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TURNAROUND Anchored by the popular restaurant SMOKE., the SEVEN6MAIN mixed-use development breaking ground in Owasso’s Redbud District this fall, will offer residential apartments, office space, shopping, dining and far-reaching impact. By Michele Chiappetta

Photos by Valerie Grant

What do you do when you want to bring your restaurant to a certain area of Green Country but there isn’t an ideal location for it yet? The answer is pretty straightforward when you’re the owners of SEVEN6MAIN and SMOKE. on Cherry Street — you build it because you know they will come. “They,” of course, is everyone in the Owasso area, where the SEVEN6MAIN development is being built, right in the heart of the Redbud District. Tommy Coulter, president of Coulter & Company and part of SEVEN6MAIN’s development team along with his father, Ken, and Erik Reynolds, who is also the chef of SMOKE., says that

36 AUGUST 2017

deciding to build in Owasso was easy. All of them live in Owasso, love the town, and want to see it grow. And they also want to see SMOKE. grow. SEVEN6MAIN became a way to have both. It started, Coulter says, with a desire to find a location for a second restaurant. SMOKE. is a popular restaurant well-known for its excellent smoked or slow-cooked meats, upscale atmosphere, stellar service and a unique, hermetically sealed cigar lounge. Ever since it opened, people have been asking when a second SMOKE. would open, urging the team to expand to areas such as Bixby or Broken Arrow. But the

opportunities never felt quite right until they started looking at Owasso. “About four years ago, we went to an Owasso Economic Summit Meeting,” says Coulter. At that meeting, an economics expert spoke about how Owasso compares to other cities in Oklahoma and across the nation. In just about every marker that matters — population growth, median household income and more — Owasso ranks highly. The Coulters and Reynolds realized it meant there was potential for growth in their hometown, and they were excited at the thought of being a part of it.

August 2017 (Vol. 31, No. 8)  

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