2014 October Newsletter

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For the next generation “Why?” isn’t a question I have often asked over the past 22 months. When I was first diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer I asked my doctors why, but was told there wasn’t an answer as to why an active, seemingly healthy, 31-year old, happily married father was inflicted with a disease that could kill him within one to two years. And frankly, once you have cancer, the “why” doesn’t really much matter anymore. You focus on the “how.” How do I beat the grim prognosis that comes with a lung cancer diagnosis? How do I buy more time to spend with my amazing wife (preferably outside the

By: Chip Kennett

confines of a hospital)? How do I live long enough so my children have lasting memories of their father? But the more I think about my children, the more I realize I need to start asking more questions. As a father battling cancer, I struggle daily with the thought of leaving my kids when they are still so young, at the ages of 4 and 21 months. It is a concept one can never willingly accept or be at peace with. That being said, leaving my kids early isn’t my biggest fear. My biggest fear is they might one day have to wage the same battle their father is currently fighting.

So, why does lung cancer remain the leading cause of cancer-related deaths? Why are there not better methods of early lung

cancer detection? What can my kids do to protect themselves from ever being diagnosed with cancer? Why isn’t there more of a focus by the medical community on cancer prevention? Why isn’t more known about prevention of all forms of cancer? We must remain committed and relentless in our pursuit of finding those answers.


Fall into daily exercise Finally, it’s fall! There is nothing better than curling up with a book and something pumpkin flavored, celebrating Thanksgiving and walking through autumn foliage and scattered red, brown and gold leaves. Fall is also a season for spending time with family members and loved ones, so it’s easy to get sidetracked and stop making an effort to stay fit. Don’t let the season drag down your health. A great way to continue on the path toward prevention year-round is by turning your leisurely walks into your daily exercise. Read the tips below and keep active this fall. 5 TIPS FOR WALKING IN THE FALL:

GO AHEAD AND JUMP IN THAT PILE OF LEAVES. Do it. This classic fall activity is great exercise and a lot of fun. FIND YOUR PARADISE. Don’t live in a walkable area? It’s worth with sidewalks if it means your walks are more likely to happen.

ENLIST FRIENDS AND FAMILY. They’ll keep you motivated. Conversations and funny stories will make your walks go by quicker.

COUNT YOUR STEPS. Pedometers can track how many steps you’re getting out of your walks. comes to walking, slow and steady wins the race.

DITCH THE UGGS. Boots and other fashionable fall footwear won’t serve you well when you’re burning calories.

Walking is a fantastic and accessible form of exercise that can fit into most everyone’s daily life. Enjoy the fall season and use its festivities to your advantage. P.S. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!