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FINE TUNE YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS IN A BLINK OF AN EYE Introducing the next generation of consumer behavior testing

Looking to drive consumer engagement?

WE CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES Introducing the next generation of consumer communications testing

WE’VE GOT MEASURING CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT DOWN TO A SCIENCE We understand that both advertisers and their agencies are frustrated by the lack of feedback as to “why” ads and packages don’t work as well as expected. So we invented the first consumer eye movement recorder, the basic design of which is still used today. This pioneering spirit is ingrained in the way we approach today’s even more challenging media marketplace. Always innovating, always looking deeper into what motivates today’s consumers. PTG’s latest innovation takes understanding human behavior to the next level. With our patented saccadic e-Motion system we can now measure actual interest levels in any given area of marketing material. We go beyond simply monitoring where the eye lingers to measure second-by-second engagement in real-time, all without the respondent’s knowledge. This ground-breaking technology is being applied across all mediums; print, television, internet, mobile and packaging. Improved products, more-effective advertising, and increased ROI—the benefits are clear to see.


Invented Eye Movement Recorder

Invented Life-size Package Shopping Simulator

Invented Saccadic Eye Movement Recorder

Invented Real World Recording of In-store Shopping Behavior

The Saccadic Advantage: Beyond Eye Movement to Engagement

Standard Eye Tracking measures movement: Where the eye goes.

Saccadic Technology measures movement + attention: What the brain actually sees.

Using saccadic technology, PTG can tell what consumers can’t or won’t verbalize by looking through their eyes.. We own the patent on measuring saccadic eye motion which refers to tiny vibrations of the eye. A human being cannot see unless the eye vibrates. The more interested a person is in something, the faster the eye vibrates. Only PreTesting can measure second by second consumer interest and engagement in advertising, packaging and digital content with our patented e-Motion system.

Measuring engagement across channels Having a tool to measure interest across all media channels is the key to increasing brand engagement. PTG’s ELF score (Engagement Level Factor) is the first and only consistent measure of consumer engagement across every major communication touch-point. And we don’t measure engagement in a vacuum. We look at the total picture with seven different measures of advertising and packaging performance:







• Breakthrough/Involvement • Persuasion • Recall • Message Communication • Competitive imagery • Likability • Open-ended diagnostics

By measuring eye movement and attention level, marketers can fine tune materials across the pathway to purchase.

Testing without the roadblocks Up until now, biometric testing required the use of disruptive devices and processes. But now, PreTesting delivers insights using hidden, passive technology for a more natural approach to testing. This allows us to deliver more accurate results and a better overall experience for respondents.

Engagement Level Factor

Real world testing In addition to controlled testing environments, we also offer testing in real-world scenarios. Using hidden technology, the respondent is unaware of participation in an ad or package study. This helps us gain hidden insights that respondents won’t readily admit when they know they’re being tested. And by mixing in the competition, we are able to get a more accurate measure of persuasion.

The experts are interested too Our patented technology has been validated in-market and by experts from MIT, Harvard, Barrow Neurological Institute, Scientific American Magazine and a host of others. And this is just the beginning, PreTesting has already created applications for mobile, allowing us to test on smart phones and tablets. In addition we are now able to test digital video on multiple user screens — testing the effects of distraction on advertisers content.

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A fresh perspective on shopper marketing At PTG, we know how shoppers shop today and we design our methodologies to test the true shopper experience. Our packaging and in-store methodology is totally unique because we test in a hidden, unobtrusive way, without respondents knowing what they are being tested for. Real-world recording of global shopping behavior has arrived. For the first time, in-store tracking of product examination and purchase can be recorded efficiently and accurately on a global basis. We use a variety of methods ranging from hidden cameras in actual real-world settings to our full-size digital screen walk-through. Our latest breakthrough combines wearable camera glasses with package recognition software that transforms shopping behavior into actionable data. Shopper Marketing tests for: • Product sales • Impulse purchase intent

A camera in the frames allows us to see through the eyes of the shopper. Package noting Supermarket A Supermarket B With coupon Without coupon

% noted

• Recall, engagement (Saccadic e-Motion and eye tracking technology) • Findability • Visual element playback • Competitive imagery • Intent to purchase, act or consider • Likability • Impact of price • Client-customized diagnostics.

Data captured is then downloaded into our system for analysis

For more information Call: (201) 569-4800 Or email us at

PRETESTING BENEFITS AT A GLANCE • One true measure of customer engagement across the entire pathway to purchase. • Hidden, passive technologies that don’t disrupt natural media consumption behaviors. • Detailed understanding of how consumers engage channel by channel. • Roadmap to maximize engagement for each and every touchpoint. • 38 years of experience and norms for virtually all the major categories. • Insight and service beyond the competition.

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The next generation in consumer engagement testing. Saccadic Eye Technology.

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