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resemblance in doing

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Principal, Sta ,·and

sideat·Tu Mart.tStilr;e:r···

C(j-Prilici'pals,.: :··· ·· · Room Tlie Lodge., ."· , .

.Emal~j!~tiver@gw,,rn.~~~~dl! Phc:nm.~ 803~777;.1600


· ·

Quote This is the song tliat nevex ends, yes it goes on QXt myJriend. Some ·. people started singing it, not

bied~~rnj(g~gwm.~c.'edu ·~~~- 815-404-1945

Va~ation Summer school, visiti~g faJ,tijly. sick ~useUlti

and·worldng· at the wonderful McKis-

· · · Ou~t•:whet~ter }"OU tlljp.k you can or you can't, you're

right, ..:lienry Ford; :· ··. ·

Christine 'Peters Bus-ieSt; ·Manager Roo~lOS . Email.







Secoid~'tloor B.T · ·R~om2.4~ Major S~eech..tanguage Pathology Em~U a:iE!llorvta~m.aill>

·Phone '170-366-3246 .· . ·. . JU:M missv814 Va;~atton.Started grad.uate school, sexved as a bridesmaid and a m~d· of honor, spent time with friends and family, Ouote Lq.-qg~ter,js, th,e .Shortest,.Qistan•. betwee;n two peQple. -,:Victor Borge ·· · ·· .· ··

Veronica Copley IAE~Sit:J.ellce Ball i R~c~ RHO Apartment

Major Higher Edueation Email Phone 803-777-1588 Va.cation Roadtripping to


Kip Thompson· Third noor RT Room321 •J.v!at c1r· Clinlealo:Community Psychology ·· Email· .Phone 770-856.. 6359 ..·. . . . , AIM redgaphead726 Vacati~:n/Researcb coriference in California, traveling all ewer th~ South Quot~ Either you think or/else others have to think for you·and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you. -F. Scott Fitzgerald


assadors Kelly Houde Room241

Cooper R~~m350

Nancy Nichols Jloom242

Rachael Allen Room224

Jes$ica Klima

Shawn Dunn



Sonaite DebeheKumssa Room249






bassadors .Audra Barton


.·· First·Fl«Jor \V~$t :Pc .·


Roortt ll¥;'. '~ . •· . w. · ·.•· ··.1.v.ta1~·~~· Go~hterScience

Errta;l~ ..

. . · . .··.··

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Phone8~3,.178""~.~34··; . ·. . . ·

ru:MjW~~e!~A· ' .

VQ(.!~tion School


Quote I would""',,,90:;c:r~ if I :wasn't insane. ', :" ' ' . . . ',

·' Quote You must not know 'bout me.




Sarah "Gizmo" Gisriel Second Floor West .PC

RahulJaco:b Second Floor East PC aci~:m.atu





HRTM·.· . · ·


· · Phtme 410:..982-c~lQ76 AIM gryfndo:rk.. · .· Vacation Playing WilbY am~ mals at.the zoo and serving up burgers,at led Robin Quote It is my belief that the truth is generally n.,..,.·F.::.Table to lies. -Albus Dumbledore

Lauren Fl·inn · Floor .East .pc

.Adam Salem Third Floor West PC

aoom30:4 Major Public Relations Elri~. •f1Pln@~ai~ox,sc•edq

Room335 .,,......."""..: "'~~tiqnal.l5t~QJes



9JWQ2;;3;'l89 AIM Iaur$60l ... .


Rachael.Allen Roo:m224

Shawn Dunn Roo:t~n2&6



. ph~¢t:utic:m.eC>~pany Quote The only differenc.e beVe6Jl Ql!dUita:r,yand extraordinary is the little e~~ .· · · ··


Don:tpraymmy SCJ1<Xl'4,a•a:Tl!l~'ttli•i•~:m.

your chumh.

Sonaite DehebeKumssa Room249


速ng St

Preston ustodial Sta

Front row: Sharon, Michelle, Tiffany, Katrina, Crystal, David, Ron Back row: Annette, Frances, Marty, Donald Not pit:tu.:red: Alex, Lisa, Ms. Annie

ssociates and



Drucilla Barker

Alex Ogden Field Languages, Literatuxe, and Cultures Email PJ.u~ne 803-777-9573

Field Computer Science Email

Casey Fitzpatrick Field Public Health Email fit2; :Phone 803-777-2966

· Cathy J.V.tur,phy Field., ~hemistry Em~f m; •h~~e 803-777•6399

.Bob Murphy Field Math Email Phone 803-777-4713

ssociates and Friends

Cocky Honorary Faculty Associate In va.......,a.t..,•i+• Field Sports and Entertainment Management .Phone A moot point, no?

