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Test System Design Center of Excellence to create secure and high quality products on the market. PAGE 3

New EMC-lab With a semi-anechoic chamber for measurements at a distance of three meters. PAGE 8

case study

”High Five” for innovation of a prosthetic hand! Hy5 develops unique prostheses with grip possibilities. PAGE 4

Cermaq chose Infor Enterprise Asset Management to achieve sustainable production and to move away from manual operations. They now have even better awareness of their salmon farms and are ready to serve more than 450 million salmon dinners. PAGE 6

New b

EMC – la PAGE 8


IoT, CLOUD, CONNECTIVITY & INNOVATION FOR GROWTH there are plenty of new concepts to take into consideration – IoT, the cloud, connectivity and innovation for growth – all of which Prevas has worked with for many years. EDITORIAL Widespread industrial use of microprocessors and personal computers began more than 30 years ago. This is also when I was involved in founding Prevas. Our goals were, and still are, to help our clients in implementing the capabilities of the new technology and in strengthening their competitiveness by developing new modern products and effective processes. Together with our clients, we have conducted thousands of projects and solutions over the years in a multitude of application areas and industries. The dramatic advances in technology are no longer being made only with microprocessors and computers. The challenge today is in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digitalization, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. This affects all Nordic industry and is essential in attaining a sustainable society. Prevas has provided solutions in these areas for many years, making us an important partner for many of our clients. Rapid digitalization, along with industry’s constant demand for increased productivity and new smart products, is continuously creating new business opportunities, and many new companies are being founded. These have a strong need for collaborative partners such as Prevas. As an example, see the article about the Hy5 prosthetic hand on Page 4. Mid-size and even larger international companies also need help in adapting their product development and production capabilities. Government agencies, healthcare and other societal functions are also facing major changes. With today’s demand on efficiency, companies and organizations are looking for long-term partners, at the same time as new buying habits creates an increased demand for procuring finished solutions in the form of components, products and process solutions. Our new business unit Product Development Solution has been created to help our clients to develop products in the new digitalized world. The capability to connect information from products and processes to the “cloud” is also something that Prevas is working with. You can read about Cermaq on Page 6, which now has full control of the salmon production with their new web portal. I hope you enjoy this issue of Tech Trends. × IN THE ENGINEERING AND IT SECTORS

VISIT US AT THESE EVENTS! 10-13 of May at ELMIA AUTOMATION 2016 At the Elmia fair in Jönköping. The importance of a good maintenance system in combination with the robotic automation is the focus of Prevas booth. Anyone looking for Prevas booth at Elmia Automation will not need to look far. A nearly three meters long and one and a half meters wide robot cell ensures that the stand is easy to find. The robot can not just play around with a football, when asking for assistance for golf - well, then it picks up the golf ball and act caddy for you who want to play. All to show how the voice works. Visit our stand: D07:17

22 of September at ”Produktivitetsdagen” Reach new hights with Prevas at the World Trade Center i Stockholm. FOR THE 4TH YEAR IN A ROW, we offer you a half day of inspiration. Meet with colleagues form other industries that work with the same challages as you. Several top manufacturing companies will tell us how they have solved challages within their production. The goal is that this day will give advice and inspiration for how one can go forward and take the productivity to new hights. Renata Chlumska and Leif Östling will be leading the day.

18-19 October at VEDLIKEHOLDSDAGEN The future of Enterprise Asset Management at FELIX KONFERANSESENTER in OSLO. Now you get the opportunity to meet several of our exciting customers and hear about their experiences with Prevas and EAM. Exciting discussions and exchange of experience will be offered. Our partners will share news and show examples of what the future may bring. Read more about the eventes where we can meet:

Innovation for Growth BJÖRN ANDERSSON Vice President Product Development Solutions, Prevas AB

2 / Innovation for Growth

Prevas has approximately 600 employees and is the primary supplier and development partner for many leading companies in the energy, automotive, defense, life science, telecom and manufacturing industries.


