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is it dem, Mr. Temporary Boss?

Egad! Who else would it be, you…you… {Sigh} Never mind. Of COURSE it’s him!

Yeeessss! Rockerduck was right! He has the crown-MY crown!-with him.

Erm, I say, my good man, what do you say to that? When DO we get to see the yeti? We paid good mon--

Egbert, when do we get to see the yeti...?

Yeeessss. I think it’s high time I returned to the cave. The little woman awaits!

I don’t care what happens to that…that… STATUS SEEKER, Scrooge.

To me, Beagle Boys! Leave these tourists here.

But if anything happens to that crown…well… just don’t let anything happen to the crown, eh what?

Money? I’ve no time for money! After all this time…my reputation…

…I’ll take the short cut to Gu! You, you, and you--head up Shadow Pass. The rest of you lot, chase ‘em into the Pass. When they’re surrounded, jump ‘em!

Get that crown from Scrooge. And when you have it, meet me at the cave.

Just lucky, I guess.

How lucky to have landed so near a native village.

And how lucky your parachute has a mind of its own. How do you DO that?

Unca Scrooge! You’re here!



I was worried about you, too, but now I'm worried about ALL of us. Does Shadow Pass look different than you remember?

Why, you’re right, Webbigail. “Yeti Tours?” I applaud the desire for profit, but the Sherpas we encountered last time wouldn’t have indulged in that sort of thing.

Launchpad's nearest landing spot was far, far away and I couldn't leave you to brave the elements alone.

Maybe these fine fellows will have some answers for us.

Wait a minute, Mr. Scrooge. Those aren’t Sherpas…

Those are Beagle Boys!

What’re THEY doing here?

Does it matter? Back! Back the way we came.

Did it just get dark here?

Meanwhile, high above the village, Guy Standforth has reached his destination. {Puff} {Puff}

Stan-dy wan-dy? Lovey dovey?

Yes… er…Gu-ey woo-ey.

Tourists come? No… snooky ookums. No tourists come. Bad people come cave. Try steal… {sigh} Standy wandy…away from our… {erk} love nest.

That Not Happen! I stop! We go cave. You safe there. Bad people come. I stop!

Um. Dearest, sweetest one? Could. You. Not Squeeze. Me. So Tight?

near the native village,


good guy and bad guy alike stand stock still and stunned.

it iS trying to talk!

Mrrrrr! Mdddeeee!

What iS that thing?

Hey, Mr. McDee! And is it trying to talk?

And why do ye look like a yeti snowman?

Well, ya see, it was like this…

Launchpad? How can ye be here? The plane was miles away last we saw of ye and there’s no landing strip in Ghaspan Gulp!

Hey, Mr. McDee! Who’re your new friends?

Get ‘em!

Run, everyone! Run! into Shadow Pass!

DuckTales #4  

Enjoy a preview, courtesy of BOOM! Studios/kaboom!

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