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A name written in fire across the world s horizons! Ablg narne

ADVENTURING INTO A miscellany of fact and fiction with hundreds of illustrations in colour and monochrome

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This fanzi-ne /^*gazine r{a s put together in July/Aqust of 1.981 . It' is somethlng tve have tvanted to do for sorne time, anrl rre srnc erely hope th at y ou f i ir,J. i.t, -

enj oyable


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The Echo & The Bunnymen j nterlrrj-elu ,,vas eond ucb ed on zhth rtpril , 1981 , j ust 1i::ior to their second $ig at ltock Clty and the release of their se eond al.brlri. The 23 Jewels pieee trvari done on 15th August r 19El in the b asernent of SeIe e'b* adis c r r,rith Nj"ck Simpson and Franlr Mc0arthy. The poem lvas submit,teri to usi forrr days after its coneeption.

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.r >c{-o 59.3

t-{ tt0O g.rJ .rl rg Ct H 'tJ -tJ r{ tJ Fl "d O g\ .ri Fq O 5Er{ ;l j= 1C rlc o{ o h5 tt .O A (f r-t dA.,to tl Pr t{ ott a o ho q1

t froc*r5 trl- fu gi+) E .a< O

E3 ooâ&#x201A;Ź (Jtc rilil frc +) >{ FlO.d :c+r{r C5 .rl

Nott lnghan:, NGB 3NG. and rve lvill Sladly


A. Hulme/N. Bur^rows



There wil"l probabJ-y be enother rnagazine print,ed in tfre fut,irre r so if you hlve anything you lvould like t,o see in it, send. it to us at Actrrenturing Int'o B asket ry 5 Trentham Gardens /isi:}ey

eonsider it.


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W Stendlng in front of the nlffort He srnoothed beck hts hal,r, Arrangcd the sraall tache t lhet he wes cultlvatlngr And dcparted for college. Thumbs hooked behind, beltstraPsr Chewl,ng imagtnary BUmr He strutted up to hls mates:

tt Hcy up youths tt rhe onunciat€d. It fulled en eee bid last night.

tt hls fifth fagr Hc noticed an onlooker! It What arc you starlnl atrpal?fl He lnqu-tredrraising hls fLst. rr You want smashint or what?tt

Just past openirrg tlme, strolled into the pub: n Thlrteen pintsrdarlinr ttrhe drawledr Stlckirrg out hls chest. He could take his ale.



by Jonathan Tait



FIc. ro3

Wal,tirrg sutstclo Nottirrghailt s Roek gtty ln thc drlvirrg sleet,-for Echo & Thc Bunnynea to ariivc for e soundeheck for whtch they end up bcing helf an hour late for enyway is no fun. We latcr diseovered- th; reeson for the hold up was their equlpnent d.clayed, in snow at Buxtonrl,rorl!"iqg iealry also thc locatioR of the - filnlqg of thelr forthcomiqg novle. Thus talk began (wlth guitartst WL}l Sergeant ralnly,vocallst lan lttlccutloeh pertly and dnrnner Pete De FreLtas possllly ) on the subj ect of the filrn.


got a blt of frolickfu,â&#x201A;Ź in tt as welI. This filnts the worst. Itt s the worst film in the world. It ls gotng to be called t They Shine So Hard,l . tt WIII THB}IE BE A SOU}IDT}iACK tP TO FOLIPIU THE EP? ttNorttts Juet going to be the EP.n WHY WASNTT DAVID BALFE (er-Tcrjdrops heyboard player) PRODUCING THE LTVT: EP? trI went to know why tt said it was produeed, by Hugh Jones and. 8111 Drunnond,rbeceusG 8111 wasnlt even therco, ..ho wes there at the ni..xirrg at the



ttt g. , . .3 wctrd placc. It wes a btg octagon shape rtire tratl au eia"*lrfui . iiA i"";;fi;uscr nnl ttBecausG

thcre wasrllkerall thiso tropleal plantg_ and thirrgs. H,ca11y wei,ld. tt


ttWellrlt adght be dstng thc rounds wtth a Clash filmra Sllts-flln and e Pop Group filn. Afrongst those no one will notice ours. It-Ls the worst flln cvGrr Thc llve stuffrE great the bit at thc bcglnnLngl Itt s th;rbut worst thirrg youf ve cver sGerlr llakes 0rossroads l"ook like the bloody Roya1 Shakcgpcerc CorEpsR] . tt Is THE BUNNnIE}r/TEARDnOPS/WAH t RTTALRT EXAGGERATED 8Y THE PNESS? rlJg3|,1 . tl Oh. IS IT ?RTIE THA? YOU PTAIED TRItrMPETS WITH THE ?EARDROPS ON ?OTP?


l{ot whcn thcy aetually


on T0fPrbut oB the vidce. Me and Les and Fete anC loads of ottrcr peoplc frorn Ltvcrpool . All in the JLrp, tt

DO TOU Srrlr HOLD beglnntng,but hre wcre orrly there for WITTI ZOOI. RECORDS NO?{ THAT TOUIRE e f ew d,ays. Anyway, it d,oesnf t nattGr WIT}I KOROYA? rrThcy I rc @ur Banegenent now. I d.ont t wagt anythirrg to d.o wlth hLn.r t WHAT CON!$ECTTONS



THEN ll'}ilT



tIlIE EP? ItIt lsntt? Thatt s weird lsntt lt? THE EP? IIEh? We dtCnr t. That was a cock rF. ldaybe thatts why ttI s chafted.rr Wc dldnr t heve a titlc for lt when we ARE YOU SATISTIED WITT{ T}IE KOROVA rccorded tt, and, tho rccord cotrpany DEAL? ttWellryeah...youf ve Eot to watch wcrc pushing the track for the EP. That (ttrc EP) was Fy idea (WfUr s)thcn though. Glvb thcts an lneh and all that happened wes wc wGrc ln the thcy I 11 go netrlc. tt studlo ltstentrrg to tho tapes and I WHOI S IDEA WAS IT TO GTTE THE said t WeIl ,I wouldnt t ruLnd thls golrrg FREB SINGTE AWAY WITH TATER CO?IES out I and, the next thi4g we knew lt OF THE FIRBT ALBT'M? rfThe rccord. compeny t s. We canl t was on e 12II single and Ln the shops. And ail, tho tracks wcre urrongl It d,o anything about Lt" Onca wef ve g1shouldnr t have been called t Ztnbo t ven thcn the tapesrthcy can do noie because its pronounctation LsnI t er less what they want with thcm. zlnbo itl 8. . . . tNjimbsl . tt ttke,lf wG g_ct a hlt sinEle rthey can DTD YOU FIND MAKING THE FILM AN put lt on K-Tcl LPt s. I thlirk if we ENJOYABIE EXPERIENCE? rcally obJccted to lt,and wG caught ttYeah. It went weIl. It wes welrd, thcn qulck enotrghrwe 6ould stop it having to stop and. Eet all the caiera though. , . ll rolltng and that sort of crap. It was tt Just a wcird atnosphcrG.



