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And so, it begins.

You have sumMoned my powers here today to find hope. You believe your loved one is stilL out there, lost amongst the netherworlds.

With these familiars, I can make a psychic link and you can begin your grand search.

By charging the aura of her friends. it wilL telL us--

{Sigh} That’s what the last forty-five mystics told me.


But none of them ofFered a no money back guaranteE!

it wilL telL us this woman of yours had a funNy definition of “animal obedience.”


I think they're a litTle...over alL this searching.

than I can do that, Mr. McQuack! When Madame Kira gazes into

Listen here,


D.W.'s a heartbroken hero. if you say his gal’s in some unknown dimension, at least give us the zip code!

Yes, yes! white streaks, diagonal and

is revealed!

Okay, great! What else?

They’re safe. And Safe…


a point.

Morgana’s coming home?

Yes, home run! Yes, home!

Ha ha! I just made 55 bucks! Could it be?

That does it!

Using your crystal balL to bet on sports? You, lady, are tarnishing the fine reputation of psychics and palm readers! Come on D.W., maybe the next person we seE wilL work out.

Although Oh welL. With my favorite alL the money pitcher’s no I’lL make from longer a “previewing” games sure bet. on this thing, I can afFord to lose a few customers.

Sure, forty-sixth time’s the charm.

They alL say they can reach Morgana, they just never do.

it’s another fine day here at Quackwerks Park, as the St. Canard CoOts’ closer Carmichael Q. Anthony has taken the mound!


Here’s the pitch!

GotTa change it up, gotTa change it up…

Uh…something telLs me that’s not a regulation balL.

Don’t worRy about it, Carmichael. Put ‘er in there!

did a new one…

“Welcome to St. Canard SportsBlab! Our lead story, Carmichael Q. Anthony throwing around?

to help Anthony with his

“After leading the race for MVP candidates for the second consecutive season, Anthony

“The star once known for never throwing the same pitch twice, has taken to throwing any and every object he finds

for throwing

quite a variety of peculiar projectiles!”

Says Murks: “Once he stole my

compulsions. eye to use in a game, I figured things had gone wrong.”

How could they not it?!

The home of Carmichael Q. Anthony.

They always loved me for catching I read it in the papers every day! I had to it's what makes me the best!

I had a perfect game ruined once, and but it wasn't my fault. I couldn’t find the right pumpkin to throw in the 9th.

report on Carmichael Q. Anthony’s breakdown. After various failed , tarnished star has chosen seclusion in his mansion.”

Now they use and “compulsion.” I say “inventive! Revolutionary!”

I just-change… it up.


What’s this?

Darkwing Duck #13  

Enjoy a preview, courtesy of BOOM! Studios/kaboom!

Darkwing Duck #13  

Enjoy a preview, courtesy of BOOM! Studios/kaboom!