Increased expertise in processes and automation Prevas has signed an agreement for acquisition of FR Teknik AB. The company provides services, processes and facilities for the grocery, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering industries. The acquisition strengthens Prevas’ expertise and service portfolio in industrial IT and automation. FR TEKNIK HAS in-depth expertise in a full-service provider for these indusprocesses and automation, and can take tries. We are already very familiar with responsibility for complete one another’s operations and have processes, from pilot studies to the same values when it comes to turnkey facilities. Examples of conducting assignments in close clients include Almondy, Arla, collaboration with our clients.” Carlsberg, Ramlösa, Findus, FR Teknik has broad knowlCloetta, Mackmyra, SIA edge of processes and automation, Glass and Astra Zeneca. and has even developed a concept “FR Teknik is a good with a standard solution for fit for Prevas’ structure and distribution and dosage of viscose strengthens our presence in products, such as jams, chocolates the grocery, pharmaceutical sauces, syrups and petroleum and chemicals industries,” products. Says Christer Ramebäck, “Prevas’ solid expertise in COO for Prevas. “With this automation and their geographiMackmyra. acquisition, Prevas becomes cal establishment in Scandinavia

is very well-suited to our operations. It gives us a stable base for expanding our operations and reaching out to even more clients. We’re looking forward to being a part of Prevas, joining together to strengthen development, says Ingvar Olsson, CEO for FR Teknik.” × For more information contact:

Henric Persson

henric.persson@ +46 40 691 95 23


Test Systems Design increasing complex and electronics are used everywhere in today’s society, in everything from cars, trains, planes, medical equipment, industrial robots and modern kitchen appliances to human organ implants. At the same time the market is demanding shorter time-tomarket, wider product assortments and higher quality. Prevas started its Center of Excellence for test systems design more than 20 years ago. Since this time, we have helped hundreds of companies in the manufacturing industries with pilot studies, consultation, implementation and support for test systems in various forms. Our knowledge of the HIL methodology (Hardware in the Loop), real-time simulations with fault injections and signal conditions, contributes to creating entirely new opportunities for society,


which is something we are very proud of. Testing is about information management, collection, processing, validation, analysis and outcome, as well as ensuring that all activities are conducted within a clearly defined framework. This framework can consist of simple procedures, be bound to a simple test schedule or consist of sophisticated and fully automated real-time systems. It is a technical challenge to manage information in a correct manner in all phases, while at the same time, trying to minimize testing expenses. Moreover, a wide range of products are tested, which places demands on the reuse aspect in the actual testing methodology. The test systems require new configurations, support for new protocols, interfaces and/or structures. These are frequently defined early in the production phase

and necessitate continuous updates. In a later phase, all forms of data are needed to enable follow-up activities for a third process. The information flow is increasingly leaving the test bench for use by independent backends, PLC or analytical systems. This consequently places demands on both openness and security. Many are still living with inherited test systems created decades ago, and the need to upgrade is strong. We are here to listen and to understand. × For more information contact:

Anders Hansson

anders.hansson@ +46 31 725 18 00


Innovation for Growth /



HY5 FOR INNOVATION OF A PROSTHETIC HAND! Hy5 is the name of a very unique, hydraulically controlled prosthetic hand. Clinical testing will be starting soon and the Hy5 will be released to the market in 2017. Prevas has contributed to development. Jos Poirters, CTO at Hy5 Pro AS, shares the story of his dream come true – enabling the highest possible quality of life for all people in need of a hand prosthetic. “THE IDEA CAME TO me about 15 years ago when I was working as a mechanical engineer for the theme park “De Efteling” in the Netherlands. They had made enormous investments in technically advanced attractions, including high-tech figures that had hands with moving fingers. Movement of the hands was powered by electric motors and the hands consisted of many small fragile parts, quite similar to today’s hand prosthetics. Downtime for the hands was high and they were expensive to maintain. My job was to come up with different, more maintenance-friendly alternatives. One of my solutions involved micro-hydraulics. “After leaving the Netherlands for Norway, I started designing and building hand prosthetics. It’s important to understand that a robotic hand is totally different from a conventional hand prosthetic because hand prosthetic can only use the human hand for building volume.