ttTeah. Well rwâ&#x201A;Źtve got no option have we? 0n the new albun wctvc d,onc sone sqqgs_lrith dnrn nachines thoughrt DO YOU STILT USE ECHO? rfleah. See the Ereen one? Thatts Echoooo.and thatts-Jake. He plays

Eultar on a couplc of the songs- and a llttle bit of synth on the first sorlg tn the set (i0ver The Wallf ), I teenrhow rany groups have got three gultars?! April Wtne or something...



ItIt wa s rottc!. You donl t Eet anythirg_Iike reel food. After every neal I ate ln Anerica f fclt slcic. tt WI{AT hERE THE AUDIENCES IIKE? trsone of them were greetr,but..,. some of then werent t, Sone werc like I

Londotrry know rlondon Lyceun types. , . ttahh, cone onrlnpress usrt, We net up with VZ ln Auerica. We had a good, laugh. tt

re erap, tt asserts lan. Te Just, eesy listen:Lng, rt corrects lete ttDo you like V??tt Will asks. The ansner ls affirnative. Eenerel ttYeah?? I d,ontt Eet tt, Why do pcople Ilke then? Theyr re too soft. Not hard rockint I tt l{ill also exprains trThey t flThey t


that their Anerican visit prevented the band appeariqg on ?OTF- when the EP was in the chart.

T YOU HAVE SHOn'"N PART OF THE FILM? ttllell rygahrthat coulalt ve Eone otrr but we dontt went it to... owc could COULDNI

end. up like The Teardrop Explodes! Pomp rock!tt UHOSE II)EA It'AS IT TO HAVE BLTIE ORCHII]S SUPPORT FOR THE TOUN? ttlde liked the idea of having sonebod.y r J t knorv, unknown, unheard about. . . tlrey1"" supposed to be good. They sound, a btt out of tune,but lt dbGSnI t letter though. tf DIDN' T THE FACT THAT YOU' RE PLAYING ROCK CITY FOR THE SECOND TI},IE SEEII{ TO INDICATE THAT YOU BNJOTED IT rMRE THS FIRST TIME?

ItIt was alright. The Rainbow wes crep. But lt rras Eood here , though.rr Inteririew by Neil Bumows rAnd,rery Hulre and Ian Rocklcy. Written by Nell Burrowso



Pertls Of Penelope Pitstopt

8111 Nelsonf e haircut S


I The



Martln Thot ]ee Gartbaldi SPITFTRB PARADE:

IA Factory Quartetr (Side ZrKevin Hewlck t In Berlint ,Blurt t


Whateve Q.


Happens Nextt ,Swel1 Maps

Quarterst rThe Associates

(siac r*)

& The Weathert ,l'{agaztne llt"eig I',''heelrl'lurder Me ,l{as (mot Was} tDevil .s And Arrgelst ,The Passage 'utr

tEntertainnentl I ,GonE Of Four Ir ?ip Nolant ,CuIt-Fieures Falth r cure ,The |

,The Raincoat s lt{y Beby Jivel ,Wirn"rd. llgo Dash Snapt i l-lap_ ,siouxste/ganshee s t The Return Of The Durutti Column? I 9aV shape

(!fe t rle

Got A ) Bit Of A plcnie





lylth two Ubuts,an cx-Maprs Ralncoat and len Annesley (?). KILLING J0KE: ttWhatf s TFIIS For... !tt This albur ts rir@nderfu]. ft shows Sonething, somewhere has gone wrorrg. polltlcally tnclined lyrleisn cen rakc Kll ling Joke used to be inventive thrltg polnt and, be FUNI t - Mayo Thonpsont s orâ&#x201A;Źh their ability to create and chall- eclectic lcileas behtnd sonEs llke- thc engerriEht fron the cxcellent t Neryous tttle track, t Prtsoncrt g lr{odel t and, Systeml l0tt to their first albun. Their IThe Trector Drl-vert conbine ideally powcr end, ideas were blended, t,o form with the disJotnted nus!-ca1 anties 6f driving Eusi.c of sonre note, They now the nuslclahs. appear to have lost that origlnal abilftThey say lt I s ert killed ?oIlock ity and. thelr sonEs have just becote relcntlcss r rGpetitive and rultirately , As lf that could be. redundant. In fact he missed. a bend And drove his ford lnto a tree. tt Each traek on this albun is based ( t* lortralt 0f V,Iolenlrr- In The Stylc ' eround obvlous rthunping dnrn patterns, Of Jackson ?oIloek Part Ir ) wi,th fuzzed. guiter Cnd keyboai"'Cs crcsBxeellent couplets ltke the above tlng a solid waIl on .Sop. Jas t s distare seattered throughout the a1bun, orted vocals are preetically indeeJ,phthese obs errratl,oqs ind the dalnty /' erable until he yells the usual K.Joke faintly Jazr,-tlnged wanderlngs oi thc ehorus line ( oftbn sinply the title of nuslc providlng a balancc for sonc the song ) . Hard, eoro K: Jbke fa ns w111 partlcula rly cunbersone song titlcs no d,oubt en;oy to this rbut Kangaroo? Certalnly. I fear others w111 flnd lt a partlcularly arduous task. THE RAINCOATS : 't0dyshape f' only t?ensiont andtFollow The Lead.ert The Raincoets create a sperse sound, nenage to eseepe nrndanlty by having thetr style of music using a varlety sone sepbl?nce of melodyrbut the rest, of instruments to it-an odd charespeciallytpho Told You- Horv?t and acter. These instnrments renge from Unspeakable; arc. trad,itional bass and gultar io vtolin, cello and even en harmonica in places, Thc average track }ength is 5b nixl- ThqV use thaae sparlngly, neyer ovcrutes. Thcre arc eight of then. d.oing anything ln ordir to capture the essential quallty. THE RED CRATOTA: ttKangaroo? tt The tnnocent voices of AnarVlcky & Laura Loglc has got it. SloLlxsle Gina enhance their music. The lyrlbs had ito Alison Statton hasl it. Now ere spoken or sungralways lifting and Laura togic has got it. She ie curcn- changing with the-pace of the rusic. tly one sirth of The Red Crayol?rrlong Thcre is no continuous beat to gra sp on_ to rFo stable rhythm; ln fact rthe only thing that does rcmaln conitant ln rnost of the songs Ls the bass llne. The mrslciens nevcr rcnaln on the selne instrument for longr contributlng then raovirrg or1. The fact that there is no pGrulanent singcr e an enly bc an assct rthe list,encr never getting bored with the sene voice. From the catchy bass and dnrm lntroduction on the opener, t Shoutlng Out Loudr ,the album carrtes you alolrg through beautlfully forlorn tracks llke t Only Loved At Nlght t and t Danc1!rg In lfy Hetdt . The latter ls graced wtth touehes of plano snd furthir eDhanced, by Glnat s hauntlng vocals... tto o obut ny spirit is d,ancing. Dancl,rrg ln Frc. ro4 ry head and ln Hy heart. tt



