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MY NAME IS KRISSY AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS I admit it. I’m one of those people. I’m a Christmas lover/ enthusiast/worshiper. I’m a tinsel-in-September, fruit-mince-piecollecting, candy-cane-hoarding, Christmas-loving fiend. As soon as the weather starts getting warmer, and the days start getting longer, I know it’s a-comin’. This is my favourite time of the year. Oh Christmas - you giant red and white stripe wrapped mother of a holiday. I freaking love you. I love the magic of Christmas. It brings with it the possibility of something extraordinary. It may be in the form of a gift or perhaps a gesture - the mode doesn’t matter. The Christmas spirit is alive everywhere, you don’t have to look far to find it. This booklet is my little gift to you this Christmas. As a fellow paper lover I know you’ll be able to find something within these pages that will inspire you. Inspiration can come from the unlikliest of places, don’t you think? My desire to start Pretty Paper Things came from buying a simple Filofax waaay back in 2005. In 2010 I finally got around to making it a priority. It’s now my passion pit of awesomeness. My Christmas message to you is to get out there and find (or share) your passion. Live your passion. Believe in yourself. Hey, for what it’s worth, I believe in you. You are magnificent. Merry Christmas everyone. Happy holidays.

Earlier this year my cousin Nathan passed away. He had been battling cancer for a number of years. His passing has left a Nathan-size hole in our family. It is one that can never be filled.

There’s no other way to put it - cancer sucks.

I started this project to showcase the work of artists and designers that I admire but this morning it ocurred to me that I could do more than just titillate fellow paper nerds. I could do something to honour my cousin’s life.

So I created the Pretty Paper Things - in honour of Nathan fundraising page.

If you like this booklet, and if you are able to, perhaps you’ll consider donating a few dollars in memory of those who have fought or are still fighting cancer. I am also offering a very special offer on Happy Mail Day boxes (read more at the end of this booklet).

Those of us who are left behind may only be able to do small things, but the small things add up.

Cute cards & prints 1. Sable & Snow 2. Mudsplash Studios 3. Prickle Press 4. Milk and Cookies 5. Fierce Mally 6. First Snowfall 7. Quill & Fox 8. Mad Designs

Cute cards & prints (continued) 9. Little Low 10. Ello Lovely 11. Dean Penn 12. Hello Sprout 13. Mud Splash Studio 14. Asking for Trouble 15. kikki.K 16. Paper Cleaver 17. Maple Tea 18. Paper Ivy

Wordy 1. Where is Alex 2. Of Life and Lemons 3. Katie Vaz Design 4. STN Stationery 5. Ma and Grandy 6. Parrott Design Studio 7. Elisabeth Nicole 8. Little Low

Wordy (continued) 9. Happy Dappy Bits 10. Kindy Garden 11. Stoffer Blik 12. Sweet Potato Shop 13. Clap Clap Designs 14. Katie Vaz Design 15. Hennel Paper Co 16. Paper Society 17. Cape Card 18. Lily and Val

Bold 1. Sugar Paper L.A. 2. Lily and Val 3. Akimbo Designs 4. Work on Paper Studio 5. Zeebendry 6. Imogen Owen 7. Print and Be Merry 8. Emma Frances Design 9. The Black and White Shop 10. Floating Specks

Quirky 1. Flytrap on E 2. Dog As Pony 3. McBittersons 4. mousTASHcards 5. Euclid Street Shop 6. Fine Day Press 7. Leen Machine 8. Able and Game

Oooooohhh that’s fancy! 1. Rifle Paper Co 2. Spring Olive 3. Sugar Paper L.A. 4. Mr Yen 5. Smock Paper 6. Hartland Brooklyn 7. Foglio Press

Aussie Aussie Aussie 1. Graphic Bakehouse 2. Golden Hello 3. Blackcurrant Photography 4. Joey Design 5. Gumnut Gallery 6. Able and Game 7. Hannah Sutton Design

