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In the throne room of the new king Fulla Pep…

See here, ya beanpole, where is King Fulla Cola? I have something to discuss with him. Old King Cola is gone, vamoosed, outta here. No idea where he is.

I’m the king here now and if you have important things to discuss, you’ll have to discuss them with me. {Mrmph!} {hmph!}

{hmph} {Mrmph!}

Oh, bother.

What was that?

I dinna know, Webbigail, but something doesn’t feel right about this!

167 671

{Mrmph!} {Pmph!} help! I told you fools to keep him quiet. is that asking too much?


Steady, boys. Keep Webby safe!


176 6

I can take care of myself!

167 617 71

Cough up the Ruby, Scrooge!

You want the Ruby? Try an’ take it!


I got this, Mr. McDee!

Grab it!

Boys! Webby! Low and long! That way! Go!

Just like football on the lawn!

Launchpad, Pass it!

Oooph! Wumph!

Yes, Launchpad, Pass!

The Candy-Striped Ruby…is


NOW will you deal with these…ducks… you useless lumps?

I expected more of you, McDuck. I've heard stories, even from St. Canard!

St. Canard? Have we met? And what's with the girly voice, all of a sudden?

Perceptive, McQuack, but a girl’s got to have some secrets! Farewell, my fowl feathered friends. I promise to give the Ruby a good home.

You're a coward you... Ooh. whatever Spunky! Let’s you are! see...Fight or Flight? I choose... Flight!

Ta ta, Scrooge!

Come Beagle Boys, let’s hightail-feather it out of here!

Unca Scrooge, Quackeroonie, that sure are they sounded gone? like a Aye, woman. gone with the gem!

And how did the Beagle Boys know we were coming here? And how'd they all get here so fast?

Maybe if you'd paid a little more for a faster boat, Unca Scrooge... Who care why they here or when get here? Stone egg not important.

DuckTales #2  
DuckTales #2  

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