The sGeond sid,e d,ocsnt t run es smoothly as the first,the mrslc beconlnE tsorc erretLc but belng kept together by bass and swl,rltrrg vtolLn. rAnd Then Itt s OKt fcatures Bobert Wyatt on d.nrmsrwhilst tRed, $hoest Ls alnost Anet s solo effort,es she. plays evcqfthtng cxecpt violin (Ylcky). ?he album closes $rJ,th t Go Awayr 13 ehort ellnactic picce thet swecps alor€; and ends alpost as abnrptly as lt began.

This record leavee the flrst

coats album standlng,


)*r i



e f



t t t






t fs


frBevelattonrr also reltes less on

thpt sound, substltutlng instead e stronger beat wlth nrnl,eh more blte to lt than the other traeks, ttFun I nt Fnenay ffi eseepes mrndanlty by virtue of lts tiele and gencrally livcly aurnobut ev€n then it'r s not perttcularly exce$,entn In faet roD the whole rthis albunn is slmply Not



s I Four€h Wallt The !'lying tisarCs* on€-htt wond,er€r , e bit of & glggle at first but' efter thstn o e 6 e e s e a athlnk agaln! There ere only two tracks on the rdtrole of thls album arhieh bear the qlightesf resemblance to tMoneyt ( t Move On Up? snd t Lovers And Other Strengersr nbo&h stngle* prlor to thls elbumt s release ) , The renceinlrrg ten feature David Cunningham and lots of tapes Obviously more oxthoclox instrultl€rltatlon is requlred to prod.uce the grindingi machinatlons of r Flands 2 Taket or the pumpiqg ?Steam Awavr , and for bhese DC is alcled b,y a cast' of thousands trvell eighteen anyway ) t lncluding one Rsberb Fnipp 0n a couple of numbers ( ecineidentally the least effective on the albrurn but there ysu go ) . In factrhalf & dosen tracks here feature mairrly I4r* Cunnlqghem, cnedj.ted wlttr t ape 6 s ps rtrLe s si- on gult e rs , volce , keyboands a nd }-oops r incl.uding iihe excellen& s Sbe&xn Attray t anrl tAnother StoryE s When he ls ioined by only one or two obherr musieians DC prod.uces the aSbum? s rnost eff ective pieee.s n u In My tif etimer betng a cese in poiiltptt,s looped voices providing a ehi-l"Iing eomrnentary over the harsh b a ckground. sound sca pe Els€-where the banct is expanded, to lncorporate about ff,ve peopl e , the nrcre musieally compl ebe songs ltke t a-Traint and 8l{ands 2 Taket re-sulting. Because this alburn ls by The Flylng tizarcls 3 fear many will sinnply ignore ib, T?ris is a shamerb€€ause a }ot of worthy experimental musi-c is featured here and I feel lt shourld be reccgnised as such o Perhaps lf lt rrres cred.ibed tc Fere Ubu or Brlen Eno tt rsoul,C receive the acclaim it desewes*







Only F,un In Townf

Here is a lLst of tracks: ttForever Droftorr 1116



rClttzens tl It0razy To Existtr rrThe Anglerl

These tracks ere sbunninsly nned.iocre. The debut Josef K album anrl HALF lt,s tracks are just dovrnright aversge. Of the five remalningrat been relleast two Lrave previously eased es singles ( t ltt s Kinda Funnyr and t Sorry For Laughingt ,both excellent ) lwhlbh leaves-three. ttHgart Of Songtt w&s the best of the recent Peel session and is also the best hef,e. A good chorus hook and less reliaRce on the (eventually) neuseatingly j angly guj-tars whlch donutnate aIbum.


sound throughout the


Revlews by



A. Hulme



GOLDEN through 1980 Swell


split, FoLlowirrg a frorrght ltallah tour Biggles Books and''rEpic Soundtracks revealcd to an unsuspcct,lng r4rorlrl that they had left because they dldnt t like the wey Nikkt dressed. A natton mourned. Epic drtfted off to The Red CrayolarNlkki relegsed a solo single end Jowe recorded an as yet unreleased solo alburn. The bass player on this album ls/was GoIdGn Cockrill, cxperlenced dee-j ay and tnfamous perb-ttme Map. Here he COmeS nOWo...o..or.





fi r+;r


F ooD,C.HI#.I CaA*F.Y . . . . 5AUc;E,/ LENT(}N CHtg?1 , t*O?"







k'.: lltg#.ry D






f.hlpM,!{& i TE . .

rov,e, (+y4 .4fi Y. .Q Phones, .6.V.KlYf



*f.. . . . :: ]t*J'$.'.

