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Spring 2013 Volume 5

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Pretty Pear Bride by Shafonne

Dresses: Pretty Pear Bride by Shafonne | Make-Up: Makeup by Michelle Renee, Mariaelissa Littles | Hair: Salvatore Spano, Cecily Sassc Hickman, Katy J | Photography: Mary Davis Photography J Venue: The John Marshall Hotel, Richmond, Va Dresses available on

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He Asked, She said “YES” Tell us about your first meeting...

des of South Park on my ipod, it helped break the ice. Before we knew it, our stop came up

Roz: It was the first day of Biology class at

and we headed to Applebee’s. Once we were

Mercy College. I walked into the classroom

seated, he realized everything was disgus-

and he was sitting at his desk, my immedia-

tingly overpriced and admitted he might not

te thought was “ooohh this guy is cute” so I

have enough on him to cover both of our

found a desk right next to his and sat down. I

plates, I wasn’t working at the time so we

tried to start a conversation with him, “Do you

shared a plate. Alex did most of the eating, I

really need this text book on the syllabus?” He

wasn’t all that hungry anyway, I was focused

answered very shortly with “If it’s on there I

on him. We spoke about family, ambitions,

guess we do”. I stopped speaking to him af-

dreams, school, everything over dinner I was

ter that, must have been having a bad day.

so comfortable with him. Right before Alex

Looking back he always found a seat next to

called for the check I gave him a quick kiss


on the cheek, I thought it would make up for earlier. He confidently asked “How long have

Rozalin Diane Butow and Alex Fernandez Engagement Date: February 14, 2011 Engagement Location: Central Park New York, NY Wedding Date: April 14, 2013

Alex: I was immediately drawn to Roz when

you been wanting to do that?” I felt my face

we first met in biology class at Mercy Colle-

turn bright red and he laughed. I knew right

ge. I was a little guarded at first because I was

there a second date was inevitable. No one

nervous, and eventually I finally got up the

has ever made me blush the way he did. I lo-

nerve to talk to her. I made a total fool of my-

ved it. Once Alex paid for the check we star-

self in that first conversation, but it was my

ted walking the City streets until we passed a

awkwardness that endeared me to her, and

man selling roses, he had enough for a single

I never thought I would ever find a man that makes

I was enraptured by her beauty, humor, and

rose, perfect timing. We had our first kiss that

me as happy, excited, curious, frustrated, generous,

direct honesty. The rest as they say is history.

night, during that walk. The only thing that di-

loving, and laugh as much as you do. I thank God

sappointed me that night was when it ended.

for you everyday. Thank you for making me the hap-

Tell us about your First Date…

Danfredo Photography My Dear Alex,

piest Girl in the world. I love you, My Monster.

Alex: Our first date was the best day of my life. Roz: It was the best first Date of my life.

The only event that would beat it was when I

Everything went perfectly. April 4, 2008 we

would propose to her three years later. It was

met up at the subway station to take us into

the most magical time. The date really felt

There are no words to describe how much you have

the City (Manhattan). Alex went in for a kiss

like it was just Roz and I in the city and no one

impacted my life. You are simply the greatest, most

on the cheek, but I froze up and he landed

else. Roz looked absolutely beautiful. She

loving, most fun, and most all-around beautiful wo-

on my forehead. First awkward moment, he

surprised me with how long and gorgeous her

man I have ever known, and I cannot wait for us to

laughed it off but I was determined to make

hair was when she took it out of her ponytail.

become husband and wife, for all eternity. I love

it right. On the train ride, we watched episo-

I fell in love with her right then and there. The

you, my Goddess.

4 Pretty Pear Bride Magazine

My Dear Roz,

Pretty Pear Bride Magazine 5

Real Weddings

Michelle Marini and Troy Hyde

Foskett Creative Photography

6 Pretty Pear Bride Magazine

Real Weddings

Jennifer Ross Rodebaugh and Kevin Lee Sanders Pure Sugar Studios

Wedding Planner: Barbara Herma at Wedding Authority

Wedding Date: October 20, 2012 Wedding Location: St. Augustine, Florida Wedding Colors: Pinks and Gray

Bridesmaids Attire: Bill Levkoff fr Andrew Jacksons in Jackson, MO

How did the two of you meet? We meet at work

grandparents, great grandparents, and great great

over 12 years ago when I was 21 and Kevin was

grandparents placed on the tables along with small

only 19. Funny though it took 6 years before we

grouping of mercury glass vases with dahlias and

started dating.

roses in them with a few candles surrounding.

Describe your engagement: I had just got out of the

Describe your wedding cake and any other des-

shower, was still wrapped in a towel. Kevin wanted

serts: First I just want to say the cake was

to play me a song he had been practicing on the

awesome!Two tiers of cake the top layer was an-

guitar .which he learned to play for this moment.

gel food cake with a strawberry preserve filling. The

He began to play, got down on one knee, reached

second tier was orange swan with a vanilla butter

into the guitar case and pulled out the ring.

cream filling. The wedding cake topper was a grouping of dahlias made out of sugar to look like my

The weather on your wedding was: Wedding day

bouquet. We also had chocolate cupcakes with

was beautiful, sunny, warm...typical October day in

vanilla frosting and almond cupcakes with vanilla



Describe your wedding flowers: I fell in love with

Describe your menu and your favorite part: We

the dahlia when planning our wedding so they

had a sit down dinner. Guests had a choice befo-

were the only choice for me. I wanted different

re hand of: Grilled Chilean Sea Bass topped with

pinks with a few roses. Very romantic feel. The flo-

a white wine crab and chive sauce, Mojito Grilled

rist did a beautiful job on the swags on the bridge

Chicken topped with ale spiked gouda sauce and

we were married on. True to my personality though

leeks, Roasted garlic Stuffed Filet Mignon topped

I wanted a little bling on my bouquet. So my florist

with maytag bleu cheese. And everyone also got

put some into the centers of some of the dahlias.

a mixed lettuce salad with a mustard vinaigrette

For the reception I really wanted to incorpora-

topped with pine nuts, golden raisins and gorgon-

te family. So Kevin and I had pictures of parents,

zola cheese. It was all so good.

Cake: Sugared Bliss Caterer: A1A Ale Works

Rentals and DĂŠcor: Wedding Aut rity and Rose of Sharon Europe Florist Pretty Pear Bride Magazine 7

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