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John Fos has announced that he has left the band to work on hig owrr. IIe plans to record his own music and has a nrrmber of ideas in ni.nd.

Ultravox rill

continue trtth a ner singer and to have more ners for you by issue 11. We are told that ttre decision for the tvo sides to go their seperate ways, tas mutual. In The City has alwaye been interested in Ultravox and Te hope to continue bring:ing you the latest ners from both John Fopc and Ultravox in future we hope



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Into The Valley. Danaged Goodg.


Quiet Men. Strange Town.


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(z+)ring Rocker. G,ENERATTON X. P.I.L. COMTETI.I ION NESULT. ( Z5 )Soruia 0f The Suburbs . MEMBENS. The Rrblic Tnage album was won by: N.Eo of (e5)neing Boiled. HUMAN I,EAGUE. Sris1ington, Bristol. His caption read: ( Z7 )Cfreap Night Ort. NA}ED. ttlecauPe theYt tt (za) rE.P. I BERNIE T0RUE. Wtat dtya mean the answers crap? Sots the prize. ( Z9 )Anal Sex | €r p. I DOGSUCKER,S. 0ther efforts werer t'Itn waiting for a little (p)nre. ALTERIIATTUE T\T. job to happen"(J.Boland). rrFuck off ya big wank" (G.UtacDougal). rrl wish I could grve him head'r Thanks for a]l the votes yourve sent in since j.ssue 9. Above is the result. To help us keep (B.Incest). Thanks for all the other entries, it as accurate and as up to date as possible, we darenrt print then a.11? Another competition , send us vour gpr1pn-t ton 5 favouri te srl nc,.'l os'l next issue. anvthins for a laush! ! !

ffationsl dal fery' To Culture, the rord baclgrard r"atr" ifght" and thunder, an.Aflican history kept secretr orange trees i'n their ' rTwo Sevens Clasht delights. na turaL rith all these coonune then (dri;uana) to help ;;-;;;;t becarni tie l;ft-field r€ggae sensation of 1977r simply because the title tlack captured any ooiour inag:inations. lpocilyptic visions srlng in lilting 151gs-part harnonies ovel I rhythm tracks thal alnost buckled the deck, they sizzletl so nuch. Session king Sly Dunbar s drums energetical.l.yr and t"ttl. l"tt" a barrack-fu1l of artillery nrn anok, Lloyd Parkesi bass punps ner 0rleans-flavoured horns sgueeze plaintive nelodies I like icing on the top. And riding above the lot, the unnistakably eneTgising vocals of culture s lesd sinSe"r Joseph llill. Joseph Hillrs eyes have a visionaly glean; he knors he was born to be a leader anong nen. A tall, skiary ZJ year oltl, hets a gangllng but nonetheless iEposing figure, articulate and quick. culture have instant access to 10@o proof inspiration. They all live in the countryt tflo of thets in lfiay pen, the capital of Clarendon county. The narket town still retains obvious narks of 3"itish colonialien in fake"k benches sitting quaintly under the palms in the DAin equsre, gea to one side, rnountains to the other, Culture live on land thai's incretlibly ideally lush ane furti:.e. Seetls burst into fl.ower almost ovemi8ht in the kind of soil thattstitalrr healthyr suited to practiging Culturer s Rastsfarian beliefs, with their enphasis on na

tural living.

rRalphl The three singers in Culture (Joseptr i"s backed up by Ray rKennethr Days and Albert and a half. Hill's the only one of the trio iyalker) have 6n1y been singing togpthel for a year fabout r72x Joseph took a tune cal]ed r3ehold In experience. prlfessional m.reic pievious ri. t6 The Lintlt to Coxgone Doddts Studio One label. That move placed Hill squarely in the gleat t?atlition of reggae aingers and songnriters, Bob Marely, Toots and the Heptonesr who also started their careers by not seeing any rnoney frorn their first hits. Disillusioned, HlIl rent back to May Pen. But he ttever thought of giving up nusic: flIrve got a lot oi inborn experience, real experience. I donrt know where I get them.



spent the next few years drunning for various local outfits (he also plays bass and guitar) and slint his time off n;ditating in the country or by the sea with spliff in hand, or dancing to nei roots so1111de at big open-ai! dances held by Ki.ngs ton sound system dubmasters like Kinga Tubby. Eis return to re.o"ditrg was pronpted by the arrival on the scene of his cousin Ralphr subAired, eensltive character Iith a clean-cut Marvin Gaye profile, and his nate from Xingston' an affable electrician and rould-be singer named Ralph. Nenneth 3 nthree breilrren singing, that really csrry a super-strong unitr a firmer sound. " The three ilreads discovereil a spontaneous swing rhen they sang in harmony. Josephre voice rocks naturally to the fore - he sounds like the lion, the syrnbol- of Rastafari, rhether roaring {ith alert Joy or bllloring in angulsh. A'Itl as an extla bonus, Josephrs voice sounds conscious - backup. countet-lilt croon in meanrhile, and Kenneth, ina ittt.tt1g"nt as he actually is. rThis Approaches nade to the Joe Cibbs stutlio resulted in a series of hit singles in Jamaica rTwo Sevens Clash'l lliroer t tg"5 Jah See |lhen A Comerr and then the immortal I llro Sevens Clasht ras the one that turned a non-Janalcan audience on to Culture. The songrs bgsetl on the prophecies of Rastafarian. prophet and leader, Marcus Garvey, who predicted that rhen the tro sevens clashed (i.e. t977) Kingtston and the outlying Spanish Town would be hurled together in a catac\rsxoic tumult. Tt gcarcely Eattered that non-iamaican audiences didnrtI gHA111T I excellent thoueh they arei t!9 spirit.with *hlch Joseph screams ful1y grasp the J"yrics, -the song hit the spot cros s-culturally. Sritish audiences seened to have a in tire-ntcldle of specfaf fondness for the tune because of its (albeit unintentional) reference to new- avers The Clash - rhat appeals to be unlntentionsl nay be happening for a purpose... Listen to Culture sing. They're telling you not only their life stories, their individual awakening3 to pride ancl sel.f*awareness through the Rastafarian faithr but of the spiri.ts and souls of theiT African heritage. The prlde and ioy oi their sin€iing is conta€iious high enerry. culture are certain to take you higher than you ever imagined you could }egaIly fly. 4 v rvri:lN oolDii;Ali



yor{ C6x go BertZC ? Neu, ffnfotrlti{G noprrsft tlege'J No Rqu6f.l.Ie Lr' fC,frr Tn€ jeJ S6nrx

$crr rgf*iT..Di,. tr.|e-uu,

tJxnr Aae Yo q ta

U N DE RTON E S .*r.ourFo(o. Local band Deep Throats were the support act and this was nY first encorrnter with them, The majority of the material was fast and loud, the nost notable excePtion being their debut single, tRocktnrRoll .:)ishcharge | ,which is a geln. The end cf their set saw the stage full of fans. fhe Undertones canre on after a short break and delivered a terri.'.f ic set. Starting with t Tme Confessionst, they gave us about f7 songs ln just over an hour. tr'ergdl, vho was clapping madly at the end of every song, ( titea your Ramones ?-shirt - perk of the job?) r led the band through tSnarter Than Yout tL:asbar Rockt , lGet Qver Your , rTeen -85€ Kicksr (twice), rJinnrgr, Jimmyr tiiere Comes The Sunm€rr r etcrbefore closing with Gary Glitterst r tRock rntRe]]t. The band .stayed on at the erld and carried on playing. Ifhen tiiey did go off anC were called -cack, despite broken s trings an<i :rrnning out of songs, theY gave a great encore. The Undertones are special and still teenagers Catch them if you can ! ES Edt!. Chelmsford rEssex.



r I t,


first thing you notice about this album is the 8El8zing sleeve it comes in, Itt s really colourful and has sections which you open to get to yer actual Elvis Costello L.P., and free live E.P. And if that isntt enough for good value, enclosed with the E.P. is four'rDonlt Join' postcards, with a photo of each nenber of the band on them. After feasting ny eyes on all these goodies, I was eager to find out whether the L.P. tas as good as the sleeve had ne to believe? And folksr Xtknow it was! Side one kicks off with "Accidents lltill Happen", an up-tempo little genr (tfris is also on the E.P. ), and if lllvis releases another single fron this albunr ny guess is thi6 one. "senior Setlrice'r has got to be one of my favourites; really brilllant production and who produced it? Welt, tt had to be didnrt it? Nick Lowe of course. Next track is the delightful 'rOlivers ArnJrtr t eurrently doing reIl as E.Crs new single. I was pleased to notelsix songs on eaCh sider SO therets no chance of getting bored with any trackr 8s theyrre all fairly short and Sweet. "Big Boysrt, is loud and raunctqf , rrGreen Shirt" and'rParty Girl" are the last tro tracks on side one, and Irve got to adrnit, they realIy left ne begiling for more! So I turns over the L.P. to find 'rGoon Squad" a haunting conposition, I could honestly picture tanks eharging about the countrysider(litce in those old f,af fihns ). Next is rtBusy Bodiesrr, then 'tsundays Best" which is a real catchy song. ItMoods For Modennsn, "Chemistly Class'r and 'rTwo Little Eitlerstr are all absorbing and interesting which brings this alburn to a close' It left me believing shat a genuine musical talent E.C. has. KAffiY BLAhfD, Great Yarmouth. pic:Pete Oilbert.


t fftfltQu€€

',,'ith the success of their second sinEle, "So'md Of The Suburbg'f the l,,arquee,'was not surprisingly filled ';;j,th punters on both nights of the $ig. The Dials are a 4 Piece neTswave band who are politely received. Their music is nothing sPecial but rroduces a good vertical response f ;"cm the energe tic . They play a ful1 set and get a deserved encore.After a wait af * hour, 4 ilembers appear on stage and begin a goaC rythnic n::nber and are joined I' couPle of nj-nutes later by lVicky Tesco, lead singer. Feople who came on the iliusigsl otrength of their 2nd single are disappointed Trm not! The rhich conveys the excelfent is gooal itta

lyrical strength of fhe Menbers r for thls is The set is well struc tureil with severaf highJ.ightsr Soun<l 0f The Suburbs't, "Solltary Confinenent", "Police Carstt and "At 'Ihe Chelsea Nightclubrt - the latter is a clasdic; ,,llalf a pint of lager costs sixty pee". They do an encore and probably would have done more but the stage was invaded. Apparently, they cantt get a gig at the Music }[achine 5 SI}'ION 11. T 'wonder why no t??

