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What Japanese Eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?


hen it comes to quality foods, Japan is second to none. The restaurants in Japan offer a wide variety of culinary dishes, laden with unique and scrumptious taste. Japanese

people follow strict diet rules and include right ingredients to the dishes.

Rice is a staple of Japanese Food

Japanese people have special likes for rice dishes. It is common for them to have rice cakes, known as mochi in Japan. They call each meal “gohan� which generally refers to steamed rice. The typical Japanese means include at least a bowl of steamed rice. The side dishes are known as okazu and typically served soup and rice.

Japanese-Style Breakfast

Traditionally, Japanese breakfast includes steamed rice, miso soup and side dishes like grilled fish, tamagoyaki (rolled omelette), pickles, dry seaweed, natto, among others.

Japanese-Style Lunch

Lunch dishes include several rice bowls and noodle dishes. Popular lunch dishes are ramen, soba, udon and gyudon beef bowls. While going to school or work, people carry bento lunch boxes. For most people, main meal of the day is dinner. Contemporary Japanese dishes are inspired from Asian and Western cuisines. They call traditional Japanese dishes as “wa-shoku” and Western food is usually called as “yo-shoku”

whereas Chinese dishes are known as “chuuka�. The Chinese dishes are cooked and arranged in Japanese style, however similar to genuine Chinese dishes. Popular Seafood Dishes in Japan

You will find a variety of weird Japanese food served at the restaurants and being prepared in the houses. Other than rice, seafood dishes are quite popular in the country. Most popular seafood ingredients in Japanese cooking are seaweed, fish, clams and fish cakes. They use dashi soup stock, which is made from dried bonito flakes, and kombu. Soy sauce,

mirin, miso, among others form seasonings in the Japanese dishes.



Different Flavours in Different Region Geographically, Japan is not a big country but each region and city has their own specialities. The flavour of foods is divided region-wise, Kanto region food and Kansai region food. The eastern area of mainland comes under Kanto region whereas western area is called as Kansai region. Usually, Kanto food is strongly flavoured and light seasoning is provided in the Kansai region food. The cooking methods are also different in each of the regions.

Chopsticks are generally used to eat Japanese meals. Use of knives, forks or spoons depends on the type of food they are eating. So, if you are visiting Japan, make sure that you know about Japanesestyle foods. Go through blog from Japan to know of all the Japanese dishes. 1st Image source: 2nd Image source: 3rd Image source:

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What Japanese Eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?  

Japanese people have special likes for rice dishes. It is common for them to have rice cakes, known as mochi in Japan.

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