Field Political Science Email Phone 803-777-454 7

Field Women's Studies Email Phone 803-777-4007

Duncan Buell Field Political Science Email Pl'u)ne 803-777-3109

Field Computer Science Email Phone 803-777-2880

Elise Hammonds Field Media Arts Email Phone 803-777-5752

Field Study Abroad Email Phone 803-777-7557

Don Greiner

Elizabeth Cantanese

Field English Email Ph,nn~ 803-777-4203

Field English Email

sociates and

sociates and Friends Father F:r:ede:rick Byrd :n.eld Archdeacon and Chaplain for J;::piscopal Students Email

George Handy Field Chemistry Email Phone ,803-7,77-5188

GregoryWilshacher :,Field Film Library Phone 803-777-5556

Jason Coleman Field Public Health Email Ph~ne 803-734-1618

Jerry Hackett Field Philosophy i.~W<.n,..a.,..~~. Phone 803-777-7210

Jim.Burns Field South Carolina u .....,.. ,..,... College Email Phone 803-777-8102

Karl Heider

Ken Perkins

Field Office of the Provost Ema.:U Phone 803-777-2808

Field History Email Phone 803-777-2355


Kevin Lewis

Field Psychology Email Phone 803-777-2359

Field Religious Studies Phone 803-777-2561

Keith Davis

Laura Woliver


Field Political Science Email Phone 803-777-4007

~9 ~.... we-ll Sll'l Ma.jar Marketiug J)~vz.~.~e.

Phone 008 873 7041 7-'/f/jf AIM BiW'redi.e路mantis

Vacation Anywhere with ro.. bots. Quote This is the song that yes it goes on and on my friend. Some started singing it, not knowing what it was ...

'Hal French Field Religious Studies Email Phone 803-777-2178

Keith Kenl)ey

Lucille Mould

Field Journalism

Field French Email Phone 803-777-2613



sso . . Lynn Shirley

·sociates and riends

Patrick Scott

Tom Terrill

Field Oepgraphy Phone 803-777-4690

netd English Email Phone 803-777-1275

Field History . Email terrill@gwzh; Phone 803-777-1872

Margaret Perkins

Rosamund Sprague

Vicki Bowman-Vance

Field English Programs for Internati.Ghals · Email margaret_perkins Phone $03-:-777 -'2394

F:i.El!ld Philqsophy,." Email · · Phone 803-777-372~

Major Biological Sciences Email Phone 803-777-4141

Mark Sibley-Jones



Field Creative ~;iting ·. · . .w~llil~.¢t:.:. tnaJ"~@sch,<;lu Phone 803-777-8102

Field Media Arts ..,.u:wu.~. Phone 803'"'777-9158

Major Art Email Phone 803-777-7077

Matt Miller ·.


Walter 14niger .·

Field Math

Field Marketing

Major Southern Studies Email Phone 803-111-zzoe,~

Phone 80S;;777..3690

.. ·

.Email ~~i.t~~mc:>;

Zach Kelehear

:neid Edu¢.a:tion Leadership Email Phone 803-777-0323


reston es Abdullah JU-Bahri



Room129 . Majo:r Religious Studies Email wolffal Phone 803-727-4724 Vacation Internship Quote Sirnul iu$tus et peccator.

Majo:r English Literature Email . Phone 803.i.397-6277 Vacati9n A wonderful time with my family

AIM sirlg;insweetie.AME VacatiC.n Working. & out with friends Quote I can do all things through Christ who ..T....:o,.,,.TTn •• w: ens me! (Phil. 4:13)

.Afotey Quaye

.Alicia Boronzy


Room 123 Major Psychology Email Vacation Summer school! Quote o hay i c wut u did thar

Room209 1nau~:r Accounting

Room210 Major Biplogy/Dance Email

Andre North Room 149 Major Music/English Ema:U Va~at.o:n Hanging with friends Quote If you are reading this, we already have something Phone 864-384-7645 Vacation Summer school Quote I don't :keep quotes! in common.

AJ Patwardhan R~om334

Majo:r Geography Email AIM coqanuinO Vacation Traveling abroad Quote I'm going to rock this year.

.Alexandra Casmer Room237 Major Print Journalism ·EmaU Vacation Working and going tothebeach Quote Live life to the fullest.

A.llyson Shelton

Amanda Feaga

1toom223' Majo:r English



.£mail Phone 410-708-2809 AIM amanda002S9 Vacation Chillin.

ashelto@maill! AIM Unb:~cedl9 Vacatia:nl worked at Founders Feu···.·· •·•· ·



AlyBarry Koom237 Major Nursing Email alybobt$ Phone 864-888-7003 AIM alygatorl208 Vacation Woil"ld.:ngJ\.,/·esJ Lake time Quote Whatever happens is meant to be.

Andrea Barr Room236 Majo:r Public Relations Email :llM barrav20 10 Va!:taUo:n At the beach :) Quote 'Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up -John Wayne

Andrew Bartlett Room324 Major Nursing Emai~ Vacation Working

are what we pretend to be -Kurt Vonnegut

es Maj~r. Political Sci~nce


Jl~om 1:32 Maj~ Undeclared

Email ..,...,. •.,. ...... 706-664-4~56 JUM rtu:J,ypimple Vacation Australia and New Zealand

Qu.crte Live free, die hard.

Quote Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the

.Antoinette Erickson

.Audra. Barton

Brandi Conner

Va~:::ation Worl.ciilg


Andrew Motzkus

Room246 ., Major Marketing/

Vacation WorkingNacationl Friends Quote Don't step on the white ones ... hot lava! -Rocko

Brad Worsham

Room 118 Major Biology/Pre~Med Email



Ashley Wade Room147 Major Nursing Email Phone 803-807-0018 AIM ViolentSymphony Vacation Makin' dat dough! Quote Without suffering,

.Anietra Bailey

Andrew Ceclerdahl.