"t".r talent is. wheie their real



o o







L o


lllD rEE EolI ROls gtartea out ray back 1n 19?5' Baged in canvey rslantlt Essext they all too fanilisr pqrbrnrclub eirouit before canrlng their ray lnto the bi8 ritle-record tudirsm rorld, by being snapped up by Island records. lheir flrst release r"" ,fsitfoe tu X'h; t if iotiorea bt' .f6irry,tltdF' (a Sau fhe Shan Antl The lharoahs song). Soth of their firgt tro sitgles reoelveel on'ly nIIit aoclain. Ler Leris split to flnd hlE orn ilirectloa, before the band reaI1y gpt going. Although I have heeld that the I'Eot Bodsrr qrsic ras beconLng too fagt for hin and that it ras fcutting his uouthrr. Ihat really Etarted tbe ball lolling, rae rhen they Etarted plsyinA londonrs Iarquee c1ub. llhe Eot Roda playeit to {rlre noBt I,ackeil anal solld houees the clubs ever knovn ln its agp old exlstenoe. It rae at tbls tine that they recolded their tllve At llhe llrrquee t e.p. rhlch hit tdre forer legfons of the cberts. fhey took a deep breath soon aftertalds and recorded their debut albuu rlleeaage D,ep!esslontr rhich doesnrt lack any enerry fmn the first track on siale one, to the Lagt track on siale t o. L97'l aat the release of the Roda seoond alburn, 'tlife On ![be Line'r and thie, ln ry optnion, is their best to date. tspeciaf guestr guitarist GraheEe Dou€ilss appeared on thia albun and Just by lletenlngritr s possible to gee trhe effect he had on tne Und - In 19?S they toured Lreriaa which is no sBall achievenent, and in 1979 (rhst alreat$?), theytve released thelr third albun r'{hrille!'r end thls ha6 received olxed reaotioas fron the aritics. As for nyself? f,e1L, Irn not suler !€"hapa it rtll grot on me. tlhich leaveg 3alrie li[asters to tell you anil us t]re rest.. EDDIE

sloggetl tbe





,llo, I Conrt think so at all. When Grahan joined we had just finished our first

albu:tr and we were working on the second.

I donrt think we vere going dornhill, we had a lot of success witir the rlive At The llarqueer and thingB. I dunno, ii just goes up in phases. You get a rung and you hold onto it and drift aLbng until can reach the next one. f think we were just drifting along and raitingi for the next one, and it came along in the form of Grahan.'? BIJT lTOt]LN Th:E RODS H{YE SURVTVEI IYIT]'CUT CRAI{AM?

tt0h, yeah". AID



donr t k-now, probably, but i"n a sifferveay, but you canrt really telL."




Francisco because theytre aII, like, asnzing rocklnrroll cities, it was great for ug. He were rioing about seven shors on the trot and sone where tro-night

things. $verywhere re played was s1l sold out! We went down great. fhere were, of corlrse the ultinate poseurs at oux first

night in Ner Yorkrthey were all sitting around tables with their drinks. Brrt that ras the only g:rgr after that the real

people eame in. We really enJoyed it,The whole tour was realiy Boodr welve never Eorked so hard in our lives. Fe dj.d 55 shows Ln 14 days." 3UT WEAT A3OUT SUROTE?



ilEh!, odd parts at different times, but Buropers s hard place, like youtve-got France, Holland and Se1gtun in one leagrre

It doesntt matter resliy, cos lt all



W:rmU YOU 'illENT


SCnn Cf


"Yie1l, it varied fron state to state. Obviously we had no problens at all 1n New York, Los Angelas, Chicago and San

depends what day of the week lt is, sort of thing. Werve had quite good success in Gennar4r and have done sone good W sho{g

and thin6:s over there. We havent done Scandinavia yet although we did one gig ln Flnland. We had the fan Gillan band supporting us snd we pll}ed eight and a

half thousand at that festtval. it wag that Midnieht Sun festival where therers


no darkness. Rea11y, se had such I blg

there. Orr singles have done quite reil 1n Eurcpe, we reached nunber 4 in Belgium once rith tlyin€t I think. Ctrr other singles did quite tell, too, Tou:ring rise, we did vety rel} ln Francet re did a 25 date tour and te played plac that hsd never seen gr€ups 1n thelr totn before. Everyone ras just slttlng dornt nane over

they dj.dnrt knor rbat to do.n YOU ^IEAI.LY I}IJOY TO'JRI:TG }CiiIT YC:]? "Yeah. I love it." i'ii{A? A30UT TiD FEST 0F T}Ig EAI'D? 'tThey Love i t to zi thin rea son, i t I s Iike the sun always shines brighter on the other si-de. Althou6h when werve been on the road lor aboui a ncnt::, everybodyrs sort of "0h, not another 6:'8r I must 6o hone'f . But r-rs itrs always been the same, I nean, welve Sot trnwritten iaws like noboriy speaKs befole midday. ,Ter:'e all bastarCs in the nornings and during the oa.,rtlne we really get pisseci off. tsut as soon as we get to the 6:ig, everyone wakes up, everyone i.s as rnad ae farts again. It all buii-cs up before the dig and sort of exploces when )ire a:e playing, then the party can

kip again, the enjogment ls just playing There arenr t nar\y bands that work our *ay. f know of bands that have played with us and theljust canrt belleve i.t. For A.raerican bands actually playing at the gig is the worst part of the day. They love touring because they like and neeting people and being

stars. 3ut they dontt 1lke playing rcos itrs hard work. 3ut the harder we work the better te piay.rf BUT TSil'T IT TTRINC HITT{ AIT TEE TRAVATINE AND HAVING TO LTVE IN HOTBI.S? rrNo, I lgve it. I donrt like grass grow-

feet. fn America it rae strange because we didnrt lcrow what to ing under


expect. The difference between Ner York and Chicago rasnr t all that bad but betreen Chicago and San Francisco ras

i | 1lke, the other end of the worldr fhatts i rhat ras strange, you didnrt knov what to expect. ftrs different shen refre in , Europe rcos re knor what European torns ' look like, they all sort of look the . sarre. 3ut this was our first trip to the ' states and it ras nore exciting i-n a way. In Europe itrs a laugh rcos youtre not understood nuch but in America everyone Iovee an Engllsh accent. Chicks go nute over you, yourre like Godrs gift to ronen, you look forrrard to that, espeeially if youtre on the rest coast. Thatrs nrder, ohh f loved lt.rl



trean, yourve only got

l'riiAT iIAPPEiiED



A iTAVE YCU E"''3R' tsEliN



,fvo. because we got dragged up J'n-it' r;r st"rtlng it' well'

[^;";";;i"*.a we started about a 'b''t aoi-"g alr the london 818sr ""t"ii"t"d.. ;;t-#;"" t#; before ffi";iitgu,"uuout toa Year toroe straight fle orrrrf """e sites rearins "t"tted' o" tuita:-ng ;ffi ;;ine jeans' That ripied aiily ana olri boots j::l t;.i act, "'^i'"i-it'off. an auul r8sn'tr Err vasnrt i.:. "?:^T1^" And people that started a lo youlg kicls[ they t rere saying "Eey """"t ttT P*"-r':'"s P1'9:" ;;;=';-;;; those q:tt:1" pubs' t"J'"it Tavern Nerlins *" stili a few around' -T1"1 il;;-;t; and I thir^k tnittg L'larque" the into sot beiause-a lot of Irotre shat "t"oili-:'t theY can do it if ;5;t: "Ii,"""u wouldnr t saY we are a i"-'""n. But I -rocrrnlroll"'!hatl s punk bend. No"' no real all ne knor rearly'lherels itrs not title You can Po-i o" it but punk." ECIT DO



,,S*rDrising\y, quite gocd:.IoI1: ?: ""or rike a lot

;:;";;;;'ifrla'toe"tt"' talk fle



bands do. '"tili not touring we go """werre other and when

drinlcs togetner ol T?"t liti:-ltli t"i"" so si'ilar in soroe ways ii";-;;"" far aPart il ollutl:i":"" so yet and same band


in the sinilar because t"it" and target r guess' ;i;-;;"-;ane ideasroad seens to no-one the Shen welre on things'''t-here|s and mind sharing roons or arlYthing: Tloffil*', rbt" "-rL", ot fiate no sorr or ;'-;";i I"" US. Thatrs accePted has iust "" Iike but the ii'tt do we lt! Ortside "" ls The thtng that always cones first been that raY.'l

ilil'--iii. a



ioii^**-icsr You AGffi? iGnc.vr ilIld




with then. I






lot of songs that rerd been reheareing and refd rrltten 24 ner songp, so re thought retd have to try and do eooe 6lgs. tre dtd a fer gigu and tt ras necessat1r to record then so that re didnr t forget thenrand ve ;anted a btt of fun at5rlay. Fe hadnrt been ln e shrdlo for a long and re really did have a lot of firn naklng it! fn factl f rould even say thst it ras nore frur for

lt rll,t be for the people rho are br.r.y it. f,e bad e rtal-gast Other ot it, tlke Ltnda lcdartney, Fop1e.::" Lee lr{.lleaux and Joole Eollaad. 0rea1people I i us tbaa

eoinq to




TJetve had

6ood, rerve

;i;;;.";t then re rere doing. "na rno"er-tE ini

to but f dontt think I could

*li,{:* ##l$trrfix.ffr tet ne i-;d;; ;;";""" later


They are people, they beings, refre all nore or

less tlhe sane. fhatrs what re all

really, play on each

I ffiT,H:l'3[


she cane

back to Abbey Road and said, "r,ve coqe .rasto do d;-[r;lrri"", alrlgfu1cn

it half the time. hrrmqn


,roO, said, "ou, yoriirr"-*ir.i o" l11l-*u:.there narmonty in the L."L_eri;;fr ,na " re alt sort of eaid, ;i;;'#;jj Llnda said, "Look "na


be bothered to, itts a bit pointlesg. Then again, re could n:n around praising people rho have helped us no end. The thing' ls that the people that help you probably donrt even realise theytre doing

are just


"rTe.recorded that alburn

bad. You have to take the rough vith the smooth, i.n a ray. We sould have a dig if

we wanted


studios and one ,:.or1"g at Abbey Roail tlnda-"ia *"uf Macartney Just walked ;n;;";".Ji..aio you doing?,, Fe rera :.1:_:?id.,'Hg, al1 wha t great p"opf -tfr"y-"""" and ^slfn_rise!xe att sort og soi tiiii"e-luout " vartous things fr.i


'Thats fair?


râ&#x201A;Źrye all gone out of orrr ninds, becauge re Just ranted to Eeke an album. We had a



yee, nore so, because rith tlife

llhe Linet it ras alnost as if it hacl to be done - so f,e did 1t. But rlth thie one,

! f t was about the ray the big in this business works. A nachine whlch says, ttRlghtrstar of the veek is.. ....Itls okay fellas; away you go, yourre on a BIG television screen shor....Right, aray you go...Jro[tre a star BUT if you donrt do it, yourll get kicked up the arae - CIIT you 6Dr Xourl} never get another chsnce', - Thatrs what itrs really all about. tl WOUL} YCIU SAY TM }.{EDI.A, HAVE BEEN FAIR ItNo

WIlg IT?

rfl think itts the next step up. I nean, ale eertain, lt is THE next step up! 11e I[trether people are ready for 1t or not f dont t knor?'r

why everyone






RINK BA}TD? ttl{o, no ri8}.fl


a lot of trouble rith that. '*lben it fi.rst cane out everyone thought, 'f0reat! Great littLe single that'r, we almost got record of the week. [hen the sane people began to think, Media Messlahs? ooe ohnllrnnrtrrnrD! !....Hey! thatrs about ne ! ! And then the raoio stations thought, triiey! .. ",iVetre not playing this, itr s about usi! Ctre of the lines xssp ryourve ha<i your 11, now rerre gâ&#x201A;Źtting ours', gnd that ras rritten long before all this pay strike,stuff , when everyone was asking for lfli. They thought it qas about th;t! The p::ess, the radio, the T.V.reveryone thought it was about that, so it didnrt get played. Even the kids thought it ras about them. I nean, how can you win?"