Q,gl . ,H,f.?lF.






SN #rR Al

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'LotF{ CF


: ryt,ATJbTFY]

ir r0*, E . Ra+EAqg SgLe

,ildEAlH n no r

CUAKffi.Sf !;g:g

Biggtes: o frps1K.WAF./YI






Nilslci: , l$:l

qH'Q HFA g''$'QYFR

: l. &Fk .lPW;. . . Uonnct 3wnm'or FAvouRrrE ALBUM: '.TnF..frN tEgT

. I N.s.rgvplq-*r.

Epic: .KlNq.


FAvo{lnrrn F rrM,

hq F.qt .? nF!y.


: 8v*1il


Brrtrli: .ffi,L,|.L{.!l *tr.. r.




cusnEltlr/rur uaE Acr rYrr rEs




ON SKINHEATE BY .qPwF . .( $4+ IH F. .( F,,rQ,h. Jpg)



IoHN. .AAqffi/iiFpJ,D



oN ror/rg By sKTNHBADs, t{N

COCKRILL He-l-f way




q, .1 9L .,(1e.4 $F. . . . .


.lYY1J .!..


(Sltuatlon Z)


s'rngres to date. nr" soru, (lts n _q1d" $:ll":t?l#J", featuring tfre superior orlginal-ana-tf,e adventurousness of tKlssedt ) contiasts weiL wlth thE effectlvely over-producedrpacey tKitchen Persont follow up. ?he

aivesone f Q.Quartersr

23 JEWETS: ttIf 11 Pay For Thistr (?emporary Records) The thj.rd Jewel-s. si-ngle to date ind by far the terms of both productlon and materlal. The fliprtDolvn To l4lnlnnrmt ris'also entremely good. TllE'BAItRY GRAY ORCHESTRA: trThe l4aln Theme From Thunderblrdstt (PRT)

Sllghtl-y disappolptlng-A sl<lerperhaps lacking ttre power requfreA for the hornsrbut the other side features the theme-from iJoe g}t; classlc. THE I{ONOCHROME SET : ttTen DonI ts For ESSENTIAL LOGIC: ttFanfare In The Honeymooners tt ( Pre ) Gardenft (Rough Trade ) The flLat, empty sound of the last More light-rveight than the previous I Better Noi s e I sirrgf e but enj oyabl ul. set album 1s thankfully abandoned e to make way for more fully-fledgednonethel es s. Laura t s vocals are as pop'slrallar to their ftrst. Bucks fine as everrthe sax sllghtIy subdued. FLzz for posers. Isostemonous. n

f HE nED CRAYOTA: I'An 01d tr{anl s

Arlesedry .r?I:#l{-:Hf:.1"1t;l lont ,the flrst Red Crayola bj for over a yeer is a Eloriously brutal bass meze o The I l\tilkmaiclt coupllng doubles lts Justlflcation for- slrrg-

ularityrbut lnvest ln the wonderful t Kangaroo?r tP instesd.


Ftsh Needs A Bike tt (lrmageddon) More cetehy than prevlous rel-€ases fbom the Stroud trlo. Just slffiple Eultar rlffs and dnrms wlth frenzled waillrrg sax from Ted Milton. B sicLe ts I This Is MV Roya1 Weddlng Souvenlrr .

DNA: rrA Taste Of DNArr (Rough Trade ) The exce]lenb Arto Lindsey on Morl, (drums) end Tfun Eultarrlkue ldrlght' (Uass) produce a crazy mishmash of rhythmlc bubblirrgs rbut of

the slx tracks only on t New NewI does enything particrrlarly ernrlgoratfu€ reslrlt. Lerrgthenlng the sorrEs to let the ideas develop would posstbly produce healthler results.


' That Would Kls3 rr ( Factory ) A 7't release of last yeart s Lztt version. Vlni Rellly makes the most of a simple drum machine and Eultar end brings out sensiti,vely serene record.s. Excellent g$itar playlng.


N.Burrows and A.Hulme.


IrAttention Stockh6lmlt

FIARI WILSONs ?tDance Cardrt SHAKE SHAKE t : Itshake Shake I tt ( all The Compa ct Orga nlzation


A label to watch. Three of the yga{t s better releases rthe Virn? llndt single e rffinl-clissic. A 50t s Ppy-spoof wlth a gyratingr speedy temporhusky Europeen vocai and feat-

gring Ms.Llndt at the electrlc pienoo Wtrat more can one ask for? How about the extrernely danceable , extremely (wor*hern) s6u1fu1 IDan6e Card.t 6V Marl Wilson wlth the Imaglnatlons. Dance is not the rtght word! How about Shake Shake tn?- Of the three .the most dlsappolntlng, although the 6sl-de 1s a g€rn. The ready-t,o-hear colle ctton-on C ornpact, . -. . . Styles Are Made,Stars Are Boin. Somebody has to be first. ffi T A VOI{SWAGENS: trKlll Myselftt (

Ittechen:lcal Reproductions


As a debut sfu€le a very worthy effort. Joy Dlvj-sion with a sense of

featuring a dead-pah vocal to all. The main pioblerns at the rnornent seern to be that the band. are frorn Lelcester (whlch they canr t help) and thel"r neme (r'rfrf cn they can). YISITORS : ?r0ompatlbilltyn (Ratlonal ) A great si-ngle. Foints of reference? Joy Divisionrperhaps The Jam, except the influences are soaked up and channeled into somethtng tndivLdual and compelllng. A record of sgrprlslng substanc€ r even its B slde, rPoett s Endt ,could outshlne the maJority of thls yearl s releas€s. humour,

end thern

ttlt?rcn I llved ln Menchcstcr I was pLaylng J-n ldtot Rouge snd. our bass player knew him and askcd hlm aLong to one of our glge in Llvarpool. We playcd reelIy bedlyrevcrythlng wcnt