YMCA as a. counselor

person you are. Room212 Majot: Exercise Science Email Phone 864..;a06-7815 . Vacation Spenttirnein cago Quote Live life to the IUJJ~esr

Room205 Majot" Finance Email Phone 864-905-4228 AIM ohsooblonde812 Vacation Working Quote Everything happens i•.•J:[JI.ere are no accidents in life.

Room236 Major Public Relations Email Vacation Workihg Qu,ote Live well, love much, laugh often.

Brandt Stone

J.pdrew Norris

Ashlee .Diggs

lloom246 Majo:r.Marlceting . .Email

Room ll8 Major Biology Vacation Summer Sc;h.ool

Room206 Majo:r Geology Email Phone 540-392-1821 AIMg2llto Vacation Dodging cacti and rockfalls

Room204 Major Civil Engineering Email Vacation Working and with · friends

.Ashley ·Gardner

Billfred. L~verette

Bridget M. Goetowski

Phone.843""224:6502 AIM :whtboyfro. + V4li.Oa~ion Work, wotk, and ·work... sadness! Quote I've got soul, but rm not a soldier.

Andrew Spivey B.oom239 Major Computer Science Email ·

Phone 884~0-7441: " JUM !Unileitsspivey Vacation SJ.eep/travell!u,n Quote What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


·B.ooml43 · ·Major pnntjeurnalism

B.oom2+9 Major .Marketing '&AJita.u BillfredLeventis Vacation Robots, Boston, camp, 1\mttak, Macbooks, and kidnapping. Quote I don't start :Lam one! -E. Thropp

Room212 Major Political Science Email rockondreamer69 @yahoo. com Phone 843-267-8361 Vacation At my home ... the beach Quote I'm depraved on account I'm deprived-so take him to a head shrinker.

restonites Brittany Cleveland Room34B

Bobby Sutton

Caitlin Welch


Major Media Arts Email

Room323 Major Psyc/Criminal Justice Email Phon~ 864-337-1274 AIM RoxieSinger Qu.ot~ If your friend was a tightrope walker and he fell walking down the street, that would be completely unacceptable. -M. Hedberg


Phone 803:..429-4628 AIM docballstier Quote If a pitbull romances your leg, fake an orgasm.

Brittany Martin B.oom.146 Major English Email Phone 803..;611-4318 AIM brittmartin314 Va~e:U.on Working and vacation Quote A true friend stabs you hi the front. -0. Wilde

B'itta:ny Price Room




Email Phone 803.-960-1181

Vacation.CancuniMiami/ DisneyWor1d1 Quote Don·'t let the fear of failure get in the way ·Of achieving your dreams.

Brianna T:racy Room 115 Major Marine. Science Email Phone 3()4.,,281..5387 ~M ibrlannabananai .Vacation Working at a zoo! Quote Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. ...,Emerson

Catherine "Heath" Baschon

Benjamin Ellison B.oom~38 .~.v~<~~•ll;ll$ Business ll:nudl Phone 864-88.2..;13.41 AIM spydergt008

Catherine Flora Con B.oom338 Majo,,Piano Performance Email Phone 864-346-4190 AIM cfc20pianochic05 Vaccdion Attended Chautauqua Music Festival in upstate New York

.Major Exercise Science Vacation Gettin' money


Quote There's no differenlCE between a pessimist who says 'Oh, it's so hopless, so don't botherdoing anything' and an optimist who 'Don't bother doing anything, it's going to turn out anyway.' Either way, nothing happens.-Y. Ch,ouinard

Brett Harper B.oom248 Major Marketing Email

Phon• 678-725-2425 Vacation Working, cle1axtg1.g swimming pools Q·1.u:~te Keep it real.

Quote Think Green. :)

Caroline Pederson

Celena Peters

R~m209 &udl.tQr

Rot'lm253 Major Biology Vacation Summer school Quote What goes around comes back around.

Spap.ish abroad in Taiwan at Asia U

Vc,u::at~~n. Study

Byro:n'J,'y.-ell Mathis Ro~m.a:aa

Celia Norris


Phttn• Q,t~·"f'"'*«'V""'Ii'u<~~o AIM Byronaoot VacaU~n Hanging out with frie.nds and fatnily Quot~ Don't go where the path may lead. Go instead Where there is no path leave a trail.

B.oom227 Major Nursing Email nortisc« AIM celiasurrounded Vacation Working for the woman. Quot~ I've got the worst case

Phone $0~412-0234 AIM deP,.oncaurtU Vacatio~ Wo:rking, then roadtrip to Santa Fe, then the

of moonburn!


Prestonites Chad Bloodworth

Chase McElhaney

Christina Lauren Myers

Cory Siedler

Phone 803-221-7726 '· AIM cm~elhaneyS9 Vacation Just hanging out with friends

Room 140 Major Business Phone 843-475-0258 Vacation Makin' money Quote Make that money.