itrs brought hundreds of kids to put their feet on the ground agaln and realise that you donr t have to be born rlth a ivj.nkle in your eye to be s star.'l WCIUI,D YOII DESCRIBE flA HC4 RODS .AS A

fucking genious'r, ytsee Just because he thought it ras, should f? f nean, he could be a Frank Sinatra freak and thaire the reason that f donrt vorrJr. Brrt f right eecretly worry to qyeelf.rl

"1Tel1, we had

did! Thatrs

that said, "I thought that g{g ras



disliked it."


are wrongt but the fact i.s, everXrone I s got their own opinion. ytsee I prefer a descriptive reriew. Itd rather ieed a review shich is totally dbscriptiverwhich didntt exacti.y praise us, rath-r than a



lt nay not sound llke lt, I think the punk acene is one of the best thingu to happen in years, f really do.

anyone can gp around saying rOh no you

relre not scared to experlment. Ar5may, look at the Stones, they havent done bad. Yteee re xere knovn as the htghest energr band ln the land, eepeclally our llve sets, but tetve done that nor and rerye got to change. You canrt get arly

trOf_course they


to gp to one of

our g.lgs! Alxight, rerve got nrore nelodlc, re probably play elorer songa, but that Just proves in Ey mlnd that

She ve:1r serious rhen she rorked out f,hs-larmonles Uui didnrt nlnd. rtrs.furu]y "e flrst offered f didnrt but when ehe thlnk she ras really serlous r -il th" ; H;{'j;,3""13]i:r*i" ers because " she t"""JTiX, ls talklng about."":liy When lt nas finished "n" re thought,



Ils,'i-xH,' .I'ffi$','''

arty ,r...0h1 that was bv Tony Parsons! iook with a chick' *ti"'"-u can rcho seezet be 15 years of It rri" age, wer)' i""*""t the rcck scene all i"'o"u h" :;";;--;;l in

"0h A" i;-#;;irr"'i'rY"11

thatts 6?eat'!t.

ffir y,ffi,{#jyTffi;I;

ffi oI'Lt"-best journalist which f'Secause "o he'Io"-"tit" f think the norld. if " !o?k The a urtlir;#;T. ":"1:: ras getting ':"p"Tl^l:?rn finishes off bv ""vi"g' in+"c for the i= Pissing i'"i oii'"i ;il;;;";""ryTlellr'i"i""hy' 1e1t of ta"-il"il'rirTilJ ;r:it a quote like rve song:, the wind." f ?,T. Ttt".a. e"t-r"-"i"U ,n" i! supposeo to . that fron t g""""t-*no _Tt""-_.ld try and. put J""""J"-iiTt r he doesnrt like if ;t;; I brain, a have fuck is'he doine the rock scene, ;;;;'the tw;;";;i;;: f":: Iti:" I in it? Rishti

and he wants





il";;'"' i .it:1.1?r"?1 ;H11.^';'':X: v+ sr rrr.r colle I :i;f ji-:,jlt::-':"_or ;;;, .u,.n an idea for . -vriff ""'Jiii is he rlth and eay, "lf,hgr I ;?"lll;",'*'i'I*i'",1:i. :n'?::wrlting donrt we do this?,' and itrs becornlng ;;:^:*::t the t"t"i"t"-"o""" gloryi doing writi-ng';;;i" doing is ti:t:i::; rnore of a Joint thing aLl the tirne.Not whails only that, it works better. Wetre nct H::"*:i,lli l?.i:;' ;';"; t!"t: s hinself wants. so het" luii coili"ai"t:'ng cff by saying it' and slagging n:-rnslif

?ii"-"""!;"P1" u" thatltt IICffJ




becailse' ,nflell, I only feqct' to nyself :_EE{

the type of geezers rho say, "play that* rhen re write eongs, re say 'rftve gpt an l-dea't. The actual wrlting credit goes to tbe rrlter of the song but there

ls the other things llke the arrang{ng llke that. Therets none of thls, "0h, you haventt got s song on the alburt rerd better put one of yourrs

and thtngs

of thst! f,e Just declde.rhlch ren' It Just are tbe t""i

onn. Fone Eongp


"tta-o"e sonsa have.all eroeneis

so lhgt? been choaen as s:'ngles but SgB gE



tttsc[toE, DoESSrr EE? ng6 yeahr tnrt no oners

blto\y about it

happeas to h*ae t'rle song the! g f63 the 1ir tbftlk I onc'

rll'""t be tbe best rrltes rcos Jrou get ;"i;;i-"".tvtoa" of dlffera rlder selectloi-lne a lot larro coafut$ ideas iat YoU ALIIAYS SEB,{ T0 Bn WEARINC TI{IT UNUSUAL SiiApED STAn ARoUlrD yottR mcK, IS TIfiNE A}Ir STtsCIAt REASOII FOR WEARING TT?

"N9r 19t really, f suppose I,ve .iust got attached to it. f ao tafce it"otf before r go to bed at nishi;-tiouair. L 1""g_ tirne ago when I thls bloke noticed f "ip".""a-Ji, T.,r. "."^i"""iir-" around ny neck and when ire nei-ie'rre"r"" asked ne about the star. Tlhen I toLd rd htun f lost it he offered ;; ;;; ," a special one. l{ost people ,""" .-Ju"_

ish or equilateral sLr-but iii"-or,","

an unusual one and I donr t think bodyrs got one exactly like iti-fi""any_ -tf -t got really attached to :.t eo forget to put it on people.r,J often say, ',Qyr whatrve you aone ritfr




roR "" 1ryff-';itm*-f*T" --I-.




tl;tJ$fu" "-q:J'":;:ti pi"kiry-fli*" i""*'ns aro'nd ::.":3tl!,il" ;:""" #i3li :1."




lon for


*rl*'+:rffisH,* 3i: m:: t'tris r:::3'i:*'H"g" 'lsst tine te had ill5;ln ffi;;ltars, -":: fiiii"s, ss"":oi#*"ffi:* ifJfu" *'rerve got










"took, you either take it or leave it else. ftrs always bee that way. Take it or leave it...:Oh, thatts a bad pun....l{o, re get on alright with Island. Al1 record coxop_ and go sonewhere





anies are run by hnman bei.ngs. Itrs tn-re, the bigger they are, the nore looney theyrve got and the better they can be but then again the blgger they are, the bigger the arse-holes theyrve got working for then. isiand have got a lot of faith in us and the guvrnor, the bloke that cwns it, is a great


(j o +t o

O{ (-

o ..'l






rrSo rhat, lt donrt bother ne if they do. There must be another record conp-

any that would want us. They alI do the sane Jcb within reason. ?he rnore you g:ive rem to work on, the better they can rork, Itts obvious that som,e of the bands that were here riidnr t t en enough to work on. Or they -grye had a dlsagreenent, then they should have found out where the trouble ras,

and rooted it sack tero, if

out, If ltrs a person itts one of the ban,i, get rid of len. I dontt kzrow if it was Ilke this rith those bands but werve nerrer had any bother ourselves. The best thing to do if yourve got a problen is go to the top ran and sort it out, thls ray yourve 6ot no bullshit and you help each other. This ray itrs all over and done rlth, none of this talking behind each others backs.rf DO TOU t}O ANyTHr:{G YOU ;VAINIA }O' WTTi ISI,A}ID OR DO YOU DO WiiAT YOU'RE TOt}?


no, you never do what yourre told, you donr t nake their life easy. pther_ rise theylre going to forget about .vou. Yourve gpt to 8:lve tern a bit of rellie, (Do rot? - Ed), so they knor_ycurre

alrays there. ghe slightest ihing


rrong and relre ri6ht up thelr arses. At Island al1 the decisione are deso-

cratic, re have to listen to vlers and then therete alrays the blg boss Ean! Ye Just sit dorn and get it all out in the open. Wetre not alrays rlsgt but re.rle Dâ&#x201A;Źver rrong. EAS SUCCESS CILANGED

Barrie Masters


,,yes, a bit, I drink nore for a start'


I tend to worry a bit nore.

becorae nuch nore excessiver like before we used to have a party but nor


we have,

like, a raving lunatic asylun.



rf f donrt know realIy, Ird say Irm a bit reoody and I change fron hour to hour. One minute ftq feeling really pissed off and the next f fancY a Iaugh. It makes it hard to talk with people sometimes. When frn on stage I smlle all the tine, 3eing on stage is probabty one of the happiest nonents of ny 1ife, evqrtir,e I PlaY. 0f course, everyone expects 1'ou to be happy and beaning all the tine but Irnt not a machine, I dontt want to be a mechiner I like lt the way I an thanks. Iln a Tauren, whlch probably suns it all up."



and varied reallyr I like 'tlFery Aerosnith and Zappa also Arthur Lee who used to be ln a band cal.led Love,


then therets Nils lofgrenr nost of it is A.aerican stuff. Then I can hgve bingee on fhe Stones and a lot of reird things like blues."


"At the nonent, rBreathlesst but ft11 probably change ry raind by next reek." EA]TE


"fe flnish this tour on April 2ndrthen re go into the studio to clo sone pronotional things then nid-April wetre off to America for $ nonths. I{erre hoping to visit Australia and Japan in August and Septenber and have a little bash here in England at the end of the year" AXE YCU AS ENERGETIC ON STAGE AS



"hobably Eore energetlc. MORS ULC.N




mI.dunno about g:1g

that, lt depends fron to gtg, I donrt plan a stage act.rl



becorce more

way and


'rWbo Be! Yeah, I do, yrsee I used to rork on a building slte and drya lclor f get nore fucked efter one glg lastlng an hour and a hal.f than I used to ln a full days rork. I Set Bore ne:Tous at llttle tlnv Erb gtga than f do et a place like The Rsinbor thatts sold out. ftts reird that and the rorst tlne Le rhen Sroutre told "On 1n ! oinutes", I oan sleep for 10 hours after e g:19,

no problen."




*S.U,L"U, LP -*-



tied uP tY"alhing thair s.'po. 3e '1 dorr!.}ik: ainqs it ,with poritlg": ';[g ;;;;the rucr,. *'l: nakes ne thinr' 'Yt anc",.iT---. ti*. iii filt"n.i" contracts ti"u "hings $e dcwn' ifro +"hat. Nrything tine rs 'rlen afi 'nul oi *"'o-ln the bigges' rhen theY a $;J;:";kes -f'cr-uP when therets no shouldnr." have d,)lier reason for :+". __-- ,^a i-n jii-+-''r r:rm VArr r;:"la GOT A CO]:'I3J'CT 'illT'i jr? rs ',''nt*t'liat'or cc:sP*cr t ,,rtrs pretty siancard realiy' 1l:" froro-{ne::""' apart ilai *"tri"ii" 6wrt now' 'TIerve welre doing ti''"t-c" 6111

*;; ;'ly: ::,* :':i$|"":i"'ii#: lhe f;f;:'i?ni" ti'"';iti"-ll'


ffi;:'i:'':11* :,:;ii.""1':'s, cut of the srx' ;*:ii: lo-tu.f tine linit''l

Those whon without, this interri-e:v wouid not have been Possible dePt:

I'RANCIS DRA}G, IETER GILBERT, liE",'/SLliI......and corne to think SARRIE I.IASTEPS.


of it,



r NE'ER RuNAN! r Nf,.rER iTI;.

Neeeet, vocals over slightly clich6d I'cur1y locksrr ridinl


track. Predictable sentinents, which is a bit

ttJam Jah't

Am[f -


La. . .LB. . .LB. . .B I dum. . .B I dllIII. . .