Nottinghem band 23 Jewe1s heve

recently releaeed their third single on their orsn ?emporer? Records label r a totally self-flnanced affair whteh rndll hopefully recelve Erore accleim than lts predccessorse Thatf s one reeson for this. The bandr s main drlvlng lnfluence is Simpsonrwho met the bandts current rhytfrm iectlon ( Geof f Powers and I'{ark Buckle) at unlverstty three years 3go. Along with a slnce deperted gultarist called Sltttonrthey were eollecttvely knorvn es Sneak & The Prevlews. Holvever,tn the surnmer of l979rjust prior to the bandl s recording of thelr debut singlt rand following numerous ergurnents rMark and $irnon le ft. Thus, f or the ,Neil F,oberts j oined on guitar and Pacldy Russell (nn Otd School Friend) was roped ln as ternporery bass player, To adcl to this instabilityrthe group discoverecl that e Bristol band had already released their dehrtt, rlisc under the nerile The Sneak Prevlews r so e neme chenge to 23 Jewe1s wns called for. I'b occured and the debrtt si-ng1e,

dlsastrously w?ongrand Cllve v,cs there rea1Ly plssed up nnd hc wcnt round pretending to be an AEaR nan from CBSrasklng everybody what they thought of the group. He wes Just belng really obnoxloue end really loud- I thought he hras en absoLutc twet. lie hed en argument about Fender guiters anrl he was seyLng how terrrlhle they were. We eLl had Fender guLtarsrso we thought thte was pretty bad form really. Now, thoughrall of Any Trouble play Fenrler guitars. After that I got to know him qulte well ancl. my opl-nion


hLm Lmproved. tt DO YOU LIKE AIfT TROTTBI,E YOURSELF? ttPosslbly I wouldnt t if I dldnt t

I dontt thlnk Clive really makes the kind of reeords he would like to makerand f think hets a very careless songwrlter es well. When he cctually puts hls mind to lt, het s e very gooct lyric writer. One of the flrst songs he ever wrote celled rBibfe BeLtf ls onc of the best hel s wril;tenrebout the Lennon lBeatles ere more popular than Chrlstt quote. ft! s a brilltent song rver? simple- I thlnk alL his songs are one verse too longrlncldentally. Hers a very clever blokerthoughra very ta-lented bloke, tt ttI was askecl to tour Amerlca wlth Any Troublerplaylng keyboerds rbrrt I turned lt down.....I felt I owed it t Pleying Bogartt ,was released. to the fans in this country to stay .....]tknowrl feel a great loyalgy A yeer later tlre band. were preplr- to the fens... rt cAN YOU EXPLAIN WHY YoU nEQUTRE of thelr seeond ing fbr the recordj-ng TOTAT INDEPENDENCE IN YOIA OPERATIONS? release (ttre t WeLtschmerz a go-gol t rrft'ellrin feetrthLs 1s a rumour EP) when the b'y novl bas$-l ess trlo which has got about which 1s very were râ&#x201A;Ź-j oined by l4ark. The Ep vles credlteble tn a lot of waysrl made and pub out in the srlquner of l-980. Nell- Rolaerts rhowev QT tv'res a year suppose. It looks good on paper and that sort of thlng. But l-n fact wer,'re ahaad of t5e others at unirrersity, lndependent out of sheer necessity, leadiqg to his untimely depertllre because no one w1II put our records jr.lst after the EFI s release. A out. The edventage 1s we can do whet ieplacemenb nFrank Mc0arthy ( ttfrom Brighton I leads Ttre Guardien,thet sorb we Llke when we }lke but equally we of thtrrgtt; we s found and, the current dontt make as many records as we orrght torand when we do theytre fer JerveLs lncarnatlon w3s afloat. too nrshect. Likerthe thrce records exce]lent welvc mede so farrthere are flaws ln The third single IItll Pay For Thlsl rthe them. On a sinple level there are recently ,has lots of mlstakesrlots of thlngs I seen ttre llght of day ,lrrodrtction could think of now that f woul.d chores agaln handled b]t Cllve Gregrether hevo clone dLffercntLy,whlch sonrho of Any Trouble farne. In a lf werd had n:re tLmerl night havc recent chat with Nick,I asked how notlced then. this connection carne about. knon them.



e trlt dubious about thls independence thtng enywty. There rlre e lot of lndepencler,t r(3cords trJt 6

put.out nowadays Caterlng to a perttcrfler, snotty lttt1e market; ltl s e bit llke a collectors thingr y I know. . . tlHave you heard the new Desperate Bicycles. singlett sort of thtng. Really makirrg records ought to be an end ln itself ,but lt lvould be good fun to make re6or,1s whleh pegple boughbrinst6,;rC of them gotng trnder ycur bedroom lamprwhtch oursclo. tt flThs sarie goes for playlng live es well. One f anzine d.ld a piece on us ancl sr icl I 0h, they orrly pley when f eel like it I rwhereas the fact lhey is we canf t get the bloody vrork. tlgtre going to try and yrlhy London if I^I€ can. Certainl)' wet 11- pley more out of l,lottingham than we have done in th e pest;. tt liOLiLD YOU EVER CONSIDER SIGNING

II/ITH A BIG TABEL? tt0h ]tesrho luesti-on. There ere

certe in lala eI s I rvould.n t b sign rvith , like EMf ,lt e c aus e .r f Ll: ei r^ lnrrclvernents in the errnaments inclu-strTt

you orlght to have as little to do as pos slbL e with peopl e }1k e the.t . I wouldnl t slgn ryith- V:-rgi-n eithepr they|re just a birrt labe1 .tt -D



nncoRDxD, pltE,SsED, ETC, it{DEpE I}ENTLy ? rri\Io it !.ra s v ery et s1t r The fi rst ,

s ea sy to cto- the recorcting pretty treumatie blrt bhe process is very sts1l r As Physical for gettirlg di.qtrihuti-onrwe r\rere very lueky with I Pleying tsogert t because Rough Tracle took 200 and for thern there end th€rl, o . , i)eyed they I ve never ta};en es manj:/ of one of our recorcls since. We t ve sold nee rly l+00 o f l,hat re cord , bfr i ch one




is nothingrbut to usrwe Just eould,nrt bell,eve it,. The Eprthougf,rthe press1+g was done by -Hoitake--(il an& they dtd e terrlble- flrst batch.on vinyl with bits of tmlg in'andord that sort of thing. We evenfually sold 100 of the l0O0rbut wc eoultntt gct dtstrLbutlon foi it. on r Pleylng wG wcre lucky becausb J6hn Eog.rt,t Peel ltked it a nd pliry ecl tt s everal tlmes and tt was si-ngle of the week NillE I and thet r{es just great fun because we were getttng lettcrs from abroad every day- San Franctsco,