''-'JileJtse·a Schwoyer

Christy Couch

Courtney Albright


Room307. Major Music•iJ;:dueation . AIM h9ttieviolinist Vacation Hanging out wi:th friends

Roam218 Major Biology Email Phone 678-425-4700 Va~ation Teaching tennis/ camp counselor

Room302 Major Philosophy Email Phone 704-957-8831 ~cati(m Work and travel Quote The next time you sit in silence... listen..

Chad Langdale

Chris Hartnett

Chuck Bowers

Courtney Brockington

Room318 MajorUndec} Email

Room 111

Room324 Major HRTM/Media Arts Email AIM NsaneMoose


Majo:r Busines~ ,Email ' ' Phon~ ,84;3-908-2455 VacatJon Skiing Quote~ man is judged by what he has accomplished, not by what he says he can accomplish. -Chad

Busines$ Email Phon;lf843-504-1380 , JUM jclisher21 Traveling and workiilg Quote What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

ltoom337 Major. educa~ion Emai'

Phone 864-934-8007 Vacatio~~Bonaroo

Quote Befo~ you make fun of someone, first walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you do make fun of them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

CharlC)tte "Tinke11bell" Taylor Room242 . Major Public,.:Relati:ons/Film Jlhone;4320 Vacation Not in Disney ,. World,.:( Qu()tefai:th, trust, and pixie dust! Third star to the right and straight onto morning!

356 Major Undeclared Ema:U

I .KI:>Ol!'n



Phone 864-567-217'1 AIM shortstuff47669. Vaaaticm. Beach Quote Perfection is riot there is nothing else to add, it's when there's nothing left to take away.

ChrlstinCJ..Hoffec=ICer 'tftOOm


Rcom253 Major Biology/Pre-Med Email Phone 803-984-0313 AIM supersoc77 Vacation Beach and work Quote It's orily when you've Utat y.ou're free to do anything.


Courtney Cole

Rocm303 Major.hlt'l Bus./Finance AIM ange1ba.be2388 I;'YaLca~tiorn NYC, camping, brownies, and work Quote All things .~ alright in the end; if it's not alright,

Room226 Major Elementary Education Email Plu:~ne S64-36J-9824 AIM ilovepink3987 Vacati(m Working in the yard

restonites Damien Davda R.of)m35'i Political Scj.ence

Pltoae '864-593-7887 . AIM·sdnieskydive I cleaned video games and gave speeches. Quote If one dances, one must pay the piper. -Vincent

Dave Morgan Room208 Email Phone 67f.3-'350-50 10 lUM fuller77sbccer Vac~'Uon Working and seeing friends Quote Well-done is better than well-said. -Ben Franklin

Daniel Askew Room UO Major History Plu~ne 757-589-1617 AIM mdanaskew Vacation Visiting with frienc;:ls and faritily.

·Maj o:r Media Arts Email PhtU.\e 203-915-8642 Vacation Drawing Quote Super perfundo on · early eve of your day

David Grigsby

Dominique Dawkins

Room347 Majoz: Business

a~~m Phon~ 843-287-0128

Vacation Doin' as many crazy things as.po!!!sible Quote Never say forever, cuz

David Hartsell

Ebony Johnson



Majo:r Mass Communications Email Phone 803-814-2359 V~.u=ation. Having fun Quote Just ~yourself and

Derek Strange Room Ill or Biology lUM d.ip1omatdgd


dasanipig@ya:P, JUM dasanipig Vacation The Bi-Lo Q.uote.Why are there snakes on this· motherf@#$ing plane?

Darnell Smith R.oom334 Major Sports and Entertainment Management Email · · ,. AIM illadelphsmurf Vacation Worked in Virginia

129 Maj~r Psychology Eman Ph~n~ 864-238-2818 Vacati~n Working

Major Biology/Spanish Email ~h~n~ 803-420-6423 AIM coherent2life Vacation Didn't do anything. Quote Calculated risk isn't the same as being reckless.. -Borrowed from Facebook

Ellie Jimenez :Room 133 Major Undeclared Email Phone 404-993-2650 lUM elliejx3 · · Vacati()n Hanging out with friends Quote Only God can judge me, either love me or leave me alone.

David Edwards

Emily Cooper

Room247 Major Physical Education Email

Room.3SO Major Political Science/ History Email

.Phone o:-2624 AIM mda1ide406 Vacation Coaching foo·tba.J and drinking tea Quote There are two roads in life. If you're not ing to me, then you're on the wrong one.



803-767-1497 Yacati~n Working Quote You can lead dumb people to .money, but you

AIM~coop9 Va.catb~n Moving to the

beach! Quote Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. -James Dean

Presto Erin Ophelia Small Room351 Print Journalism

Biology mahli287 Dude, I'm awesome!


Evan. Lohmann Ro,r.~rn

~,-~.,-% Religion~ Studies 803-206-5637 va,l::a't:J~oxt At home Sometimes I just feel like curling up on the floor in front of the fireplace and just rolling around the room like a tumbleweed, and not even caring if I knock things over or break them.

