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$5000 in 99 Days Blogging Challenge By Preston Schumacher

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The Fundamentals of Money Billions of dollars are exchanged between millions of hands each, and every day. This is a sign of a healthy economy. Understanding how the economy works will actually place you in the position to make more money than you’ve ever dreamed. If you see how local businesses interact with one another you will consistently notice the exchange of product, value, or service for money.

The question you need to be asking yourself is, “How do you get yourself on the receiving end of the money for the product, value, or service?” We will dive into that in just a minute.

Making Money Online Internet Marketing is the fastest growing, yet most misunderstood methods for the average person to make money today. The majority of people that go online today, to find a solution to their situation, see it as a “get rich quick scheme.” You can make a lot of money fast if you know what you are doing, but more than likely if you are not partnered up with the right people you will get nowhere very fast. Also, what most people also don’t seem to understand is that when you dive into the online world with the motivation to make more money from home, you are now an entrepreneur and you take on many of the risk that entrepreneurs experience when they start path to success. Going online to make money is the act of starting your own business, whether you like to believe it or not! This is where most people have the biggest problem transiting from job chaser to entrepreneur.

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Let’s compare job chasing and entrepreneurism real quick so we both understand the differences between the two and why working from home can make you more money than you’ve ever dreamed!

With a J.O.B. (Just over Broke) you are exchanging time for money, so the more time you put in, the more money you earn. The only way to keep earning more money is to put in more time, which takes away from your family, friends, hobbies, personal life and FUN. With an online business, you are exchanging skills, knowledge and effort for money, whether it is for a percent of a commission or for 100% full payment. Another distinction that is obvious as well is with a J.O.B. you have deadlines, a boss breathing down your neck, and little room for creativity and growth. With a business, you are your own boss. You can put as much time or as little of time towards building your business as you want. It’s up to you to get results within your business.

The Entrepreneur Life The entrepreneur will eventually have new ideas thrown at him/her all the time. The goal here is to focus on one thing at a time until we see the positive results we want. We only have so much time in a day to work on our business; marketing, promotion, sales. If we focus elsewhere by starting up new projects every single day we will see poor results in everything that we start. FOCUS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!

The Art of Focus In the online world there are hundreds of “New” and exciting opportunities popping out every single day, as well as new marketing courses and product launches. Marketers refer to them as “shiny

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objects.” The key is to acknowledge these but not to fall into the hype. This is how you stay focus on promoting your own business. There’s nothing wrong with buying new marketing courses if they are relevant to what you are currently focusing on. Although, if you are not fully going through them or don’t have time you shouldn’t waste your money!

“$5,000 in 99 Days Challenge” Phase 1 Our goal from this report is for you to learn how to pull in a $5,000 a month income in 99 days or less. This is a residual income that you will get month in and month out! Plus you can build on this income to make in larger down the road. This kind of income is completely life changing to most people. Heck, most would be thrilled with an extra $500 a month to pay bills with. You may be asking yourself, “So what are the steps and materials that I need to actually get my new online income started?

At the core there are 5 things you need…  Motivation- motivation is what keeps our drive alive through this entire process. This drive is absolutely key to making our business work even if we don’t start seeing results immediately!  A Business- there is online businesses known as network marketing companies out there that are basically a business in a box. However, you only get paid an extremely small percentage of commissions and are very unlikely you can reach $5000 in 99 days. (Later I will recommend a revolutionary business model)  Marketing- marketing and promotion is absolutely key as well to making money online. If you have no one seeing your opportunity, business, or products then you will have no one taking action on what you have to offer.

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 Selling System- this is a method that you can use time and time again to cut the frustrating selling process in half and sometimes eliminate all together, so you can make more money in less time with little headache.  Training and Support- you always want someone to be there to support you and others that are in the same spirit to keep you going and that you can connect with. Plus, you want up to date training on how to market so you know how to get the word out there about your opportunity or offer. These 5 things are the foundation to making your $5,000/ month residual income in 99 days or less.

So now you should be asking yourself, “How do I get started building my foundation to financial freedom?” We talked about motivation and how to it works towards building your business. Without this there isn’t any fuel to your fire, which leads to no growth or movement in your business or your income. Creating motivation within mind must be a daily ritual. This can be accomplished through reading books, listening to audios, or watching videos that inspire you. You need to get pumped up before you go out and market and build your online business. People you can listen to, to get motivated are: Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and the all so famous Tony Robbins. Having access to these types of audios is a MUST! They say daily actions are the stepping stones to success. This is so true! If you are just doing this as a hobby it won’t work. You’re business won’t exceed $100-$200 a month if that is how you plan on treating your business. It will cost you more money than you make in the long run, and you won’t receive the freedom from your job or freedom from financial stress that we are all after.