Nicely produced. Three good traeks with just a seasoning of wearing. Th" Revelutionaires Bowie, whigh g:ives a good provide a good reggae feel., flavour. The singers voice has a lot golng for hLm. f dont t think MUNACE . I }IEED NOIIIING. this record can fail and should Early tracks recorded June t77. help to get the albun into the Sven in these days, Menace (vocals) frr" left the group, but even on the strength of this record, both parties should have certain futures? A collectors record worth




(fulp I ).







The bands nnoggie sits comfortably on the back cover, keeping then under control. Unmistakebly







Cnrel, evi.l and e8r-X. A great follow up to Hong Kong Garden. Nice dirty sounding guitar


and good use of stereo. t niss out on it, even if you tape it from the radio. Donr






Not nicely produced. fn fact nostly inaudible. It t 11 Sounds,(who doesnrt seem to like music anymore?) Altogeth- you nad with fnrstration. Whater a record to get yer teeth ever is happening under the surface canr t be as bad as it ilto and yer hands in your sounds. A good Christmas present COU}MY

ite soLdiers.

Give them a try. SIOUXSIE & TI{E BANSIIEES


A real pnk record. Great!. very raw, which is a nice surpri,se. Bound to be slagged a lot by lulr.Mc0ullough at


conventional). You would find your dad humrning the Ba tman theme along with the intro over breakfast, at that. The Aside even tastes of sogff h{arm-

an integral part of the outfit and makes the cover. A record fu]I of humour fron three nice guy$ who desenre to be heard.

A bit like Bing Crosby on dorRers. A good song on the Aside, but needs a better produeer to give it a bit nore punch. Oh!, itrs a Rough Trade



$tart the b-side (very


prove punk music can be good. Sorry to see Morgan trebster,



01d tracks yet again.Recorded

for a deaf aunt!




Blue vinyl. (ffre best track is, nWho I s Your Friend", )rith a vague r Inr b flavourrfollowed by an old hlt for tsilly J. Kramer and the Dakota t s;written by Leruronr/Mc0artney, and a worthwhile version of that Newz

kicks off side 2 soundi-ng a bit like The Seeds., cantering into

ight Nurse. Giddy-Up






Strong nelody, with weak lyrics. It{y record of the month. A great A good commercial sound and toon to hornicide your manager should make the charts easily by and put half of London on actually achieved in this valium. If people bought rnicet country. I donf t think this records, it would be No.l. tomreeord will bring it for her orrow. Disappointing b-side rbut though. trllhat you gott' is the dontt be put off. Brry it! If stronger song and should have only to prove what a silly sod I been the Worth collmight be, (if you like). ecting as a piece of Wayne history. CoUnty JOHN}TT CURIOUS & THE STNANGT]IiS rr-r<--tu E.P. RESISTA$CE - KTDNAPPED. sunmer t]"l . Wayne County dese::rred more success than she

ff Albert Costello



becone the neo-Bod of half the world, this band wouldfve

Early Sirds/Buffalo Springfield feel on all the tracks.Recorded at Splce Ward, where a lot of good sounds have eome from. A

captured his audience. The STRANGE TOWN. good showcase record.Hope they T0WN. playing and songs, are really THE JAI'{ - STNANGE have some success with it! Yery good. I especialJy like One of the best records frve the bass- and keyboards. Too heard for quite a while. paul BI,AST FURNACE - SOUTT{ OF TI{E nuch like Elvis r which worries lVeller has rieveloped into a nifty RrvxR. oâ&#x201A;Źr Ird like to hear more of little song: writerr $o it would A hea.l6r rock group. Very predicthggt. tlg.ueh. , seem. Theirts no need to tell youtable lyrlcs and music. If you KIM FCNTLEY - RIIBBER NAINSSV. to buy thls one as itts already are into Deep purple you night in the charts. ( so obvi-ously you like it? A bit o1d fashioned I I m Play this record at l}rpm and have?). I0 sad to salr sounds like Bob Dylan. r t





a rrr



S Pr,zzgrL ;:,:iIl"; H';:.T:il,"", i, grows on you after

T.V. - LT}E. Reminds me of the time we played at the Rory. Lovely, nos talgit record. Recorded in the sunmer of t77. The b-side is the one yourll want to play most. Reggae feel *ith t"."shtyr "o"g=. _ GEBATD (eernrr rmz) _ arl sEYrN ALTERNATIVE

f really love this little tve

a few plays.

The b-side opens up

man passing








CfTy z4 Magicl Pete and Spizz have stnrck black gold yet again. I didnr t they r 6 top 6,000 Crazy , -think but tf Cold City" r 'f Red and Blacktt and rrPlatform ,,, all do. you wont Tsanna shove this €. p. back tn"o o*.

59 QUESTIO]iS & ANSWERS. This is the best single ever from Shan; at a tine when itts almost hip to knock Jinrny Frrsey. ft should be one up the nose for his cri tics. Mus lly , the group are getting good now and these little gems show off their talent in. more ways thall o_[e.. - ,_ KI"ARK reNT . TOO COOI TO KALYPSO. 0n Krypton Green vyn, 1; this record has all the danger signs of starting a bizzare dance eraze in Metropolis. Great rythn. Super -man should be_ proud of this SHAM






Cover? - At least you sussed something out! (.) Very well thank you. (b) funf - fsnr t that (") open minds. (o) More l3ughty? than yout 1l ever inagine.


n b D*eCaerrueu* --.(rten-rua\, lMrc suarl


so 'chR"'


5tr*"ilw"yf"ffi *iti\fti#o?fW;^r /|ltt/S f ft*S ra'aua,intr:: k;:";L |1U+;ALF, 8u


hS we StJt)LL Now g€E-.


tE tutlT}t€




sSet&t gH





rtrr< frsAts



,/ /




- HEATI{ROI{. fhis is the sort of thing Sounds & NivIE rave about. Recorded r live at Heathror Airport, it sounds like itts been eJected from a jumbo jet and shat (whatrs that?) n by a bilious seagull. HorriUfe t ld sell wellrthough.

gBI. f seen him so mar\y times and always enjoy his set. This record makes you want to hug himl The flips a bit of a laugh and should keep you out of misehief for a



wind. Itrs a pity he dropped dead after the first few b.



}ies not in graven images or stone monunents, but in what we see as we stand before a mlrror. No more, and no less. Shis ls the thene of Gloria Mundir one of the



strangest and most extrilarating bands around at the moment. And one of the most put-down and underrated. The reason for this is obvious;they are too individual and free-thinking to be slotted into a category and pasted with a labelt and this, of courser is quite rrnforgivable. That tired old cliche tboring and pretentiousl has been tnrndled out tine after tlne by our deligtrtful musfg-papers I more than one of whomt with devastating wit, has used the predlctable pun rGloria Mundaner as the heading for a slating review. The inference is that the band are po-facedr dreary, with anbitious philosophical ideas and nothing to offer musically.

the level that really natters, howevert Cloria Mrrndl have been increasingly successful t attracting larger audiences and a favourable reception from the fanzines, while their muchnaligned lnformation senrice has collapsed undei' a deluge of correspondence. So what do they offer? A lot of lronyr sonrc detached obsenratlon of the glory of the world On


and anger.

is obvious, if we really are the glory of the vorld. The cover of The Prograrn IV handout containing pictures, lygics and I" "itr shows the interior of an elaborate gig-Oates) towering pi1]ars, intricatelycirurch; [""oq,r" the nave filled with piles and altar ,rought furniture. The best and smashed and nutt" of the worst. Tragic irorqr, best expressed in I Glory of the World' , a howling apocalyptic number accompanied by what sounds like deathknell bells. rlle are the guiltyr wâ&#x201A;Ź are the ghosts t We are forsaken, welre a joke'

The irony

Melai nassacre r the f irst c:lrsade' ffe are bliss, the KattYn g?aves' and confusion. Yfe are prectse' Dead assassins, werre so nice'



Statue of LibertX, the Eiffe} Towert I G1ory of the World, werre into power' A tmly spine-chilltng songr wlth the male and feslale voices alternately chanting the title in English and Latin, like some distorted piece of church-ri tual. The detached obsel:\ration can be humorous but not entirely objective, since we are all gloria mundi and this ls our world: the daughters of of the rich men, the repellent rnindlessness rTenporary of pack, the distasteful images

Hellr; t



pilgrims laughing

the bloodstained road,


B1ack-eYed bonbsight ladies

sPitting on the calicot One night wonders sitting on the sPots backstage, Old-time music lovers cutting uP their ZePPeIin daYs t Kings of CoId lYar cathargis turning from the Sods theYtd madet Banished schoolboY heroes jerking in an ear1Y grave. I Their anger is naturally the most vital of Gloria Mundirs aspects. $o wetre alone in an enpty universe no authority to back us up or take reiponsibility, rOondemned to be freer, as Sartre said. But therets no virtue in runn-

tng to hide in the herd, sitting about compIaining and hoping nothing will change. The audience is jeered at for just talkingr [rged to do it! and fight back! rI, individualr j.s glorified, he mustntt try to melt into the crowd and evade responsibllity. rAre you pleased when you mn with the p,ack? So pleased your face fits, dontt have to fight back?


irony: Maelov used to open ttre set by shouting rThis isnr t puk, this is Gloria Mundi! t Punk started, they saJ'r as an effort to shake off other peoplers labe1s, but seems (More


hsve become

just another uniform. )

for the philosoptryr now for the music, criticised as I tuneless rows masquerading as songsr (Record Mirror) and rlong grin pieces garishly and clumsily decorated with fancifully disorientating lyrics, diffident discords, plain rhythms and melodramatic vocals t (N.M.E. ) Well, theytve never tried to be a nice or a wholesone band, musically or (Sunshine once said they dont t have much naieve cha:m, but who really wants that?) ff,e stage is So nuch

dominated by Eddie Maelov, hollow-cheeked and

staring-eyedr Bs the music is doninated by his , rich, wide i.n range , able to accomoda te all the roles he is called upon to play. He is complenented by Sunshine, a good contrasting female'voice and a capable and excj.ting keyboards playero Dmms and guitars provide strenghth and depth, and the whole is enbellished by the extraordinary sax, of C.Q r r who stands quietly behlnd his shades at his end of the stage and sends his instrument howling and s treaking through the muslc. No sof t romance here, too uncomfortable for easy listening. But far from being soporific and universally g1oou1y, the music is exci"ting, danceable at ti.mes, enjoyable as well as thought-provoking. A new album is in preparation, and a tour planplamed for the spring. See and hear Gloria Mundi, They might make you uneasy. It might be worth it. voice



l!!r ,8,,





,.{;ri::, :




0NLY ONESI Even Serpents Shine.

'tAll that glitters is not Sold, and even serpents shine'f . T::tre Peter, tnre, thatts wtry your albunrs g:ilted with gold paint! But s€Ttously, this albun easLly matches up to their first, but ltm not sure it surpas;ies it? Musically, it sounds a lot fuller. The best tracks on side I are rFrom Eere To Eternity! I You I ve Oot To Fay t ( tfre single ) , and I Inbetweens I , which has those anazing seagull sounds, produced, I think by John Perryrs ver:f articulate guitar. The first side ends with rOut There In The Nightt which has a typical OnIy 0ners hieh pltched chorus. The other side opens with the very porerful rCurtains For Your and like most Only Onets songs, itts a song nlthin llherers so much on that in some of the other numbers they tend to lose their directness. At least this band prove theytre not afrald to €xp€rr. iment, which is a good thing and this is highlighted on the final track tlnstnrmentalt, which more or less is just that too ! The only real thing that bothers me about the On1y Ones i,s.. ........But Are they??