Dtcpp€ Irwe

were also intenriewed for the by Lynn Hanna I we went round to her hous€ rhad our plctures taken and tt never went ln. rt was e terrl-ble thirlg- if enything II d like to become famous so that r wont t have to tell my g1ryndchlldren t f nearly ry$m

got in the

NllE oncet . ., . fl ARE THERE A}fY PLANS FOR ANOTHER SINGLE , OR EVEN AN LP? tlf Id love to make en LP, just because it? s goocl fun to do.: : . .I

think we could make a goocl record es r,veJl . we I d have to spend more time on it thorrgh. Like, in the eontext of making a single, it woulcl be havlng sey tlvo day s to d.o' it lnstead, o f about 10 hours rwhich makes all the cllffererlee. tt ?tThen it t s a question of getting someone to put it out and that d.epenrls on ttre success of the si-ngles. lve are lvor!}ng on an LPrln faetroi certainLy Itm working aiound it; IIrn ygry lnterasbed in rnaklng an LP el.J f t m con-qta ntl-J on the 1ook-out for peopl e who mi3lrt tre interested in tt

purttirg one out. HAVE YOU APPROACHND ROTIGFI TRADE? ttbiell we a sked them to put out ourt,hlrC single rihen $r€ eoll_l-dn?t ge_t together th e money a nd th ey r er r j)ol+tely de clined. Actue1ly , Rough ' T l"d* , the sn rne a s John Pe ei , a re v ery stralge i)eopleo. o. n f meenrtl:e irJea of what makes a gooc recoia is entirely subj eetive- there is no sueh lhin{I r nbJ ?.clrively speekingr as A Good ltecordlike , wh a t Co y oll mea n by

crlteria do ]'orr h;ive being good ,dlff erent peopl e i,vll-l sey rl1f f erent th il:r{ts. But I thin}< Sogdrwhat

e. lot l?ough

c T


f tl'i e record s ra cte pulj olrt , e ncl

e 1oh of the recorcls hn Peel Fl ay s r 3 re extremel,v_ bad. Cbviolisly that I s only my otrn opinion, so it t s not ,,To

FIc. roj

reelly luorth much.



ov er



rfAll you have to do to get on the John Peel showrancl you can.quote me on'thisri.s to have a Sttff Lit{;le Fingers- soundellkc backing band and. a 13 yaar old girl shouting tGlve Lt to mel over the top and yorl know hetlJ go a bundle on lt.-To be falr to hlmrthoughrbe has played all our reeords and Rough Trade have sold a Iot of them as well.. . tt CAN YOU SAY A B]T ABOUT HOW YOU GO ABOUT I^IRITING SONGS?

ttl lvrlte the lyrlcs cnd musicrl rvrite it all. The trrey we do this-has alteredractuallyrover the lnst year or sor f used to just write evrrythlng and bring it afsng to reheirsa-L9 and sey tYou play thlsryolr play this, etc.. . I lterribly autoiiatl-c ytbngy, I always have the Ldeas veryqulcklyrwhat takes ages i.s getting the thing into a workable state. I qsed to Just pace up and down my room thlnking atrout lt for hour after hour. whet we do soon as rrve thought of anything I Uring lt along and we Just plss about wlth il: and we actually get ple.ylng thlngs far quicker. For exemplerwe played the Ad-tib on July lst and wetd rehearsed a song for the fj.rst time the prevlous night an<l we played lt that nlght and Irm going to change lt Dowa dlfferent titlerthe muslcis changed but probably I wouldnrt have changedlt if we hedntt actually gone out and.!{T{Y played i.t,.tt DONI T YOU PIAT



ttI wrot,e that rvhen I lvas 1S lthree years ago. That is our most popular pongtour record thatte sold the most, but it sounds like Thin LLzzy to me a lot of the tlme. I thlnk itt s a good songrbut it,t s got very little lndlviduality. Lj-kerour other records J couldntt imagine them belng done by anybody else because they ere product gf my characterrbut t Playing Bogartt I could lmagine ltreasllt.u?.




trI donrt think ltve done lt as well as f could have done. Jtl s meant to be about 1i;he essentlal theme in youth culturerthe idea of youth es bhe James Dean figurerthe lonerra preoccupation with lrunortallty. You see lt on the cover of any magazlne, the encapsulatlon of beauty of... rl ttPeople see youth as bei-ng a fixed polnt ln tlme. When peoplc are young they see themselves as belng rather better than older peoplerthat

oLder peopS.e ay'e fall_ed in somc rr?yan attttude ltr s very easy to faLl lnto. Now I see the decay- i.n my own bodyrwhlch you begln to irotlcc-ln your early 2Otsrlt occurs to you that you yourseLf are golng to become gx-e_c3Iv like t,hetryour facc is going to cnrmple and so on. Ilve writt,en thls song saylng that this attltucle of youth is a terrible concclt,. people see in old peoplcrln fg"$ their physical and nental dlcayrthc

lnevitablllty of thelr own fatt-and because of that thercts an attliude of cont'empt because paople dont t to knorr' about this sort of thlngrnould rather not think about wfatls to happen to them and thatt s whet f trieit- to wrlte sbout. In. fect rtechnically speaklngrltt s want

not. a_vera rve11 wrltten songrtrecattse J ended up wrttlrrg about, was


the ettitude ltselfrnot the attltude



trying to strike n

as conceit,. I




I was a hero in the western film, f was the young pretender, the gir1, {nd I got her baek; If rrfSot had the greafest aphrodtsLae. r't f pay-For Tbls?r) (

ItThatr s Just the attltude put .into . words and nowhere do f glt onto the core of the thlngrthe reason .g4y people have thls-attltude. t PIeytng Bogartt ls about the same sort of attltude. The so4gs on the Sp