Tagtastic! 1. Paper Trail By Laura B 2. Pickle Dog Design 3. Simply C Boutique 4. Lucky Girl Paper 5. Print Smitten 6. Print Smitten 7. Poule Folle 8. Foglio Press 9. The Orange Sparrow 10. Just a Bird Printables 11. Stationery Boutique

Wrap it up 1. Sweetkeetle Cards 2. Pikcee 3. Paper & Present 4. Swanston Street Supplies 5. Mr Yen 6. Paper Geek MY 7. Toodles Noodles 8. Toodles Noodles 9. Prop Printables 10. Prism of Starlings 11. Evaen Anne

Decorations 1. kikki.K 2. The Quirky Quail 3. My Little Shop of Wonder 4. Paperwolf’s Shop 5. Marisa Seguin 6. Paper Spirals 7. Paper Imaginations 8. Sweet Paper Love 9. Emily Hingston 10. Finch and Robin

Ephemera 1. Paper Sushi 2. Laurel Photo and Craft 3. Design by Detail 4. A Little Bird Tweet Me 5. Lark 6. Little Low 7. Oh My Cavalier 8. Lark 9. Lark 10. Paper Wolf’s Shop 11. Wita Puspita Design

Nothing but printables! 1. Love the Day 2. Mooseberry Printables 3. The Lion and the Lark 4. PK Paper Co 5. Paper Art by MC 6. Pepitos Room 7. Tracy Ann Digital Art 8. Just a Bird Printables 9. Cake Print Shop

Nothing but printables! (continued) 10. La Luna Works 11. Print Punch 12. Paper Spice 13. Belletristics 14. My Paper Planet 15. Oh Deer Print Shop 16. Angelina Works 17. Daydrifter Digital 18. Erika’s Graphic Design 19. Photobooth Girls 20. Emporio Elite Digital

No dollars necessary 1. Sonya Dehart 2. Moritz Fine Designs 3. Ohoh Blog 4. MStetson Design and T&S Craft 5. Mr Printables 6. Picklebums 7. Minted Strawberry 8. Funkytime 9. A Subtle Revelry 10. Red Ted Art

It’s a fresh start 1. Liz Carver Design 2. Just Another Day 3. Small Caps Berlin 4. Michelle Brusegaard 5. Subload Travellers 6. ReSyle Graphic 7. An April Idea 8. Sam Osborne Store 9. Messy Bed Studio 10. Written For You

Mad about diaries 1. Embellished Designs 2. Kate Spade 3. TYPO 4. Delfonics Diary Red & Navy 5. Delfonics 2014 - Pink 6. Moleskine 7. kikki.K 8. Papirell 9. SUCK UK My Life Story

Thank you to the lovely Mélanie Kimmett for designing the beautiful printables to follow. You can find more of Mélanie’s work on her site

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HAPPY MAIL DAY January Happy Mail Day box-o-awesome Hey fellow paper nerd! Thanks for making it all the way to the end of my obsessed-with-all-things-Christmas book. I wanted to tell you about a little mail subscription club I’ve started called Happy Mail Day. It is very much in its infancy but it will go something like this - each month I’ll send between 4 - 6 pieces of awesome stationery from my favourite designers, as well as a little somethin’ somethin’ from me. The contents of the box is a surprise but I guarantee that you will LOVE it. January will be my first mailout so I’m limiting the number of boxes available. They will be sent in the third week of January (after everyone is back from holidays) but if you buy one as a Christmas pressie I’d be glad to send you a gift certificate that you can print out. This first Happy Mail Day box can be yours for the low, low cost of $35 (that includes postage to any part of Australia). Part proceeds from every box sold will be donated to the Cancer Council W.A. in honour of my cousin Nathan. At the moment Happy Mail Day is for Aussies only (sorry international peeps). Though, if you’re happy to pay for postage I’d be happy to send you a box! If you have any questions about Happy Mail Day, please feel free to email me Head over to the brand new Happy Mail Day Etsy page to order yours!.