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Know where to Shop on your Trip to Japan!

Japan is a beautiful place to visit not only for travel addicts but also for shopaholics. We all know Japan as the country that symbolizes culture, tradition, heritage and history but it is a lot more than that. The country is picturesque and there is a lot in store for tourists. However, if you love shopping then you won’t be disappointed on your trip to Japan. In Tokyo, there are various places where you go shopping. Here are a few renowned places. Image Courtesy:

Shinjuku If you want to do shopping in Japan, this is one of the best places to visit. This place has the world’s busiest train station. It is home to various department stores, boutiques, underground shopping arcades, flagship stores, electronic retailers, and various other shops line the streets of this busy shopping district. Shibuya If you are a young fashionista or a fashion enthusiast, then this is the place to shop. This shopping district near Shibuya station is an amalgamation of world fashion trends. There are various shops that sell stylish clothes, footwear and fashion accessories here. This fashion station includes small shops as well as big fashion labels. Ginza This is Japan’s ‘upmarket’ shopping district. This shopping district is home to almost all the Japanese and international brands. This area is full of high end boutiques and shops. It also houses shops that sell branded electronic goods. Branded cosmetics and fashion accessories are also

available here. This shopping district extends to Yurakucho, where you will find even more shops, boutique and electronic retailers. Kitte The Old Tokyo Central Post Office has been revamped into a state-of-theart, seven storied shopping mall. There is nothing that you won’t find in this mall which celebrates Japan in every way. You will find here, handicrafts of Japan, local goods, Japanese brands, Japanese food and various other aspects of Japan.

Ikebukuro If you are crazy about technology or are a tech freak, then this is the place to be if you want to shop for electronic goods in Japan. This shopping district is positioned around the Ikebukuro Station. This shopping district is almost like a battleground of huge department stores. The electronic retailers practically battle it out there and there is no gadget that is not available in this ever expanding district. There are various shopping districts, plazas, malls and arcades in Japan. The shops can be small and quaint and also posh and huge. All in all, Japan is a shopper’s haven.


Know where to Shop on your Trip to Japan!  

Japan is a beautiful place to visit not only for travel addicts but also for shopaholics. There are great places from which you can shop.