s:/;+e; ."utE*O-ut each other.Sot", na-zi 4-anti nazl (craY

side 1. Re4lities of war.

TheY declare


sj-de 2..



@"orce Rainy


Jut arjgJ*thg_gig.

gones t




rethe futurc re c orrling a five traclc €lJ 'uiel q1""1 claslr IC: idhai are You-r l:." ,*o"a*V 10 4a'Jr $Ie I re aiso ;il;orlj-n,q the th; stucli

liu*' t. in

.:i:, ?lt

:il; "i"ii'"i in--:ll'-iii,t' ilt": i"c";; 1111 "- "- 1








{ €


ng ma; or iecis- ete getti unk:rov'ln vely ; +iii c omp aii ti the of the Reiects because

Re t'



i'- i'{0.'1 AI)TY I'LACU3 I.iJJR.J] ii L 0i{)tllf -.;i'iD j iltii ;1,1J1I1iS SIVS;IS :3Oi'i} ./tiJRA I il


2-a ATrlt.tfICC ;I>ILZ'-iir' $o R.oon St;1yf,s slorvl;,- and peaeefull;,t I'r-'r th l,lark Coa.l-field on n.r i'.nc a..nd. Jlm Solar on violin.Tlieir j t becorl{ls fast a.nrl excj-ting.

ji;f;- A

:;- iti:li"*;ni;l-:{rri?; 1ir:i"l-;s*ill1n;1'rili, Jirn iolar on vj cl-in a3ai-n The flip qicie r,ipoeiis i;is si ngr rrtarts

"fi lpi zz .nla,yang aeo',rstic ,y-.uit_ar and srng:i ng.:i lot of feeii n,:-:-" ) {l lt I ;fl: :,il3rl"*;fia'if#llg.Bil:fi"3ni;;"d.f;:l ;3ffi#*i; t;ffi { *,'. u LJU I'irlt.'woLrid sorrnS- iike- s-in,glng abou_t Spoci. "'s;i;-,1;;if H].*t 9tp htaln ?hen i;;; ?i;;; 'f;o' fab-i again gnt1l i lire fading i ns*ena.;;;;T-# end.Jr-rst *J fi "i",;; up"i; it",t i# !ire. rad )_ L -bhier .* starts agaln.wil-l next be- I can't I |}






t - youlalr?rcrpArroN You sounds as- ii".}il;*[rinser) DELTA

is *etting- some revenge on a bo;rfrfend" "I *hg 9n1y rit ""*i "i"r$ils-#i "u jfr"f -:"1;; -out io""'-!.is keeps her 9-u! *r.8""-hi "i*fr* to*itJ'ffi go rroine. ftrs a brillir"t""ii*]" which



reminds i;-ih. ui;+o'ins. . . . ;*#"'

***$*$$f*qru*:ffi good

but'ao6sn';*;;;pare with,

l. ,*

you, .





:u,s li 00ty R,twL uTl ili.,li,/prlRi 0,\Ti ut;.,i;o,llI After; to ,3et this recor<l for about 4 or 5.:ieeks it ryas wel1 worth the wait.r t I s got_ another i,lood cover 1./ith a pcster in the middle. r dont knorv holv !o 3o about ctescribing this record cos the onl-y real o.v?y, understanding the souncl of a record rilie this by lisienin; to it..Lt?fstarts off with. Jteve ignorant singrlg'you tarkisaboirt your re:rolrrtion well thats,finerbu't rvhat are you goinig t6 lE hoing-;;";"iil; i:'me.lle the verse wiih 'dont wanb your revolution i want inarch.'.1 anC pea.ce. enas fhen af.ter the 5rd ve-se Joy de vivre (i ttrink)cones in "yi th ''vive la. revoluti on, . n-egl]-e of-the world uni.te, stand up men of courage it's your chance t.o fight.fhen Steve ignorant again for a verse and tfien for m6 what ls the highliight of the recorti as Eve Libertine takes over.She earries on as the-3opg gets faster.fhen steve agaln and then finaly Eve and joy tie viwe(i'n not certain again). The other side of this tlouble ir sicle is.the Poison Girls urihno',,In I tlont think this side will get played as nuch as the otherPersons side but jn ny opinion it's just as good.I rea11y.lii;e Vi's voice.Ihe lrusic is a bit like the banshees but the uords and. singing are donpletely differcnt. Hey there Mr average_ yolr dont exist,/you never <li cI hiillng in shadows/persons unknown. Itabits of hiding soon vill be the death of us dying ir: secr6t frorn cRlrss,/1, c;t



poisons unknown. There t s no swearing on either slde s o j ohn peel hasnt goy aqji exeuse f or

not playing it. Ihe single only eosts 70p and all the money mad.e i s gof,ng t oward s s e tti up an anarchist centre which is a. great idea and i hope they suceedo /

We Ne

1 i !