4 / Innovation for Growth

The hydraulics have to be fully designed and built from the start. The challenge in designing a hand that occupies only a certain space, is light, fast, strong, robust, looks like a human hand and has high functionality is daunting. Many of these properties are counter-productive to other properties. The challenge was therefore to design a hand prosthetic with a balanced combination of all of these properties. Some of the properties can be changed within certain boundaries using electronics and software, which is advantageous for different people with different needs. STARTUP AND CE MARKING

“’The company Hy5Pro AS was founded in March 2015 with Christian Fredrik Stray, Michael Holland, Øyvind Granaasen Fougner and myself. Prevas was engaged as an external consultant around October 2015. We added the expertise that I was



Jos Poirters.

lacking as a mechanical engineer. “Prevas helped us with the necessary paperwork with respect to firmware programming and electronics, which we needed for CE marking. The team from Prevas has encouraged us to ask ourselves critical questions. And last but not least, Prevas has helped us to ask the right questions concerning the safety of the Hy5. After initial meetings and based on the gathered information, Prevas developed the electronic designs and frameworks so that we could perform the clinical trials with 10 Hy5 devices in a real-world environment. The people we have been working with from Prevas are highly skilled. “The clinical trials will be conducted in a university hospital environment by orthopedic engineers and physiotherapists, and overseen by an independent third party who together with the university, will draft a report of the findings from these tests. PRODUCTS THAT PROVIDE BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE

“Our company is striving to provide better quality of life for people in need of hand prosthetics. We want to do this worldwide, both in developed and in developing countries. To accomplish this goal, the Hy5 is our first product in a range of better-quality-of-life products. It’s exciting to hear what people think about the functionality of the Hy5. Thus far, test-users and technical- and orthopaedic experts have provided very positive feedback and their input is why

the Hy5 looks the way it does today. “In January, Prevas and Hy5 Pro were awarded financial support through the EU and EUREKA’s research program Eurostars for their contributions to a project called Hands4All. Hy5 Pro and Prevas will continue their collaboration and the project will run for another two years with the goal of developing an even better Hy5, as well as models in smaller sizes for women and children. “We are aiming for a product that will function problem-free between service intervals. These intervals are naturally very much dependent on the user. Some use their prosthetic as a hammer or a crowbar. The Hy5 should be able to withstand rough handling, specifically because of its titanium fingers, but the mechanical and use limits first need to be tested by SINTEF (a technical research institute in Norway). The Hy5 technology can be used in many other application areas and in many other market segments, including as remotely controlled grippers. Our technology is protected under three approved patent applications and we are filing a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) this year. A PCT will allow us to apply for global patent protection. “The Hy5 has only a fraction of the capabilities of the human hand and can by no means be compared to this marvel of nature. But if the Hy5 is as robust and functional as we hope, it will definitely be able to help users to attain a better quality of life.” ×

The electronic sensors that steer the Hy5 are attached to the user’s arm. These sensors are placed on the muscles that before amputation moved the user’s wrist. The user can use these muscles to open and close the Hy5 at different speeds. A microprocessor handles all input and output necessary for control and monitoring. The adaptive grip, grip options and the balanced combination of properties is where the Hy5 distinguishes itself from its competitors. The Hy5 has six independently moving phalanxes for the index finger, middle finger and thumb that can be manually controlled by the user. They shape themselves to the form of the gripped object, which produces a very stable grip with low gripping force on objects. The ring finger and little finger are a single component and move together with the first phalanx of the ring finger. They are used for supporting longer objects. The Hy5 weighs 540 grams, can close in 0.5 seconds, has a pinching force of 70 N, a gripping force of 150 N, titanium fingers, complex 3D printed parts and is easy to maintain. If something should go wrong with the mechanics or electronics when the Hy5 is in the closed position, or if the battery is discharged, the user can always press the emergency button. When this button is pressed, the Hy5 automatically opens.

For more information contact:

Jean Frederic Gauvin

jeanfrederic.gauvin@ +47 22 79 70 00


Innovation for Growth /



THE ADVANCED AND YET SIMPLE SYSTEM BEHIND YOUR SALMON DINNER Cermaq Group AS farms salmon in Norway, Canada and Chile, and has 4,100 employees of which 530 work in Norway where the main office is situated. The company is a leader in sustainable production of salmon. In Norway alone, production in 2014 amounted to 50,000 tons of fish, and global production corresponded to 450 million salmon dinners.