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“$5,000 in 99 Days Challenge” Phase 2 We talked about how the economy works, and how to receive money at the beginning of this report. We’ve also talked about exchanging some sort of value, whether it’s a product or service, for money. Now on that note, the key to receiving more and more money is actually exchanging an immense amount of value for the money exchanged. This is the secret to repeat business and consistent cash flow. Training and support is another factor that will lead your business from start up to success in 99 days or less. Training that teaches you what to do and how to do it, tools to market with, and video tutorials are a must to get where you want the quickest.

There’s been a saying in Internet marketing land and it’s really powerful. Learn… Do... and then Teach This is a simple, yet powerful method. Learn what to do, go do it and get results from it, and then teach it to others. If you have a passion for taking action after you learn, you are going to be great as an entrepreneur. Now I’m going to go further into what kind of business model that is recommended over the others! When you first look into creating an online business you have two options. Selling your own products, training, and services for 100% profit, or selling someone else’s stuff for commissions. Now there’s good and bad for both of these. For example; selling your own product you have to create it, host it, set up the sales funnel, secure it, and then distribute it! That’s a lot of work just for keeping 100% profit. Trust me on that!

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Then there is selling someone else’s stuff for commissions. This is cool because you don’t have to create the product, deal with customer service or anything like that, or build the funnel, but you only get partial commissions, which could kill your enthusiasm towards selling the product and make it hard to see a profit. So how can you get to keep all the profits, not have to host a product or service, or secure it? How can you avoid all the complicated and technical stuff that gets us all overwhelmed? Plus build a residual income? Until recently there was nothing that could meet these requirements in a business that an average person could build.

That is until now! Introducing, “The Empowered Movement.” The Empowered Movement is a network you can get into right now and start receiving 100% commission residually, and by reading this you have the opportunity to be part of our team. The person who gave you this report is a member of the network and is going to help you easily get to that.

$5,000 a Month Residual in your First 99 Days… and Here’s How to do it… On our team, we have a full Training back office for you to learn how to start marketing, which is our number one goal once you get on board with us. This back office is full of trainings that will teach you not only ways to market, but also how to make money using our systems within, The Empowered Movement. While there are multiple teams in the network, this training is exclusive to our team only. Also, remember when I mentioned how important a motivated mindset is when becoming a successful entrepreneur?

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Motivational audios can be expensive, that’s why in our back office we have available for you to listen to plenty of motivational audios that you can either download or listen while you’re on the computer building your new business. When you get in and start marketing your new Empowered business, how will you make money? Well that’s simple; you easily educate them, and then guide them through the sign up process. We’ve broken down this system into one of the easiest systems ever, and this is how you will make $5,000 residual income in 99 days or less after coming on board our team!

Here’s how our System Works... 1. You get back to the person that gave you this report immediately to get started with the, “$5,000 in 99 Days Challenge.” 2. You get started at one of the medium or high levels, NOT the basics simply because you won’t hit the $5,000 any time soon doing that. 3. After you’re in, start finding people that want to make $5,000 residual income in 99 days or less. If they do have they are motivated to do so give them this report. 4. After you find your first person who wants to make $5,000 in 99 days or less, your system is now paid for and you are now ready to start receiving profits. These payments will be deposited daily and directly to your bank account! So let’s do some simple math so you know exactly what you need to do to easily hit your $5,000 a month residual income in 99 days or less.

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If you are serious and come in at the $125 level, you are qualified to receive $125 commissions. With the unique compensation plan you Keep 100% of your 1st Person, 3rd, Person, 5th Person and 7thPerson, then every 4 after that... (You’ll learn more about this once you get back to the person who sent you this report.) 56 People is all you need to make $5,000 a month. But wait you now have 43 people that will be passing up to you their 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th $125/month commission to you as well! So from there you’re income will grow on autopilot after you hand them this report! So all you have to do is give this report to interested people wanting to make $5,000 a month residual income in 99 days or less, and its hands off from there. They simply call you, or email you asking how to sign up! Who can’t do that? Contact the person who gave you this report, if you just found it floating around on the Internet somewhere, just go to to get started. Plug into our marketing training, learn how to start marketing and learn our system. Plus, get access to our secret facebook mastermind where you can talk and chat with other team members working to pull in $5,000 residual in 99 days or less! Go now! Talk soon, Preston Schumacher

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$5,000 in 99 Days Blogging Challenge  

$5,000 in 99 Days Blogging Challenge. This challenge goes out to all bloggers, amateur or professional writers, and anyone looking to make 1...

$5,000 in 99 Days Blogging Challenge  

$5,000 in 99 Days Blogging Challenge. This challenge goes out to all bloggers, amateur or professional writers, and anyone looking to make 1...