G-R 5, - Gm{L-/ x/urr'nv s\ag6inl V^; +r rn q,\:\A oq b\oVe- ."St thy s\nol\e. rs -&Xq e,^nd'S^na ?6.^#\rlrA, i+'\-\^^b u-laD 9n^" qvsv Li^p,1J -\c\^,1 \ ^rh






$ sl

a3ErEn# Jnrd,


tube to Oxf ord Cireus , th en to *rt PanereasrBrltish Rail to iT. Albans oFron St Albans, and. across the tridge to the pubrliorn uF Plentyr Th"e

Ihe Tea Set. Cally - Iv{erk' - i(evb oard s Nic - voehls Ron - guitar and.

CRAM'- IIbw l-ong l:ave you been toget'i:er?

RON Yeah CAIIY'- Iwo yeais CRAL{ - 'ffhy d id }rou start? CALL Y - H,on and I were in a punk band, eaLled The Bears...oand" we st;arted eos lve eouldntt play aaythlng Jrtknow, and after 2 years of that r 1978, ive d eci ded t limock that on the headrand try to get a more serious about what we weie doing. lit \ CRAM lUho' thought of the narne?

CALI Y'- tTe did. . CRA}I groups do RON Everything

all 'ftat -


you litrce


- I like theoor€tlto.ofhe Bod.ies have f;ou ever heard of., the bod"ies'? CRAI',I - If ve heard. of them RC[\I Rasputin and the rnad-*eatr. norilcs. CAL,IY' - lile all CRAM - How many





.*r l.*i:'


r {,r :i.





like trooo t s of gror:ps gigs have you ptayeaf 0a11y- It I s vel:),' harC to Set i::i,iis . 'Cram- llow malnlr si ngles have yoil re "l e i? s ci li, , i

i{O}I- idearl;r

i; i 'i



Oi{LtY 1 €.F cn oialdot s cal1ed' Curs tl'ir'J.!'1rcoi:5r\"rr'.i.ricli ly S on€is On 1t,1 single on 'Ial-clo r s uhi ch Trss Pa:'r;r

Thorno"s....,.and. tirerets a neur single eonttiit,.; cut {)n United :r.rt:-sts. CR'Airl- fs it somethlng aboi.rt l{e1soti? Ca1ly- Ilo it t s iieep on ru.nningr it \llas ,iol-n:: to be Nelson buL itrs not. ,,/e talked a.bout t}:eir recOrcis a.ncl- how i)a..,ll:r' Tliotil:.S

1i$r*";Htl:#';i, write sonss ria::k inll:ins w:': tes 'bliirt

iiarli lives in ?. ruost of. them.Cally told Ine treehouse but tirey drdntt talit ahout tha.t.Tlreir musie is punk or new r/ave o


Mark d esigns baloons f or e lirringr s.nd. Cally looks after nentally reta::d ed. child"ren.Nie the singer has g_o_t q thing about moths ahd he works on a silk farn. CRAI/i- A11 the noney you get from reeords, r i:"rhat do you use it on? RON



- No nortee[...rovl€ d.ontt earn money off the group.r're have to take other j obs.


the group have a eertain aceountrwhleh the use the money from so they ean have lavish packs with their reeords.I asked then why they include.d bits-of paper and in their

reeordg .

