January 2020 (Vol. 34, No. 1)

Page 68


fashion cents IF YOUR TASTE RUNS TOWARD THE HIGH END, BUT YOUR BUDGET DOESN’T, THE CHILDREN’S ORCHARD IS A CONSIGNMENT MECCA FOR THOSE LOOKING TO BUY QUALITY CLOTHES AND KID-FOCUSED WARES FOR A FRACTION OF THE RETAIL COST. BY GINA CONROY & PHOTOS BY SARAH ELIZA ROBERTS When Margaret “Margie” Quinlan started working at the Children’s Orchard 16 years ago, little did she know she’d own the business. “The previous owners were looking to relocate,” says


Quinlan. Having come from a family of business owners, the idea of owning her own business appealed to her. When her youngest daughter reached kindergarten, Quinlan started working at the

Children’s Orchard to offset the financial obligations that came with raising six children and all the pricy gadgets and activities. And the flexible work schedule allowed her to be there for her children. Not to mention, she loved the idea of being green.

“They outgrow their things before they outwear them,” says Quinlan. As someone who shopped retail for her children, it made sense to buy the business and fulfill her dream of joining the family ranks as a business owner. And perhaps it’s her family approach to business that makes the Children’s Orchard stand out. One step inside the shop and you’ll not only see how unique the place is, but you’ll also sense the difference. “We’re a small business that feels more like a comfortable home atmosphere,” says Quinlan, whose children have helped out in the store over the years. Currently, only two work in the shop as most of her children are grown. Now her grandchildren get to benefit from the store. You may think the Children’s Orchard is just another consignment shop, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike consignment stores, the Children’s Orchard pays cash upfront for their merchandise, and they have a 10-day return policy. Another thing that sets them apart is they offer store