230 Broadcast hitec3 v"'""'""H"'.~ Chillin' hard If I could do it again, I'd do it the same. -C. Smith Working at a for the mentally,;a

Veni, vidi, vici

Eve Sanders Bailey

Heather Rogers

Room343 Pharmacy

Exercise Science

Jacqueline Ross



348 Biology/Pre-Med 216-208-1000

clemsonspike With my ..,.,.,~rn·•o•,r


Joe Booosh!

-Kristen Covington

Gina Dimartino 211



Cancun, New York, Cape Cod, Boston QuoteS@#$ happens.

Psychology LIUILdlllJ. ginadim.artino07 @yahoo. com 409-438-3139 sweetykiddo182 va,·n Moving to ....... ,._n•u

Henry Miller 137 "w"'u'"M Psychology >'%<>ntn•

864-356..,9905 henryclaymiller Enjoying summer wjth friends WHlr>•>&<


Jade Dunbar · 201 Undeclared ...,. .. ,... .., 803-606-3037 .........,,.,.,,,...,Sleeping & working


re onites · Jake ,Berger B.oom306 Maj~l' Accounting/Int'1 Bus. Email Phone 708-•297.:..1618 AiM newbiernid Vacation Internjng Quote What if there were no more hypothetical situations? -John Mendoza

James "Davey" Terry Room235 Majo~ Sports Management Email terryj@m& Phone .864~247-4710 Va.cation Working Quote Killyoself.

Jennifer "Cl\~~stie" Conley RoC~m218

Majorlnt'l Bus./Marketing conleys@m& Phone 77Q.;.862-8005 AlM uschristie Vacati~n Working Quote Through kindness you can change your fate.

Jeremy "J. Brock" rockington

Jessica Kli~ Room350 Major Nursing Email AIM intirnissy Vacation Pretty much worked all summer; nothing exciting just taking turns holding this world.

Jessica WCJ,tson [j,((IIOm233

Room333 Major ,?-lccounting Email jabrockington@yahoo. AIM jhollapintpj30 Vacation XBox all day Quote Can't knock the

Jay-R Stevens

Jeremy Lee Shannon

B.oom213 Major Electrical Engr. Email stevens6@m( Phone 864'-230-4488 Vacation Workii\g Quote I don't care who is at the top of the stairs, I'm step-

Room231 Major Pharmacy Phone 803-237-6036

}em\ Humphries

1tessilca Kiser

Gisriel Rooml23 Major Sports/Ent. Mgmt. Email Plu:m.e 443-421-2892 AIM joebodud10 Va,E:atio:n Doing nothing Quote I'm going to live until I

Joe Thickens Room331 Major Political Science Emdl ·AIM checkrnate2733 Vaca.Uon Working at the farm

John Bresnihan Room319 Major Film Studies/English AIM bucketheadsbuddy Vacation Working and stuff Quote I never know what to put here.

Johnny J. Moses Room 140 Major Biology/Education Email Quote Be true to thine self, making it easier to be true to others!

ping up.

Room309 Major Int'l Business

Email Phone 253-241-0570 ~ AIM jTLuvn77 Vacation Working/Cltil1ing Quote Just do you-that•s all you can do! -Trace Parks

:Koom 130 Major Bi~l~gy/Pr&-Med Email· · · jessicakiser@gmajl.c():m Phone 703-944..,8205 AIM aznkiser Vacation Traveling,wo:rkH seeing old friends Quote Take a walk in another man's shoes, because then you've relieved frustration ... and have their

Joseph Bonvallet Room231 Majo:r Physics Email ... bonvalle@m& Vacation Working on boats OUote If you want it, work for

tonites Johll uJ•Fed:" Thomy

Kare.em Holloway

Katie Honeycutt

·~rr»rri: 305



M1l! Ch~mistry

Major Media Arts.

. •Phone·803-389-8490 AIM ChidorilOOO Vaaath;~:n. Sleeping Quote Honor isn't about c~eices. It's. about dealing with the Pllone 843-6.87-2250 AIM xxunclearliesxx :Va~aUon Spittin' hot flames Quote I had an ant farm once, those f@#$ers didn't grow s@#$. If I pull off your legs, you'd look like a snowman. •w:n&.u


f.Room353 Majo:r.Psychology Emdl .dotsOJ\ Vacation Working · Quote No one can make you feel inferior without yqur permission. -E: Roosevelt

Justill McCoy ltoom332 Major Undeclared Ema:il . . Phone 803-371-4670 AIM thepsyducktheory . Vacation Smokin' in France Quote Supersoak that h@#.

Justin Scoggins :n.llll.Jl!l:.

230 .

Majorl~iusic Education

Emdl. .Phone 6.78..;282-8878 AIM outburt004 Vacation At horne

Kat HeaVl' R~~m3l3

Major English Email

kat.heavner@gmail.c6m Vacation: Cl:dllijt' With little kids, Tanzanian and .IU'I:te:r·J.canalike Quote Imagination is more important than knowledge. -Albert Einstein

Keath Mead. 337




Em:dl AIM drpepperdude315 Vacation Ohio and Cedar Point Quote Everybody s~ems to Il)ind, I. think they're crazy.

Kim Poulter Ro~m3ll

Major Theater Email AIM artikgato9216 Vacation MClking dolls Qu.ot~ I don't do c:lxugs, I am drugs!