ROII - Cos rrre I re a CALLY - Itrs alot

that last

of eunts thats why fun thals why.roeven nore bunch

Cras,s recordrthe new onerwbteh theres a hell of alot uore than a normal single,Tou get an oper out poster & everybhing Itknow thats more like it. ftts nearly iupossible for the group to get gigs because everything is run by',' ealne out,



r t'*'*

r; iljrt,, i


-- re there anything for kids around. here ? ' CALLY - 0h St Albans isntt bad ROIV- fheyrve goti,a playgrounil d.own the road. cnAM

with swirrgs ancl that There are z ha1Is and z eolreges they can p}"y *rbut_ theres _always trouttegetifng



gigs' thenselves and organ-ising i t-thensEkes CRAM - Do you tf.irrtifitbo muelr money is beln€: macle out of musie today ?CALLI - [oo *uch Ls not being nad.e gqt 6f uusic toa"y n"i--too yuT"y is _gg}rrg to the wrong: plaees rn the musi buis:rr€ssrlike you qight get ; few people rt---E$9 the extrenelf riehrbut riehrbut'-ihil-you've then you I9p_qno are exrrernelX got }gp^gho 1000's at the bottom-who a:ie very poo?r



go on 2


you see X,flurse1f





Yep next qgestion I9S_: CAItIrf - I{o=we Epl!!_ up_ quit? often aetuallgrr';t,', the whole ioint- oftEe- band is that we k;;;" '



spritt{ns up ancl refor:mir€rbeeause that wiy j t yg]l ge!. new ideas in y'knoir . T.0\ - Itr. like_ yrknowreven though , ,,i* lh")end.s F"*p breaking: offrits always staft- ,.u.i somewhere elseo ,,,

+ry , : they had F000 reeord.s pressedrbut tltogether then they ran out of ,money.fhe relson theyrre joining: a l,{ajor Co is so tfrat they?1I be LUf* to get more noney and. get aeross to more peoplel I


2+ Cllii',I- i{ y oU lo t a f oL l- o1yl- nil? Y- Yeah we have t jre 3ro clie Boiic-i boi [i.ii:tC i,.,'e Lla're tl:e Tea Set Leag:rre of ila-bi ons CRAId- Tetley Tarts ql$IYlYeah... ..0h ho.i,',r d-id Jrou .hear about tllr:rn',, CRAlil-It t s on o-ne of ilre f iitf e bl t of p aper r,vi tjr the CiiLL


RON- ii/e t ve fueked thern out of exi s tanee . Cfur,II- Hgrre you,*got a lot nore song,s to r1o. IgIARK- Si. . o 15 ch yre t 11 trJr anO us e r:.ext vreek Ron- l.{ost _.bands "'rhi eome alon{g' anr.t say f rve got an j_d_ea a nelv s ong but i;iark=eomes aloag and saj/s'-i'.ri,-goii -r" for id.ea for a new lp o

ggt their

stud:i- o and have. tlt ab orrt 200, __!hey'r1e hours of material. Cal1y hates Bone;'-li-*ilrt ;i1ns Costello He d'oesn'" lilre the revirals very u-vrr .J" he d oesnr t - -' 'l _agree ori o oking lr"cta. I'iAnIi- You s.e_e loohing_bacl. nrusigally is like walicing down a t*nnel baekwaragr you think io" c*" see *ore but. in aetual faet what- y6utre seeii1,.; iu- 1u**. ROif- .,gh?....What ? ,...Ehi c.iLLY- A ehechoslavakian film dlrector that. .,-



Roit was related

to Papy

Thomas and- liark wrote <* a song ?o"r*o [*iag'F . re . ft,"y "oras -tlu monoch.rome rui, Tom-nofirrsriin trana"Iild. ky: :,uRp_ort"*. chas i'[ Dave, They're Fupporting ihe crasrr on- june but nos t of tlu , trrgq-. havb been"i"- ilr"i"- o" rlght. fotrrl A nob inelud-ins i{i c entereo liter atta nis5ed the

*:'?lt- jt:^:I1:h.Il: T:l !:t

i nterrriew.

After they.lqâ&#x201A;Źt for ..*w4 game gu'r'' of football -- flreir regular set united

( tea










r, r\l I irl" -


* '$'.f-tr;n ]]" -,i".*yJ#.".ff




O ,1 t*J -1t


tA orrt

igY.'"-toi" .*rf} u"

r.i'* $ng


Y$J;t*-' #




coRRuPri ON


lou corn€ frfrtlr rn*, T' CRAiSIOpli,tR pl -nrjil:1r,, asired rne to nenti on & SIR G;lRFf :;;f,, iI.i_R.ip. hin bqlher( orr shi t i{;";us bu L , i 'n not .;gonjta






t' '*

Intensive care 1  
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