Bilder fr책n Cermaq.

6 / Innovation for Growth


Prevas supplies Infor EAM in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the local languages. Wibeke at one of Cermaq´s fish farms.

farms salmon in Norway, Canada and Chile, and has 4,100 employees of which 530 work in Norway where the main office is situated. The company is a leader in sustainable production of salmon. In Norway alone, production in 2014 amounted to 50,000 tons of fish, and global production corresponded to 450 million salmon dinners. Internationally, the demand for salmon has increased by an average of six percent annually since 2005 and there is a continuously growing market for Cermaq. Wibeke Aasjord Juul, IT manager at Cermaq Norway AS, describes the company’s Norwegian investment in the system Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), which also includes a web portal.



There was strong demand internally for a system that could handle technical operations, equipment and maintenance. This was primarily to be able to comply with stricter regulatory requirements for marine farms and to move away from manual operations. We must satisfy the requirements of periodic inspections when it comes to documentation and traceability, and it’s essential to maintain awareness of personal safety and the health and environment of the fish. We therefore needed a system that could handle all operations, both for our salt water and fresh water farms, as well as for our processing facilities. Our requirements for Infor EAM

included user friendliness, to be able to work in one single interface for work orders, planning and purchasing, and that it would reduce capital tied up in storage as well as provide good documentation and simple reporting. High requirements? Yes, but with the right system, it works great! SIMPLIFYING OUR DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS

The farming department was the first at the company to begin using the maintenance solution. Our production, with approximately 40 farming units, is dispersed over a wide area – in fjords, along the coast and far out into the Norwegian Sea. We cannot always assume that there will be an internet connection and this means that we have to be able to work at the units both online and offline. The equipment must also be able to withstand moisture and fog. We received help from Prevas with a standard solution, and in addition to this, a web portal where we use Infor Mobile together with specialized applications. Prevas has even helped with configuration. Most important for us is that the web portal is easy to use. It has basic functions, such as a search function for equipment and functions for signing off routine operations and preventive maintenance. Our employees and users now have a uniform and adapted interface for their day-to-day work. Maintenance reports, work requests, documentation and technical history are all handled through the

portal. Machine operators can also record daily logbooks. The next department in the organization to put the system in use is refinement processing, which utilizes the same work processes. We chose Infor EAM and Prevas as our supplier due to their proven experience in similar operations. Prevas is the leading Infor EAM expert in Scandinavia and has extensive experience and we were able to benefit from this. An important key for success is to take ownership of the implementation project and be actively involved. My advice to others considering Infor EAM is to focus on measuring and follow-up from the start. We’re quite pleased, but there is always room for a little fine tuning. At the web portal for example, the number of clicks can be reduced, multitasking capabilities are needed and we require more visual guidance. For the time being, the system has only been deployed in Norway, but we see major potential for using the same types of products and solutions for our production in Canada and Chile. ×

For more information contact:

Bjørn Moland

bjorn.moland@ +47 22 79 70 00


Our contact:

Einar Alexander Andersen

einar.alexander. +47 41 53 73 13


Innovation for Growth /



Expanded testing capabilities within Prevas’ EMC offering Prevas has provided its clients with expertise in EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) for many years. From assessment and consultation during the design phase to pre-compliance measurements and CE marking support. We are now expanding our services with our semi-anechoic chamber. With the new EMC directive coming into force in April, new requirements apply for many companies.

PREVAS HAS BEEN DESIGNING products subject to tough EMC demands for the international market for several years. This has given us a deep understanding of the field and kept our knowledge of applicable requirements and standards up to date. We have equipment for analyzing and verifying EMC properties for our clients’ electronic products. The new test chamber


is a semi-anechoic chamber for measurements at a distance of three meters. The absorbent material is made up of ferrite tiles that provide good testing conditions. Expertise in EMC design, along with our pre-compliance EMC lab, enables EMC performance optimization at a very early stage, which means shorter development time, lower certification costs and reduced production costs. ×

For more information contact:

Maria Månsson

maria.mansson@ +46 86 44 36 07