Kirby A.nn Jordan Room307 Major Music Education Email ,Vaco'!ri:ion Ol:iline courses and work Qu.ote To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Katela• Kneece · Room201 Major Elementa:if Ed:uC:.eLti; Emdl

Vacaticn At the beach · Quote·You know you're in love when reality is finally better than your dreams! -Dr. Seuss

Katie COelho K01!3DI· 351 ..,....... u .....

o~ Psychology Email Phone 847-732-8369 AIM Cc,ltladykell Vacation Nanny & Zurich & moving the fam

Kelsey, Crump Room 147

Public Relations

·Email coelht>:!;~du


VacatiofVisitirig South Ca.:rolina., su.mrrter classes Quote]ust because I live north of the Mason-Dixon Line doesn't mean I'm a person. l r . I .............·


AIM moriefan0078913 Vacation Went. to the beach, .· hw:tg aut with friends 's Bond, James Bond.

Ph~ne 864-421-2999 AIM k::rzykimz Vaccdion The beach, a road trip to Jersey, and a quick walk down Downtown Greenville. Quote To whom much is given, much is expected.

Kristen "Kris-Kris" Bales Room 115 Major Criminal Justice AIM W>ixciuchaos Vacation Taking classes and freaking out about the LSAT Qu.ot~ Paisley sucks!


reston es Kdsten Covington

Lauren Parker

.Room348 Major Criminal Justice Vacation Working Quote Liye life to the fullest, 'cause when you're dead you can't.

Room302 Major Sports ap.d Enf. Email · Phortli!i 104-996-5163 AIMla~nppparka

VacatioD. Nothing. It was Quote If you can't learn to laugh at yourself, life's gonna seem a whole lot · than you'd like.

Logan Royals Room247 Major PoliticalScience Email Pho:11e. 803-44 7-6482 VacatiO:ll Work Quote The best jokes are dangerous, and dangerous •tilfl''l are, in some way truthful. -KV

Kristin Graham

!lauren Smith

Loren M. Zeigler

Room346 Major Dance Email .grahamk2@maill:> Phone 703-919~9004 AIM pre!tienpink243 Vacation I didn't go on one

Room3ll Majo:r PrintJourrialism/

Room341 Maj<u· Geology EmaU Phone 803-308-2798 AIM redneckbeauty07 V1:1caUon Mountains, then the beach

Phone· 864-979-0452

AIM irke~ip• Vacatio~ Working on my own comic Quote You're too look cool carrying aa.uu.•-=-a as a burden.

.Lindsay .Alford

Lucy .Appling

Room219 Major Music E<iucation Email Vac:c:dion With rny friends and working

Room352 or Business


Larissa English

Lisa Marie Moore


Room233 1\h.jor Business Admip. Email moore!IQ; ~;ouu. Phone.·S63;o414-4230 AIM irisJtldttenvixen Vaca.ti~ I worked, spent 4th of July in Atlanta



EmaU Phone 443.;386-4U~8 Vacation Moving &v'·ro:tkin

I apljlling1@:t1nailbc1X. Phone 864-508-0718 UM loopdeelucille VacationHawau, Edisto, friends ... and sleep :ifou can never go back; you can only


Mark Schaaf Room306 Major Computer Science Email AIM BigSchaaf Vacation Bahamas, Miami, Atlanta, work, work, work

Marquis Bias Room 149 Major Fashion Merch. Email biasm@ma, AIM stylesbymarquis Vacation Living my life at AE Quote Fashion fades, style is eternal. -Yves St. Laurent

Maryon Kennedy Room338 Majo:r Biology Email Phone 803-428-5771 Vac:ation Volunteering

Matt Bolick Room216 Majo:r Pre-Business Email Phoctu! 803~206-1152 AIM wolfbanescure Vll~ation Hospital"CutYou"

lt shake it oh yeah shake it like a crying

Phone 828-406-3482 AIM f:reestyleboard37 Vacation Working Quote Anything is possible, except skiing through revolving doors

restonites · Matt Buck

Matty Kappler

Melissa Bennett


Roorn335 Major Philosophy V«u::ation In Columbia Quote Love is everywhere know how to look.


M&j~t- Music

Education Emafi,tul> Phone 704-796-9317 AIM themattbuck Vacation I'm not at liberty to say.


Megan Blanchard





Melissa Willis

Michael Buring

bennetta@mailbox; 703-499-0195 Vacation At the lake and


Major Exercise Science Email Phone 301-514-8848 .AIM summerbabi415 Va~ation The beach

EmaU uscguitarist@aohcom ..Phone 803:"'430..,9067 .Vacation Being crazy Quote Eat, drink, and be merry, for tonight we dine in hell.

Meredith Miller

Matthew Kelly Room204 Majot Civil &


Roorn222 Major Music Education .Email Phone 864-313-4801 AIM musiomasterjedi .Va~atio:n Went to F~oe & England is the tomorrow we worried about yes-

l<:elly81.t{;! Vacation At hOme, Myrtle .Beach, and Lake Lure

·AIM honorcounoil6

Matthew stJUnk


Meredith Wright


Room.340 Major Political Science/

Va(:ad~n,.Relaxing anl!:tha4:n:

ting ready for a :neV!I' s·<~hool year


.Majo~ Sp()rt$ & Em. u~oy.u·u.; Email· ··· •·MeganJoyT@c(i) Phone 843'-860-3915 · V.cad~w6rking. Quote Wl:tiit•s comin' will come and we'll meet when does.