I_think are quLte good...I thlnlr tJtlg Not Foi Met I-q a great song, but we dontt pley that -nymore because itls too hard. tlove And Convenlencel as lnreLl. . .. .Fraylk doesnrt_agree ebout thisrdo you?tt Frank enters the 6onvtrsati_on for the flrst tlme. rrNorltrs Just that I thought the qong was sllgtrtly different to what I mis-reacl a- couple of -1t wasrand l{n-esrso I lreslrtt thlnklng 6f ttre rtght wortls. rr IN





ItItrs very stockpilerl can wrlte 1ny nrrnber of tlrese songs. Basically J couldntt say what ltt6 about; I wrote lt after reading IA Soyt Of Lif-et by Graham Greene. Itt s very rnrch e tthls is what ltf s like tb b: Il.-X Sirnpsolrt -klnd of songrwhl-eh p*ett! be self-indulgent I supposer, but I donrt see how-you can i{bttefrom enY other polnt-of vlew but your


own reeIly. Itt s Just e suecesslon of thl,ngs. . I I set ln the clnerne o

and watched, Something vegue become

cold certaLnty I And sornewhere outside the love interests were thro



the whole rrcrrd "ilfS"' cram Ltself on the

( ttDown

seme one. t

To Ivlintmtrmtt


Ithlhen you go into a flIm, everythlng seems so stmple. I'lke Greham Greene saysrgoing lnto a

ctnerne and seeing sonoeth tng ltke I Gone tr",lth The l'Iindr made him cryrnot because he found the story movingrbut because the sad thtng he found was that such coursge r

fictelity snd tlrat sort, of thlng slmpiy werenlt posslble in hurnan life bee ause people dont t, beheve in r{ay and he t s ab soDu.t,ely right. (fn fl1rns) everything lb cIeaf-cLr.t, r People like extremes and sirnplicity and theret s e great slnpllclty in, for example, fesClsm. ItIs very simple and this Ls one of the reasons it I s so a ttra ctlv e bec e.r-r,$e lt rneke s things sucldenl;r seem cl eap. It I s the seme with rellgioll- tire BibLet s reLigton is a merr/ellorrsly si-mp}e thing e.nci thie seemingly helps explain everything. I rrrean, in Genesis the worlrl t s rnede in 7 deys. . .very , ib exple j-ns all the proh'l-erns awey. Jtr s also sornething you get from the medla- I niention th e TV in about everybhing f tve writf en, f,ust I dont t really knonr why ti:at is. , . it t In the cli.m-lit room It ve prayecl for sorne .

I3Ut w j-11-por,rrer el


diversiotrr rrd e

-o nrl

By the gaping scresrlr See the arm-chalr


ohr those crolvcls And. wrap up the condensed crlses ancl home again. I ( ttDor,{n To l4lnimumttf


ttYou see

r everything is prrt, into one and life isnt t, llke this. Everything is presented as lf things have e beginning ancl an endl like your averege romantic novelflrst attraction, then hopeless

estrangement and a trj-unphant

reunton. Things jr-rst donrt


tray. tt


IIThls is why_ Somethtng likc the Archers cnn go on for ?5 y€&rs- I

love that progrsm but I dont t sey itr s en eceurate representatlon br what life is llke rbbcause I dont t thlnk it is- but it illuetretes that things Just go onrwhich ls why the songl s called i Down To lttlnimumt . The llne is, I Noticable turnirrg polnts are d.own to minlmufir,ttre polnt being that there ere iimplt no nottceble turnirrg points- at whlch you cen sey your whole life hl,nges Tpon thts poi.nt- you do thls or you cto that, Gbttfrted Bennrr- Germen poet, 'r,'rote that life is bulldlng brtctgbs over ts*s11ss that disappearrlike the choices thet youf re pr-esented rtr"ith somehow vanish awey frorn under you. ?his rr'es the soy.'b of thing I web trylng to eolrrr€v. The best k{nd of booicswhich is why I like Grahem Greene so mrreh- nor:hing much happens ln them, Theyr re the tost s ccurirte rthe most real and tl, att s oI1€ of tha reesons people like entertainmert rl_ots of thlngs happorr. Thi-ngs heppen in books and films bncl it I s there .,1-n th at littl e wo rld. a nrl. thffi:it, ;,6-ii-?a n holrl it in your hand ihat " l'Ihereas €vrlryone knows that l.lfe lsnt t like thatrsnd thatt s r',rhat I wanted to vrrite eborrt ln I Down To Mlnimumt . tt Frahk rsomewhat overshadowed by hls pij rtner thus f a r, de cl ares , ItThat I s one of the reasons f was so strongly drawn toureyds 23 Jewels in the first place..... ttHe knew they read a lot of I All three of the 23 Jewels stngles to date ( t pteying Bogartt , tlfel[;chmerz A Go{}ol? and Iff 11 Pay For Thisf ) are avallable for {r,oo 1nc. p&p from T3rHerbert Road _


Sherwood Ris€ Notttnghnln.


or from SelectedlsC ln Nottlnghtm.




Se Blnrhds y Rock cltyrNotttrrshan POnfy

Whis trDers,





llhtspers ts an lden-l place for any bend to pley i e lerge cellar wLth st'age d,aneefloorrdlsco and a perfect atmosphef€.


Support bend This Heat dld not' go . I thought they were etrcellent. Not e slgn of e melody rhardly e

trace of e eet dnrq-patternrbut' enough extrlertmentel ide rc/t€leelisrn to cerry them thrcugh. The soundscepes they creeted, urero amongst the most arrestlng and, etnospheric Itve heerrC.reach es unnclnring es the lnet. The scene was set for Tured.omoolt. FItI,l PROJECTORS A week spcnt ln Nottln{Shan prlor to thls evenlng invlting people to contribute origLnal lnterestlng Ldeas to thetr show resulted, J,n the stage belng besteged by vielintets and cl,ancers along wlth the four Tuxedomoon membcrs thomselv€s. The maln forn of ltghtlng wes providcd by people al,nutng handheIil ftLn proJectors at thc muslcJ.engf faceg. Ihc- d,eslred cffect wss ereated. EI'IONMOUSTT