Oolduine lhrb.

didnine of a dub, Dub, being reggae rythns let loose, with little or no vocalsl lots of echo, rith fuIl enphasis put on the musie. ftr s heard to best effect, very loud with all the bass and most of the treble turned up. Being a dub albun in a lot of rays, means it vill normally only reach a very liuited audLence and will probably never reach aII the white ears that Derurie Brorn and Culture nanage to do. For a start you cant t sing along to it, esp9cia11y as there arentt ar\y words! But it is €ireat to dance to, which is what itf s for.Produced by Jah tloyd, it features nany vell,

Duffo. 0.K. Du:ffo, yourve gabbled your ray onto the hrssel Harty shor, you had the niclry taken out of you by Terry Wogan, youf ve embarrased Russel Harty with the facts about his private lifer Iou even nade Anne Nightingale blush, rhen she asked whether you were tgayf or not. But nobody seems to connit thensel.ves wbether your mrrsj.c is good or not? So, here I gor DUFFOT

(in reggae circles at least) artists such as f Slyr Dunbar on dnrms, Robbie $hakespear on bass, Eric Lanont on guitars, as well as rsticlqyr on percussion, all who playea on Culturels rt[\ro Sevene Clashft L.P. and lots of other dub records, including some with Joe Gibbs. Look instead of.reading all this garbager wW donft you take a listen - Then you night know what f mean? Itt s on Oreensleeves records! ! ! known,

rTower 0f Dladnesgt is an first......... epic song, itt s like a cross between a Mel Brooks movier BD Australian lunatic asylum head

and tOne FIew Over The Cuckoofs Nestt, not very descriptive really was 1t? Letts just

say Duffo, when you I re nad you r re tChelsea Cowgirlst doesnrt appeal to me at a1l, tDuff Recordt isntt that different rea11y, rRecord Jerkf tells us about all the record companies that showed Du:ffo the door. rGuillotine Quickstepr is a new dance that Duffo t s invented, doesnr t sorrnd much fun does it? tlhr:ffo (ftn a genlns)r, along with the single, -tGlve Me Back Me Brainr are the type of songs he excells at. Written along the same thene that rfower 0f l{adness I is. The music is very hard to describe.. Itrs basic but originalr' lots of keyboards and synthes-

i.sers, very clever in some parts but at tines very banal. tRise fn Your Levirst and rDejane Joder Ttr-mentef for example, are songs that should have been givgn 6 Ivor Biggun, they are just not firnny, (unless you litie songs about winking, lnrting etc ? ) . r I rm Not Rea}ly Eeref is Duffo hear4y-style and rDuff Odysseyt is a brllliant spoof of tspace Odysseyr. AIi in all Du:ffo, I still need impressing?

. ;.r:.:::iiii



Scared llo Dance. Another 50-50 album, if youtve already bought the Sktds single and €' youtve already heard their best. Take away t lnto The Valleyr, rOf Ote Sklnt, rThe SaLnts Are Comingt and tCharlest and yourre left with a rather average half a dozen Skids tunes and a couple of better than average ones i.€. rMelancholy Soldlerst and tsix Timesr. Still, on the bright side, the albtrmts well produced and the playingt s faultless. Stuart SKIDS

Adamsonts abrasive guitar g'ives the Skids a sowrd all of their orvnr The dnrms and bass are loud too and Richard (legs) 5obsonts vocals have always been the same, loudrcoarse


and Scottish. or the whole, f found it disappointing and a wee bit lacking. It should, neverthelegs keep the thomet fans happy.

[ffiewa There are only three lonely soldiers in this arqJr, yet the sounds they produce give the ears the lnpression that a whole battalion are responsible for the vocalst keyboards, guitars, bass and dnrms on the other side of the rinyl. The comrnanding offlcer is Gary Numant who not only writes all the lyrics antl conposes the musj-c but also plays keyboards and guitars as '!re11 as sing:ing the vocals. Ilj-s two-loan troop include Paul Gardiner on bass and Jess L,idyard on drrns. A certa arnnount of mystery has surrounded thls band for a number of reasons and we were both very anxious to meet GarT Nunan to try and solve some of themrby asking hin face to face. The meeting eventually took place in a wine bar not far fron Seggars Banquet in Ealing. lVe were Joined first by Steve, a Seggars

Sanquet person who had arranged the informal intenriew. One and a half

bottles of rich red and strong wine laterr0ary Numan arrived with a ma for moral support to face this, his first ever lnte::view. Dressed entirely in blackr Gary eyed us with suspi-cion. He seened to relax a little when Steve passed hin a glass of coker(neither Gary nor his nate drink alchohol), but there was a feeling of tension on both si-des of the srnall table.Gary began by explaining the original Iine-up and how he had auditioned

for lead guitarist. 'rI did the auditlon and only got the job tcos nobody else turned up. Within a week of me joining, the entire set was changed after I had played them sone of the stuff frd been playing before. I later becaroe the singer and although I wouldtve prefered to stay in the background and slowly gain experience, I started writing songs ag weIl. I didnf t really want the worry of having to keep on coming up wlth new songs. Yfe did one g:ig at the Roxy supporting Mean St and the Saints and I ended uP having a row with the guitarist.,.rr was over sonething very s111y, he had cancelled a rehearsal

tcos he reckoned he didntt have any noney and I told hin that he shoul have asked the rest of us before h cancelled it and we wouldtve lent

him the noney. I{e got ver,v shirty about it and f knew he had noney arqrway & I decided he would be ve4 hard to work with so f quit. Paul decided to leave with nae because he liked ny songp and we got on alrign together. Hers a good bass player a

well. Then we got my uncle Jeff to play the dnrns for us, he didnr t really fit in at first. He was very flash, trying to inpress us how gooci he was. all the tine. He wasnr t at aI1 solid. Every chance he hadr herd srnash symbols and do dnun ro1ls all

about the p1ace.In the end we had to take about three or four dnrms away, he had about two bass drrrms, .eight I other drums and about ,'COO symbols above his head, it was ridicolous because you just dbnt t need all that After Itd played hira sone new-wav€ stuff he realised what was needed and he becane very good at itl We started to do nainly punk stuff at

first, just to sort of get into it. At the tine; the only people getting signed-uP were l€w-waV€ groups. Itr s all very well being different but at that tirne it was just like cutting your own throat. Tle realIy began to change after wetd joined Beggars Sanquet and the line-up had changed too, because Gerald'who played dnrns had a gpod job and couldnrt do arly live gigs or couldnt t rehearse very often. IYe had to replace Gerald with

Bob, whors photo appears on the B-

side of our first single. Next, we to get a bigger line-up, a guitarist caIled Sean was brought in and then Bob left. Yet another dnrnner was added, a friend of Seanst called Barry. Things stiil werenr t working out right, we rvere playing g'igs wher€ rro-o[e turned up then Sean and Barry decided they didnt t want to do the new stuff that paul and me were working on so we split up once agaln. Both Paul and f decided to ask Jess back to do sone studio work and we managed to put an album together and now of course werve managed our second album and thatts where we stand at the monent" WeII, we warned you there was a lot of qystery? So who actually fomed Tubeway Aruy? Gary: rrAs it is now, I did but the original name was the Lasers, At the time I just wanted to be in a group, I always wanted to do sotoething of rny own, instead of just doing ny version of sonebody elses song. Nearly every song Irve ever written has been sritten after Itve heard another song. ?lhen I was 15 I wrote a serles of songs a1I based on Ziggy Stardust, f was influenced a lot by Bowie and although I canr t remember the titles, every one was a rip-off from the tracks on the Zi-,gW Stardust L.P. AI] the names were changed but apart from that .they vrere the saroe. I still do that now but I disguise them nuch more. decided

Most people

think Irve been influbut nost of the

enced by Bowie





thingp that people pick up on a

completely wrong anJmay. I nean I donrt llke Sowiets lyrics very nuch these days, I dont t think he writes very good lyrics ar5r norerr. Ifhat was it about Zigg Stardust that Gary Liked so mrch? trlt was nostly image reaIIy, totally in fact. Obviously,

I liked the nusic as well but that wasnrt what really influenced me.It was Bowie as a person, as a charscter, his whole image, I wish hetd canied it onr'. Gary then explained how he wants Subeway Anny to be rernemberedl 'fAs a band I just want it to be sonething which people will accept as a band f used to be in, f would like tubeway Anoy to be known as the starting ground for ne and nothing nore than that. ftve got no plans to clo another albun with this band now that the second albumrs been conpletedtr. Steve, (ttre Beggars' Sanquet person), went on to explain the record labels point of view.... rrFor the first albun we at Seggars Sanquet had a blt of a fight to get Gary to let us call it Tubeway Army because from Garyts point of view, Tubeway Arny were gone. I neanrthat is wlgr we announced last year that $rbeway Army had split upr that was to be the end. 3ut then we thought lt was a bit silly to throw away all the recognitlon that we had with Tubeway A:m;r. So we kept the narne for the first album, which was reall; really only intended to be a demo tape argnvay and wefve kept the name on the second album because itts been done in the sane phaseil. So, w111 the thlrd album be called tubeway A:my? Not i.f Gary lluman can help it! But why does he object so much to the nane? tfftrs nothing to do wlth the nametr says Gary, tf I donr t hate it or anything, ltts Just that If d rather be on rqy own, I think I work better on r\y own. I cant t work with a lot of people teLling me that they want to do this or they want me to do that. I really donr t like that, I tend to stop altogether!" Is tt practical to be in a band with those ideals? Surely itf s better to go into a studio and play every lnstnrnent yourself on your own? Gary agrees:







o <t o







o .{


H d

l+ ta

uI,S IN ^[ CAN










cq\tB TO rzot{ zot\6t



rrre rT WAS BUIrT








[As a writer, f can only do it on

but frd rather work rith people who will play the way I ask then to'r. Gary canrt arrange to do argr live gigs at the rooment because hets got a problem with Gerald who has a job as an executive and does not want to be in a situation where he wil} have to g'ive up his full tine work to be in fubeway Arrry. Cantt Gary advertise for a couple of keyboard ptrayers and another guitarist and still keep the name lPubeway A::my? Steve fron Beggars Banquet answered this one: rfTo be honest fubeway Army as a band donf t really exist. Tubeway A::ury is Gary I'Iunan real1y and the rest are just backing nusiciansrt. Gary carried on explaining a bit further: "The band really revolves around me, whether I like it or not - thatt s the way it is. Nobody comes up with songs, nobody ever has cone up with songs.r So what is golng to happen then? Steve! rrWe are audltionlng this weekrr. Garyl trYeah, but thatt s only to do live gigs not for an;r recordingl. Steve: "lVhat if you get along with hlm Gary?'r. Gary; [If I get along with hirn it's possible that It11 use hin again but he will not be able to contribute anythlng, I wouldnt t want hinn to put arlything into it which would rnean having to give hin a credit. I rnean he woulC never be a co-wri-ter or a co-producer or arqrthing like that". Does this nean that Gary wants soneone just to play what he asks thera and nothing else? ilYes, to a certain extent" said Cary. And is PBul pretrnred to accept this? 'rOh yes, totally, 'I nean Paul never says much..," Surely with GslTts outlook it would be more accurate to call the band Gary Numan and not Tubeway Anqy? Steve:. rrTtratrs what is going




my own



to happen, as wetve already said, Gary is Bubeway Aruly argrway ! 'l

If youtre wondering what all the fuss ls about concerning the naine of the band, then youfll understand our next question. l"{hy dont t you keep the nane fubeway'Army and save all the bother of confusing the people who like you for your nusic? Stevei "Thatts exagtly what re as a record IabeI, have been sayingtr. Gary Nurnan gave a very honest a[strer. tt'lelI, basicgll)r I think itts an ege thing. Ird prefer to be a famous solo perfo:mer rather than prt of a famous group. Even though Irn the backbone behind Tubeway A I stiL wani to be a solo pert"ormer, f cantt thir& of another resson'r.

