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I thought I smelled sweatsocks filled with ocean water!

I’m going to pay you back soon, I promise. With interest.

Listen, Jean-Baptiste. You’re sitting in your little shell and you’re very angry with me, I know.



Oh, right. No hands.

How about...10%?

Cute little eyes though.

Let’s shake on 10%.


Hey. There were guys with crossbows and axes. Something had to disappear fast or it was my head on a plate.

*Al Alone, how could you have lost my merchandise?


Oh, well then.

Sure am glad I’ve got a new job.

* Or else what?

*15% and you pay me very, very soon. By the way, what’s the new cologne you’re wearing? Cocktail sauce?

So I can pay you soon.


*Or else you won’t have a head to worry about.

See you soon! No matter what, you’re my favorite bivalve!

That is one huge, ugly bird. Wow.

Chick? Really? That’s what you’re calling this buzzard, Al?

This chick? She’s still got it.

Made a few migrations, sure, but...

The Centenarian Egret. I get it now. Because this bird is old. Really old.


Guys, we better get scooting. Visitors! That’s them!

OK, let’s go!

If this is a chick, I really don’t want to see its mother. Wow. And it’s taking us to Aldente?

Still on the ground, here.

Move it!

Any second now. I can feel it in her feathers!

There’s a big, juicy worm waiting for you in Aldente.

What did you say? Oh, just that you guys were in a real rush.

(And that you were amateur taxidermists looking for work.)

Arrows! So many arrows!

How are we going to get rid of them?

Don’t worry. One time, I did a loop. It was awesome.

So, you guys are pretty popular with the white-helmet crowd, huh?

Seriously, though, this bird is magic. It can outfly anything in the sky. Don’t worry.


Why do you always bring that up? She had the flu that time!

It happens!

You know I haven’t.

Lady Leica! How are you holding up? Enjoying our candy?

Oh, come on! Aldente is full of pacifists and carpenters!

Lord Salvador wanted to shoot you with this Dread Castle’s cannon. I stopped him. Instead, we’re exploding your hometown of Aldente.

Hammers and saws can be very dangerous.

Some of them have awls, I bet. Pointy ones.

That’s right.

Tell us where the rebels are or we wipe Aldente off the map!

The rebels are here, in the Dread Castle.

Shoot Aldente anyway!


The Dread Castle! Genius!


Now, we’ll have to build a second Dread Castle to destroy this one, so that will require...

SOB! Choke!


Wouldn’t we have seen them by now?

Yeah, about I give you some time off? Two days leave?

Enough with the “fwoosh” sounds, JeanLuc.

You doubted she had it, but we lost them!

No love for Al? I saved your lives!

Bernard! What’s wrong?

I should have warned you about that place. Sorry about that.

I feel a great disturbance in IT.


Did you eat at that falafel stand near the hangar?

C’mon! He’s talking about IT being disturbed! So am I!


Try this. Trust me.

This’ll end well.

Bird: 1, IT: 0.

Space Warped #2  
Space Warped #2  

Enjoy a preview, courtesy of BOOM! Studios/kaboom!