Merideth Pettit RoomZ28 M~o~ Media Arts AIM violetdreamsc Vacation Serving the masses popcorn

Room 138 Majo:r Business Management Email Phone 803-438-4442 Vacation Working Quote Keep it clean. -Jon Buring

Michael "Mikey P" Pulfer acom332 Maj o~ International Business Email Phone 803-372-7858 Vat:ation Working in Switzerland Quote I'm studying biznyz.

Michael Ross Room 142 Majo:r Accounting Email rQS§ Phone 803-665-3849 Vacation Working at Budweiser Quote It's too late ...

restonites Michael Tate :Roorrl. $.27 •· · Major Meciia Arts/Graphic Desig-n · Email ··"• tatemg@thailbox, . AIM tatenas03 Vacaticm Sun:tine:r classes and lyrics! Quote Underestimation will be my greatest weapon. -Lupe Fiasco


Nathan :Smith

RGom.228 . Major Latin Am,Btu~es



Va~a1ion Study in Germany

.Quot~ Life's short; have fun ..


Nic:k Stoltmann


Room213 Chemical Engr. .Email Phone 404-694-4 788 Va~ati9n Sleeping•

Nancy Nichols

Nicole Carbonell

Room.'242 . Major ;Nursi#g

Room2ll Maj:cr BUSiness Emai.lnf' Phone 908-370·1901. AIM flipgutlcole Vacation Italy

Pawel Glab.··



E~i Pho~t.e864-.4?0,.664S·

AIM rather;bdrivin.g66 Vaca.tiC)n Workirt.g,hanging outjbeach



Bhoae 843-200-9854


. . · .·

.· :;,&; .· lt1 as~you.u.


tomori:bw. ·



.AOIOm347 ·.~ov.~~oCII~u.~r. International. Studies

"""''"'"u 346

·Major B~C)logy

Etrtall ·.·.


.. ·...


Phone 8.-2268 ., AIM mo:rgal\43530 •Quote Be,ttl;leto yowself.

Patrick Batdorf

Room203 Majo~ Sports & Ent. Mgmt. Email :Phone 803-544-2656 Vacation Working

Maj~r~etcise .SPient;:e/

gamecockbabie55 'Vacation Traveling Quote Live life to the fullest.

Patricia "Erie!,. Barker .ttOIDm308 Maj~r Criminal Justice VaaaU~n The beach ' ... QuoteQo big or go home..



bye friends ·. Quote If you were a color, what color would you be and why?

AIM W1ioorn3niermaid Vac::e1tion DisneyWodd .Quote EVen the smallest .,_ange the course of the future.


Room.lSO Majo~. Accounting/Finallqirlgi

Email ' · ,. Phone 864~980-8670 AIM pauljg04 ·Vacation Stuff with giggles Quote There's one religion in this world, just six billion interpretations.

Phillip Kue.tnmel Rooml50 ·Major .Int'l Business/Finance Email· 803~348-1286


AIM phijlikusc


Rashod Williams

Rachael Allen

Room318 Maj~r Business Ema;I VaeationRelaxing and · ing Quote Show no love, love get you killed.

Room224 MajorBAIS Email , titania20107 Phone 803-312-3449 AIM titania201 Vaeatio~ Working weddings, went to Disney, and slept · Quote Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.

Remy Bara.cco

Rachel Harrelson

Room132 Major Undeclared Email Phone 843-321-0156 AIM rbis4rbb89 Vacation Work, sleep, ·

Room202 Major Broa¢lcast Journalism Phone 843-236-8608 AIM craziboutyou312' Vacation Working at the water park. Quote For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to propser you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. -Jere. 29: 11

tonites Robert Giovanelli

Roxine Chap·ski

Room 110 :Ma.j~r Music EmaU

Room ..206 Major1Marine Science Email, Phone 508-2~4-9306 AIM roxiney · VacaU'n Working and at the beach··

Robert Lipe

Sam Barker

Room 142 Major Exercise Science Emai!;edu AIM verilli2000 Y:ac:cdion Girl Games Europe Quote I'd rather poke it than smoke it.


Room358 Major Journalism Email Phone 703-655-5913 AIM add4samb Vacation Went to a lot of concerts Quote Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Sam Traquina lle.inf)l ;Gable Room343 MajoiEngmeering Emait . . gable:t@mailbmt;sc;edu . . Phone 803~917-3188 AIM catpa179 Vacation Visiting the beach, hanging out with friends, ' working Quote Enjoy each day as it comes.

Raquel Miles ;fto,om339 milesr@ma, Phone 80$..;544-3338 • Vacation Summer schoolBates West .. Tl\!1 End Quote Don•t as me a question if you are not prepared for my honest answer!

Room207 Major English Email Phone 843-813-8653 Vacatio.n Working a lot and a lot Quote Whatever you want in . this world, whether it be money, fame, or power, it's out there. Go get it.

