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Cool Fashion Trends in Japan this Summer!

Japan is not just the technological capital of the world, nor is it just the epitome of art, culture, heritage, tradition, customs and history. Japan can’t also be just called the Land of the Rising Sun because one aspect of Japan is never brought into focus, fashion. Fashion is a huge part of Japanese lifestyle. The people of Japan are extremely fashion conscious and have a heightened sense of style. Seldom will you see Japanese people wear clothes that are ‘out of fashion’. They are extremely ‘current’ when it comes to fashion trends and move toe to toe with the fashion capitals of the world, namely, Milan, Paris and New York. Here are few of the trends that were followed in Japan this summer. Pyjama Pants These pants are actually more of a subculture than a trend. They are extremely youthful and trendy and were seen a lot this spring and carried on in summer. These pyjama pants have an extremely cute print and are quite a hit with some girls in Japan. The pants are worn rolled up most of the time and are really popular with the cool and young crowd in Japan. These pants might continue to be a hit in Japan even after summer. Sheer Patterned or Striped Ankle Socks These kinds of socks are sort of weird but since they were seen to be worn by so many girls this summer in Japan. These ankle length socks are sheer and come in stripes or patterns like stars, hearts, etc. They are worn with Tokyo Bopper platforms, sneakers, and almost any shoe that accommodate socks.

The Crop Top If we observe the Japanese fashion trends in summer this year, crop tops feature hugely. Usually showing off the midriff or the bellybutton was not acceptable in Japan but recently; almost every other girl is seen sporting these tops. Tie Dye The tie and dye was seen quite a bit this summer but can’t exactly be considered a huge trend. This is not the typical ‘hippie’ tie dye but it is certainly extremely hip and almost all the fashionistas in Japan seem to wearing it on skirts, tops, shorts, shirts, etc. Even some of the brands were seen taking up the cause. Black Hair Compared to last year, this summer, Japan saw less of colour on the hair. Most people this year were seen with black or silver/blond hair. There were girls with pink hair, but the colours have certainly toned down. If you walk around the streets of Japan, you can actually see the various fashion trends that people of various age groups and gender are sporting. These trends never fail to amaze.

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Cool Fashion Trends in Japan this Summer!