0lder nreterlal from the I llalf l*hrtet album wes ir$erspersed, wl,th ncwcr matertal from f Desl,rat rf Vict'l,ms Of The Dencef bclng pertlcularly enJoyable. The sound wes crysta1 cleer and the power of the band surprlsed me enormouely. Followlng varJ.ous lmprovteationsrthey encored and departed. all


litt1c keyboarrl nottfs guttar t*rtch scrved to LntGBStfy the soundrleavLng tt startllnsly horrifyiqg.

werc sweet

down well

The most enJoyable evenlng

The Btrthday Parby eppeared. es e Juuqble of pcople l secmtng1y Just eppeariqg on etege and, gcttlng on hrtth the nuej.e, Their ect wes vcr? erude, featurJ.rlg beei,c dnrmrotng and elea s'y bass. AbwG thl,s eural nash





Most of the raaterlal wes takcn thc I Praycrs On Flrct elbuni flon

Thc Batst ,t Zoo Mrsic GlrI| rThc Songt and | $lck The Dcath , Strtpperr , elthoush thc Lattcr d,ict miss the rleh horn eectlon flom the elbtrn. Frontman Nick Cav€ r sportlng a baggy T-ehtrt rleaped iround the stagG rgrowllng and scrcamlng hls way through the songs. At tlues the lyrlcs became indeclphcrable as hc got cerrled ewey wlth hls prinaeval

bursts. Imprcsslve- they ceme back for en cncore. Ne:rt on stago were thc Subway Sect. Thc contrast between thcm and the prGvious act eould not have been groaterrln terms of both mustc and stylc. Thcy were r presulnably ,bookcd es Ught-hearted entertainment to eofton up the evcntng. They stole





God,anf appeared rGsplendent

ln tuxedo and bo*-tle I r a host for

thc eventqgra modern day Frankle Yarrghtnr Strbwey Scct werc set and ready for a ehallcngc r euiff e and,




They Boved through the set with Gesci snooth flourir,i.g dencc mrsic to srf,lrrg to. Pauses between songs provlded Yic wtth the ehance to chat to the audlencer the perfect host. Ylc Goderd and Subway Sect msde thc nost out of a dlfflcult poslt,l,onrtnd cflras out the beet on the nlght. They playcd two cneorGsr

And thcn lt was to thc serious .. Eauh?ug opened with the cold r Spy int'r rrn Th; {n The c_.!!r rproceedlng FIat Fte1ct " Although-this w3s tnf.erior to the alburn stiir manaqe+ to retein some of its power


and, driverarul_Lt kept the punkb h.eRRY, Feter lvhmlfiy wesnt t- so happy

though..... ttSo the Notttnghan shlt st1ll spltsrdoes tt?n . "...and he finally took it upon himserf to throw his m:ike-$taird at a member of tho audicnceo rrresponsitrle actlon under eny clrcumsta,nces. tIF? on the whole Barrheust perforrnence bo become en essential trlo n sinron lncked rnotivation and ttrui frequently flts; perfectly es basslst where $:llutr)_ faltered on newer rnaterlai. At this Micheer D.**pqey left- off . r sevent"tn -"!:ge ^l,n thair c&reerrBauhsus need S econcts t heia htm ba ckl Uut r patth i s all of thelr trfl€J.r OfJ-gLneJori.ginal'flalr I-I eJ-f 5trnd nCt shorvn his full potentf il . 'e i-rr;agination to rlrt them from the The set eontetned e pirf ect blend rtrt th ey t ve ent ered. Th el-r nerr,er of old and new mareri"t;;i;rtin;-;irh materlal i,s gencral].y uninsptring t rhe Holy-_Hourr anq progresslG"inio

and. unimaglfative,labking tfre unf que sotmd, brought to A heact on r rn Flat Fieldr. Ifl:at they need. to rhd do

now is to r€-exarnlne ind rc-d,irect themselve s r 0n thg night,t,hough rthey occais.. ionally brok; througX, 6rnorging *itrt

a past classlc and shorvlng-their true worth. rllosegsrrlen Funeral 0f sores I b*lng_ an gxceptional exernpre


t'rith Murphy leaping irom side to side ln the ught cr the strobe. The r{es-the ftna} songr t iark higf,:point Iintrie s I t ? relv ryigorous songl strowing a porver the band hadnl t unl;ished al.L evening. A good note to end. orr" They didnr


t cncore,

The Cune As


Roarns , Derby

Beforrl the Cure appea red hre were treated to t Calnag.e Visors r , a rather a rty film shovring a prclgf€ ssion of movements of several'tof-Like Ilguf,r)$ r Therc was e sounclt ra c[ bt The oure that wes also just a progresislonr comprete with d.irrna rn*cF,in6, rves 25 rnlnutes long and. in block and white.


rri Your"Houser and iotEir-voiEu;;: fi-rst of the materi-al we s :t 10" 15 saturclay Night r coupr.a wtth Accurarcyl . Thie c6u1d *eii hav*-U""n h.rehpoir:t of their shorrr contrastlhu ang- the stark allenatlon of't 10.15r agaitrst the bubblipg I Accuract r :- ' t


Robert snltht s vocnl.e ere hauntir€r frl" voice containlng "n "iement of l-onelj-ness and despfir that i;-p"**."ps gaptured best on recorc. The inir*u*i-on wa s createcl that ifri Cu"* wanted to and cotrrct have ayed fJrever. rheir s et wa s Iory;p1 nl, th;t - encored

" with the expeeted,-r:.tu1es-" the olc favcurites. They Ftayedall an excel].t.Irrrnpins sbrneone ent medley s rAnorhei" Jdurney Bt Elser Traint enil 9f r;;int with G*l}up sweppi'g bass iln." irr the mirtc[e. ThiS'seErned ;tdift the nmalglmation of old to and. new matsr-

ial a nd their

"!ir.i!y between therm anct stiil top"

lgg y Pop Rock


The Cure have eome a long wey since thelr cxcelrent d.ebut album; ln terms of both nnrsic end personnel

CltI rNottingham








f I I I


i Contrlhutors


e1, ET


Eurrows Andrew Hu1me fan Rockley

Jon ?ait

f harrks



Rough Trad.e



23 Jewels



(rc@@@@ }.{ANTIN


THORPE @@@@@@@e)@@

Frc. roz





Adventuring Into Basketry #1  

Adventuring Into Basketry #1

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