realistic, only wanting the good times and not being prepared to take the knocks as well? "I went into this business because I enjoy this nore than working in a warehouse or driving lorries. Now lrm in 1t I want to decide the lnrts I do like and the parts I donrt like. I mean, itfs a job just like any other Job, if you can skive out of a particularly nasty part of a job' then you doil. But every job has some nasty Jobs that you cant t skive out of. You canr t expect it aII to be smooth? Gary: frDonr t get ne wrong, we havenlt had that naqy bad gigs, werve never been booed off stage or anything like that" Would that be such a catastrophe? Surely that wouldnrt be so bad, you would know at least that the crowd either liked what you were doing or not? "\?e11, wef re going out in April and ll'lay anJrway so werli wait and see. I donrt ',vant to but f know itr s the thing to do" l/hat if he gets good crowd reaction? "ftl} start to enjoy it and probablY will want to do more and more gigs"' Yourve already told us your lnfluences...... Steve: rrNo he hasnlt!" - Yes you have Cary? 'rNo I havenl t, not properly". Well go on then? (Otr strut up waffling and get on rith the next question - Ed).... Your nuslo J-s very doomladenr ls that deliberate? Garyr 'fItrs meant to be depressing'r Wt\y depressing? tt1 dont t know rlgr, nost of ny songs are,'rI- wonder-what-would - happen-ift! situatlons. Both the first album and the seeond one are about what night happen. Like tAre You Realr, is about cloning. l{hat might happen lf you net a clone and the conversation that would go on. rlly Love fs a Liquidr, is about what could happen with test-tube babies. you fertilize them, put then in a tray and they grow. ftts about what could happen if it ever g.ot to that stage. The reason itts depressing is because f think it i.s depressing, f think what might happen is very depressing. ff youtre 6oing to write songs like thisr Xou cantt have happy tunes that bounce along. Although sometimes f do take it a]l too seriously and thatts a fault Itnn trying to get out of. But the new albumrs no different, itrs

The next questi.on - when r we read it out, nade everyone laugh, it was: Tllgr cant t fubeway Arny do nore g:-gs? Gary answered it anyway, saying "It

l-snrt that we canlt. I donrt real1y to go out and do then yet, Itrn vely ner:vous in that way, I donr t like the uncertainty of the crowd reaction. I canrt real1y perfor"rn we]1 unless I know therers a good crowd. ff the crowd is on our side, you can see the change in the band. As the evening goes on we get bettâ&#x201A;Źrr I get better, I nove more. If theyrre real]y friendly, I smi.le more. Itrs aI] that not knowing and honestly, ten ninutes before I go otrr Irm at the front door heaving, because I get so scared't. Gary by this was much nore relaxed than when he had first arrived. He slowly sipped his glass of want

coke and occassionally swished the

cubes around in the glass. Yie suggested that he wasnr t being very


sti}I depressing" At this stage of the chat Garyt g paranoia got too nuch and we just burst out laughing! (Too much of the plonk you mean - Ed). You haventt tried hard enough then have you? Gary just sat there and

frowned, looking as serious as ever. tried another question! What is the song, rThe Life l,{achinel about? Gary stared at us accross the table, he sipped his coke and replaced the glass on the table in front of hino. trYou know when a persons heart stops and they sometines tlle



stlck then on nachine that keeps them going - a life-support machine, when the person wants to die but the doctors wont turn thern offrwell itrs about that". Are the words to your songs your own lnner thoughts and feelinge then? 'rYes they are because yout1l notice theytve got a Lot of f Ir and rl4er in the lyrics" Theytre either about what f feel or puttlng ugrself in another persons place and trying to see it through their eyes, Like, in rThe Llfe Machiner, Irm putting myself in the situation of the person who wants to die. Hets in llnbo and he canrt go to heaven or wherever hets going tcos they wonrt switch the

off thatts keeplng him alive, And he cant t be in hls body because hefs dead, hets just sort of floating. Have you ever read somewhere, where soneone has said, rrl died for 5 minutes and f was able to see ny orn body'r. lrYeII, I saw a progran$e about that once and that was how tho song came about. There was this nan looking down at his own body and he ratched as the people came in to see him. Even though these people still love hin, hers not quite the sarrâ&#x201A;Źo They love him because they are supposed to, an<i that is basically what this song is about. The torture in that nBns mind, where he canrt 6o,and yet he canf t stay eitherr'. Gary spoke as i he had fi.rst hand experience, it wa as if he was the nan on the actual nachine

machine, he swallowed and continued

rrI believe if sonebody is deadrthey should be turned off. I dont t see any point in keeping sonebodyrs heart going when they donf t even know theytre alive". ff theyrre jus a vegetable you nean? "yes, lf that person doesnrt even know theyrre alive, therers no point in thern being: elive. Therers no point in ry mum being kept alive if she doesnt t

to before it all rea11y staited. I used to go around with dyed hair, 6.oing to the Vortex on David Sowie nignts and i.t was ail fun for a while and then it got very bcring. The banCs didnr t get any better as far as I was concerned, Shortly after punk started, Sowie came over for his tJ6 tour and then I realised what it was reallY about. And then all of a sudden, the bubblegun lot started coming out again, and that was tenible - There was no went




rrYeah, the Boyfriends and all that Iot, f really didnt t like that. And after the illachine, bands like Ultra-

vox started to come out, then I got into Kraftwerk. I think itts really good, I like most of the new electronic bandsrt. Can it be tnre that Gary Numan is actually admltting to actually TIKINC Ultravox? Gary:"Yes, f am, theytre ny favourites.Ultravox Hr.unan league O:re or two others have put out sone things I like but Ultravox have always been


favouritesfr. Ilave Ultravox been an influence on sone of the things you have prlt on record? "0h yes, the latest albura rReplicasr is alnost my

Ultravox[. Soxoe of the things that Ultravox do are doomladen too. Is thls what appeals to you? Gary: "Thatts probably what I like about the band, yes. I like John Foxxt s voice as we}l as sone of the keyboard rrlns, theyrre very effectivelr. Vlhat sort of a person are you Gary? ttf am a very slgr person, I always have been ever connpletely

since I can remJnber.-WheneFer ffi out and I neet people for the first time I never say hello. Sonetines f come,over really bcuncy though. I dontt really know rhat lfm 1ike. I tend to adopt the character of whoever ffn supposed to be at the tine. f rm a very rniserable person, Itm always depressed, 1f I get close to anyone I nake their lives a mieery,'. Everything that Gary says, is told with such seriousness. Hefs a person that isnrt afraid to admit that hers a very difflcult person to workrllve and be with sometimes. What sort of music does a person ri'it&thls type of personallty listen to when hers

at home? Garys trft changes alI the time, f go through phases of liking different people. At the moment Itm into Eno and before that f was into Kraftwerk, then of courge ftrc been lnto Ultravox now and agbin.Then of course therers Davrd Bowie, who fln into most of the time". By this time werve ordered our third bottle of wine and Garlrrs into his seconal glass of Coca-Cola. iY$r doeenr t he drink alcohol. fs lt because he just doesnr t llke lt or is there sone other reason? Gary: "No, ltts nothing to do rlth bellefs or arlYthing like that. Irve just never got into it. Yrsee when I was lJr I was on valir.ln and nahdil for over I year and when youlre on these tYPe of

tablets you musnt t drink alcohol. A}I r\y mates were out Setting dn'lnk every night discoverlng and experimenting with drink, but I wasnt t able torr. Tlhere these tablets Prescribed? CarY: 'fYeah, the school sent- ne to a phsycologist. Valiu,n

is or who f ana. that, tech.nically dead, tiren there is just no point in keeping her alive'r. You would think that a person rcho thinks so deepl;r about life and Ceath like Gar,y does, would have sone sort of spiritual belief but he sa./s hef s not a bit religious. ttNo, Itn not ree.Ily relig'ious at a1.1. f believe in something, f believe in ghosts. I believe that there roust be something that goes on but I cantt realiy tie it up, itts like space anC the universe, itts hard to comprehendf'. (How about getting back to rphat you cane here for? - Ed) even know who she And if shets like

iiow would you descri-be your nusic? rr"Tell-, Graham l{ewson wrote in In The City, issue !, itrs un-nervi I think ihatts very true. T like to

write things that make people think The sarne way that f tn interested in people that make me think and see things that ftd never quite seen that wa;r before'l


iTere you ever personally involved in the punk thtng? 'rYeah, I useC

cl }J. F

tc be involved in it, junping up I saw the Pistols and all thai lot, I used go to all the pubs that they all




o o


c/ o

and down and pc-going.


P. ,o






turned ne lnto a zonbie' ft stoppe<i ne feeling so piesed-off and also stopped ne feeling emotiqns. The only problem ras, they stoPped me feeling anything at all'r. 3ut thist (pointing at the glass of wine)rhas the same effect, so keep off the valltrn Gary and start drinking sone rine? Even Gary raised a snile at this suggestlon as the rest of us split our sides in laughing, (Co easy on the wine then - Ed). Gary, when the laughs had ceased answered our question with, "IJleIl, itt s easier to take tablets and ar5nraY theyf re cheaper'r Steve: "And they dont t rot your kidneys eitherrr. (nore laughs) - (now about getting. back to what you came here for -Ed). no you ever worrlr about msterial for your next album? rrYeah, it worries ne a lot. What happens ist I wri.te a lot of songs i-n one gg. This nakes me veryr very happyt because ftve nanaged to wrlte a lot of songe that I consider are good.

