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A glimpse into different hairstyles Cutting or trimming hair is intended to make or keep up a certain shape or form. This can be as simple as trimming the odd hair ends to as radical as shaving the scalp. To keep up a hairstyle, one usually gets a trim on a regular basis. Of course a person could give themselves a trim, but more often someone else will do it since it is hard to ensure a symmetrical shape when cutting hair behind the head. The act of trimming does improve appearance and removes damaged and split ends, but it does not make the hair grow faster or fix any damage up and down the hair shaft. Stylists usually prefer to wash the hair first, leaving the hair damp while it is being cut. Damp hair benefits the hair cutting process because the extra heft and surface tension of the water pushes the individual hairs downward and together for the whole length of the shaft, helping the hair cling together and assisting the stylist creating a form. Brushes and combs work by organizing and untangling hair, coaxing the hair to lay in the same direction while also getting rid of various waste like lint, dandruff or broken or fallen hairs bereft of follicles but still clinging to the others. There are a great many different tools for detangling hair available at all prices. Combs come in a great variety of shapes and sizes and made of all kinds of materials including plastic, wood and horn. Likewise, brushes come in all shapes and sizes, including some paddle shapes. Most will even use some kind of wide tooth comb for the sake of detangling. Doctors usually discourage sharing hair care items like combs and clips in order to prevent spread of dandruff or head lice. The traditional practice of brushing hair with 100 strokes a day is somewhat old fashioned, coming from a time when folks washed hair less often. The brushing would help distribute the skin’s natural oil down through the hair, protecting the health of the hair. Nowadays however, this does not work so well when the natural oils have already been washed away by regular shampoos. Also, today’s hairbrushes are more often made with stiff plastic bristles instead of with the once standard natural boar bristles. These plastic bristles increase the chances of scalp and hair damage, especially when brushing is done too hard. Hair dryers use blown air, usually hot air, to speed up the hair drying process by using heat and convection to increase evaporation. Too much heat, however, may increase split ends and otherwise damage the hair. Hair dryer diffusers may be used to moderate and disperse the air flow over a greater area. Hair dryers may also be wielded to fashion the hair to a small degree. Proper method means directing the dryer in such a way that the air does not blow directly on the face or scalp. Otherwise, burns could result. If one braids too often or too tightly, the hair may be pulled at the roots, resulting in traction alopecia. Rubber bands with metal attached and any tight clips, either of which may bend the hair at extreme angles, can have the same effect. Other scenarios happen when hair is pinned up too tightly, or if the entire updo starts to slip resulting in follicles being pulled at the hair root, causing headaches. Though many African-Americans use hair extensions for convenience purposes, it is important to let the braids back down in order to avoid breaking or even losing hair. Higher classes have always used hairstyles to indicate their position and

wealth. Rich Roman women kept complex coifs that required the work of several servants to maintain them. The wealthy have also often picked hairstyles that limited or made movement difficult, signifying that they did not need to work. Hairstyles of the richer classes used to be the latest style of fashion, establishing the styles for the rest of society. However, today the rich are more often seen wearing their hair in more conservative styles that may be decades old. The hairstyles of the middle classes tend to be more muted and professional oriented. The middle class strive to have their hair appear healthy and natural, showing that they have the capabilities to live healthy and happy. If you want to find out more information you can visit

The the reason why people wear their hair a specific way  

Cutting or trimming hair is intended to create or keep up a certain shape or figure. This is as simple as trimming the weird hair ends to as...