M~jor B,usiness

Email _ta, Phone 803-669-1709 ·· · AIM Are Pea Tea Vacation Chilled Quote Tonight, we dine in Hell!

Samantha: McKeown

Rob McFadden Room252 Majt:n: Oomputer Bng:r. Email Phone"i03-$l7-9037 vai::ation Lim Parties


..,_......-. ... soa. .s93-8834

vacation New York <;ity Go big 0 r go· home.


Room316 Major Middle Level Edu. Email · Phone.803-374":'"2234 Vacation Relaxing Quote Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

restonite Samantha. Pu.ttaswarny

Shade, Michael

Room343 Economics

Room 141

Sldpper Davies 137 Political Science Phone 803-237-8393 Vacation Work, went on vacation to the Netherlands and I'm the decider. custades?

Sarah Zerbst Room301 Electrical Engr.

carolinarckstar Working at SPAWAR8-5 wa.•,•m,.u;A*

Savannah Retherford

Shawn Frazer """'V'""''. 252

Sona.ite Debebe-

Stephanie Zejewsld 219 •:trt.•anu: Chemical Engr. M.nnn"l

v;n,r;n,·~~"''1t\i Internship with the Department of Energy Some people wear Superman pajamas; Superman wears Ron Weasly pajamas.

Steven Za.tcoff KnC~:rn


"'-""~••.n'l:: The universe was ated, and since then many have been unhappy with decision and called it a huge mistake. -D. Adams

Shawn Han Business

AIM x0xcut3pi3:x0x ww.·'-'d!.1>.MJu Going to the beach """"..._,_...,, Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.

tookeeboo328 vaca1tlon Working at South Atlantic Canners & Cotton

Shelby Sachs Room327 Majo:r Sports Management

On a cruise and hanging out with friends

Room223 MajorVisual·Comm. Email Phone 843-267-1000 mbbeachgurl wel!&,;m~~~v.u Hung out with friends and went to I love those who love me. I'm inspired by who hate me. I will succeed for those that doubt m

mestllcoca Chucktown at the beach and at Lloyds Soccer Quo~e I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. "'~·ru'""'

Stephanie Cavano 345 Religious Studies In New York, visiting South Carolina


V<u::ation Disney and grad schoolapps Quote And so shines a good deed in a weary world -Gene Wilder


stonites Tammy Van Pala Rooml30 Email vanpala@J;

Phon~ $~~424;7:1500 Qu.o~"Cc:>~t'>X'less green ideas sleep, futiG)usly.-N. Chomsky ,_, ~;.·


;. •'

Tim Soffe:ra Room 131 Major Undeclared Email timsarid.da@yahoo.c()m Ph.i!'~ft~ 704-591-2299 .. , . ·: . va~:tatimnWorked 40-ilt:>ur •weeks·· Quote Let the best of our··· past be the worst of our future.

Teneshia Robins Room339 Email :robinst@ii\ Phone 843..,319•7853 AIM uscprilteess722 Vacation Working at Za.xby's Quote I won't feed the home~ less to go to Heaven, but because I'm going to Heaven I'll feed the homeless.

Trisha Sittisuntorn

Phon~ •843-478-0464


Roorri. al7> 1'' or Cl\ildhorid Education·, ., Email Phone 803..24~0926 Vacation Missions in Costa





Majo~Finance Eaudl~ash~i53)r9~~oLcQ

Vacation Drinking


Quote Trust in the Lord with


wur hea:tti do not depend on:you:r own under-

standing. Seek his will in all you do ... -Proverbs 3:56

but wisdom listens.

Room304 Major Biology Email

AIM agentco1ada Vacation Being lazy

Terri SUJD.mve:rs .,;

Travis Jones Room333 Major Criminal Justice Email Phone 803-842~1-374 AIM travis8714299 Vac:ation Working


Taro '0lulenu

R.oom238 Major Business Email Phone 80~710i..5745 • Vacation Oetting ready for college · · Quote Knowledge speaks,

Roo.m.345 Major Public Relations Email Vaca~n Wo:rkitlg

Tyle:r Mo:r:ris Room248 Major Advertising Email Phone 704-493-5816 AIM zombieattackk Vac::ation Spending time with people the French, dress like an Italian, drive

Vicki Koutsogiannis Room303 Major Poli. Sci./Int'l Studies Email AIM greekshortii88 Vacation Germany then Greece, ooh yea :)

Whitney· Edgerton Room 143 Major Nursing 803-572-1626 whitneyison07 Vacation Jamaica, Grand ·. Cayman Islands, Mountains Ouot~ Aim for the moon, because at least if you miss... you will1and among the stars.

Whitney Weston Room301 u.~.~:~•Jor Civil Engineering Email 843-345-3381 Vacation Lazy and a couple of getaways Quote I'm ready!

ZachLamb Ko•om 122 Major Journalism Email Phone 843-327-8511 AIM bmwboi317 vac~atilon Ireland and the UK . Quote I didn't have 10 000 failures m~ing the light bulb, I found 10,000 w~ys not to make a light bulb. -Thomas Edison

ZachPippin Room207 Major Political Science EXJJ.ail 843-834-2973 Vacation Europe Quote Live free or die.

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