But I canrt write songg when Irrn happy so I stop wrlting. Yrsee I can only wrLte songp when Itn We explained that this nade sense tn a way. rtltls unfortunate though because it means that if Itn going to be successful for the next 5 or 10 years, Itve got to be depressed for that length of tine as wellrr. You cantt help feeling a little sad for Gary but at the sane tlne you cant t help snll.e at hln either. ttl get happy and stop irlting, then I get depressed



:ilir'*lriin":ilr,. rrm happy, #;; l


filnrfr Other tines I can be rea1lY ff;#.'; ;i"f .'iii"Franswl liir *;: t" a perfeclll-*ry1. !9 -a

up on sayt I stop writing again and so-on. ftvel question and Itl1 atpick thenr.just rcos llke that for yearsrt. f eipiai-lone word 1n{ fly ned to carT that this lras a ! tr'eIt11^99 Tg$-dldntt childish,lhi:T' "9Y11.qlif.ri9ht' "inii"" t'""y situstlon to a person who sets I "9"v -ot " Itll stop talking.t?^t1:1 o" depreesed and goes out and bashes l:.ft", themr,o"^."1::,I-t::l-:t1T ielor-e away at the garden. I told hin this I to_Christ is whet I do. I gp out in the back I o"!r hoping-th"{lre gPnna garden and tl1g,dis,dig, r aie iilc; I caf] rr9 !39k.' If thev dont! call me excuse for a l'natic. Stever *you must tta"" I back, I think up sone Il:: your big in trenches sarden I ry1"g P":f'.saving sreat l"fJ llil: by now. Ttorrd war lrs over y'ttto*: I $l"t l?hii9 :"-::|!l1ii9'^I-::p*:" sa waY but in 4.r 5rr5 seeking attention itts Frank! rtNo' Peters a srav"ut*1":;^ I il;""ot aware that rrn doing it for --^.. Dll ll!l^ .i a .}i nz been

$:t:1"':l;"i::1,fr::" ll$: p"yltts i:":"ii for all the wine - Ed). Pete II ::l;.i;":ttltl"f:;,lt,f:i: i: "i1:_1::"il-3i";

:; ffiil:"';"-iin"" and spea-" lf: ffi:i:"iril qll:i:i::!:ii^*ll: about his own backgroud. Pete::-Ei; reaso" am lnterested t"-"3"" | becauseilI Tf1":t ii Y^T":i: Lookthat lrn +: always feel ""iiie-iit"tI went youtre a depressive because


U;";;n .-;il;-;i"4"p""";i";

;;- I


r:l-::f:11'"9^?:-lTt:f.*?"?:nl"q ieve sonething. Before I got thls

il;;fi .'i'tii";:F::-11"i:i'i i a bout r reer*^.-^i^--^ "tT i:il I :*"gt:":iJ":":H":t"l""llurl3;fi1' ^:::::"-"-::5is-:"^i::iugi:^l-::"1occupv mvself bv doing s""d""119^:" I;::,"oii"Hl""i'^*"i-in" """t'."i-i to you feel depressed I ffii il;"";ff ir3""o nniserabre ::*"{"t""::*:"#*H""ii;nu}J"I* Dlilirug\

vlJ vvullt

and whenever

something. ;;;;';;;";;}-il-ii6-;;il I ;;:id;""Il"Jior"ti're?"Gary,'ii-: I I'Jhen

;ff;:ffi;;i'fi-;*d;";-i""i""J" ---,"ii I- I cantt control it. I mean, I

y-ti'i1{' 111-ln:"-*d: lil,':Ti" sot-:l'1i-l :i"-i^::i] *: l?",I for to them. Th:" 1:':


:Ii3,'f;*" I iHl-ll"in;r"i:"{"tl;}i'i::'" ;lfi Hil'"ffi;tl* miserable, often rtve eJt f tine r ?t understa"l,*l{--1 That should have :i: like that. even no sense of ol t"i""'' *"ffnn'"i'u"" ;" #;;#ffi;;il i;-;"|il I fl nm crry. rnrn/ilr * no/rneur mn/srorc i*, rffirnr/wrnmr am



when sone-



I ry too.but I was,:",i1:t1_I







[It{Eg ltystic

Eyes &

Trinity (cnnn r)

fOR A PUJTIiOSE Dr Alimantad.o




(GRED 10)

IIIDE Linval

fhompson & Trinity CANrt HfDE FROi"i JAH Heptones


(GRED 12) (GRED 1t)


African Brothers

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lhe l?evoluti onaires fhe ;Ieptones

(cnnr,4) (GREr 6)

and watch out

for the




Greensleeves Records

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{:dn U P. o al

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Fl C+ a

re just happen to have Yety sinilar views but itts coming i-n a lot of different directi.ons - thatrs nhy itrs got a lot of energr and power. Nobodyrs trying to dictate or anything." At this stage a Large brown tea-pot appears on the scene and after werve all. been asked rhether re and

It raa a Sunday afternoon and curiosity had led us to this farrl labourers cottage i.n the Essex countryside. Conceal.ed well off tire beaten track we had managed to trace down a band that had sent our iuraginations spirurlng when re first saw thero supporting Cuddly Toys at the Moonlight in West Haropstead. Their name is Crass and,' their dress is black, they are vegetarian and tireir nusic/noj-ses are falt, shori, anâ&#x201A;Źirry statenents against what they feel is wrong in the sorId. All appear to be Iery serious in their belief but whether you believe nhat the;' say i.s another natter? Tlelve just written our questions and objections together with their answers and explanationo. AnC the rest is up to you? lTe began by asking the inevi'oable question, whors idea vras it to forn Crass? Steve: rrl cane to live here and f told Penrry that f was thinking of a banci, and that I would like to sing" Penrry had a set of drunrs and offered to dnrm for me. Then all the nenbers joined as they passed thmugh the house, it just sort of grew like that.r' Ilut wtg;' ras the band forured? Stevel t1?e11, for a start, I went to see the Clash 1n Bristol and Joe Stnurner was up there saying'fGo out and do ittt, so f thought rI wilir and I just felt that I just wanted to saJf sonâ&#x201A;Źthing and do something, yrknow, roake ny own stand. 3ut f thlnk, wetve all got dif'ferent reasons for joining the band." lut how did you cone tc live here and how did you find this place? Steve: ittfiell, I just net everybody here.,, G: rfftrs been establ.islied for about 12 years now and people just come and go all the tine therets been a band here before and the whole house has always vrorked alon6 tirese lines. fhere has always been a facility here for people to do what they want to do. 'ffhether they use it or not is another TeIl us sonething about the household, is it a family? C: ,rllo, not reaIly, bas:calIy it just works on respect, nutuaL respect. Everyone here is an indiviiual

take eugar etc, we askeC how they would des:ribe thernselves? Tfould they describe themselves as

anarchist I s?

AllARchY C: "We1lr Xollrd have to define hor yourre using the tern realiy - Pacifistrs lnerchistts naybe. Iliell rerle anarchistrs in thought bui I dontt thi.nk any of us, at the monent, intend to ^oick up a gun and start- firing But there are several forns of anarcily? Phlll nfo there isntt! Anarch.y is just what it meanst 03 ftlt neans conplete chaosrl rlthoutrfln Pete3 the dictionary it neans a state rithout Andys ilThe thlng is, welre talking about ourselves and our relati.onship rith other people. 3ut rhen you start trying to classify us, well thatts'exaptly rhat rerre trytng to get away from. Onie ne get labeled rhstever, well thatts what rerre against! f,e are people and wetre trying to relate to other people as peoplerand serre trying to get then to see thenselves as peopler rather than as part of a nass. I nean, I suppose a lot of the things we do could be classified as " ftril then Soes anarchic, but we are people. rrA siraple exanple on to expLain even furthert is the unenployed in this country, I nean economically itls no crine to be uneroployed. Y{hat is the crirae, .i.s to not rnj.nd belng rurernployed because yourve got better things to do. ftts no crime to actually lead your own life the ray /ou narrt tol as long as youfre not sffecting other peopLe, The real" crine isr whetr it points out the lest of what is 6ping on." He cirallenged thcm at thj.s poi.nt by stating that not everyone tiiought about things as dct,u1y as the.v do? iliiat about the ordinary person

ln the street tfrat doesnt t have such definite viers about politics, religion and society? People rho Just want to lead their osn lives? Petes rfThe fact is, they are totally noulded

and s.tmetered from birth - and even before birth, and they wonrt be living their own life! They rtlL be just following the channel that has been set before then....'t Brrt supposing they are happy living that way? 0: "'rTe11, werre not a dictatorship, the band. I mean rerre not trying to ttrmst anything down arqroners throat, Iferre just naking a statement - you can do what you like rith it. Setre just making it available![ Are you looking for converts or recruits to your way of thinking? Petet rtl{o!, no ray, because that would be setting up yet another 6yotem. Bhat werre trying to do is to get

people to question things, instead of just aceepting eyerTrthing that cones along." But rhat about those people that just dont t want to tbink as deeply as you do and are happy just accepting things the way they are? Pete: 'TYeil, theytll just totaily ignore us and the chances of ttrera ever coning to see us are pretty slin. And '"he number of people that will actually aee us or even beg:in to see something in what re are doing and saying is also very sliro. I nean you c€rnr t very rell grab someone by the



G: "A lot of people canrt even see possibilities be.yond what theyrve been g'iven.rr Philr t'fhatrs the ray Ee are working nor, f donr t rant to get into guns and bornbs but f can see the acmount of dissatisfection ln thi.s country. If rhat rerre doing Coesnrt rork or isntt needed or doesnft change the course slightly then therers a real possibillty that people will start to plant bombs etc. Look at wbat happened in Yeovil? Wetre told that the gqy wss a crank as he obviously rast

but there are other incidente, like the IRA. tq the. f ean see the soeial unrest.g"etting Eegree there people will put-bombs-out and

vill start shooting people,






arenrt you contradicting yourselves here? Wouldnrt the lyrics to fDo They Ore Us A Liringr actually crbate social unrest fcr example? Andy: tt'lYe donr t create anything.ff lilhat do the lyrics mean then? Andy; ttlYhen re gtarted a couple of years ago r tlr'at tae prrcbably the first song ve did. It becane ;!@ "otg te lere lcnowr for, lt rae eooething

that to

happen,rr But

for, it becane the song that we do, so werve kept it in the set.'r But who are they? Phil: rfThat is -!@ question, who are neen wlqr are these people up there -!bgl? f rDo saying llhey O,re Us A Livingt. Are you getting as good a deal as you thinic you ought to get?rr Pete: "fhey feel guilty because they canrt g:et a job only because theyrre nade to feel 6ri1ty. I mean the whoLe school epic is towards getting a job, ytknow, a ni-ce job at the factory. This perison rnight not want to get a Job 1n a factory and so theyrll star"i feeling guj-}ty about it. Ihey then go along and get a pittance in their hand from the dole queue.....'r But surely if gomeone is capable of work and there is a job for that personl he/she shoukl be nrade to feel guilty if they accept this, what you call rpitt;ancsl when they are just plain J.,azy? Phil; "'lfell okay, fr 1I go and join the arqy and put a bayorret through soneone - Ifll do that, I mean thatrs what yourre sayi-ng because thatts the sort of jobs that are'r 3ut werre not suggesting that you stick a bayonet through soneone.... ? Pltil: rtBut Irn capable of doing that, Itm all-,: capable of droppi-ng arr atcm bonb, theoretically I yronrt do it, I dcntt choose to do it and I donr t choose to work in a factory either, I donr t choose to use u1y life that way - therefore I wonr t do it. The system isnr t set up the way f want it.r' At this nonent Penrly Rirnbaud arriveg with Eve Libertine and the kettle is put on again for another cup of tea! Penrly sj.ts cross-le€:ged on the floor as the inforural interview continues. Welre still confused on this subject of fDo They Owe Us A Livingt, surely man has always worked for his surrrivaJ., wfuv the naliciousness in this song? Penr6r: I'I think that therets a degree of niliclousness whlch you observe in the lyrics of f Do They Ore Us A Liv!.ngr - and I think that the song is intended to have a degree of maliciousness which nakes it quite different to the rest of the son€:s, because theie are kids rho feel grilty about not working, sapping off the s+,ate etc. And they just donr t want to conforrn to drab stere',-type Jobs, which is the al+,ernative to that. And the first step towaros releasing yourself frcm that, is to have an effective and uallcious outlook. To sort of, have a 'nffelL fuck it! I donrt carelrr outlook, thatts the first step to some sort of enlightwe could work






ti! I callY rnlnded i;";Ti""no 7;;;"i " "bP:tnlH.l Xillol" -ir".t's us



iil;]t :*ilt[i:*;]"'t;f tilI i;";'i;'v^.tlt

^:*+"fu ":: H:it !ii.*^le ,t:Ut:l -

i ""; rl r#:t9"i,.f;tit 7in! 'e/ofii=trow tbey ;i;-r"'ju"t L ganPle/or w:na t ,theytve io you and. m

ftc.9. Qir.gElf.

