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PRETTY PEACOCK PAPERI E began in 2010 as a boutique wedding invitation company. Over the years we have a worked with over 500 brides and grooms all over the world to achieve a custom wedding suite. After the birth of my first little one in 2016, I realized how much I love celebrating life, even the little moments. With a passion for life’s greatest events, I turned my focus to celebrating those fleeting moments. The written word is so powerful. I love the permanence of writing something down! With our greeting cards, our customers are able to change someone’s day! 1,2,3 LET’S CELEBR ATE!


BD #1 Pink Balloons


BD #2 Blow.

BD #3 Birthday Cake

BD #4 Yellow BD

BD #5 Red Balloon

BD #6 Adulting BD


BD #8 Multi BD

BD #9 Nonchalant BD

A2 Blank Inside / $2.25 / 6 per style

BD #10 Too Old

BD #11 Sherbertday

BD #12 Less Fucks


BU #1 Let’s Get Wine

BU #2 Fuck Him

BU #3 Fuck That Loser 5


ED #2 Fave Human

ED #3 Thinking of You

ED #5 Over Easy

ED #6 Prickly

ED #8 Sorry

ED #9 Melons

ED #4 Tacos & Tequila

ED #7 Hot Coffee

ED #10 My Bad

A2 Blank Inside / $2.25 / 6 per style

LV #1 Yellow Heart


LV #3 Love

LV #4 XO Minimal

LV #5 Sea of Hearts

LV #6 Love You Babe

LV #7 Donuts

LV #8 Vegan

LV #9 Olive You 7

ED #11 You are a Lush ED #12 Malbec


ED #13 & I love it

ED #14 No Pants

ED #15 Ride or Die

ED #16 It’s the Vodka

ED #17 Baby Maker

ED #18 Blah

ED #19 Makeup

ED #20 Spots

BB #1 Fave Boss

BB #2 Wolf Snack

BB #3 Such a Boss

BB #4 Middle Finger

BB #5 Mom Boss

BB #6 Courage

BB #7 Works for Wine



ED #21 Party

ED #22 Ole

ED #23 Hey Babe

ED #25 Hello

ED #26 Pink Hi

ED #27 Just a Little

ED #28 Treat

ED #29 Good Job

ED #30 Mother Hood

A2 Blank Inside / $2.25 / 6 per style


MO #1 You Rock

MO #2 Life is

MO #3 So Dope

MO #4 Such a Babe

MO #5 Badass

MO #6 You Can

MO #7 Strong Mom

MO #8 Werk

MO #9 Work Hard

HD #1

HD #2

HD #3

HD #4

HD #5

HD #6

A2 Blank Inside / $2.25 / 6 per style HD #7 14

HD #8



TO #9


TO #2


TO #5

TO #7

TO #3

TO #8



Product Features:

Made in the U.S.A. 11oz. Or 15 oz. Available Dishwasher safe Logo printed on the back side with design

MG #1

MG #2

MG #3

MG #4

MG #5

MG #6



PO #8

-Size: 9.5″W x 7″H -Color: Black Canvas; Black Lining -Weight: 10 oz. -Material: 100% cotton canvas -Printing Method: Laser ink transfer -Care: Spot Clean with Mild Soap and Water GOLD ZIPPER PO #7

PO #1

PO #2

PO #4

PO #5

PO #3


Printed on 118 lb. paper

Made in the U.S.A. Wrapped in a cello sleeve with chip board



We would L O V E to make you a retailer. All of our products are created and packaged with great thought, love and attention. Benefits of working with Pretty Peacock Paperie: Quick Shipments - We strive to get orders out in 5 business days or less! Contact us for rush shipping! Promotion of your shop and our goods on display - Our favorite thing to do (besides create) is support and promote our retailers. We want our customers to get their products from local shops in their neighborhoods that we love. Occasional visits - We love stopping into the shops of our retailers. Often we plan our family trips around new retailers. This allows us to meet you face to face and form a true bond! Use of any of our photos - After your first purchase, we will send you a link with our Dropbox photos for your use in marketing efforts. That is one less thing for you to do!


1. O R D E R I N G Once you fall in love with the items of your choice, please orders at PRETTYPEACOCKPAPERIE.COM/WHOLESALE-ORDER-FORM, email us at ORDERS@PRETTYPEACOCKPAPERIE.COM, or email us your order using the item numbers listed in this catalog. Please provide us with your contact name, store name, address, phone, email, and any necessary billing information. You will receive a confirmation email once we have placed your order. 2. M I N I M U M S



Initial orders must meet a minimum of $100, followed by minimum reorders of $75. Please order in multiples of 6’s for single cards, and 4’s for gift items. A credit card is required for all first time orders. Invoices will be sent via email and will also be included in the box. Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover, check. Please note that all checks must clear before ship date. 3. S H I P P I N G When you place your order, we will ship within 5-7 business days via UPS ground unless otherwise agreed upon. If we have an email address on file, you will receive a shipping notification when it leaves our shop. Please notify us if you need the items by a specific date. You will be notified if anything is out of stock and your card will be charged on the day your order ships. If we do not have a form of payment on file, we will call on the day of shipment. Orders will be sent out once the invoice is paid in full. 4. D E L I V E R Y Please call within 48 hours of delivery if there are any problems with your order. All orders are packaged to arrive safe and a racking number will be sent via email when your order ships. We will happily fix any mistakes caused on our end. Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer refunds or exchanges for unsold goods.



CONTACT US: 813-446-7910 336 Grove Avenue Suite B, Winter Park, Florida 32789

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Wholesale catalog for Pretty Peacock Paperie, Fall 2017/ Spring 2018