e/ CHORUS/do they owe us a l1v Ing?/ot cours6 they eo,oi-" ourse they d.o/do they 6we u of courie they : a lIvLng?/ dorof course they d.o/d.o thb y owe us a l1vlns?/OF COURS



As long as tl;*.ytre bo,.rnC in one of ihe alterratives (,rne is gr':ti:.rig an awful jc.rb a:r,l the othei' ts having to accept a pittance fron the state). Both of these alternatives are de-rnoralising, ar:d the first step for the average kid in the street is io sa;r 'f?ie111 fuck the lot of you!r', thatrs the first step towards gone sort of genuine seeking of an alternative and lt is nalicious. Itrs far nore of an intelligent nove to cut up railway carriages than to get a job at tr'ords and be married at the age of 21 and be dead at the age of But surely one doesnr t have to accept rthat systen? I know soneone that has been on the dole for over ten years, hers just plain \ezy and dcesnrt want to rork, he believes the state owes hirn a living and is going to grab all he can while he can? Penrly: nI think therers an enornous difference between the sort of tRight'To llorkr quality of the song, from for examplq the Chelsea angle, and vhat I thirlk rOwe Us A Livingt is, a6 a song, lcos thatrs what werre defending and talking about, J-n a -iray. I mean, the only leve1 at *hich I would attenpt to defend it (because I think rve all feei to a degree that the song is obsolete anyway) is not, trlook, the stare owes ub a livingtt, neither is it saying, trWe ought to be given deceni workr'. As I said it is a nallcious song!. ft actualiy saya: ItSchool gave us shit!, workrs shit!, everything ls shlt! - Now Lh*y owe us a livinglrrft doesnrt sayr "get your hr:atis together and go to sclrk at Fords', neitl:er' does it say, [Accept €,10-00 a week fron the state for being a lazy sod!'r. ft doesnf t pronote anythirrg but a roaliciousness. In that sense, I think itrs an obsolete song And now werve 6one beyond that.rt Andy went on to confirm Pennysr explanation: ilItrs reaIly Just a jo).t, to get you out of that complacency, because some peop).e donr t reaLise that there neight be an alternative, I nean sone people wouldnrt even think about it, it rrouldntt even enter their heaCs. t'

C hrist this stage

constant perwersion, ttt" "o'l*"it::-i:i;":; things, the constant re-establishing of the quo.rr grve yod us an example where Can Status Christfs nane is nis-used? Penqyt tt....Before a condemned person is hungr the last words they hear before ,so'leone puts the noose around their neck are ffGod be with Jotrr qy child'r and ttMay Christ blessr .youtt, and then theyrre dropped 15 foot, and the noose tightens....And I think thatr s the g'reatest blasphe4y.




greatest blasphem.y ig the hideous use of Christ and tire hideous use of God ... ...I think the blaspherly that Boney M connitted by eort of

b P. o aa

E o


f) P. H d 6 F'


to nove on to the^tblasphemoua content of the other songs? Fnil answered this questi-on b;r asking us a ques'r,i-on: "I can only answer that question by asking you what you mean by the word blasphemyr Xortll have to gil'e roe your total understanding of the word blaspheqy?". Tfe explained that the word blaspheny, te.usr neant the setting out to deny aLl exi.stence of Ood and rhat the bible teaches? Phil: tf I set out to deny the use of the bj.ble or whatever, whether itrs irue or not. I deny people the rig'htftbility to use infornation, or suplosed j-nfornation, or supposed I specialr porers, to conpor:nd the abuse werve had fronn 2rC00 years of revenS€." G continued: ttl think it attacks it on two levels, like the way God is used, not as for war or violence and just about everything. ft is justification for peoplest g'oiIt, done in Godrs nane. Itrs what rer,ve made him i.n+,o and how itre ail- so absolutely perverted the whole hunan race, alinost.!" I do accept that Ch:'istts nane has been used for a1l sorte of yrrong things but I canf t agree with ycu blaraing and' hin and his nane, for what raen have done. Why blane and insult Jesus for ihings that he hasnf t done personalJ-y? Phil: rrWhat wetre chal.ienging, is the constant depravation, itts happening all the time. f nean Christ could be arything from the son of God to a straight political killing. Ee set hinself up in a very troubled country rlth a lot of terrorists and he nade himself an inconvenience to the Jev;s and to the R.omans, decided.



golng up with their' totally sexual, sliry filthn doing lr{aryrs Boy Child - I mean thatrs real- blaspheny. fihst ve do is qnestion rrythol.ory, iri nuch the same v;ay that rowe Us A Livingt does. ltts the sarle scrt of tactic, itrs de-nlythologising - meke ycut' own decis* ions, but you dontt have to carr.y the guilt! I think blasphentf i$ a very dangerous lerm to rise becausc.' in rqy te::ms, there 1s no grcater bJaspnemJf tl'rrin wlrat Boney H Are yorr therr, denyirrS; tirat your songo are of a blasphernous nattu.e'i ]rr:nny: ,t... ..I dorrr t the statiilents we nake ere blasphemousr, as such, Thcy dontt deny anything, they say [iie1l , so what if Christ died on the cross! Hhatrs that got t.o do with me ? iyhy should I have to carry the burden of everyone elses guilt?.r' f -wouldnf t put anyone on a cross, and certcinlyr'"'having pul *or"on" o. the cross, I woulcintt then burden other people with the responsibility of 'l;hat. If I chose to cruc,ify soneone, Itn not gcing to burden every othe:: ).iving being. So wllat wetre attempting to cio with those songs, is not to be blasphenous but again to demythoiogise, to rid people of the guilt that theyrve trren forceri to carry thrcu6;h other peoplers predjuciic€.,r Eut penny you sa.y Jrou are de-ry'ihologising. What about those


people vho beLieve that Jesus 1s the son of boaf Peru:yl 'Tfell, Irve no doubt that he ls! I think you are the son of God and that Itm the son of God and that werre all daughters antl children of Cod and Cod is the Father aed terurs. lfother, if one rante to think in thoset'hlnk t shouldnt why one see t I urean, I dont ln those terma but why sing about one person as nel1t in history? lfarz' was the son of God so ras Eitler the son of 0od. So you are derlying that Christ was the son of God then? p"noV: [No!, Itn not denying that he ras the Lf Cod at all-. Irn saying that if hefs tht "ot gon of Ood then werre all the sonst of Ood' lhere else have re coloe fron?,tt I canrt aSree rith your philosophy on this subject? I Pete: f, . . . .Xlbat le r re saying ie that Chris t s eristence is now u-sed to fortify and justify and le the reason for a rhole number of actions, rhich are totally wrong, dtr nothing to do "ittr cbristianiff as a religion' Itrs Just a systen for alloring ections rhich are convenient, basically, Irlcnor tars are fought on religioue grounds, of rhich there can be no justiflcation. lf I understand you tbat gnzzLes ne stiIl, you are seeking is rhat that p"op"ity lg ilAbsolutely!" i-ltry-rbet Jesus sought? penr4rt you direct *tr.y to as lose a u"t-ii, etitl at organised of instead hin on iour-atteck ieHg:ious groups rho you cloin perrert rhat thatrs not tnrlr I Ue slooa for? ittayt"'Ndl donrt agrg€ Penr\yl trlf you retnove the Gorn€r-itone, then the rhole bloody building off the top iallg clorn, if you take the crosstaken the top youtve only then of tn" ateepl'e,'the steeple. If you pull out oif ttr" top-of tbe stone at the botton, the whole bloody Lot


***{**';l.tnd F;tu:frixpti;1#rr?"*l I mean if you throw that sort of naterial at aome people, it may nake then doubly vigorous

you ner:e Lnpression beforer we didnrt,realise that|s co"rrse 'r'f ffi;tao do that?toPenrgra to make trying w€rre dor rrrlt ierre trying p"opf" questiln iron the absclute t'oott the is the iitiofoei"", shether the rvtholory or whatnauiage of tlti institution o" t" r-t Ilru-not destnrct, to everr relre not trying raying destroy at aU. flhat frrn gaying is' rf orrlt"-going to nake an attack and the attack ienr t i a""t".tctive attack(and I raean the of questioning) r $o t'hat people can "ttt"t stand ln fnont of sonetiring and guestion all of the prenises which exist around somethingt then one has got to go to the root, therers no point in attacking the vicar of Grinstead for ixanple, just because hers the end result of hundieds and hundreds of yeals of certain events happening. So the only thing one can

do, ls to attack the actual cause of his Wtht tlre very root of it.'r But surely thenr your goal is to destroy all that Jesus came to seek? Bllt he is f"nqyr trllot at all, not at al'I...."[T{hat rerre the one you ane attacking? Penryl 'trying to do, ls to make people question, nct destroy, re rant people to question their relationship to a4ything, whether itrs their

rife, their husband, their bo;rfri-end, Christ or whatev€x - Just to cluestion the actual roots of those relationships. Because by questioning then, tiren they can fortify or unfortify that relationship. f urean, ;rist as nrch as the attack we make on Christt for eranple, d$t remo?e peoples faith in hinr it Elght fortify a lot of peo;;Ietir belief"

o} i\) -.A \v rui d

$.. 24

about their attachraent to that idea - likeriee a Lot of our attitudes nay insult a lot of p,eople on the 1eft, rhich is unusual for a band rhich have the sort of attitudes we have. ls Itve already stated, all ref re trying to do, is to rnake people question in a nuch nore 111u01nated nay, the premlses of things. People eo easily adopt sornething rittrout really rorking their relationship with i.t, So tbatte sl] rerre trying to do, ref re not tryi^g tD collapse the established church or anything like that." But surely j,t is the established church thst has penrerted the things that Cbrist taught. Jesus never declared nllitary rar for example, surely people are at fault and not Ood or Jesus? Penrgrr"Yes I knov, but the chureh can se1l their rar on the grcunds of Christ. Sor if people have got their ovn elear vier aa to that Christ representedr then 3rou couldnrt send christians to rarltl Se}I, all this is nor clear to me only becsuse rerve had the oppurtunity to speak to you on a personal. Level but I nust he honest and teLl you all that it certainly doesnrt come over ]ike what youfve described in the lyrics? Penny: rrMaybe not, but f donrt think we are an immediate effect band anyeray. I think if people cone aLong and they hear the lyrics or they

listen to us on record, the effect of what we to say and what we are doing is very long tern. f nean, therels no real instent enjoynent, necasarily, but I thirrk over weeks and reeks and weeks, people will think, rfOh yeail, that seerns to make sens.elrr, and it ri1] all start coralating and coning together.'f Ph.ew!! ! - pretty heavy etrrff" t}Ie think Crass have said enough for this i;sue but thelels ]ots more - If yourre interested in hearing the rest of the interview Let us know? have


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